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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Today my Sunday blogging is a new meme, an award and gift, a TAG, Unconscious Mutterings, and a special Sunday Snippet that makes me happy!


Yesterday morning while perusing Blogger's navigation bar, I found a new meme for Sunday. Here it is the first day of the first Sunday photo. The meme's owner has put the simple rules on the homepage sidebar. As I really enjoy watching and viewing sunrises I will probably participate often. At least as often as I can capture the beauty of early morning. Or maybe even sunsets. I understand that it's just once a week, and it is a photo opt to share sunrise or sunset photos of my own. Check it out if you're interested or curious.

- - -

So here is my first entry for the meme - two photos taken just minutes apart --

Taken from my cellphone on August 29th when preparing to do my daily walk. I also love watching and viewing cloud formations, so this is why I snapped these two photos.

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Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
Join here.

I say ... and you think ... ?

01. House :: M.D. [TV]
02. Think :: About It
03. Clot :: Blood
04. Believe me :: Trust me
05. Fumigation :: Insecticide
06. Bore :: Auger [as in bore a hole, tunnel]
07. Luck :: Be a Lady Tonight [song, I think it's Sinatra?]
08. Patient :: Hospital
09. Tremors :: Movie [starring Kevin Bacon]
10. Pickles :: Dill - also, a cute comic strip

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Mommy Wizdom tagged me with six quirks....

In my comments she listed the rules:
    1. Link the person who tagged you.
    2. Mention the rules.
    3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
    4. Tag 6 bloggers by linking.
    5. Leave a comment for each blogger.

Allllllll righty then --
One- I have only worn white 'dress' shoes once in my adult life! The day I married.
Two- I love the smell of coffee brewing but I can't drink the stuff!
Three- I can have a legit conversation with monkeys. [at zoos, well come to think of it some of my past coworkers would fit in the category ---kidding!]
Four- I always have to smell the sheets when I take them off the line [love the fresh outdoors smell]
Five- I always eat my tossed salad LAST
Six- Yearly, I have to have a big supply of Bubble Yum Bubble Gum for Baseball season.

My tagging...that's another quirk. I don't mind BEING tagged but I only tag those who feel up to playing. So, if you do...consider yourself TAGGED.

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Mary is celebrating her 1st year anniversary of blogging tomorrow, and she has put up an adorable 1 year award for all her visitors. And she made a special award to some of her good friends she has met through blogging and I was privileged to be included in that 'good friends' special list of hers! I cherish Mary and her delightful persona...she's a great woman and friend...she also shares her love for her grand sons - her humor - her knowledge - our common interests - her generous way of giving - everything about her is our benefit!

Congratulations on your one year of blogging, and thank you so much for the gifts! Your being there for us is more a gift than you know Mary!!

Mary Sharing with her visitors award-

Mary's "Special gift" for special friends, that included me on her list -

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As always, my Sunday Snippet is a bit of news that makes me feel good - or something that may concern me in some way. At long last, Erik has decided to take some time off for himself which I've 'begged' him to do many-a-time. This past summer he has been searching for someone to take his place at the university - to teach his class for a few weeks. Thank you, thank you --he found a reliable party to take center stage for him and be his stand in professor!!! He'll be vacationing in Argentina and Chile. His last 'time off' was in 1993!!!! When he took a week's liberty from Okinawa to Japan. I say it's about time. And this area of the world has always been of interest to him. It's more or less a life long dream. I ask for your thoughts and prayers that his journey will be a safe one. It's going on Spring down there, so he's going at a very pretty time of year. [mouseover captions and photos courtesy of 'net photos]


  1. I really enjoyed your photos, very lovely. I will be praying for Erik.

  2. Anonymous9/07/2008

    Actually, I like pickles too :)

    Great mutterings! Have a happy Sunday!

  3. Great list - I wish I had thought of the song!!

  4. I love the pictures!

  5. Anni,

    You sunrise photos are pretty. I love the way the sun is shining through the silhouettes of the trees. You did good.

    The video of Hootin' Anni for President is hilarious, but seriously, you should consider it.

    Unconscious mutterings and your meme were interesting. I like to compare your answers to what mine would be.

    Argentina and Chile! Good for him. When does he leave? I will be praying for a safe and uneventful trip that brings lots of fun and wonderful memories.

    Have a great Sunday, dear friend.

  6. Anni, Love the Photos! Thanks for signing the petition! :) You know I'm on a kind of break because school is starting... But I'll visit every so often. Don't give up on me! :)

  7. Your sunsets are beautiful ! what a sky !!
    Doesn't have your son legal holidays ? here the teachers have minimum 2 months (payed) off and the University professors 3 months. That's why so many women want to be teacher when they have children ! They have the same school holidays.

  8. Hi Anni, I posted a sunrise for today's was taken while on vacation at hammock beach in Florida... I always enjoy and learn so much from your blog...thanks for caring and sharing.. Hugs, Baba

  9. Great mutterings! Seems I had a few of the same thoughts.

  10. Amazing pictures from your phone, enjoying your blog.

  11. I love YOUR sunrise photos today … and, like you, I’ll be taking more photos of sunrises and sunsets in anticipation of sharing weekly in this new meme. Thanks for sharing it yesterday so I could join up. I ‘muttered’ at Small Reflections (after sharing my sunrise at Sacred Ruminations). I did think of Hugh Laurie first for ‘house’ … and had the same idea for #6 (though the term ‘auger’ escaped me … sigh). I think your response for LUCK is PERFECT!!! Enjoyed your ‘quirks’ … I love the smell of coffee too but DRINK it in the mornings. Congrats on the awards … and I’m glad Erik will be getting some time off and will be visiting Argentina and Chile. You DO know how to cram a LOT of interesting stuph into a single post ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. OH I don't wake up so early that I can capture sunrise on's fun to do that meme for sure.

  13. I'll comment here. It's nice to have choices. I read the entire post and liked it all. Congrats on the award. Thank you for the encouraging comment you made on my post.

  14. Good afternoon Anni: Nice to hear from you once again!! I asked hubby to answer the word responses that you had and he hit two that you had used. Funny how we respond differently to words and their meanings. Beautiful cloud pictures. I don't think people look up enough. I love too!! Hope your day is going great. Sandy

  15. I did my Mutterings as well come and see. Thanks Mike G.said that!

  16. Hi again. Just had to come back and make another comment. The coffee comment made me want to respond. For years I loved the smell of coffee but couldn't stand to drink it. One day when I was 40 years old I tried it again. First I tried it with sugar. Yuk. It was horrible. I didn't even try it with milk/cream. I knew instinctively that I would not like that. So then I tried it straight. It wasn't all that bad. I started drinking it then and have never looked back. I love the stuff now. My son told me the reason I started liking it when I was 40 years old was because now I thought I was old enough to drink it.

  17. PS. I've about given up on those Diamondbacks.

  18. Anni, in response to the comment you left on my blog this morning, I admit I am the world's worse speller. Of course, when I typed sisk I did mean cyst. I blame my bad spelling on my school days when I took shorthand and then used it to take dictation in my line of work after I got out of school.

    I enjoyed the beautiful pictures of your sunset. Your cellphone takes nice pictures.

    I got a laugh out of your "I've Been Tagged" graphic, and knowing you you probably made it yourself.

    I can relate to not being able to drink coffee. I still drink about one cup in the mornings, but I'm getting to the point where I can't stand the taste of it at all. I used to drink three cups every morning.

    Hope you are having a good Sunday.

  19. I just now looked at your video, and I am amazed. I know you are one smart cookie, but I kept asking myself how did she do that. I thought it was for real. You never cease to amaze me, Anni.

  20. Hiya :) Yup, that's definitely a song that is well known as being done by Sinatra!

    See ya, Have a GREAT week :)

  21. That's wonderful news! I bet he'll have a fabulous time there! We regret that we didn't go further on in Argentina when we crossed the border from Paraguay.
    Be sure to tell him that he MUST go and see the Iguazu cataratas (falls) at the border of Argentina & Brazil. 275 magnificent falls at the same area and very well arranged! (Niagara seems small in a comparison!)
    See my photos at:
    Lifecruiser photos of Iguazu Waterfalls 2005

  22. Your sunrise photos are very nice!

  23. Hiya Hootin' Annie, Nice Mutterings. I like the Pickles comic strip, too.

  24. Your pictures are beautiful!! Grams

  25. Anni, I was wondering if you could help me figure something out. I would email you but not sure of your email address. I have been trying to get this website to work on my blog. Everyone says it is so easy and it would be fun. I keep trying and trying and cannot understand when I get just so far. I want to make my blog different and this looks like an easy way to do it. My email is If you would email me I can tell you where I get stuck.

  26. ROFL well you've got my vote! hehe I so loved that little video, it looks so realistic doesn't it!

    Your two sunrise pictures are just beautiful. I especially love the way the trees are in silhouette against the sky.

    Like you, I always have to smell the sheets when I take them off the clothesline. I so love getting into a bed that's just been made with sheets brought in from drying outside!!

    Good for Erik that he's finally taking some time off work! Not having taken time off since 1993 is quite something. My prayers are with him for a safe journey on his trip!! xoxo

  27. Where do I vote? ;-)

    It was nice to catch up with you, Anni. I suppose you're keeping an eye on Ike now, hmmm??

    I really should post an update on my blog. We ended up going to eat at a Mexican place and my meatloaf is still in the fridge. If I don't cook it Monday I'll freeze it for another time.

    Have a great new week, my friend. :-)

    Love and hugs,


  28. Anni! You KNOW you've got my vote! I LOVE it! So, I guess we have another quirk in common besides the medulla oblongata! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of coffee brewing, but think it tastes absolutely awful! How funny!

  29. Wow! that's very neat! we don't really have that much cloud here in CA:( and I missed rains! thanks for sharing those nice sky shots! have a wonderful week!

  30. i like your answers. I didn't even think of Dr. house!
    good mutterings Annie