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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I'm not even going to attempt any meme playing today.....

Since early yesterday morning, I've had a bit of a problem with the computer's cable modem. It'll work for a few minutes, then...crash. I've been having to shut things down completely, reboot, and it'll work...but again, only for a few minutes. So, I gave up. I'll wait for the cable dude to come and see what the heck is wrong. I probably won't get much of a chance to visit as I like to do.

In hopes of getting this out on the blog this morning, I will start the new week with a new Halloween Treat.

6:50AM [about an hour after I began creating the blog for the day]...DANG! It stopped on me again. In the middle of typing this up. Get on the phone...get through to the TWcable. They say: "Shut it all down, and reboot." I do. "Your cable modem has you online now". ::::crash:::: Then: "Okay, your modem isn't on now." Well, DUH, I say! Y'think? "That's what I'm trying to tell you, it allows me to log on; get online, and then it goes completely off again." Then, from the other side of the phone comes: "Wait 10 minutes, reboot the system." I comes on and then, a few minutes later...poof. No cable modem.

Okay, trying again to list some recipients of my daily treat. As I stated above, it begins a new week, a new 'gift'.

Today it'll be:

Hip Chick

If you see your name above, and you'd like to pick up your treat, just click on it to enlarge and then save from the 2nd window.

- - -

I will work offline today mostly, drafting a blog entry for the future, sometime next week on our Jeff Dunham show and get some photos up. In time, I hope I will be able to get back to my online routine and be able to visit again without everything crashing on me... [it's still working, so maybe I can get up the Sunday Sunrise/Sunset meme that I enjoy so much. I hope it catches on and others will participate 'cause there are a lot of awe inspiring 'paintings' in the sky!]

Here is a photo for that [keeping my fingers crossed that I can upload it before the cable goes bonkers on me ---]



In the meantime have a good day.


  1. Anni,

    Sorry to hear you're having these problems. I hate when that happens. I hope the cable guy can figure it out. I knew there was something going on when I hadn't heard from you.

    Love the photo for the sunrise/sunset meme. It's beautiful. And this week's treat is delightful. I love it.

    Hope everything gets fixed. Miss talking to you. Have a great Sunday.


  2. Oh ... I'm sorry you're having cable issues and hope they get resolved quickly. I'll miss your 'mutterings' and other Sunday Stuph ... but your Sunrise-Sunset photo is gorgeous. I've published my 'mutterings' along with a handy house-cleaning tip and the Halloween Party Favor from Friday at Small Reflections and started creating today's post for Sacred Ruminations that will include last Thursday morning's neighborhood sunrise, but probably won't be published for a while because I've not finished my BYBS/Sacred Life Sunday post to go with it. Hope you enjoy your Sunday offline and that you're back in business on Monday.
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Grrrrr... don't we all just HATE puter/cable/modem/anything related problems! Hope ya get it all worked out soon!

  4. aaaah, good luck with the computer!

  5. I think the others have about said it all as far as the computer/modem being a pain. Your sunrise/sunset picture is awesome! My sky pictures never turn out for me --- they always seem too flat. Missing your funness.

  6. Have a great week.

    Just a quick note to day i stopped by.

  7. wonderful colors in your sunrise/sunset photo.

  8. Thank you So Much!!!it's very sweet of you to think of giving me a treat like this.And Yes,i would love to join your sunset-sunrise memes.

  9. Sweetie, so sorry about your computer problems. I love you.

  10. Beautiful photo. Such rich color. Hope your computer issues are resolved soon.

  11. There's nothing more frustrating than a connection that won't stay connected. I sure hope you and that oh-so-not-helpful cable company get this problem resolved ASAP!

    And thanks for sharing your's quite beautiful.

  12. Crazy computers!
    Happy Halloween!

  13. Have a great weekend ahead!!

  14. O WOW. That is is fit for framing. Wow wow! I can't get over the impact of that shot.

    Thanks for sharing...

  15. Hey Annie,

    Sounds like you had a frustrating day with your computer! Sorry. :( Hope you had a good weekend, otherwsie. Love the picture of the sunset!!


  16. hello anni cheer up, hope your pc get well now...nice color of your sun first entry is here, hope your pc likes my sunset.:) have a great week ahead.