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Another Halloween Craft I just finished this week! It was fun. It took about two weeks to work on it...and she'll be propped up for display in October. Bud is making her a primitive looking broom which will be added shortly. But, I couldn't wait to show you ---

She's made from Halloween black and orange cotton print. The black is flying witches, bats, spider webs, along with a silhouetted cityscape. The pattern called for a round styrofoam ball [for the clown pattern, but I wasn't making a 'clown' so, I used a styrofoam egg instead. The body, so it can be propped up is a scrap piece of 2x4 wood. The styrofoam is covered with a pea green scrap of T-shirt, and the 'wart' on her nose that I added as extra [not on the pattern directions] is a straight pin glued through the nose, into the styrofoam.

What came next, I sewed from the pattern cut-outs her sleeves, and jumper; made her hair from curled lavender yarn. Also, I made a pattern and cut out and sewed/glued a witch's hat with black material. Then, propped her up to see how it was going to work/look from another vantage view. After that, some orange and black Halloween ribbon was cut and gathered for her ankle cuff. Also, I drew my own witch's boot pattern with a scrap piece of paper and stitched, stuffed and glued the boot to her clothespin leg. Added was a miniature orange and black polka-dotted bow that I made.

Since there was such a visible seam showing for her nose, I decided to get a doll's pair of glasses from the craft shop. Off I went to purchase that. Came home and added this to her face after I glued on black eyes...getting it so it would be in proportion to the glass lens and nose structure. I then took a long piece of ribbon cut from the spool to make a hat brim to hide the seams of connecting the brim with the crown of the hat. Added a streaming bow. I then cut a thin strip of orange felt for her mouth and glued. Added a different -black and jack-o-lantern ribbon ruffle for the collar.

The ruffle on the sleeves, the black felt gloved hands...along with the last effect of a primitive broom that will be added when Bud is finished with getting the handle and broom bristles tied and glued...she'll be done. Ready for the ghouls, goblins and tricksters! She'll cast a spell on you, to be sure. I'm now preparing to use the other yard of Halloween print I bought a couple of weeks ago, to begin a ghoulish 'clown' creature to add to my collection for the Spirit of Halloween....


News Flash: Kelli, I found 'em, I found 'em!!! I remember asking you where you bought those wonderful acryllic beads that were shaped like pumpkins a few Show n Tell Fridays ago..., days afterward you told us where to find them, but I couldn't find any in our store here in our town....but, I was shopping for a skeleton head, small, to work on my next project this week, and with all the autumn flowers and fall decorations at the craft store, there they were! Callin' me...."Anni. Anni. Look we are". And they also had acorn beads too! I thought of you right away 'cause I know you collect acorns. So, I bought both kinds; acorns and pumpkins. LOL I just love the colors. I think the yellow are the prettiest 'lemony yellow'! :::doin' a happy dance here':::

~...end Show n Tell
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I just found out in my comments from yesterday that Kristine Kate passed this adorable award to me! Thank you so much. Your thoughtfulness and generosity is so appreciated. Stop by and visit with her sometime, she's such a sweetie!!

- - -

And these two are from Mary. I love 'em. Thank you so much dear friend! You know you always make my day brighter. Always!!! Mary's blog is filled with love and inspiration. Stop by and say hi!!


  1. Your crafts are great!!
    I just read about PJ and I am so happy she still has a house. I know it must be very hard to have mold and everything else NO (Water and lights) but they are alive.
    It good they will have a place to live while their house is being cleaned up.
    Thanks for your kind comments on my grand daughter in law! I am so proud of her! Love and hugs, Carolyn

  2. Anni,

    I absolutely LOVE your witch. You did a fantastic job on her and she is awesome. I can't wait to see your next project. You are such a talented lady.

    I replied to your email earlier today. Hope you are well rested by now. Enjoy your evening.


  3. Gday Anni, I love it! love it! The witch warts and all. cant wait to see her with the broom stick..Cheers \_/\_/ Jen

  4. Anonymous9/19/2008

    Your witch is lovely, I love your crafts!! haven't seen any "halloweeeny" items around here...yet!!

  5. I think you have to add a second house to display all these beautiful things you make for Halloween ! A Halloween house, lol !

  6. It such a cutie. I always visit you here b'coz your blog inspires me a lot. Have a Happy Weekend. :)

    P.S. Can I have a Voodoo doll? lol! just kidding.

  7. VERY cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. well deserved awards! congratulations!!

    i love all the decorations you are making. they are putting me in a holiday mood...

  9. Hi Anni,
    She is a really cute witch. I would love to do something like this for Halloween...don't know if I'll find the time though.

    Congratulations on your awards!

  10. What a clever crafter you are!! Love what you've done with her!!

    Congrats on your awards!

    Thanks for your visit and lovely comments about my room re-do!!


  11. What a sweet, friendly looking witch.

  12. Those are SO cute. Thank you for sharing.

  13. She is gorgeous, you really have to name her !!!
    Such luck on finding the little acorns and pumpkins. I can imagine you are very happy.
    Thank you so much for sharing and have a wonderful weekend !!

  14. She turned out great. Quite a fancy do for a witch! Great job Anni!

  15. Congratulations on the awards! She's a really cute witch! I love the fabric of her jumper!

    Thanks for visiting and have a fabulous weekend!


  16. Hi, Anni! Thanks for coming over to catch up on Friday, even though doing a Show and Tell doesn't make much sense when only a few can get in, eh? Such a pity.

    Feisty - little Ramona - is my second granddaughter - she's 4 and just the more adorable kid. Her older sister we call Care Bear, who is in 1st grade now - and just turned 6 after school started. I bragged about her in a previous post - she's the youngest in her class and reading at 5th grade level! She wants harder math, because she's already bored. Scary!

    I'm sorry you didn't realize I had these other two sweeties, because I always feature the twins on Friday. You can see some outdated pix of them on my header. The boy is my daughter's stepson, who is now with his mother during this period of his life - which is not a good thing, but better than his father, I guess. Kristen can't legally have him. Which would be hard anyway at thi juncture.

    Have a great week-end!

  17. You are very creative. Congratulations on your awards.

    I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for visitin my blog.

  18. I love your cute little witch.

  19. Great job! You are really good at creating from a rag doll base! I always enjoy seeing your Halloween collections, when I see some unique Halloween things I think of you and wonder if you have seen them too.

    I also just found the glass pumpkin beads!


  20. Dianne9/19/2008

    You did a great job on the witch! She's actually really sweet looking! Maybe that is a hoax and she'll turn you into a frog when she can. Can't wait to see what else you make.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  21. Congrats on your awards! Your witch is so adorable! You are so creative and crafty! I love the wart and purple hair! Have a fun weekend!

  22. Hey Annie, you did a great job on that witch! Will make a great halloween decoration!
    Also, congratulations on your awards!
    Love, Ann

  23. You always get a wee bit more crafty around Halloween!! Also I was not a bit surprised when you told me in my comments that you did not carry a purse. Just sounds like Funny how you can about understand people just through blogs...Hope your day is going great..

  24. What a cute witch. I love those cute little mini pumpkins. I think I have seen them at

  25. Love it! She is an adorable witch! Great job! Jean

  26. Well she is cute! Congrats on the awards.

  27. Anonymous9/19/2008

    Thanks for dropping by my blog for a visit. Those are corks from wine bottles in the crystal vase. I've been saving them for forever. Your witch turned out great. She is a real eye turner for Halloween. Take care. Love, Grandma Faith

  28. My goodness, Anni, you certainly are "crafty". That's a cute little witch, especially with the glasses on. I was glad to hear your friends' house is still standing. I know they were very relieved.

  29. Anni,

    That witch is very cute!! You're making me start thinking of Halloween decorating now!
    ( LOL- Not good- since I'm not feeling up to it at this time!!)

    All those awards-COOL!!


  30. That is just to cute. I love it!

  31. My stars! What a lot of work went into her! You are quite the crafty woman!!! Great job!!!!

    M ^..^

  32. i love the post! :)

    have a great weekend! :)

  33. Anni,

    I love your witch, especially her pose on the bathtub - looks like the lady bug posed above! Thank you for visiting my blog - have a great weekend.

  34. Congratulations on your well-deserved awards. How cleverly crafty you are! I love the way you’ve shared your process here ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  35. Your new halloween creation is wonderful, Anni! And I'm so glad you found the mini pumpkins...yay! My Michaels has been out of the acorns, but I keep looking. :0)

  36. What a neat witch!!! LOVE her green nose! Just love it!