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[comment here if you'd like to skip the next Halloween issue...yep, it's October!!!]


Last year, I started a tradition of handing out "treats" and not tricks for my commentors. I will again do the same. If you leave comments for me for anytime during the week, I will choose three to five of those that leave a sweet treat for me in the comments! [the sweet treat being kind words!] But to be fair to all the others, just don't grab this for yourself...it's not something for everyone...you have to be picked as you come knocking on my door blog comment link...and actually LEAVE a comment. I then will pick the recipients. And don't feel cheated, I am going to hand them out daily up until Halloween!!! You have all month to be chosen.

So, check back often, you're name may show up here!
To begin my traditional fun, as I love Halloween, the first recipients will be:






R J Flamingo

AND!---here is your treat:

[just click on the treat and then it'll open in a new window...grab it there and save it if you'd like to.]


  1. This bronze statue is found at the Art Museum here in Corpus Christi. I love it. Being married to Bud for so many years his influence with his 'love' of the old West has carried over onto me!

  2. Anonymous9/30/2008

    I love your Wordless Wednesday Bronze ... and I'm THRILLED to find a TREAT for me here!!! Thank you sooooo much ;--)

    Once again I'm having trouble with your blog recognizing me but I suspect the problem is on MY end because the Dell CRASHED a little while ago and I'm not sure just why. I did successfully leave a comment on your HoTs post by entering my Name and URL ... so that's what I'm going to do with this comment too. Hopefully I'll figure out how to 'fix' what ails my computer tomorrow. I'm too tired to do too much with it today. THANKS AGAIN!!!
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Just how SWEET are we supposed to be? smile!! I usually give pretty good compliments...or I would not comment!! smile!! You are so into Halloween..October is almost here so your time is coming!! Sandy

  4. I do try to be Sweet!!! Some days could be sweeter! You have a great Halloween blog! Nancy loves Halloween too!! In fact that is all she has talked about since August! No Kidding!! Hugs, Grams

  5. Anonymous9/30/2008

    Anni, I remember that sweet treat you have given out last year, I know because I got one.

    That bronze statue, just looking at it, I can feel its heaviness :D

    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :)

  6. Nothing your with a little sweetness.

  7. Such a beautiful bronze statue, I can see why you love it so much!

    Yeahhhhhh, you're bringing your October sweet treats back:-) I remember how much fun it was last year when I received one of them!! Hard to believe another month has come and gone already...October is always such a fun month, I always look forward to it, even though I turn a year older that month! lol xoxo

  8. You are too cool for school, Anni! Thank you so much for this early treat! Stop by and see what I did with it... :-) Credit where it's due - it's a link to you!


  9. I love the statue. Wonderful! Happy WW

  10. Anni,

    The statue is beautiful. As you know I love history and this is kewl. Dad instilled a love of the Ol' West in me also, with his tales.

    I'm thrilled that you are bringing back the Sweet Treats tradition of last year and this one is delightful. Congratulations to all who were presented with it. Your creativity and talent always shines through your graphics.

    Have a great day, my friend.

  11. It IS beautiful, especially for my "european" eyes ! Everything concerning cowboys makes me think of my childhood when we played "Cowboy and Indians" in the wood, lol !

  12. Anonymous10/01/2008

    Hello there. :] Thanks for fropping by.


  13. fasinating. i love all the history stuff.

    i bet it took them ages to create that too

  14. I love Bronze artwork! Especially when it's Western!

  15. i love the halloween look of your blog annie! the sweet treat is such a cool idea too! i hope you have a wonderful month and get lots of bloggy love!!! thanks for stopping by

  16. Anonymous10/01/2008

    Oh Anni, that's a beautiful photo. I can so relate you love the statue, especially b/c I share your love for the old west. Whenever I think of the Cyber Cruise we've had here on your blog you will see a huge (and I mean HUGE) smile on my face!

    Thank you so much for the lovely treat. I can't wait to grab and add it to the little photoblog-gy of mine :-)


  17. Perfect catch for wordless! Mine's up too hope you can drop by... Happy WW!

  18. Anonymous10/01/2008

    Hi-yo, Bronze, away!?

  19. Anonymous10/01/2008

    Beautiful statue. My grandpa's got a nice collection of small statues of cowboys and native Americans in his house. They've always intrigued me as a child.

    Happy WW, and 1st of October! :)

  20. Anonymous10/01/2008

    Love the statue. Is that from the Cowboy Hall of Fame in OK City?

    (really cool site you have here!)

  21. Hi Annie, better even than your statue, and it is a gorgeous piece of work, is your new profile picture and new October blog layout. I love it! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    I have not been to the Art Museum but have been to the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. I am glad you have the Columbus ships there. Corpus Christi is a very nice place to visit. More another day about that.

    Happy Wordless Wednesday and thank you for your visit and nice comment on the cats. Karen hasn't seen it yet.

  22. Love that shot! Is that a Remington?

  23. Happy WW! I've seen similar cowboy bronze statue in the Adams Mark Hotel down in Dallas...

    I invite your blog readers to see why Jenny Craig is a multi-millionaire on my WW-post this week. I gotta go do some sit-ups...

    peace, Villager

  24. That is a lovely statue Anni! I can see why you are drawn to it :) Happy WW and thanks for stopping by earlier.

  25. Anonymous10/01/2008

    you're in corpus christi?! i'm in austin! we're miles apart, but still...:D i'm a huge fan of horse sculptures, too! :)

  26. Anonymous10/01/2008

    As you know, I don't Blog, and therefore can not participate in your "sweetness" campaign, but that is not stopping me from tellling you that it is always so much fun to come to your blog, and see what "goodies"you now have done.
    I know you love Halloween and Autumn-it is so clear to me just seing your blog,- always something funny, sweet, and beautiful to see.
    I like the colors of Autumn, but living in Denmark I also know that the winter is near, and that can somtimes bee hard, (but most of the time wonderful in its own way.), and that is why I like your cheerful Halloween pages so much, keep up the good work my friend
    With love

  27. Anonymous10/01/2008

    Oh, I want that statue! It also reminds me about the cyber cruise: your wild wild west excursion, remember? That was an awesome post of yours! We had a blast!

    Oh, and thanks, you just reminded me about Halloween. I need to switch to my Halloween theme too!

  28. Oh how I LOVE this treat! Thanks Anni! You're the best!!!!!!! I love how creative and fun you are!!!

  29. Anonymous10/01/2008

    Statues make wonderful pictures because they cooperate so well with the photographer. As is typical, your blog (& WW) is so fun to visit!

    You make me smile, Hootin' A :).

  30. I love you my friend, really missed you.

  31. Anonymous10/01/2008

    I love Old West stuff, must be my parents influence. This is a fabulous statue.

  32. Anonymous10/01/2008

    Is this a Frederick Remington sculpture. He really captured a certain aspect of the life in the American West.

  33. What a beautiful statue!! Definitely worthy of WW. :)

    P.S. I love your blog decor - you are so talented!!

  34. This looks so real. Is it life size? Worthy choice.

  35. Anonymous10/01/2008

    Anni, are you ditching me for Fun Monday? I sure hope not... Come join in the fun!

  36. Anonymous10/01/2008

    I love that statue. I can see him jumping on and speeding off.

  37. I just had a "d'oh!" moment. I thought it said, "38 who visited and left" and I was like, "well, I didn't know Blogger could do that, count the people who left.... OHHHHH left COMMENTS!" *slaps forehead*

    Anyhow, you're all neat and pretty for Halloween! The place looks good, I like it!

    Happy WW
    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

  38. What a cute blog, and I love fall too. It is my favorite season. Thanks for visiting my blog for WW too. Happy Fall!

  39. Anonymous10/04/2008

    cool statue. seems to me it's life size! :)

  40. Just spent about 1 hour catching up with your past posts. Had to chase here and chase there down different paths you included the past month. It's good to be back to my DSL and the 21 century of blogging. Just couldn't keep up with comments on a dial-up this summer.
    I have your recipe for "Sex in a Pan" but my was called "Better than Robert Redford". Must be a regional thing. And Go Bronco's--we won today. 4-1 not a bad start. Start finding the massive orange and blue decorations for the playoffs. My neighbors won't admit they know me when Denver makes the playoff's. Hasn't been a problem the last few years. I also hate Vista--but it did get me exclusive use of the new Toshiba laptop because my hubby hates it worse than I do. Go Obama--I've got to put my Obama(mine) and McCain(DH) signs out this week--now that we're home to protect our house from being egg'd. Thanks for the update on your friend P.J. and for letting us know that you weathered the storm without too much damage.

  41. Just found your blog and I love it! I'll be back!


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