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For Head or Tails this week, Barb [a belated Happy Birthday to you too!] prompts us on "Anything that starts with the letter G"

Golly! That really leaves the field of thinking wide open. Let's see. How can I incorporate the letter 'G' with Halloween? LOL Ummmmmm......

Gross, ghoulish, grimy, grotesque, maybe even gargolye?
I have them all...check out part of my home Halloween decor for great gaiety...

Grimy headless horseman ::shrug:: and Gargoyles

Ghosts and Ghost Train light

Grotesque and ghoulish skeletal head
[fiber optic]

Grizzly Buzzard near Gravemarker [wreath]
& Gross Bones [motion-sound activated & glows an eerie blue at night]

- - -

Then, please note: This is Girl to Girl talk. [that begins with "G" also] It's a very serious note. But one that needs to be mentioned not only in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month...but ANYtime! Yesterday, I read the most poignant blog post. About Lady Katherine, and her trials and feeling hopeless. From discovering cancer, and the turmoil of emotions up to getting rid of everything PINK because of the association of it all and her illness. As of today, she is a survivor. And she has so eloquently wrote about herself and her doubts and her strengths. Only coming to today with a new HOPE and what HOPE is for her in so many ways. I grabbed this off her blog, with no intention of infringing any copyright. I felt compelled to share her blog story for us all. Kathy, I hope you don't mind. You, in some way, opened my eyes and left me soaring with hope myself!! For you, for us all. Well Done!!!

If you'd like to meet and find a woman who was candid; her sharing, her honesty and true feelings, filled with hope and joy...stop by [the link is "Girl to Girl Talk" at the beginning of my 'note' and will open in a new window].

Also, the image is not mine. It's Lady Katherine's!
No infringement intended by me.
Please, visit with her and tell her she's doing the 'write' thing by informing us all!!

~...end Heads or Tails
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The Halloween Treats:

It's a different week, and the treat again will be different. This week, it's a bit on the 'more Autumn' kinda treat. With a little "Halloween flair" but more to do with Fall. I'm handing them out for commentors to my blog who leave ME treats this month with their kind words. Don't be dismayed, I plan on handing them out daily. Only take them if your name appears for the day---

So, check back often, you're name may show up here!
To begin my traditional fun, as I love Halloween, today the trick 'r' treaters are:

Chez Nous

And the treat this week will be:

When your name appears above, if you'd like to save this, click on it to'll then be able to grab the treat and run! Happy October, Happy Halloween.


  1. love your grizzly, ghoulish, ghostly things!!! simply love them!!!

    thanks for the link to lady katherine, i'm on my way there now...

  2. Enjoyed this post sweetie.

  3. Anonymous10/14/2008

    Love seeing your Halloweenies, even the grotesque and ghoulish one!
    Had my mammogram done this month. Off to meet Lady Katherine. Have a great Tuesday :)

  4. What a delight...Thank you!!!


  5. janmary10/14/2008

    Thanks so much.

    Such a lovely badge - the prettiest one yet!

    Hope you enter my giveaway to win a digital scrapbooking layout :)

  6. janmary10/14/2008

    Thanks so much.

    Such a lovely badge - the prettiest one yet!

    Hope you enter my giveaway to win a digital scrapbooking layout :)

  7. I think I would get nightmares in your home with all these scary stuff, lol !

  8. I think you have those G's covered!

  9. Anni,

    I LOVE all of your Halloween decorations. Thanks for giving us a tour. You have a talent for decorating. You did a fabulous job with the letter "G."

    Thank you for introducing us to Katherine. I love her HOPE. Isn't she beautiful? I read Katherine's post. She is a very inspiring woman.

    The latest button is lovely. I like the October light theme. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

    Blessings and hugs,

  10. Hi!
    Your ghouls, goblins are cute! OOOPs, I me Ghoulish! I was at Lady Catherine's yesterday. I left her a comment. Her blog was very inspiring. Take Care!!


  11. Some great figures there. I'm quite jealous :-)

  12. Howdy! It's been a long time since I visited.. and today I'm visiting from a brand new blog :-) I loved your Halloween decorations and how you tied them in so well with Heads or Tails... Great job :-)

  13. Anonymous10/14/2008

    Hi Anni,
    Just wanted to tell you again how much I am enjoying my treat. Today I posted some autumn in Sedona pictures you might enjoy and acknowledged the treat from you.
    Hope you are having a good week.

  14. wow,you have such a nice decor. thanks for visiting.

  15. Greetings! Geez...I just love all those ghostly, ghoulish "G's" including your great graphics!

    And now I'm off to visit Lady Katherine. Enjoy your Tuesday!

  16. Anonymous10/14/2008

    Hi again. That does kinda look like an antique ax but actually it is a hand made cross. The base is a stone from AZ. My daughter bought it for my husband for Christmas last year at our church's bookstore.

  17. Hmm.. I wonder if Miss Anni likes Halloween??? ;) You have more out than I put out for Christmas, I think. LOL!

  18. Your post is so clever with the Halloween theme of g words.

    Thanks for stopping by Penny Lane. I do wish it would stay warmer here in NH for longer but the snow must fall! Lucky you to have a second blooming season.

  19. Hello Anni..we are home from our 4 day trip up to Northern Ga. What a great time hubby and I had together..Our Annie went along with us and did pretty well for having never traveled much at all. I think she will learn in time.
    It is a beautiful day here today!! I will go and read your friends post..TAke care

  20. Great group of g's. Photos, too and images. Good link, as well. Thanks!

  21. Hello dear Anni:-)

    That's it...Mary and I are coming over to your place so that we can see all your Halloween decor in person!! hehe It always amazes me all the different decorations you have...fabulous!

    I will now go over to Katherine's blog to read her story. Thank you for pointing us in her direction.

    Are you still recovering from my party?? hehe I so wanted to make a picture with your face on it but when I checked your post archives, I couldn't find a darn picture of you to use!!! lol xoxo

  22. How fun, my kids and I will love doing this. I love Halloween but it's not celebrated in Israel.

  23. spooky spooky pics! i love em. cant wait for halloween!

  24. I’m catching up on HoTs today after being gone all day yesterday. I enjoyed your ‘alliterative g associations’ and ‘kewl’ photos too. Thanks for dropping by mine at Small Reflections yesterday. Love the new ‘autumn treat’ … you’re oh so clever about all this and I love the way you’re doing this thing. One of these days perhaps I’ll have more time again to do something similar. I did leave an award for all my bloggy friends on my Whimsical Wednesday post this morning … and of course YOU’RE included in that group for sure ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  25. I like the ghoulish! Every Halloween I collect more stuff to add to my ghoulish collection :)

    Happy belated HOT day Anni, and thank you for having stopped by my own HOT entry earlier :)