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Perhaps you recall one recent show n tell where I took a 2x4 piece of scrap wood and decorated it from a pattern for a clown; turning it into a cute witch for Halloween. If not, that was a link in bold, orange font, and it will open in a new window. A few weeks back, with some more, different Halloween cotton print, I did a skeleton for Bud. I like witches best; he likes skulls and skeletons. Since the material was gray, I went and used a lot of grays with purple and orange accenting. But first, after Bud sawed me a 6" 2x4, I then went and got some wooden dowel and glued on the hands and feet. Letting them dry.

While the legs and arms were getting glued to the dowel, I started stitching the 'arms'...the sleeves. Once they were completed, I then slipped the wooden arms and hands through the material and pulled the basting stitches tight and used more glue to hold the material against the wrist.

To make it a bit more 'interesting' I used two kinds of materials this time. The Gray, ghostly [and sparkly] material along with black, white and gray plaid, that has silver threads throughout. And this is the body and leggings for the skeleton. Again, I repeated my actions after stitching it together, pulling the legs and feet through the material and gathering the basting; securing around the ankle with glue. Using the basting threads to pull it tight and tie them 'til it all dried, I could then just snip the thread and pull it all out.

The following step, after that was all completed, was to add the head. The skeleton head is a medium sized plastic/fiber skull I found at Michael's craft store, with a piece of 4mm dowel --Bud drilled a hole in the 2x4 so I could place the head onto the 'shoulders'. I used white yarn for its scarcely strewn hair. Glued it on and pinned it to the skull to dry. I bought the hat at Hobby was of a neutral straw color which I used acrylic paint making it a powdery ghostly gray. While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled white fairy dust on it to have is sparkle during the day and with the night's artificial lighting. As the head was drying, I just HAD to put its hand up on the temple ---her head hurt because I had pinned the hair on. [oh, gimme a break]

When it was complete, the threads pulled out, the hair sticking and the hat glued on...All that was left to do was the accenting. Again, I used purple for contrast, finding some deep purple minature roses at Wal Mart for a dollar. I cut the stems short, glued and secured the hand to the rose stem. Added a small single purple rose to the back of the hat and a jack-o-lantern scrap of ribbon for a bow. Tied very narrow purple ribbon [also purchased at Wal Mart] around the neck, the wrists and the ankles to hide the gathering.....

And this above is the finished skeleton. Spooky but not so spooky. Kinda cute. If you look closely enough you CAN see that the hat sparkles. When I sent this photo to our daughter, she told me to make more...for each holiday. She wants me to make her an Uncle Sam, a witch of her own, an Easter bunny, a leprechaun, and I don't know what all...I stimulated her imagination on these. LOL I was tempted to paint her fingernails and toes with black nail polish that I have for myself for Halloween, but Bud had a 'hissy-fit'. I thought I'd better not, since I made the skeleton 'cause HE like 'em best.

~...end show n tell
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This week, a new Halloween gratification is going out to my commentors who leave kindness for me with their kind words left in my comment box. Today, it is handed out to:


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  1. You amaze me, you are so creative my friend.

  2. Anni, You're a hoot...and sweet as can be. Thank you and if you don't mind I would love to add your blog to my "take me away" blogs to read. :) Lynn

  3. now how cute is that! Clever girl.

  4. Thanks Annie, you made my day with your kindness.

    I love your skeleton and think the black nail polish would look great, but sometimes you have to hold back and comprimise.

  5. Thanks Annie! You're a hoot, alright! lol

  6. You are so clever!

  7. I love that skeleton! But she needs a name...what do you think? How 'bout Temperance after the character in "Bones", if you get that tv series...

    You are so creative, Anni, but I've said that before, however, it's no less sincere this time.

    Have a wonderful creative weekend.

  8. Aw, she's lovely, in a ghoulish sort of way. She looks like a Gertrude to me. ;o)

    Happy weekend, Anni!

    Love and hugs,


  9. hi Anni! i tagged you, hope it's alright with rush..can you be my first follower?pls click on my sidebar.thanks. :) i like the last picture spooky cute skeleton.

  10. What a nice artwork ! I think for you it should be Halloween whole year, lol ! or maybe you should start to sell your things !

  11. that touch of purple is PERFECT!

  12. This is the first time I've ever gone blog trick or treating and what a treat my gift is! Thank you so much; I'm putting it proudly on my blog right now!

    Alberta the Good Witch

  13. What a cute and friendly looking skeleton it is!!

    Love your latest little gift, too!

  14. Just amazing! Kinda of spooky cute!


  15. Hi I'm back! Great as usual. Thanks for stopping by.

  16. janmary, northern ireland10/24/2008

    THat would terrify me if it was in our house! - I am such a coward.

    THanks for dropping by.Do you know if you family came from Country Antrim or Antrim town itself?. I have lived in Country Antrim most of my life, and still do :) Would love to hear more detail of your family history - it fascinates me!

  17. Annie...your skeleton is cute in an odd scary way! Great job!

  18. I saw that someone suggested giving your skeleton a name, I think you should have a contest! I suggest
    Ha Ha! That turned out great and by the way, I think a little bit of a pedi and mani would look great!

    I posted the after pictures of my Grandmother's trunk this week, Stop on by!
    Happy Friday!

  19. The spooky thig is I JUST LOVE ALL THESE Halloween witches and such and I cannot do much in spring time down here for it.......I want to live in USA! at this time of year for halloween (smiles)


  20. Your skeleton doesn't scary me, it's much more cute than scary. You own an endless fantasy girl!

  21. Anni,

    A name. It has to have a name. Tell Bud to give it a name. LOL I absolutely adore it. So pretty. You should be making and selling this stuff. You'd make a fortune but then it probably wouldn't be as much fun. Oh, I wish I had your talent. Dwight likes skeletons too. I am the scarecrow woman. LOL Witches too but I seldom see nice witches up here. We see more skeletons and ghosts.

    About the meme I tagged you for. Don't worry your sweet head about it. LOL That particular meme is usually done on Tuesdays, but I was late both times. Sherry is forgiving.

    Take care, my friend. I certainly enjoyed today's post. I may just try one of those skeletons next year but probably won't turn out as nice as yours.

    Have a great day.

  22. I'll say it before and I'll say it again, I love the way you get into the holidays! At first, I thought you were making your own Achmed. :)

    Hey, my job is covering the elections, and we wanted to put together a section on voter experiences. Since you voted early (I think that was you the other day in your post) I was wondering if we could use your experience, with only your first name and location. I'm not entirely sure our legal nazis will let us do this, but still I thought I'd ask.

  23. hi Anni, thanks for following me even i'm just a newbie here in the blog world you're not a hard one to please, i was so flattered you really have a humble heart no wonder you have many blog friends.God bless! :)

  24. You did a very good job with her!

  25. rosemary10/24/2008

    great craft

  26. Wow! that's really awesome.. I am scared :D:D:D

  27. THAT IS DARLING! I mean SHE is darling!!!

  28. Awesome! I looked at the witch also. I could never come up with an idea like this. You are blessed with creativity :). This definitely made my morning.

    And, thank you for your comments on my page (theshadowofthecross), I do appreciate hearing from those who look at my photos and ramblings :).

  29. Anonymous10/24/2008

    You do go to a lot of trouble for these things but the results are amazing - not my style as you know - but amazing. As I've said before, I am always amazed at your talent.

  30. I'm always blown away by your creativity ... and today's Show & Tell is no exception!
    Hugs and blessings,

  31. That is some cute skeleton lady! I think red or purple polish-lol. What's wrong with giving her some finishing touches?

  32. Annie,I got a goodie awaiting you on my blogger with this being said "come and get it"

  33. Well Hello, I think we should call you the Halloween Queen for the month. You are amazing. That one great fellow you have made.

  34. Wow! That's impressive. You are very talented.

  35. She is fabulous! You are definitely one creative person.

  36. That is the cutest skeleton I have ever seen!

  37. That is the cutest skeleton I have ever seen!

  38. This is one scary looking DUDE - well, actually you make scary look sort of cute, really.

    Thank you for sharing your creation.

    ~ Barb

  39. Omigosh, I love that skeleton!! What an awesome job you did of making it, it's fabulous! You know, I use to decorate so much for Halloween but in the last couple of years, I've pretty much gotten rid of you're making me wish I hadn't! lol Love all the details you put on it.

    I keep forgetting to answer your question...I love any colour of faeries for my tree:-) It just happened that they only had white faeries available in that store last weekend. xoxo

  40. Wow- that's alot of work -and a spooky skeleton! Sound like you enjoyed every minute of making it:) Very creative!
    ~Linda C

  41. He (She?) is a sweet scary skeleton and looks like lots of fun to have around. :o)

  42. You always do a good job, boy is he scary!!!

    I don't do scary, but next week on S&T I'll show all my Halloween things - all SEVEN of them!! LOL!


  43. What a creative mind you have! Fun Stuff!

    Best Wishes,

  44. I LOVE that skeleton - how cute!!

  45. Ohhhhhhhhh ANNI!!! This guy is FABULOUS! I'm not really into the skulls and monsters of Halloween - but this skeleton is ADORABLE - in an utterly horrible kind of way! I LOVE him!

  46. testing in Firefox now, after the tweaking in the code for IE users.

  47. Oh dear oh dear,
    my head is deep under at least 7 pillows...

    Hi, I'm papa's daughter.
    My papa is shivering.
    Have never seen him so afraid from scary photos.
    Pls do not repost anything alike.

    woooooow wooow

  48. You are so creative, Anni! I love the sparkly hat!

  49. You are always so creative, Anni. I'm not into Halloween big time, but I think your skeleton is really cute. Love the hat and the purple roses! Loved your post today...Kathy