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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Edition 79

Friday night!!! At long last. I've been waiting since June when we got the tickets....I get to 'meet' a favorite. And, I can hardly remain calm. It seems an eternity this past summer, patiently I continued my days in anticipation of October 17th! Altho, Jeff Dunham is cute and's the infamous characters that are part of his show that make your belly sore and your sides ache from laughing so hard and so long. Why, of course...afterall, it IS the show!

My Thursday 13 is about Jeff Dunham and his co-horts- -

1] Jeff Dunham was born in 1960 in Dallas Texas. Graduate of Communications from Baylor University
2] He and his wife, Paige, have three children [Bree, Ashlyn, and Kenna] from wikipedia
3] Oftentimes his menagerie of characters are called "suitcase posse"
4] His first experience [a self taught ventriloquist] was in 3rd grade, an oral book report of Hansel and Gretel using a plastic "Mortimer Snerd" puppet.
5] Literally having the audience on the floor with laughter, his first Hollywood stint landed him on the couch next to Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show
6] Voted the #1 Standup Comedian by the American Comedy Awards, and comedian of the year by TNN Music Awards.
7] The YouTube clip of Achmed is the 2nd most favorite of over 200 million videos! [the clip is linked -listen to him while reading my 13. :o)]

8] Walter - The grumpy old man [who also has his name on the Presidential ballot here] During Dunham's skit, Walter is usually in a suitcase off to the side while making rude, cantankerous remarks. But, he finally comes out of the case, only to make y'all laughing hysterically.

9] There is "Peanut", who supposedly hails from an uncharted island in Micronesia. A one shoe wonder! I first saw Peanut in Dunham's Spark of Insanity Comedy Central hit show.

10] There is José Jalapeno on a Stick. He proclaims to have avoided destiny to be eaten by meeting Jeff after an 'accident' in his homeland, Mexico, which left him permanently on a 'steek'!

11] Bubba J. loves beer and NASCAR. The "J." is short for his last name, Junior. Bubba is married, and is assumed to have at least one child. Outlandish as his characteristically redneck attitude is, another oddity is that the dummy can move just his left eye from center to left.

12] Sweet Daddy D. is a man clad in pimp-like clothing who claims to be Jeff's manager "You´re not white, you´re like neon white". "Sweeeeeeeeet Daddy D", a playa in management position (PIMP). And "Melvin" - Melvin has only two real powers (flight and X-ray vision, although he can't see through silicone), he claims he'd be more of a superhero if it weren't for his large nose and small stature. He alternately claims his arch nemesis is Pinocchio, and his wife, but only at certain times of the month when she "turns evil." Jeff asks him if he has any weakness. "Cupcakes . . . and Pornography." Melvin continues, "but not at the same time. I need a free hand!"

13] Lastly, my favorite. Achmed the Dead Terrorist.
Achmed is a wisecracking skeleton with a beard and a white turban (an early version of Achmed stated that it was not a turban, but underwear, because 'when someone says it's time to kill yourself, it scares the sh!t out of you!'). He is used by Dunham to perform comedy based on the contemporary issue of terrorism. He is known for yelling, "Silence! I kill you!" [which in Europe the ringtone Achmed The Dead Terrorist’s catchphrase “Silence! I KILL YOU!” is an instant hit] to people in the audience who laugh at his customs.

He insists on pronouncing the "ch" in his name with a hocker. When asked how his name is spelled, he replies "A... c... phlegm..." and is interrupted by the audience's laughter. He responds with his usual cry of "Silence! I kill you!" Jeff originally got the idea for Achmed from his good lifelong friend, Connor Mayne. Jeff made Achmed out of Connor Mayne's skeleton Halloween decoration.Achmed's normal routine involves him realizing that he is dead. Achmed may seem like he is Muslim, but he has refuted this claim. When asked, he replies "Look at my ass; it says 'Made in China'". Afraid of Walter, with whom he shares a suitcase, he claims that "Saddam's mustard gas is nothing compared to a Walter fart."

~...end Thursday Thirteen
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And finally, the Halloween Treats:

It's a different week, and the treat again will be different. This week, it's a bit on the 'more Autumn' kinda treat. With a little "Halloween flair" but more to do with Fall. I'm handing them out for commentors to my blog who leave ME treats this month with their kind words. Don't be dismayed, I plan on handing them out daily. Only take them if your name appears for the day---

So, check back often, you're name may show up here!
To begin my traditional fun, as I love Halloween, today the trick 'r' treaters are:

After Hours Mom

And the treat this week will be:

When your name appears above, if you'd like to save this, click on it to'll then be able to grab the treat and run! Happy October, Happy Halloween.


  1. I don't think we get this show in the UK, as I haven't seen it, but it looks good.

  2. Woo Hoo, wish I could go with you. I know it will be funny.

  3. I have to be honest. I'm not sure who this comedian is. I'll make sure and check him out. Thanks for sharing. Happy TT!

  4. I've not heard of him, but now I am intrigued!

  5. Thank you for the Halloween treat. I feel honored!

  6. Anonymous10/15/2008

    waiting is sometimes a killer! :D

  7. Anonymous10/15/2008

    waiting is sometimes a killer! :D

  8. I have never seen his act! I will have to go check the video you linked.

    Thanks for taking the blog poll at Penny Lane.
    I thought your comment was interesting.

    Thanks for the "October treat"! It is boo-tiful and I am de-lighted, like a pumpkin.

  9. I love Achmed the Dead Terrorist...what an imagination...("Silence! I KILL you!"). When I first saw it on YouTube (courtesy of my grandson), I nearly fell off my chair, I laughed so much. His other characters sound hilarious, too. What a man...

  10. Enjoy the night, Anni! Sounds like fun.

  11. I've not heard of Him either, but very interesting list.

  12. Achmed is really hilarious. "I kill you".

  13. I haven't seen these last couple of characters that Dunham uses. I do like his work and would love to see him in concert. Have a great evening.
    Achmed at Halloween should be a riot!

  14. I'm so jealous! We are big fans in my house. Have a blast! Happy T13!

  15. well if it is half as funny as your post it will be so funu

  16. That must be a lot of fun, which is very much needed in the moment !
    Of course I don't know this guy, but I know Achmed ! I have seen him somewhere but can't remember where. I am quite sure that one of our comics uses him but don't remember who. Achmed is unpayable !

  17. my favourite is peanut. he can come live with me any day.

  18. very clever and artistic just like you, so cute stuff..happy TT ! mine is up here hope you've got time again. :)

  19. Anonymous10/16/2008

    Hilarious!! I think I got a u-tube link for Achmed in my e-mail, that's how I got to know him! Enjoy the show!

  20. He hasn't made it to Israel. I'll have to go check out the clips on YouTube.

  21. ha ha! Funny! I'd never heard of this guy before, now I have to check it out.

  22. Yes I know who you are talking about!! He is very very funny for sure. I have seen him on TV and loved watching him. You will be sore from laughing..Have a great great time, Anni....

  23. It's great when the day that you've been waiting for finally comes. Happy TT!

  24. Thank you for the Halloween treat!

  25. LOL! You guys will have such fun! Is it just the two of you going? Or are ya goin' with friends?

  26. I have seen him do is hilarious!!!! Happy TT.

  27. Oh Yes! This was a fun read!

    Thank you for posting about "Jeff-fa-fa Dunnnn-hammm"!
    I love, love, love this comedian and his show!
    And the Prias car bit he does with Peanut is hilarious!
    I am chuckling now as I'm recalling some of the antics and jokes he does with his characters.

    So, think of your blog friends as you enjoy the show! grrr! hee! hee!
    Don't forget to let us know how it went!

  28. Achmed!!! I love Achmed! He is the funniest one of them all. A truly 'terrifying terrorist'.

  29. He's wonderful isn't he?

  30. i have never heard of him!! looks to be fun!!

  31. I’m not familiar with ANY of this, but may need to check it out … just because. Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday.
    Hugs and blessings,

  32. Anni,

    I am so glad that you have tickets to go and see Jeff Dunham. I like Walter and think we should all vote for him for President. LOL Just kidding, of course.

    Have a great time, my friend and don't forget to post about the show.

    Hope you had a terrific day. I'm late visiting today. Lots of stuff going on here, all of it boring. ;-)


  33. Fun post of some interesting facts. I'm teaching how to vary those boring burgers over on my T13.

  34. Anonymous10/16/2008

    I'm so jealous. My family and I were going to go see him not long ago, but SOMEONE decided to get sick, (poor baby) and so we had to miss him. I hope you have a great time and tell us all about it.
    Hey, if you see Jonly Bonly, tell him hi.

  35. I love ruby glass. We once stayed in a family owned cabin in Vermont and the whole place was filled with ruby glass. It was so pretty. I have a small collection of pink glass and an even smaller collection of green glass. I think it's from the depression era because I've heard it called depression glass. Don't you just shake your head at what they call antique? I've seen tupperware!

  36. OK, Anni...I must be an idiot. I couldn't find your TT. :(

    Hope you'll visit mine, though. Have a great weekend!

  37. Hootin' Anni your blog is adorable- I love how creatice you are.
    Those pretty burgundy red glass are nice. GOod find!

  38. Looks like you had a good time. That is what we did last weekend up in northern Ga but i knew that I could not buy!! Fun to look though!! Hope you have a good time tonight!! Pictures if you can...

  39. Hootin Anni,
    What a beautiful purchase you made...I like to set colored glass pieces on glass shelves in the windows and enjoy the light shining through...

    Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment.....

    Happy Fall....Betty

  40. Anonymous10/17/2008

    What fun. Reminds me of the antique stores in Prescott and Glendale too. We haven't been antiquing in quite a while. We used to go quite often. You've renewed my interest. We must go again soon. I learned to sew on a treddle sewing machine like that one too. Love the ruby glass. It is so pretty. It really is not my color and would not fit too well with the rest of my decor, but I do think it is beautiful. My mom would have loved it.

  41. I haven't been antique shopping/browsing for ages! I also like flea markets, but they are few and far between out here. They always have one going near my mom, but I can't get there early enough. ; )
    Love your ruby glass! So pretty. I have a martini pitcher that is red glass that I use as a vase. You'd love it!
    I tried to comment last week, but not sure if it went through as I got knocked off. I was thanking you for the gift you made and gave me.
    Have a great weekend.

  42. Such a fun time. I love to hit the shops!! Your trip was a lot of fun,just as if I were there looking at it all. I called my husband in to see the one that has the watering can, I wanted to know what the scoop was that is being used as a candle holder. The Ruby glass creamer is so pretty, I never seen cherries on it before. All my glass is crystal, can't collect every thing!! But I love the Ruby REd!

  43. Thee pitcher is beautiful with the carved cherries on it.
    Yes, I'm keeping my Avon ruby red dishes and glasses!

  44. I love the red... Red is one of my favorite colors. When the light shines through that glass it is just beautiful!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  45. ChezNous10/17/2008

    Great Show & Tell! I love the ruby red glass creamer - I hope you find the sugar bowl one day.

    Thanks for the October Delight treat!

  46. These are just the kind of "Antique" stores that I love to browse. I can spend a couple of hours there and feel oh so good when I leave. Often, I find something special, to me at least, tucked away in a corner. And since these have little booths which are rented, the merchandise is ever changing.
    I like the pitcher you found. As to the Avon ruby glass: I had several pieces years ago but I tend to declutter and then wish I hadn't. But with moving so many times in such a short span of years, one tends to let go of things not needed.

  47. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing.

  48. Beautiful little red pitcher! My husband loves cherries, that is to eat:) I really like the cherry design too. Have a great day!

  49. What a great place to shop! I would probably go absolutely crazy there. How fun. I'm waiting for Palmer Wirf's Antique Show to come to town in a couple of weeks. I'll save money and go crazy then. :)

  50. I love the creamer! It's so much fun to find a treasure among all the other things.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. Stop in anytime:)
    ~Linda C

  51. The red glass is so pretty - what a fun thing to collect, and a romantic beginning to your collection!

  52. Hi Anni,
    What a wonderful collection. I love the red glass.
    Have a great week.

  53. Great collection. The red is beautiful!

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. So - you lucky think - he was good then?!? I really enjoyed your Thursday 13 ... only a little jealous ;o)

  56. ohh I love that! then again I love red! LOL thanks for stopping by the other day, I bought what I thought was a red glas candy dish like that but was told it is actually a powder bowl, whatever it is , it's red & I love it!