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There are times I could just eat my words. I have said a few times that I really like Windows Vista. Well, yesterday I was ready to 'hang Mr. Gates'!! Y'all know I love to work with graphics and graphic design. I was hooked on it since the beginning when a friend of mine gave me a software program. Of course I still continue to learn more things as I go through the days, but when I lost my computer last year, and I got the new Windows Vista, I never ever thought of downloading and installing new fonts to my font file. After several months now of doing my own blog header and template background, I decided the other day "I'm getting tired, bored, with my font files. I need some new stuff." Out on the 'net I go in search of what's new and perhaps find some of my old favorites that was on the old computer. Trust me when I say "I went overboard". I downloaded 38 font files in zipped files. Saved 'em. And then, one morning I decided to open the zipped files and install the fonts.

OMG! Vista is a pain. Literally! LOL ---my wrists began to hurt from having to click 'okay' this, and 'okay' that and clicking on virus scan for each and every file that was zipped. Then, with as the administrator have to 'allow' this to open, and then 'allow' it to be placed in its own separate file. Next you have to open each and every new file with the .ttf font and click on it and intall it, then while you're doing all this ---you have to 'allow' it all over again!!

Why can't you just open the file after scanning for viruses and click install? I sat on the butt for a couple of hours getting them all set in the font file. Afterwards, I then had to go and delete the zipped files...then, go down the entire OS [C:] file and delete the individual files!! Lordy!!!

Okay, so I got my new fonts to play with. Need Graphics? rofl


  1. Ummmmm, does this animation really need any explanation this time?


  2. I can only think of two words for your WW photo --- Oh Crap!!! tee hee

    I love your new banner and your overall new look on your blog, Anni.

  3. If you download the fonts just for making graphics, you don't have to install them at all, did you know?? Lordielordie, my Paint Shop Pro would be s..l..o..w, if I'd installed all the fonts that I like (I have hundreds :p).
    What to do: Browse through the fonts on your harddrive, open the one you like. Now open your graphics program and when you go to "apply text", the (not installed) font will appear in the drop down list :)
    Saves A LOT of okaying this and that!

  4. ROFL love that animation! Darn seagulls! lol

    I don't have Windows Vista and maybe now I'm glad I don't! lol Sounds like quite the pain you had to go through downloading all those fonts. I've downloaded so many graphics and fonts as well as PSP tubes, etc, I've had to put a lot of them on cd because they were overloading my poor computer.

    Love your new Halloween look, your header is just darling!! xoxo

  5. Hoot! What graphic program do you use....... I have been in Corel since 1988 and now am in Corel x3...... If you like to create graphic you might look into that program...... also do you know how to do animated graphics? I am trying to learn...... I am graphic artist and have been for several years....... I love it........ I have 2000 fonts in my computer....... My sweet Hubby just shakes his head.......... He is a technical guru and does all the computer stuff at the University........ He has no understanding of the artistic side of it....... but he is great to fix something when I mess it up!

    thanks for the sweet comment on my post......... Enjoy your autumn weather......

  6. That animation reminds me of a pigeon dropping off its droppings on me in Venice about two years ago. LOL! Happy WW! :)

  7. lol..... lol... happy ww! my entries are here

  8. Anni,

    The animation is hilarious. Great WW.

    I find the same thing with Vista and it can be a pain when I'm uploading and saving photographs too. I don't mind it because I don't download a lot of fonts etc, but can see how it would be a pain. But Mr Gates thinks this is superior and so we have to abide by his opinion. LOL

    Take care, my friend and have a great Wednesday. I posted a family heirloom that I'm sure you will love.


  9. What's that saying? If it ain't broke, don't fix it...maybe Mr Gates needs to be told this. What a pain for you, Anni. I'm glad I've been warned...

  10. when you get it figured out -- I'll be by for a tutorial.

  11. Still laughing about your WW ! it's so simple and so true !
    I only heard bad things about Vista, nobody seems to be really happy with it. I still have the XP version.

  12. Before we moved overseas the kids delighted in feeding the seagull when we went to Corpus or Rockport. It took a couple of trips to the Sailing Club in Indonesia before I finally figured out what was missing at the beach. SEAGULLS, there aren't any. No feeding them, no crying kids from being pooped on while feeding them. It was weird!

  13. heee heee heee, that bird sure got it's own back. and you carry on playing with your fonts. computers can be soooo exasperating at times...

  14. thats a fab piece for wordless. very funny ha!

    mine is here

  15. How nice, I don't know how to make graphics like that only my children.

  16. Ha! That's excellent!

  17. Thanks to Vista,I still cannot upload,or download anything,or perform any function with images.

  18. Very clever! I cannot begin to imagine how you did that!
    Magpie's Nest @

  19. Hi Annie ~ I saw your avatar on someone's blog and had to stop by to see how you have dressed your blog for Halloween. As always, it's adorable.

    As for your WW.....and people wonder why I don't like birds.

    I have Vista on my laptop and I agree all those prompts we get is a real pain. Have a good evening.

  20. I'm back ;--)
    This time your site seems to recognize me as 'storyteller' already (instead of asking me to choose) so I'm assuming this comment will post as before. Since I sent my feedback in email earlier ... methinks I'll just letcha know I've published almost wordlessly at Sacred Ruminations ... more PSE6 filter variations ... and my Small Reflections post is WORDY as all get out ... but also contains a few graphics I've created. They're not as 'artsy' or creative as yourz ... but they're mine. LOL
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. LOL! Your WW cracked me up. Sorry fonts were such a pain. At least you have 'em now. :D

    Mine is red today.