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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I Got my cable modem working. Thanks to Manny. He came late in the afternoon and fixed it. From what Bud told me, it was something to do with the connection up the pole in our backyard that has the cable coming across open air to the house. I thank them for coming out on Sunday. I guess they're supposed to, huh? Yay!!!!

I was soooooo bored.... Then, you say: "How bored WERE you Anni?" Then, I say..."I was so bored with the cable modem not working correctly and no online activities at all after early morning that I cleaned out the computer...of graphics, documents and photos and then, I drafted some blog issues for the week on notepad. I then actually watched a Dallas Cowboys game...of which I was pleased with the score" [no, I like my Denver Broncos, and Dallas always whips Broncos butts in the past]. With that said and done, I was still bored. It was too hot to go out and do any yard work, I didn't feel like reading much, it was a true pity party here, let me tellya. So I baked a pumpkin pie. After last week, seeing all the Canadians with their thanksgiving feasts made me crave pumpkin pie. Then, y'all ask "How good was it Anni?" Let me reiterate, pies are a favorite dessert for us. I went and thawed out some Cool Whip and we pigged out. My recipe uses Egg Nog. LOL ---why of course, I use light egg nog. Yep, yessiree...egg nog is in the dairy section of the stores now. Oh goodie, oh goodie!! Time to hide the scales.


Sarah at Sarah's Blog is our hostess for this week. And she asks of us to take Fun Monday visitors on a day trip.'s the scoop. First off, my day begins with waking up early...between 4-6 a.m. --I work online while Bud is still in bed and the house is quiet. Then, as the sun rises, I walk!! Most every day. When I get home from my walk, I have my juice and toast and get back on the then, Bud is up and our day begins.......There is always something to do, or more than likely somewhere to go ---for Fun Monday I'll go with a day trip --- It's not much of a super duper kinda day trip, but it's one we took just last week. Just to get away from the mundane shopping and the city life. We took a drive through the cotton farms just south of us by about 40 miles, over "Farm to Market" roads, to reach our destination for the day. Along the way, we passed an old cotton gin.

Now to give you a little bit of background, we took the back roads, not any through highways, until we ended up on highway 77 that takes you through Kingsville down to the Rio Grande River and the border town of Brownsville. Of course being a day trip, we didn't go that far south. We stopped and shopped in the town that Richard King put on the map. You say to yourself: "Who is Richard King?" I'll tell you:

    He was from New York City and an apprentice to a jeweler at the age of eight. His parents of Irish descent died when he was five. After two years, he ran away and hid on a ship. This was 1834. The captain of the ship sent Richard to school in Connecticut, but again he ran away and ended up making friends with Mifflin Kenedy[not a 'n']. Urging King to come with him to the Rio Grande.
    Then, when King turned 26 he rode to the Lone Star Fair in Corpus Christi, passing the alkali flats to where the land opened into prairie covered in rich grasses. Richard King thought this would be ideal country for cattle.
    His friend, Robert E. Lee [of Civil War fame], told him it wasn't Virginia, but it was country with a future. In 1853 King bought 15,000 acres paying two cents an acre. The deed for the land was recorded in Corpus Christi on Nov. 14, 1853. That day marked the beginning of the "King Ranch". Throughout his life's time, he was also historically attached to the title "blockade runner". where he had hauled cotton through his ranch land to Mexico, where the cotton would be put on Mexican ships that flew under the Mexican flag; making a fortune hustling cotton. By his death, the King Ranch covered some 614,000 acres...making the ranch in Texas one of the largest in the world at the time.

Okay, so we know the history, and why Kingsville is so named. The town itself lies about the middle of the ranch as it once was. King Ranch is still in existence but has had parcels of land sold off. The Mexican ranch hands of today are descendants of the original ranch hands of the 1800s. They are, and were, known as Kineños [pronounced ki NENyos] --King's men.

Bud and I walked the 'old town' of Kingsville, since we have previously taken the tour of the ranch as it stands today and we have plans on returning next month anyway, so want to keep ourselves from getting too bored with it. LOL. The historic part of town is okay...nothing to really boast about except for its history. We also toured the original railroad depot that has been refurbished and turned into a local railroad museum.

Then, we opted to shop at some of the stores. My favorites were a local crafting store where the locals sell their handmade wares, originally "Flato Opera House", now called Sellers Market, and then across the street to an antique piano shop.

[In the show window of the Antique Piano Store, the proprietor had set up a 'mirrored grand piano with an animated skeleton playing was fun to watch. -see photo]

Going out to lunch, then driving home...we went into Callallen and stopped at the Wal Mart there and ended up swinging off the interstate as we headed home later in the afternoon, and went to the CC International and had a beer while watching a Southwest Airlines plane being boarded by passengers and getting ready for takeoff...

~...end Fun Monday.
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  1. Glad to see that you are back up and running! Loved the tour and the pie top is great (once a Texan, always a Texan)!

  2. Anonymous10/20/2008

    I need a boring afternoon to de-clutter my pc ... The pumkin pie looks delicious. I'd love to see those cotton farms!! quite a fun trip.
    Have a great Monday :)

  3. An interesting day, I learned too ! It's always nice to read such "stories" !

    I am very much annoyed ! I can't comment on Sarah's blog. I wrote her an email to tell her that I participate but apparently I end up in the garbadge ! I don't know what happens recently but this is already the 4th person ! Lifecruiser and Dackelprincess too. But they got my mail.
    Could you contact Sarah and tell her that my post is ready and that I participate ? Thank you !

  4. Woo Hoo, I am so glad your computer is working. I understand about being bored without it sweetie. The pie sounds yummy in my tummy. Thanks for the day trip, enjoyed it. I love you.

  5. hmmmmm, pumpkin pie... care to share the recipe? looks deeeevine!

    and your cool whip reminded me of this time a friend and i were in a restaurant, and during a lull in the conversation, we were listening to the order from the table next to us. of waffles, with cream. and to drink, a DIET coke. well, when the word diet popped out, we just burst out laughing. but it was just so funny...

  6. aaah, you see, we don't have libby's pumpkin for sale in this ole' country...

  7. Thank you so much, that's a very sweet treat. :)

  8. My son and I like to take those meandering little trips just to see stuff. My husband is a bit more action-oriented. He wants a destination and a specific activity for trips.

    I enjoyed your jaunt to Kingsville and the history lesson - good stuff!

  9. Thanks for stopping by on Friday for S&T! It's been another hectic weekend since we are now less than 3 weeks to our youngest daughter's wedding! I am hoping that I can once again, be more timely in visiting everyone's S&T offerings when the craziness is behind me!

    I loved the Family Bible you "showed & told" about! (tee-hee) I have my Grandmother's Bible (it was in that trunk I showed!) When my Great Grandmother (Lizzie) was buried she wanted her Bible buried with her. It had belonged to her grandfather and we recorded all of the family info from it. As you know I am into Genealogy so this was a huge boon for me, a jumping off place!

    Your trip sounds heavenly! In't it funny to think that the King Ranch is probably bigger than some Northeastern states? If it's not, it's probably pretty darn close!
    Happy Monday!

    PS I pick up the trunk this morning!

  10. Love the fact that you were bored without the internet but got so much done. I would have just sat and pouted. The day with you was fun too. Had to skim it fast because I've got to make lunch and get to work. I'll go more leisurely through it this evening. The best part though was the picture of YOU. That is the first one I've seen since I have met you. It is sooooooo nice to have a face to go with this fun girl I hang with. :) Enjoy your day back on line. P

  11. How gloriously fun! Glad your modem is fixed. I hate being off line! Love the skeleton at the piano :0)

  12. Boy 2 cents an acre...but of course that was just as hard to find then as several dollars an acre would be to find today!! I still think it is a great story..Good for that guy!!
    I love little trips like this but talking Mike into it is not an easy thing!! Have a great Monday..

  13. Wow, a little history lesson hidden inside a seemingly normal day! Clever! Loved your post and your site is so cute! Thanks for stopping by mine.

  14. WEll, that was an A+...What a fun day trip ! And, a photo of you to boot. Drinking some suds, no less ! Thanks for taking the time to not only show us pics but to explain in detail what we were gazing at.
    Now, I'm off to your Tuesday post to try to find Katherine.

  15. Thank you sweetie I needed that treat so very much today.

  16. This is the third time I've tried to leave a comment...I'm starting to feel redundant. What I've been TRYING to say is that I enjoyed your daytrip through Texas! I really miss it, especially this time of year. My aunt lived in Colleyville (outside of DFW) while I was growing up, and we used to spend the most special Thanksgivings with her. Thanks for a little jaunt through the Lone Star State!!!

  17. Pumpkin Pie made with EGG NOG? Wow! I bet that is realllllllly yummy! You need to send me that recipe! Love the little Texas cut-outs on it! Cute! Tell Bud I'm making a Blueberry Crisp tonight! Maybe he'd like to come over! You could join him too! ;)

  18. It’s good to have you back in the virtual world. I suspect I’d be at my wits end without cable access these days. Methinks I’d like your pumpkin pie because I love the ‘harvest pie’ available at Coco’s in November and December … but limit my intake because I’m sure nothing about it is ‘reduced’ in calories.

    I enjoyed your detailed day …(complete with a history lesson) … and this week’s treat is as adorable as all the others. Thanks for dropping by my Sunrise-Sunset at Sacred Ruminations. FYI - I’ve participated today in Fun Monday (though in a less detailed manner) at Small Reflections … and suspect you’d enjoy the ‘Toilet Cleaning Tip’ in Sunday’s post and the ‘Dog & Cat Diaries’ in Saturday’s if ya have time to drop by.
    Hugs and blessings,

  19. What a grand day Anni! I loved that you and Bud took the road less traveled--so much more interesting. We should all take every opportunity to see what our own state has to offer. I had always heard of King Ranch but never knew the history. Now I do.

    BTW, I'm being a bit lazy about Fun Monday this week. If you'd like to see some sights of the Netherlands and Amsterdam, buzz over to my place for "On to Amsterdam" my account of a "normal" travel day on recent European tour.

  20. Anni,

    I absolutely loved this post. You know I am a history buff and Dad was at the King Ranch in his youth and worked there for a short time. He and his buddy traveled all over Canada and the US and worked for money to get to their next destination. How interesting to learn how the ranch came to be.

    The town itself looks quite interesting. Railroad depots and craft shops are things I love learning about. The piano playing skeleton is delightful.

    Thanks for the tour. I would love to see photos of the King Ranch someday. Maybe for Show and Tell?

    Have a wonderful week, my friend. I'll be in touch.


  21. Anonymous10/20/2008

    What an interesting historical story. Reminds me of a story one of our church members who has lived in the Phoenix area forever tells. He thought about buying property at Tatum & Shea many years ago very cheap but didn't, because he said, "How would he ever get water up there to grow cotton." LOL Some people are very forward looking and some just look backward.
    I'm glad your daughter is going to college to be a minister. If you like coconut, you might want to come back and look at my post today.

  22. PS. If you have time you might want to drop by and learn about my Mission4Monday. I posted a little late today.

  23. Thanks for stoppin by my place Annie! Yes he is a YUM but not mine -just a pic from an email someone sent me, smile. #1 Niece recently moved to Spring outside of Huston for her first teaching job in a close town-so the Atlas is now on TEXAS and we are learning all things Texan. So far she loves it. Thanks for sharing your day -I am going to pass along your blog address so she can read it for herself! I am sure I will be visiting this summer - I really miss her but she says some of her students still have no electricity! Now is not the time to visit!

  24. This week we are memeing the movement. You've been tagged by the Queen of Memes!
    The Peace Meme

  25. Hey Anni - I tried commenting already but I think I goofed it up. So, I'm sorry if this appears multiple times! Wow...what an interesting day! I am also a plane-watcher. We have three major airports nearby (Washington National, Washington Dulles and Baltimore Washington) so there's almost always someone winging by up above. Thanks for sharing!

  26. You are SO making me miss Texas! I spent my formative years there, and really wish I was living there again.

    Full of history! Great job this Fun Monday!

  27. That was a really interesting day out. It's always good to stop for a little refreshment along the way and that looks like fun way to end the day!

  28. Oh, Anni, what a fun day, and you look like just how I thought. Thanks for sharing your day.

  29. Man, that pie looks GOOOOD!

  30. Thanks for sharing your lovely day with us. I really like taking day trips out - it's not something I get to do very often (so busy!) but there is so much local history around that just gets missed, particularly by people who live in the area.

    Sarah x

  31. Egg nog in pumpkin pie? I have never heard of this.

  32. What a neat little town!!! and you get up way to early!!!

  33. I like taking the backroads. It's more fun that way. It looked like a fun day.

  34. Great post Anni. Love the Halloween decor and all the spooky scenes around your town. And your blog looks fantastic, you are so talented. I'm hoping to get my Pay it Forwards sent out soon, just in case you thought I'd forgotten. :D