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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Rayne is our hostess this week. She asks from us:
    "Almost everyone I know keeps things that others would consider junk. Twist ties, used wrapping paper, etc. What thing or things do you hang on to, and why? Or, if you are one of those super organized and practical people and don't hang on to things like that, do you have a collection that you would like to share with us?"

All I can say is this was mighty difficult. I'm known family wide for being a 'pack-rat'. I save anything that is a possible 'come-in-handy' down the line into the future. Actually we both are...Bud has shelves and shelves of nuts, bolts, nails, screws...etc. etc. etc. But you want something I save that would possibly be considered junk.

First off buttons!

A huge coffee can loaded with buttons. And, if you enlarge the photo, you can see that even the CAN is old! 1976 - A bicentennial coffee can. Ummmmm, over 30 years of storing buttons -which, by the way I rarely use, in this can. You could really consider this 'junk'.

Look closely in the upper photo, you can see one lone pig button. Well, there are 5 of them in the set. I took them off an old western vest, and saved them for Irene since she collects pigs [you should have seen HER house before getting out of her abusive marrage --filled with pigs --wallpaper with pigs too!] Anyway, I saved them with thoughts of using them for something I'd make her. No dice. Never used them.

Then, this large plastic bag isn't quite as old as the coffee can, but it's seen better days. These buttons are some my mother had in her possession when she passed away. Can I get rid of them? No. [they're probably all considered antique]

- - -

Another 'come-in-handy' are Rx bottles and film canisters. I save them along with stuff stored IN them...nails, thumbtacks, tree lights, paper clips, push pins, even one has a set of jacks!! --those too are old, and they're mine!

- - -

One more before I leave you. I saved three 'church keys' you know the expression church key? Or perhaps you're too young. They weren't actually keys to open churches [by the way, when I was a kid churches' doors were open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. No need to have them locked. People a long time ago could be trusted. Sad now that they have to be secured at night for fear of theft and vandalism, and you worship and pray only during sermons that are scheduled or make an appointment; if lucky you can be there when the door is open, but only if the church staff is there also.]

Okay, so here's three pretty rusted church keys...

They're actually the 'old fashioned' bottle or can openers. It's main purpose back in the 50's early 60's was to open beer! At least in our household. There still is nothing like the sound of the 'swish' of opening a cold beer bottle on a hot day. Ahhhhhhh, "Got Beer?" was our slogan...not 'got milk?' Of course one is stamped Coors...that's where I grew up. I can't tell you how many times I took the tour through Coors Brewery in Golden Colorado. Then, before we retired, Budweiser opened a huge brewery way up north near the Wyoming border...they even stabled a lot of Clydesdales too. Whoa....what a treat. Free beer and able to pet those gorgeous animals. All in one afternoon. \_/ "Bottoms Up!" \_/


  1. I love all the buttons! I keep buttons, too, but my collection is very small compared to yours. I'm a bit jealous!

  2. Use it up
    Wear it Out
    Make it Do
    or Do Without
    (How I was raised)

    We had a Mr. Peanut can of buttons when I was a child -- and I could play with them for hours and hours.
    Can I come to your house and play?

  3. Wow ! all these buttons, lol ! I think you have enough for the rest of your life ! I love the pig buttons don't you have them in cat form ? That your daughter collected pigs is just wonderful ! it's the first person I hear about ! I have no junk anymore so I put up the last version of my cat collection.

  4. oh, i'm not a hoarder. the other 2 are, so much so that i clear out cupboards when they are away, otherwise everything would go right back. what do i hoard. lemme think.... not clothes, shoes, memorabilia, nope, nothing. hey wait, books!!!!!!

  5. Alright, I'm half asleep, so I can't comment on your post. I wanna come back and read it when my brain is functioning.

    Just wanted to let ya know that I'm WAY behind on my bloggy reading and didn't forget about ya. I think I even remember you saying you had something for me on a post, so I'm gonna have to come back and find it. I'm SO SORRY!

    My internet and I. . . well, let's just say we're not friend right now. nuff said eh?

    Be back soon!

    Hope you're doing well!

  6. a variety of goodies - all very intersting - funny enough I've put two old tins for my fun monday contribution. take care, Judyx

  7. Hi Anni,
    I did not play Fun Monday today, but I am enjoying visiting those who did. Your button collection is indeed fun. I have a much smaller collection, and I remember playing with my mother's collection when I was a little girl. I do not use my buttons either, but my mother's collection was used as a source to replace any and all missing buttons whether they matched or not.

  8. I have to say, I love buttons and have a minor collection of them as well. The pigs ones are cute!

  9. Thanks for coming over this morning. IT was fun to see your "collections." The antique buttons are probably worth some cash, but I know you can't part with them.

    I have a church key or two. I wonder where they got their name?? I didn't realize you had left Colorado that recently. Or maybe it's not that recently - time goes so fast that I can't remember how long ago they built that plant out there.

    What was I thinking - using the stove instead of the microwave??? Silly me. What a mess that was.

    I hope things are settling down in your neck of the woods.

  10. I also have at least one church key!!

    I ADORE your buttons. I have a button fetish. ;)

    RX bottles and file canisters are very handy to hold all kind of goodies. My MIL has a killer collection of RX bottles.

    Love your blog!!

  11. Oh Anni, church keys! You bring back memories of my college days! I don't have any now! Hope you're fine in Texas, and have weathered the storm! :)

  12. Now I'm reading everyone else's post I realise I have so many more collections than I mentioned. I love the buttons and have several tins I started collecting back in the 60's when I first married. I always loved playing with my granny's button collection but my children were never as keen.

  13. i love the old buttons. i guess it goes along with all the antique things I love. In addition to her quilts, i also have my grandmother's buttons.

  14. Anni,

    What a collection and once again you and I have something in common. I have two old church keys and also some buttons, though mine aren't as old as yours. I would have to borrow Mom's to have buttons that old. She has kept buttons for years and when she makes me tops, she sometimes places some of these old buttons on the blouses. I have a blouse with buttons similar to the turquoise one you have. And those pig buttons... you don't see buttons like that anymore.

    I save pill vials and the little black film cases as well. I have quite a few of those and the containers for my diabetes test strips are very similar. I save those as well, but not on a large scale. I use them to store various things.

    I enjoyed your Fun Monday post and enjoyed visiting with you. Yes, we played baseball. LOL

    Blessings for a great week.

  15. For the most part, you have a very colorful collection.

  16. I want to say thank you for stopping by and wishing me a Happy birthday. I really did enjoy hearing from you. Hope you stop again.
    I to am a pack rat.From twisties to gift bags. My main one now is Can tabs. When I get a can full I send them to my grandkids who takes them to school.The school send them in somewhere and then someone gets so many minutes of free use on a needed kidney machine.
    Have a great day

  17. my mom has lots of buttons and I love pouring through them!!

  18. I keep a lot of things too...I think it's because we had some very LEAN years in the beginning and I try to make do with the things that come my way....I'm getting better but I think part of me will always be that way!! I love your collections...LOL

  19. So many buttons!! Way cool. Especially love the pig buttons.

  20. I love buttons! Something about saved buttons is just TOO COOL! I think maybe my mom had a button box or something that I recall fondly. Never had thought to use old prescription bottles for storage - I'm gonna have to try that!

  21. I still use my "church key" and our church is open all day and most of the evening but there is a guard on duty and you can only go in one door after a certain time. We have had things stolen there. so sad!!
    I have a lot of buttons too that were mostly my grandmothers and great grandmothers. All the kids.mine and my grands love to sit down and play with them. I still keep them for as long as I can...Sandy

  22. My grandmother always had church keys. I remember her using them to poke holes across from each other in the cans of Hershey's chocolate syrup.

  23. My grandma had buckets full of buttons when we moved her out of her house. Not entirely sure what happened to them all.

  24. love the collections! hey you never know when you may need a button!

  25. Love the buttons! Digital cameras have caused havoc to those of us who collect film canisters.

  26. I'm late ... I know. The day just got away from me for a HOST of reasons, but I did eventually participate in Fun Monday at Small Reflections and I'm relieved to know YOU'RE a collector too. I didn't think about 'church keys' or 'pill bottles' and I even have some old 35mm film cannisters ... a bunch of metal 'tins' from a variety of products ... Sigh! I'll check back for HoTs tomorrow when I return from PSE class.
    Hugs and blessings,

  27. Anonymous9/15/2008

    Hmn, buttons is a fun collection! I do have some of those but I think that's a sentimental thing - because my grandmother used to keep them and I feel like I need to continue that tradition! After she passed away, I kept the buttons she had and I've added to them since. I didn't even think to show those...

    Great post!

  28. I also have a jar full of buttons I don't use plus I buy cool ones now and then because...well, I don't have a good reason. My son, 12, (who was 10 at the time) got tour the Coors brewery when we were in CO for a hockey tournament. I missed out because I had to go to the airport to pick up the other half of the team. (A dad who is a distributer here in Alaska took him along). Happy Fun Monday!

  29. I had never heard them called church keys before, neat to learn something new. :) My mom has tons of buttons! I have a jar full. I do snip off buttons on any clothing I need to throw away. Love the piggies!

  30. I had to come and catch up on your wonderful blog..Mother nature can be so cruel and I don't think that FEMA is doing enough to help people. It makes me so angry

  31. I love the buttons, and miss those film cannisters, your junk is not that bad