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Hmmmm, box, huh? Okay, let me add a ballot box for questions you've always wanted to ask Hootin' Anni but were afraid to ask. Do you have something on your mind that you would like me to answer of a personal aspect? If so...the box is ready to accept your questions.

- - -

Then, looking on the 'net for ballot boxes I typed in a search and the new Firefox browser begins to list things that are linked as I type...and what caught my eye, naturally, I had to click on the link to find out about it. It's a pub. In England. And it's called the Ballot Box Pub! Hmmmmm, interesting.

...and by what I read about the pub, it's quite a great place for fun, beer and food. Every day, two meals for the price of one. Wow...that's a selling point right there, for me. I think I'd enjoy the ambiance and the whole concept. Besides, it's in England! You can't go wrong. I'm bloody right, right?!! Their website states: "The building is olde worlde and has a dark wood traditional interior with oak panels. We offer a quiet place for customers to relax with a pint or meal. The pub's locals bar has a big screen showing popular sporting events. The 115 seater restaurant has a good varied menu with something to suit the whole family. The Two for One deal lets two adults order two adult main meals and get the cheapest one free. You can complement your meal with a choice of drinks and a quality pint can be found at the bar."

Then, last but not least, different ballot boxes used in America's history of voting. The photos that follow are from Wikipedia, and all with mouseover dates. Since this is election year for our president, I thought I'd do some searching for how we voted in the past. Oh, and remember the 'chad' fiasco in Florida? I ask, was that not electoral fraud at its finest? [my opinion]

~...end Heads or Tails
If you don't like political ideas, skip the next part...
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My opinion!

I was visiting with Mary at The Work of a Poet, and I clicked the link being that I was very compelled at what her statement showed! An entry that was inspirational for me! The petition had statements that shouted to me in all its truths.

There are more out there to voice your thoughts.

Read these thoughts

Letters to the Senator

DOING MORE RESEARCH --[my way to be educated, for myself, in all parties!]

Many times during this time in our country, lies and innuendos of lies given are stipulated in speeches, etc. Reading into more and more to find out for myself...

While in Alaska, she campaigned as a fiscal conservative, she increased government expenditures over 33%, increased city tax revenues over 38%, and, after inheriting a city with zero debt, left behind a deficit of over $22 million. The country before our president we have now was out of debt...and with him in office the debt has grown into the trillions. I ask myself, 'do we need another one like him?"
then...this below made me disgruntled...
A little thought came to me also. For weeks the press and the opposing party bickered and bantered over the fact that Barack was NOT patriotic since he didn't wear an American Flag lapel pin?!!!! [even to the point of having a campaign ad on TV about it!] Well, guess what?--------Neither did Sarah or John---did you see their RNC speeches?
Things I am now aware of, and wasn't before the RNC [in fact I'd never heard much of her background at all 'til now]....
Another point that shows she is 'above the laws of God' in her views is this: She is a member of a church that advocates that gay people need to be cured of their homosexuality in order to be considered acceptable to God [Source - AP Wire Reports]. This, is just not my style, and I'm not sure I'd want the same mentality in the White House either.
My humble opinion, not trying to sway anyone, this is just for me again, my 'notes' for reference later in the year....
I don't think the government should govern our preferences when it comes to sexual preferences. Nor do I think that abortions should be prohibited by law. I try to picture myself as a mother of a 12 or 13 year old daughter who was raped then became pregnant. I would not want to have her keep a child she is carrying because of the violent act committed upon her. Nor do I see a woman of menopause age who is robbed and raped then finds out she is pregnant! Give up the child for adoption? Carry it to full term? Statistics show that a majority of those up for adoption, from rape cases like these mentioned, end up being the American citizens tax burden with Welfare and or prison inmates. Women have gone through suffrage in so many ways in our culture and we have fought for our individual rights...abortion choice IS a right for the individual...not the government's. Besides, another wave length here ---remember prohibition? History shows that liquor was still sold illegally back then. And guess what? That law was abolished. Do you want your daughter or yourself, if the situation arose, to have to go through the back alleys and endanger your life with illegal abortions? Or do you want to ensure your safety to have that choice with professional care and knowledge? Prohibiting abortion is NOT going to stop it!

Before you vote, you need to ask "Not so much who am I for, as who is for me?"


  1. Let's all go to the Ballot Box Pub:-) Oh wow, it certainly does sound like the kind of place I'd love to try out, especially since it's in England! I've only ever been to an English style pub once before when I was visiting my son who lives near Toronto and I loved it so much, with its dark paneled walls and English decor. It was so interesting to see pictures of ballot boxes through the years!

    I'm glad to see someone who's not in favour of Sarah Palin!! Not being American, I don't have any say in the vote BUT if I was able to, it certainly wouldn't be for her. I'd heard that she was anti choice and right there, that put me right off her. So many people fell in love with her when she said that speech of accepting the candidacy but my first thought was "she's all talk". A true lying politician! lol xoxo

  2. Great Photo's. I have something for you and you can see it here [].

  3. mmm, politics and me, don't happen! the pub you found sounds amazing. makes me want to wish i was closer for a closer inspection...

  4. the hurricanes are really worrying. it must be horrible just waiting to see if its you or not.

    like youe suggestions box. cool idea!

    thanks for stopping by my hots x

  5. The Ballot Box -- makes me want to hop on a plane and go there, looks like a great place!

    Happy HoT!

  6. Hi Anni, All of the hurricanes make me worry until the end of November...I pray your house will be safe and seems like the hurricanes get bigger every year...

    A trip to England would be fun... thanks for sharing the pub... Hugs, Baba

  7. I'm in the hurricane "cone" too, and I'm afraid our luck may be gone for the year.

    Like all of your boxes except the Palin one. I actually like her.

  8. Anni,

    I will pray that Eric has a safe trip and that he has an awesome experience. I'm glad he took your advice and packed up things before he left, just in case. I agree - better to be safe than sorry.

    I'm watching the US election closely and an federal election has been called here in Canada for October 13th. We have the same basic issues here that you have in the States. I think most politicians can be painted with the same brush, though there are exceptions.

    Stay safe. I'm blowing Ike back out to see - well at least trying, but doubt it will work. Three hurricanes back-to-back is no fun.

    Take care, my friend and do what you have to do for you and Bud to remain safe.


  9. Happy HOT day Anni :) And I hope that the hurricane stays away!

  10. All those ballot boxes were interesting to see, and the pub does sound nice.

    I have to agree with you, not necessarily your opinions about Sarah Palin, but about the fact that you have to do the research. If we just listen to what one candidate says about the other one, or even what the candidates say about themselves, we won't get the whole picture or the truth. Along with the right to vote comes the responsibility to know what we are voting for and why.

    Stay safe. I hope Ike leaves you alone.

  11. Hi!! Love your boxes!!! I like history so seeing how the voting was done was very nice. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Great comment box :) Be safe in the storms.

  13. Those are some great ideas for box and very interesting ones too. I learn so much from blogs. I hope Erik and all of you stay safe. My daughter is in Florida so we have been watching all these storms come and go.

  14. Wow.. so much here to comment on!

    I watch the hurricane paths all the time because my mom lives in Florida. My brother lives in Corpus so let's all hope it doesn't hit there.

    A question for you? Have you ever posted a real picture of yourself?

    *skipping down*

    I do not, do NOT, like Gov. Palin. I gave her a chance to change my mind by watching the RNC. That simply reinforced my previous opinion. I think she's bitchy, nasty and NOT qualified to be in that "heartbeat away from the Presidency" spot.

  15. Please stay safe!! I am sure thinking and praying you wil be ok. I sure Ike calms down before he hits land. love, Grams

  16. HI Anni
    Your blog today has sertanly something to think about
    Concerning politics in you country- we, here in Denmark only see and hear some of the candidates speaking on TV. I myself saw and HEARD the Pallin woman, and thought to myself=
    She talk a lot, but do she say anything??

    Hope that the storm goes back where it came from, and pray that you and Bud stays safe
    Bless you

  17. Every so often I post on my blog which I let my readers post a questions let see.

    What color would you not paint your kitchen?

  18. Cute ideas for the theme! Ah, hanging chads. That was such a very weird election.

    My question: What is your favorite blog post of your own?

  19. Love your boxes! A ballot box is quite a hot box! A fascinating post!

    And thank you for leading me to the Bloggers Over 50 website! I have joined!