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Today's Heads or Tails Prompt is 'wire'.

Which brings me to think of wire as in telephone poles, and the cable you see which has hidden wires [photo above is telephone cable]. Most cities now-a-days, during new construction, place the wiring underground. But still in rural areas you can see the poles from where you are and into the horizon. I also think of telegraph. In those days with use of telegraph --it was referred to as sending a 'wire'...wire a telegram. This also was the means of transferring messages back in the days prior to phones. Did you ever know about the Solar Storm of 1859? September 1st and 2nd to be exact?
    On a cloudless morning, Richard Carrington, one of England's foremost solar astronomers, viewed an amazing event. Tho, for a fact it was just another sunny day for using his telescope. He viewed sunspots. And on this particular day it was different. Mr. Carrington was viewing a huge group of sunspots when he saw two very bright beads of white light appear over the TOP of the sunspots. And the light intensified rapidly. The lights brightened then slowly disappeared. The whole event took only about five minutes....but it was the start of a telegraphic trauma world wide.

    The sky world-wide was treated to a spectacular array of red, green and purple auroras, so brilliant were these auroras that one could read the newspaper as if it were daylight. It all happened before dawn on September 2nd. Countries all over the world witnessed this phenomenon....places like Cuba, Jamaica, El Salvador and Hawaii, not to mention European countries.

    Spark discharges shocked the telegraph operators and set the telegraph paper on fire! All hurried to disconnect their batteries from the power lines [thick cable filled with MANY wires]. The event now is known as solar flares...this was one of gigantic proportions! Today they're announced by x-ray...but in Carrington's day there were no x-ray satellites or radio noise. After exploding on the sun's surface they are arriving on earth within about 18-24 hours. And, they interfere with our globe's magnetic field.

    In the years since, recording the geomagnetic disturbances, Carrington's 'flare' caused the largest storm! A flare in 1989 caused power lines and long distance cables from operating properly. In 2006, a flare so large was examined by an x-ray imager and it was so intense that it damaged the instrument. Cities in the northern latitudes were afflicted with power outages.

Telescopic view of solar storm -- with the auroras mentioned above.

Keep in mind that while you are enjoying your cellphones, laptop computers and GPS systems, remember---the sun has the power to zap them!!!

~..end Heads or Tails
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Now, I'm sharing a lovely gift from Lady Katherine a rose, from her garden---

Thank you so much Katherine. You made my day fill with sunshine's brightness and warmed my heart with this wonderful, beautiful gift!!!


  1. That was such an interesting post! Who Knew?? Anni did!

  2. You are so kind, with such sweet spoken words. Thank you! You have taught me a lot in the last week, about blogging and about myself.

  3. Very interesting sweetie.

  4. Hey Anni -

    Thanks for my Halloween treat! I feel very special indeed!

  5. Just don't mess with nature. We've just had a very noisy stormm with lightning strikes galore. One thunderclap was right overhead and was so loud it hurt our ears. So I guess earth storms and sun storms have the power to cause major damage to our electronic gear.

  6. i'd still like to see aurora lights. one day...

  7. very informative post this week.

    Amazing picture

  8. i'm glad you visit me first...thanks for sharing that story and dropping by.

  9. Anonymous10/21/2008

    Wow! That's really interesting about the sun spots! And the rose is beautiful! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  10. That's not odd, it's very creative, and fitting for wire... :-) I like it!

  11. I enjoy riding along on some back road and all of a sudden you see old telegraph poles leaning from years of neglect. Some places they even still have some of the wire still attached. I always think of the people that sent "wires" or the men that installed the telegraph lines in the first place. You don't see the old lines and poles very often but there are a few still out there.

  12. That's very creative indeed! Thanks for the visit today:)

  13. I was fascinated by all the different colored wires in your photo. I'm quirky like that. Anything with color I love. :) Thanks for sharing this Tuesday! When you get a chance, take a look at my HoT.

  14. What a fascinating entry and pic of all those wires! It is awesome the power of the sun eh! My entry for HOT is here

    Stop by if you have a moment :)

  15. Yes the sun has a lot of influence on our globe and ourselves ! The rose is just beautiful.

    I continued to have comment problems so I payed attention. It only happens with blogs and which have the spam protector AKISMET. I had 3 cases today and it will probably happen to you too because you are also blogspot ! I have no idea what to do.

  16. That's an interesting post. Yes, it's amazing how delicate some of our communications are - and even more amazing how we rely so much on something that can be gone in a moment.
    Then again, after the Crash, it's obvious we often do this.

  17. I have never heard of that!!! And it sounds kinda scary!! more technology comes more problems. but I love my putor!!!

  18. It's a magnificent photo, isn't it? Thanks for the history lesson. :)

  19. Anni,

    What an awesome post. I love learning all of these things and you've done a wonderful job of describing this event. I must research it more. I had heard of solar storms but didn't realize what they were all about. Thanks for a great and informational post.

    Love the rose that Katherine sent you. Just lovely. Enjoy!

    Have a great day and thanks for your comment on my post about Aunt May and doctors.


  20. Yes the sun certainly is stronger than anything that has been man made!! Those colors are beautiful though!! What a story. I had never heard that before..See I learned something

  21. Hello dear Anni:-)

    I'm back from my trip and now playing catch up! It was so interesting to read about the Solar Storm of 1859...we just don't realize how powerful the sun can be and what it can cause.

    Anni, I bought you a little something when I was on my trip...can you email me your address? I'll send it to you pronto:-) xoxo

  22. I am always thinking about how everything could be gone in a second even though we have all this technology.

  23. First off, that photo of the cross-section of cable is cool! Nice find. Secondly, your discussion of solar flares is fascinating. Great post!

    Happy HoT!

  24. Interesting response to this week’s HoTs theme … once that didn’t occur to me but makes infinite sense in this virtual world … the rose is lovely.
    Hugs and blessings,

  25. You have the most interesting information on your blog! Thanks so much.

    I've also read that a huge solar storm could mess up our power grids, etc. and cause a national disaster. Do you know if this is true?

    Have a wonderful day!

  26. Solar flares are underrated, I think. It's a fascinating phenomenon, for sure. Nice post. Loved the photos and graphics, too!

  27. Anonymous10/21/2008

    Who knew that the telephone wire was so pretty? Great post.

    BYW: Thanks for letting me know about my link. I went back to it, but couldn't figure out how to fix it. I'll be sure to double check it from know on.

  28. Wow, very informative! And I love your photos, too. I don't think I'd pass by your house at night -- it gives me the creeps!

  29. Anonymous10/21/2008

    My goodness. This is interesting. I remember when people used to wire money and send telegrams. Boy things have changed a lot in a short time.
    Remember that cross on my mantle that you thought might be an antique hatchet? I finally got around to posting a picture of it on my blog today. I did this just for you, of course, because you said you thought it would be a good idea. Thanks for the encouragement.

  30. Great take on the wires prompt. Thanks for stopping by.

  31. wow, i never knew that! cool post. and i definately agree with you - BARBED wire :P

  32. Love your Halloween ghost and ghouls your site is pretty awesome.I love coming here to see what you are going to have up next.Happy Halloween!!!!!!