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Heads or Tails category this week: "SHAKE"

Well, there are two things that came to my mind when I read the theme for this week. A memory of my childhood. Well, actually BOTH of the items I thought of came from my youth. When I was a youngster of 5 or 6, each Saturday after my dad got home from work, I, my brother, my sister and my mother were are cleaned up nice for a night out for dinner. It wasn't anything fancy, no sit down type restaurant; those kind were unaffordable by my parents' one worker income! But,none the less, we were happy to be able to go out to eat. It was in Lincoln, Nebraska, right down town on the main street. That was "O" street. It still IS considered main street, tho it's now part of 'old town' Lincoln. The place was a drive-up type where you sit in the car and eat, or order and take it home. We were all gussied up to sit in the car! LOL Still, I remember the fun time had by us all. The drive up was called "The Mug". Outside the building, even from the distance of about a mile or so, driving along and waiting for traffic lights to change green, on the horizon, I could see peeking through the front seat [back in those days the front seat was a 'whole seat' with the backrest flipping down for the ones who rode along in the back seat could get into the car...there was a slim gap between dad's backrest and mom's [the passenger] ---anyway, I could peek through there and see this huge, monstrous, colossal, giant chocolate sculpture --a billboard like, and it was a chocolate Milk the "Mug". They were thick, icy cold, sweet, and oh such a Saturday night time treat for us all. Oh we all ordered cheeseburgers with the shakes.

Then, a bit older but still a child of probably pre teen, I remember a commercial of a new product that was sweeping the nation. It was called....Shake N Bake! Not only was the commercial insipid, but so was the product! Of course my mom, who loved to cook by the way, wanted to try it. You know, something new. Something that would make her meal not so mundane for her loved ones. She convinced dad to buy the two kinds....the pork, and the chicken. Now my mother's fried chicken was out of this world 'southern fried'. And her fried pork chops were always good too. [I, tho, really liked the potatoes and the gravy from the pan drippings most!] Anyway, we helped or watched her prepare the new stuff. It smelled good while cooking...we all sat down at the table [yes, back then, if you didn't eat with the parents at 'dinner time' you were out of luck! You missed your chance! We ALL sat at the table and dined together!] So, we sat down -dad was always first to get his share and then he'd pass it to us kids...we each got a chop or a piece of chicken...and all the other fixin's ---ready, eat! Ewwwwwwww. Nasty!!! Needless to say, none of us got a chance to say to everyone "No daddy, it's Shake n Bake, and I he'pt"!! It never came in our house again. Mom's from scratch cookin' was soooo much better.

photo above IS Lincoln Nebraska and it's main street "O" Street. Circa 1940's.
courtesy of internet photo search.

~...end Heads or Tails
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Sunday afternoon, after reading about the new browser for anyone to download and install, I thought I'd give it a try. Well, I did! And I disliked it from the get-go. Let me explain....
    With Firefox you have so many options and so many ad-on features that I did NOT find with Google Chrome. And the ONE THING that I really 'need' while browsing is the Ad Block! While working with the new browser I opened some of my bookmarks that were automatically imported to Google's new browser that was an option as installing. I began clicking on those bookmarks of mine and so many ads and animations began to appear! No way! So, tho it seems pretty well organized, I would prefer my Firefox. That, to me, is the most user friendly browser around. Nope...Google Chrome Browser, while the features are somewhat innovative and less cluttered, there just aren't my favorite features available while I surf the net. It'll continue to be Firefox usage for me. I'll wait a while and then test drive the new browser again to see if there are any features that make more sense in the future. Also, Google's new browser, as with Google Earth, and many more exe files from Google's downloads, it seems that privacy is not an issue with those that program their new files for the computer and internet users. And, by the way, it is STILL in Beta, so there WILL be a lot of tweaking before it's all set up with the best features possible, I suppose.


  1. It's Shake-n-Bake 'n I hept!

    Oh my - that was some nasty stuff. Like your mom, mine to couldn't wait to try it and once was enough.

    Oh Yes! Southern Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes with pan dripping gravey. Yum Yum (Insert pan fried pork chop instead of chicken and it's still Yum Yum.)

  2. Oh yeah - The Google thing didn't even look good to me and after reading your post I'm sure glad I didn't download it.

  3. interesting. hehe.

    mine is posted. hope you can drop by.

  4. I am back online, have missed you so much.

  5. Anonymous9/29/2008

    great answers

  6. Anni,

    I love the photo of "O Street" in Lincoln. Those old cars and stores were what I was brought up on. Dad owned a 1940's car when I was quite small. I still remember it. It was a green sedan and of course not new, but about 10 years old or so.

    I remember the two-door cars with the fold down backrests from the front seats. They certainly were awkward to get in and out of. I'm glad to own a four-door today. I always hated the two-doors and those seats.

    Mom never used Shake n' Bake. Dad just wanted good old style home cooking. I have used it but don't especially care for it. I like good old fashioned fried chicken with gravy made from the pan drippings. I know - too much cholesterol but it is good.

    Take care, my friend. Glad you enjoyed your little surprise.


  7. For me, Shake 'n Bake will forever be associated with the movie Talladega Nights :) Thanks for sharing this Tuesday! My HoT is finally posted. If you have a moment, check it out.

  8. Some great memories Anni

  9. interesting!.. please visit my wordless wednesday.. its up already.. i will not be able to log in tomorrow (Oct 1, 2008)thats why i'm visitng all you guys today..
    My entries are here. and here

    Memory Filled
    Sweety tots

  10. I'm all for the chocolate milk shakes and the cheeseburgers :-)

    My hooman mommy Sanni agrees, too. She also says you found a neat photo of "O" street. She loves the cars.

    We are back to Firefox, too. There's no option :-)

    Have a great day, Miss Anni!

    P.S.: Mommy still hopes to see Halloween decoration. (hint, hint, hint) *g*

  11. Oh, I remember so much great food from my youth, and all natural and home made. I can still taste it now.

  12. What a great story! Enjoyed all of it!

  13. Love your HoT post! I love listening to stories when people reminisce. And the story about Shake & Bake is so funny. That stuff STILL taste terrible. You'd think they would have improved it by now lol.

    Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great day!

    ~Tabitha (ProzacMommy)

  14. Milkshakes - YUM! Shake n' bake - Ew. That commercial always bugged me as a kid for some reason.

  15. Gday Dear Anni.We always had home cooked Meals as Mum only had her small wage to look after us 5 kids at home I cant ever remember Take away. and That "Shake and Bake" sounds so bland Yuk..
    Take great Care Anni..

  16. My Mom tried out shake n bake too, with equally not so good results :) Happy HOT day Anni!

    My entry is here

    Thank you for stopping by :)

  17. Wow ! you were lucky to go to a restaurant at such an early age ! I think I was 14 or 15 when my parents thought I would be old enough to fit in a restaurant ! and of course fathers ALWAYS were served first ! Not anymore, lol !

  18. PS. I didn't even know about Google Chrome, must have missed that. Anyway I am happy with Firefox !

  19. Hi Anni, I used to love drinking thick chocolate shakes from old fashion soda fountains as a kid..

    My mom still drives her Oldsmobile car which has two doors with fold down seatbacks to get into the back seat..Her car is a 1984 Olds with 86,000 miles on it ..the car is in great shape and people want to buy it from her all of the time..

    Thanks for sharing, hugs.. Baba

  20. Hey Anni,

    yep...thumbs up for home cookin' anytime!
    I like the new Halloween decor by the way.

  21. LOL! I would have thought The Mug would hold ROOT BEER! hehehe... I never had a milkshake in a mug! As for the Shake & Bake... ugh! I totally agree! HORRIBLE stuff! I even made the mistake of trying it AGAIN as an adult ... just to make sure... YEP! It really is bad! LOL! It just takes some of us longer to learn! But... somehow or another, Little Luz's FAVORITE expression has become ~Shake~n~Bake~!!! She says it ALL the time! I don't know where she got it!

  22. Yes i remember going out to eat like you did. We never went very often but the first place i can remember was Steak and Shake. It was really a treat because we did not get to go very often how things have changed.

  23. Hi Anni,
    Thanks for stopping in and the early birthday wishes (my birthday is in Oct)
    I agree with you about Firefox as a browser..

  24. Trips down Memory Lane are always the best! Happy Tuesday.

  25. What nice memories!
    That is really funny about dressing up just to go out. No one seems to do that anymore.

    Shake and bake -- well, I have not had that for decades.

  26. Stopping by again. Shake n bake...what memories. It seems your recollection mirrors my own. It seems the grease released from the meat would make the bottom part mushy and the top crispy...a combination of slime and cardboard flavor. Yuk. Moms cooking was definitely better. was fun spilling flour and spices everywhere when making our own!


  27. Loved reading both stories. Things did used to be different, even for me being a little younger. Nothing like a nice thick shake with a burger and fries. I don't mind Shake n Bake, but it's not substitute for cooking from scratch. ;)

  28. I don't think I ever tried that Shake'N Bake stuff. Now I'm glad I didn't and probably won't ever after that report, lol. I could sure put away those thick milk shakes though and still can although I try not to indulge too often.

  29. Love the storie (memories of going to the driv-in all gussied up and the *shake-n-bake* experience. Both brought back memories from my childhood. Similar, yet, very different.

  30. It’s been a BUSY day and I just got home a little while ago. My Dell crashed with the dreaded BLUE SCREEN … and now your site doesn’t recognize me again. Sigh! Not quite sure what to do at this point. Maybe I’ll enter my name & URL and see if that works. Guess I won’t be visiting too many blogs today so I’ll try to catch up tomorrow. I enjoyed your ‘memories’ associated with SHAKE … and appreciate the review of Google Chrome. Checking it out is on my list of things to do when time permits … and I have no idea when I’ll get around to it.
    Hugs and blessings,

  31. I've heard a lot of good things about Foxfire so I am tempted to try it. We have Safari which came with the computer. It works fine so I probably should leave well enough alone. Seems like I'm always wanting to check out something new.

  32. Great childhood memories. Back when I was a kid nobody ate out. At least nobody I knew. There were no fast food restaurants - not even McDonald's had been "invented" yet. The only restaurants I remember were greasy spoon type diners. I remember Shake N Bake. I didn't think it was very good either. You just can't beat home fried chicken.

  33. A delightful shake!! And, I'm glad to know about Google Browser - I'll pass for now!!

  34. I always enjoy reading about your childhood memories...more times than not, they trigger something from my childhood that I had forgotten:-) With 5 kids, mom and dad couldn't afford to bring us out to a restaurant much but I do remember going to A&W as a treat. Dad would park, a waitress on roller skates would come to the car and take our order. She would then bring our order on a tray that hooked on to the driver's side window and we would eat in the car while parked there:-) As for Shake & Bake, I don't recall my mom using it while I was still living at home...I use it every once in a while and don't mind it.

    Hope your week is going well my friend! xoxo

  35. I remember that Shake and Bake commercial! And I hay-elped.

  36. fab childhood memories. its strange how we remember stuff from all those years ago!

    im a day late here, but i always get here in the end lol. kids and blogging dont tend to run smoothy hahah!

  37. Your family sounds so much like mine was back in those days. My parents loved to eat out, so I can remember those days, too. We had to eat in a sit-down restaurant as where we lived, there were no drive-ups within a 50-mile radius. We would eat at the nearest one when we would go into Olean, NY shopping. I can remember eating lunch at Kresge's at holiday time with Santa Claus outside the store and also Salvation Army's bells ringing. It would be cold out, and we would be trudging through the snowy sidewalks from store to store, up one side of the street and then down the other side on our way back. By then it would be suppertime, and we'd eat at a place called Pick-Ups, which was like an old boxcar made into a restaurant. Such fun it was! Those were the good old days, weren't they? I enjoyed your story so brought back these memories of mine...

    (((((( HUGS ))))))