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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Heather at Heather's Recipes is hosting our Fun Monday this week. She asks us to tell her about a sport, or a team we continually follow - AND [I'll probably get lynched on this] to also add a little bit about what team you love to hate!

First off, I love baseball. I love to watch it, I love to play it [tho I haven't in years since we retired 'cause our family outings with everyone else in the family came to a screeching halt when we moved out of Colorado and the big family get togethers]. I have three professional teams that I follow. Two of those teams I was privileged to see from their inaugural seasons. One of those teams we went to every home game up until we retired and left Colorado. We even followed them to Tucson Arizona for Spring Training games. Then, when we actually retired and relocated to Tucson, we went to several of the Spring Training games...I especially loved the St. Patrick's Day traditional Spring Training Game - the Cactus League Games - 'cause that day, every year was pitted between the two teams I followed at the time. The Colorado Rockies and The Arizona Diamondbacks. Always fun....and GREEN BEER!

There are two training fields in Tucson. One - Tucson Electric Park [Arizona Diamondbacks] and the other Reid Park in Tucson for the Colorado Rockies. I always loved to go to the Rockies' "home games" during their Cactus League training in the Spring. The park is beautiful...a golf course, a lake, and a wonderful stadium and in the midst of downtown Tucson. Tucson Electric Park was more or less new and real close to 'desolation in the desert'...but all in all a nice facility. [The Chicago White Sox also train in that park so we saw quite a few of those games there also.]

Then....getting really 'burned out' with the desert heat of the summer months, we wanted to relocate to an area with beach. Texas Coastal Bend, here we are. Which makes me follow the Houston Astros baseball. As you can see I'm a National League follower, so I don't watch or follow the Texas Rangers...they're American League. Occasionally I will watch their games when televised. But only if the Astros aren't playing.

Baseball memorabilia? Oh yes...much much too much I have. I'm almost embarrassed to say just HOW much. T-shirts, caps, golf shirts with logos, sutffed mascots, foul balls I've been happy to catch during the games and lucky enough to have the seat where the ball flew from home plate, baseball cards, hat pins, and more.

- - -

The team I LOVE TO HATE? Ewwwwww, Dallas Cowboys!!!! Reason? For years they were oftentimes pitted against my 'home team' - Denver Broncos. This team too I followed. The Denver Broncos that is. Another Colorado team. I've followed the Broncos since childhood and ended up going to many many home games; from the 1960's to when we retired and left Colorado in 1996.... From the ugly orange jerseys with just the big white "D" to the new sleek gorgeous '"wind swept' Bronco design! From players of the past like #33 Billy Joe who was the first Rookie of the Year, #25 Haven Moses, #77 Lyle Alzado. My memory of the past quarterback starts with nope, not John Elway but the goofy one that wasn't too good in performing most times...Craig Morton. Way back in the early 70's. But...mmmmm, mmmm, mmm.....John Elway. YES!!! He and his teammates with the likes of my favorite player now retired, #87, Ed McCaffrey!!! I still miss him and try to keep on, from reading the 'net and talking with my sister in Montrose, about what he's doing now - "my Ed". [John Elway is coaching football...and coaching his own son Jack.] Oh ya...why I love to hate the Cowboys? For one, mentioned above, they always beat the Broncos!! Always. The first super bowl that the Broncos actually played...the Cowboys whipped some butt! I remember at half time the score was something like 13-0!! And they went on to beat "my" Broncos! Big Time! After years and years of defeats and big losses, they finally did make it to the Super Bowls...lost to the Cowboys...but then....won!!! TWO times. Hey, it's not quite the record of Dallas, but at least they did win a few. :o)

This isn't very clear, nor is it even close to a professional clip, but it shows a lot of great plays that Ed McCaffrey made in his career with the Broncos. [neat music too!] It's a short clip I found at You Tube. Awwwwwwwwww, I do miss this dude. Wish sometimes we could turn the clock back and have that team once again, that actually WERE Super Bowl Winners!!! But, what can I say? I still have my memories of the more or less 'not so headliner player'...but he was good in my opinion.

My all time favorite players? Baseball? Ummmmm Derek Jeter [Yankee? How did that come about y'wonder?]. Football? Mentioned above - Ed McCaffrey.

~...end Fun Monday
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I was tagged by Shadow for the list of 6 quirky things about me:
    1]I have big sanitary issues with those 'manicure-pedicure parlors' -they're dirty to me, and full of disease.
    2] On those terms from above in #1...I love to eat out; thing is, I probably wouldn't if I saw the kitchens!!
    3] I dislike hair nets! [They're creepy & webby-looking!]
    4] My popcorn has to have butter...real butter!
    5] I detest the news media...but am compelled to watch news often.
    6] As much as I love Halloween, Orange is my least favorite color, but I love black.


  1. you love your baseball!!

  2. I know you love baseball, lol ! The big teams here and where nearly everybody is following and getting crazy is football (soccer for you) and that is in whole Europe ! Baseball I have never seen on TV except in American movies and "football" neither.

  3. Dear Anni ~~ You sure love your Baseball and I don't know much about it. Our biggest loves here are Australian Rules Football and also
    cricket. I love both. Good meme answers, I do
    not like memes or being tagged. Same thing.
    Thanks for your comments about the winter of our lives. It sure made some of us think and try hard to delay winter!! Glad you also liked the puppies one. Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

  4. butter popcorn, the best!!!! thanx for playing.

  5. That video is cool! I love the way he pointed at the guys after the tackle! And he made it look effortless! I can see why you love him!

    When I lived in Texas, it was ALL about Nolan Ryan and the Rangers. I lived in Houston and of course everyone loved the Astros, but I'll tell ya...everyone also loved Nolan!

  6. Anni,

    Though I'm not a follower of football, I did enjoy the video. Those players seem to have such grace racing across the field with the ball. And I love the dance they do when they make a touchdown.

    Hubby used to make footballs for the NFL - yes, until the late 1990s, they were made by hand. I'm not sure if they still are. He actually turned the footballs by hand. It was quite the job and he met quite a few of the players when he went to a convention in Toronto to demonstrate for the players. He has two commemmorative footballs here. One that had something to do with Elway and a Grey Cup ball.

    Me, it's baseball. I love to play and follow the Bluejays when they're in the finals, which has been about 15 years. I've lost track this year because of being so busy but they were doing good.

    One day you will have to come up and we will take the boys to the park and have a game. We can always seem to find enough for a team or else we improvise.

    Take care and enjoy your week.
    Love your little witch girl with the kitty and pumpkin.

  7. Love the new look of your blog. What will Christmas bring????? I'm not a follower of baseball, but love football and basketball. Enjoy this week. :)

  8. I love all your new graphics and your design. I've been thinking about getting a program - what one do you use?

    And here we part ways....I'm a big Kansas City Chiefs fan....huge rivals to the Denver Broncos. Elway was a great quarterback, but like you with Dallas, don't like the Bronos because - They Always Beat Us!!!! Don't have much to cheer about this year, the Chiefs are terrible. The Chiefs are in a rebuilding stage, this is about the 20th year we have been in a rebuilding stage. Well now I'm just rambling. So I better say - Hope you have a wonderful day and go get ready for work.

    Happy first day of Autumn!

  9. I knew John Elway would be one of your favorites! I respect his play - he was great, but I can't embrace him after so many painful losses to the Broncos (he broke so many of my Brown's super Bowl dreams!)

    I have rooted for several baseball teams through a few moves, and can't seem to fall completely in love with one anymore. I used to be a huge Reds fan, but now I follow the cubs.

    Thanks for playing this week!

  10. Great sports post. Now that the Dodgers will have spring training in AZ, you'll be able to check them out, stomach permitting. Bob and I are batting the idea around of heading over for spring training.

  11. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! I love love love baseball! Me and Hubby are glued to the TV every night watching the games....... He grew up in St. Louis THUS !!!!!! We watch the Redbirds! We are also huge fans of the Diamondbacks! I think it was a couple of years ago they were in the world series........ Those were exciting games......... We do not follow Football at all...... BUT ........ I too hate the Dallas Cowboys!!!!! Being from Oklahoma I have to say that in a very small whisper as there are countless fans here in my home town... I think it is sort of heresy! hahahhah Have a great week and it will soon be time for the World Series....... I guess the Redbird s really messed up this year and will not even make it to the playoff! OH Well................. PLAY BALL !!!!!!!!

  12. I love watching baseball too. In person it is much more fun than on tv, but that is true for most things. ;)

    I am a Texan too, and it is so nice to find someone else in Texas who is NOT a cowboy fan. ;)

    I love the Halloween theme on your blog. Getting me more in the spirit of things.

  13. I do recall you luv baseball … I have friends who return to Aridzona for Spring Training each year. I wish your teams well, though I won’t be watching. I’m with you about the ‘manicure-pedicure’ places … and on ‘eating out’ (in all regards) … yup REAL BUTTER is a must on popcorn … I prefer black to orange myself. Methinks I mentioned how much I love the new décor here.
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. I enjoy baseball also! I use to play, but now I watch my son. That's the best player in my eyes!

  15. Wow! That's a sports fan!

  16. Tears in my eyes last as I watched the end of Yankee Stadium. I'm not even a Yankees fan but I grew up going to see games in The Bronx and what a celebration they had. It just won't be the same anymore.

  17. you are definitely a sports fan Anni!! that is great!!

    I love your new halloween design!!

  18. You certainly love your baseball!
    For as many years that the Yankees ound themselves playing baseball in October, it seems a poor irony that they are not laying in post season this year.

    You can have your Yankees - they have been the source of too many heartaches for me to even look at them.

  19. Yeah - someone else who hates the Cowboys! I feel the same way about the Yankees (don't hate me). They get all this undeserved glory, I think.

    Oh - and I like to watch baseball in person. On the television it does NOTHING for me.

  20. Nice post about America's pastime!

  21. Tell your sister in Montrose there is a friendly witch in Grand Junction who would buy her a cup of coffee sometime. You know my e-mail address...a loyal Colorado fan of any sport.

  22. I love your cute Halloween design and really love that you are a sports fan! ME TOO!!!