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The category for us this fine Tuesday for Heads or Tails is:
    How would you change where you live?

I LOVE my home! I love the fact that there is a cathedral ceiling in the living room, that there is a high ceiling in the master bedroom and a walk in closet just off the room and a 'three-room' bathroom all rolled into one. I love the sunken living room [tho it floods easily], I love to have to step up into the dining room, I love the angled kitchen...I'm happy to have a home!!! Maybe one thing I would change is to add a sky light in the kitchen, but that isn't something I NEED...just want. So, with my great satisfaction with the home I live in, I'm going to talk about a change in the city!!

Hmmmm, for the most part, I don't think much needs to be 'changed' for locale of course. The seasons are great [yes, we DO have Autumn and we do have Winter and Spring along with Summer ---they're just short seasons---leaves do turn color and there are blustery cold winter days and Spring flowers and rebirth of trees]. Most always mild and enjoyable. There are about two months of extreme humidity, but unlike the summer monsoon season in Arizona's desert, this humidity is different since there is a sea breeze [if not gusty winds!] 90% of the time. But, in all scenarios, no matter where you live, you can't change weather. So, what to change? [insert rubbing my chin in deep thought] ----

The streets! They're a total embarrassment! So bad. And of course, what you hear from the city council and the city's government offices..."There's no money in the budget for repair work of such magnitude." Ummmmmmm, I think I along with the whole community would gladly pay an extra cent on sales tax if there was a promise to resurface the streets!!! Fix 'em, willya!!!?! And another thought came to me as I typed...altho this city is more of a 30-40 year old population with about 5% seniors if that much, I think there should be more emphasis on activities that hold the older population...craft shows, senior golf tournaments, a whole bunch of goodies for the generation of my standing. :::shrug::: And maybe 'crime'...there seems to be a lot now-a-days, and I'm sure it has a lot to do with the country's economy. I hope once it gets better, crime will also go down.

I'm satisfied tho...there are some awesome places to go that are not far from where our home is.

Photos from top to bottom:
Downtown with trees decorated/lighted year 'round!
And The city lights' reflecting on the bayfront.
Sail boat on the bay
Memorial to Selena [Corpus Christi's 'own' Tejano celebrity - murdered in her prime].
"T-head" near People's Street - a bayview!


  1. Anni- OMG, you live in a most beautiful City,
    The trees, the harbour- you name it!!!-
    BUT if the people who lives there are the age of araound 40-50years, who makes the crime??
    Not you and your beloved, I guess-HUH? "G"
    Love your place, and you of course!

  2. So many places are let down by the lack of amenities. A great shame.

  3. nice one!!! can you believe i forgot it's HoT today.......

  4. I love how you decorated your blog for Halloween! I'm really happy where I live too, but I could really use my own private bathroom. ;o)

  5. How would I change where I live? Well I would make my home a ranch so that my hubby would not have to climb all of these 14 steps every day!! Then I would fire everyone at the association that we live in and let us all do our own thing!! I hate place because of them...
    I really do love my home and thankful to have it..Just wish I could do these

  6. The one thing I would change about my home: I would love, love, love a walk-in closet in our bedroom and I would like to turn the 2 small bath rooms we have upstairs and make them one big bath. But like you I love our vaulted ceiling in the living room. I love all the cedar beams we have in our living room, dinning room, kitchen and family room. I love all the windows we have (we have huge windows all around the house - might not be so good if we had close neighbors). I love being able to live "in town" but have the feeling of being in the country (no houses around us). I love the open-ness (wasn't sure about spelling) of our upstairs. Oh yeah, the one thing I would Love to change about the downstairs is to get rid of the monsterous raised hearth that has no fireplace or wood burning stove on it. It would be okay if we had a wood burning stove on it but the insurance company won't allow it because the flew would have to be run up next to a cedar beam.

  7. I love the pics of your city. It looks like a great place to live. Unfortunately, I think roads are bad all over. We were just talking about what a disgrace our Main Street is here in town, and people in Milwaukee were ruining their tires last winter/spring because the potholes were so big.

  8. Anni,

    I enjoyed the photos of your city and the description of your home. I know how much you love your home and it sounds perfect. I do hope that one day you get the skylight in the kitchen.

    Streets all over are a mess. Dwight hit a pot hole the other day and it blew his brand new tire. The city should have had to pay. Maybe if people started sending bills for car repairs they'd thing twice - probably not. They'd just ignore them.

    I agree that there should be more craft fairs and things for older people. These are nice to attend and they give crafters like yourself new ideas.

    Enjoy your day, my friend. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour of Princess Point. It's a lovely area.


  9. The description of your house sounds great ! I think me must have the same tastes for that. I don't want to change either I am happy where I am. Anyway everywhere you go there would always be something which is not OK. I just wished a little less rain and more sunshine, then it would be perfect.

  10. Very nice pictures. We complain all the time because it seems like everywhere we go they are working on the streets. Maybe we should be glad they're doing it.
    The D'backs are beginning to win a few Yay.
    I posted some funny stuff after your last visit. You might want to drop back by if you have time. LOL
    Oh, we have a skylight in our kitchen. It's wonderful. Sometmes I go to turn the lights off in there and realize they aren't even on. It's just the sun lighting things up. I love lots of light.

  11. Your home sounds beautiful and I can see why you wouldn't want to change it.

    I forgot that Corpus has winter.. even though my sister-in-law sent us a book a few years ago that was full of snowy pictures taken there!

  12. Fine photos or your fair city! Wish we observed more of the seasons down here in Southeast Texas. Happy HoT!

  13. Loving the new witchy look :) Sounds like you live in a lovely place :) Happy HOT day!

  14. I loved your HoT! One day I'll get off my hind end and do these things! Oh and make the public blog I said I'd do ages ago! NEVER enough time! I wanna live where you live! It's wonderful, cept the streets! I agree, tell them to fix em' already!

  15. I can tell you have a beautiful home, Anni,from pictures I have seen and then from your description here, and I can truthfully say I would love to have your house but in my location. That's not to say you don't live in a beautiful city, because you do. I have been there, but I am just partial to Tennessee.

  16. Sorry. I read somewhere about how to disable to administrator approval and enable it later but I can't remember where or how. Darn.
    Your place does sound nifty - and golly don't we all need streets repaired. Whew. And bridges. And....

  17. Such gorgeous shots! I can see why you love home :)

  18. ROFL!!!! A lesson learned. Never provoke a resting bird on your fishing line! :P

  19. uw love the pictures,that looks like my kind of place to live ;)

    p.s i love the new halloween manor- very cool