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1. Heist :: Bank holdup
2. Hack :: Into
3. Dane :: Thorn Birds .. priest's illegitimate son, Dane [LOVE that book!!!]
4. Stings :: Guitar...[Sting, the singer -I know it should be possessive, but that's the first thing that I thought of, and that's the whole gist of the meme, right?]
5. Monkey :: See, monkey do.
6. Junkie :: Addict
7. Pumped :: Iron
8. Brass :: Knuckles
9. Fight! :: Belligerent!
10. Vouch :: Attest...witness...alibi

[tough words today]

~...end Mutterings
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I love sunrises and sunsets. But since our sunset view has been nearly completely obliberated with a new subdivision and homes' roofs blocking our way, I rarely go out at dusk to view. My favorite time to capture sunsets is after a hot blistering summer day when the storm has just passed. Or I love the purples and mauves you find in the sky on a winter's day at sunset with 'ice' in the clouds. Then, in the summer, it's also a favorite time of year for I love the reds and firey glows in the early morning hours.
photo taken off our front porch on Wednesday Sept 17th this week. I also noticed this morning that the meme is posted now in two places on the daily meme...the PHOTO memes and on Sunday's Memes.

~...end Sunrise Sunset
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This snippet is just for fun this week. Of course everyone that has been around me long enough knows my favorite sport to watch is baseball. And I must admit I was quite 'cocky' and strutting around the past month or so because the Arizona Diamondbacks were at the top of their division. Ummmmmm, what the heck happened? Not any more. The Dodgers came into town and wiped them clear out of the running. Even the Wild Card chance I think. And then, the Astros. I have felt sorry for them the last week of games...The poor team. First the hurricane, and all the scheduled 'home games' had to be moved because of the city's curfew laws that went into effect and no games played AT home in Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston. And the two teams that were scheduled to play in Minute Maid Park had to be moved to a 'neutral' stadium to play out the games [it is too late in the season to postpone them]. They played in Milwaukee's ballpark. Just an hour's drive from Chicago?!! Unfair!! They played Chicago Cubs. And got swept. No sleep, travel time, heat, exhaustion and concern of their hometown...and they play in Milwaukee? Oh well. Their season wasn't all that good, but there for a few weeks they too had a chance to be in the wild card playoff games. Not any more. And then my 'home town' team...the Colorado Rockies? Well, once again, as with all seasons but two, they're a forgotten team for any chance of a World Series Championship. Daggnabbit! There is always next year for my three favorite teams....ha! I've been saying that since 1993!!! And only the Diamondbacks have done well since then.

Now, to get to my snippet portion. What? You thought that above was my snippet? Not a chance. Football season started. I follow only ONE team. [well I root for the Houston Texans, but never have been much impressed...altho, fashion-wise I do love their team's logo!! One of the best in the whole football leagues.] For me? Since childhood? Denver Broncos! The Broncos all the way!! Okay, where was I? Oh ya....

Have you ever really sat down and listened to the commentators as the game is played? Or perhaps you read the sports section of the newspaper...or read clips from the 'net of your favorite team? I did just a few minutes ago. And I love to sit and read a whole 'nother version of what I'm actually reading. I know, I mind is always in the gutter...but hey, if the men can play fantasy football and fantasy baseball...I can sure as heck read my own fantasy!!! While readin' this article regarding an interview with a Denver Bronco...Marshall...Here's an example of the conversational quote:
    "...and you have two wideouts who can go the distance anytime, and you have three tight ends who can go the distance, and you have a back field that is tremendous, the sky is the limit for us."

- - -

And baseball? Come to think of it...balls and diamonds! What else is there? Sounds like a great fantasy if there ever was one.

See, just what I said: Fantasy. Whoa...throw some ice on me, willya?

And I read the Fun Monday challenges a day ago, and this will all 'tie in' with what I'll do tomorrow on my blog. More sports. Hmmmmmmmm. But, I just know someone here in Texas will want to lynch me after they read THAT blog. LOL

[logo courtesy of Denver Bronco NFL - copyrighted]


  1. Anni,

    I love your new look. The header, the avatar and the countdown is awesome. I wish I had your talent. Your blog is always beautiful and when you design mine, it is beautiful too. You are truly blessed with talent.

    Enjoyed your posts and your sunrise photo. Our sunrise was sort of bleak this morning as it is overcast here. It is not supposed to rain and I hope it doesn't. We've had enough for a while.

    I am not much of a football fan but I do love baseball. The Toronto Bluejays had won 10 straight but then got knocked off their pedestal, but Cieto Gaston is doing a great job with them. He played with the other outstanding players when the Bluejays took the Series 3 years back-to-back.

    Take care, my friend and have a great day. Dwight and I are going for a drive just for something to do. We've had enough of renovations until tomorrow.


  2. Good morning Anni, I love your Halloween header and the cute witch above for comments.Your sunset picture is great, but the sun always disappears too quickly...Have a good Sunday..
    Hugs, Baba

  3. Hi Anni,

    Oh it looks great in here. I enjoy visiting you, you have many interesting things to read. Thanks for letting me join over 50 too. Heck no I don't look 35 anymore, some days I feel about 70 ...
    Have a great week.

  4. I always give your words to Mike to see how close he comes to matching your answers!! He got two like you this morning!! I like your blog course i always do..You are so creative and it is always unique too. Have a great Sunday.

  5. Hi! I love your Halloween decorations and what a beautiful sunset image you posted today.

    Take care!

  6. That's sad that you can't watch the sunsets like you want anymore. I could but there are not often nice sunsets because of the rain !
    I thought you had already posted your Fun Monday post because of your baseball, lol ! I am not a sports fan at all !

  7. I forgot ! your header is adorable !!

  8. you've been tagged dear anni, check out my side and play along if you wish...

  9. loving your Halloween graphics.I too like Ahmed the Terrorist!
    Pictures are lovely!

  10. We matched on a few UM words this week - but I sure wish I'd thought of Dane from The Thorn Birds (I loved that book, too)

  11. I'm wondering what happened to the Diamondbacks too. They were doing so good. At least they won yesterday - but so did the Dodgers. Seems like everytime they win the Dodgers win and when they lost the Dodgers lose - so they stay the same distance behind. I'm not really a football fan. In fact I've never even liked football, but my hubby is such a fan that I keep watching it a little. Someday I may even learn to like it - if I live that long. Of ourse I hope the AZ Cardinals win. So far they haven't been winners very often since they've been here.
    The new look of your blog is very interesting. Your talent always amazes me.

  12. I didn't proof read my above comment before i posted it. Oh well, I'm sure you can interpret it correctly.

  13. that is a lovely's to bad about the development blocking your view....but see you found another way to capture the beauty..

  14. I love the new header and holiday décor … it’s all very ‘kewl’ indeed! Ah … I didn’t think of Thorn Birds … and reading ‘guitar’ made me wonder if I’d missed an ‘r’ … though I see the connection now. Love your answers to #7 and 8 … and your lovely ‘silhouetted’ sunset.
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. Nice mutterings Anni! It is ok to say guitar for strings :)

  16. Hi!

    Great mutterings.
    I knew I heard the name Dane in one of my favorite series.

    We even have an answer the same.

    Mine can be found ::here::.

    Have a great week!

  17. Anonymous9/21/2008

    Great mutterings, as always. We matched on #5 this week. Interesting connection on stings. ^_^ Thanks for stopping by my place.

  18. Anonymous9/21/2008

    Monkey see, Monkey do~ LOL

    I like your new Halloween theme !!

  19. I was thinking of Sting also :)..great mutterings you have here Anni :)

  20. Hi Annie..
    I love your name*smile* I saw it on Charlottes blog and had to come over and say Heloo. Happy Sunday. Here in Hawaii we have beautiful sunrises and sunsets, just awesome to think the Lord creates them all with his own heavenly color palettes that we will never have on this earth, but can enjoy through every sunrise, and sunsets he sends our way.

    Aloha Lorie

  21. Lovely new look!! oh, Halloween !!
    Great silhouettes, I love dusk but I haven't been out taking pics since I only had my old camera and it doesn't take good shots in the dark...

  22. I loved the thornbird series.

    I have given you award but not quite gotten round to writing the reasons why (hehehe) - multi-tasking and multi-blogging needs improvement.

  23. Great monkey answer, proves how much a part of our lives certain sayings are!

    Thanks for stopping by my mutterings :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  24. Hi Anni,
    I love your Halloween look!! I loved reading about your sports stuff..... I remember how many times John Elway beat the Chiefs in the last few minutes when Marty S. was our coach!!!!
    Oh, I just wanted to bop him for throwing that football SO far down the field in the last couple of minutes and beating us!
    But He was A good player!!!
    Now the poor Chiefs are a mess.... we are starting all over, AGAIN!
    We didn't make a first down yesterday until the second half. No Kidding! It's bad! We are 0-3 and we play Denver next week! Oh Boy!

    I love base ball too! Is there any thing as neat on a warm summer evening then being at the ball park eating peanuts and popcorn!! or a hot dog!
    One time we were there and I ate first one thing and then another and Nancy looked at me and said " Are you full now?"

    We all got tickled... Sometimes she can hit the nail right on the head!! Ok you pushed my button on this so I will stop!!! Love and hugs, Carolyn