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1. Groceries :: Staples
2. Deodorant :: Ban
3. Psychic :: Phenomenon
4. Cherries :: Jubilee
5. Spooky :: Movie
6. Yogurt :: With fruit on the bottom
7. Kitchen :: *Witch [ sorry, paganistic probably, but I'm getting in the Halloween spirit! *link ]

8. Nothing personal :: huh? Is that comment directed to me? 'bout "No offense taken."
9. Be nice :: I try to be!!
10. Delivery :: Pizza dude's here!! Yay.

~...end Mutterings
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After just days since the third anniversary of America's disaster....not only from the devastating storm, Katrina, but the joke called FEMA---New Orleans is in line for another!! This morning as I type this the wind speed out there in the Gulf, the wind/rain/upcoming disaster is called Gustav!! The winds? It's clocked at 125 - 150 miles per hour encircling the eye of the storm....heading to the USA. Traveling north/northwest at 16 miles per hour. I just read the by-lines on the online news that New Orleans has already put out a mandatory evacuation alert! As the images below show, Gustav can hit anywhere between central Mississippi and the Houston Galveston, Texas area. But! --when it comes to Mother Nature, this monster can turn...and go more to the east...or more to the south/southwest. No one knows for sure until it hits! An online friend I know who lives in the Galveston area, I remember just recently had to evacuate for Rita a little over a year ago, stated:
    It is very humbling watching a storm this size enter the gulf, hard to explain the feeling. Earthquakes and tornados are also horrid natural disasters, but you do not have to watch them hurling toward your house for days on end. So far, we are not in evacuation mode, but have supplies and a plan of course...prayers for all in the path, Gustav looks like a monster.

But my question is: If what I read just minutes ago about how New Orleans is making the evacuation mandatory, they state that there is NO shelter around and in the city available...then, it goes on stating that if they find people who don't leave the area, they will be arrested? Ummmm, just where will they house them if no shelters are there? Huh?

Since we've relocated to the Texas Coast, I so understand her above statement. Just in the three years living here, we have experienced 'close calls' with Rita [Corpus Christi DID evacuate --but she turned toward Houston in the last 24 hours of the predicted path], Emily -she was too close, but went more in an westerly direction and hit Monterey Mexico, and this year, Dolly...tho it came to land near Brownsville/South Padre Island area. We felt the effects of the last two mentioned...flooding and heavy accumulation of rain/water. As you can see, where I live, Gustav is not in the predicted path. At least so far...

Another online friend from Michigan has a daughter in law who is a paramedic. She, with much admiration from me, left her safety and loved ones in Michigan to travel to Louisiana to be there for the victims...assisting and volunteering to be of aid to anyone in need! I so admire this strength and the human heart of such kind!

I send out prayers for all...

Gustav at 4 AM check point...
125 Miles Per Hour Sustained Winds
16 MPH travel time
Projected Path...somewhere between Monday and Tuesday morning --landfall

Then, there is Hanna.
60 MPH sustained winds
Traveling at this time...west/northwest
12 MPH
Its path is directed to hit landfall somewhere between the Florida coast and North Carolina.

I thought I'd add this also. Besides Gustav and Hanna now being Hurricane strength and Tropical Storm strength respectively --the NHC also shows us two other probable/possible this point the yellow has up to 20% chance of cyclone formation while the orange just off the African coast has a higher percentage...up to 50% chance of forming into a tropical depression.

Depression, so aptly named.

- - -

As I finished and clicked publish, this little item popped up on my computer...we are now under flood watch because of Gustav...


  1. I love the kitchen stuff! :) Happy Mutterings!

  2. We're on the same wave length on #10.

    Sure hope Gustav doesn't decide to head your way!

  3. There seem to be a lot of Cherry Jubilees running around!

  4. I didn't have a S&T this week, but just read yours - very clever use of baskets!

    As for the trainer story - I love watching people with their trainers at the gym - I would NEVER personally want someone watching me exercise.

    As for Gustaf - I cannot imagine watching something like that roar toward me every year! I wish it would just head out to sea!

  5. I follow Gustav on TV it is terrible when you know the danger is approaching and you can't do anything but leaving your house and leave everything behind. It must be just an awful feeling. I so much hope for New Orleans that the worst will be avoided !

  6. Hello dear Anni,

    I used to have a kitchen witch but I have no idea where she ended up! lol Must have flown off somewhere...

    I've been watching CNN for any news about Gustav and my heart goes out to those who will be affected. I cringed when I heard that New Orleans may be hit hard...after Katrina, I've no doubt all the people there are terrified of it happening again. It's been such a gorgeous sunny and warm weekend here in my part of the world, it's hard to believe that other parts are not faring as well. xoxo

  7. Hope that you won't be affected by Gustav. Take care.

  8. WOWY - we likes this Sundy werd ASsceeashun thing . . . we may have to try ti!

  9. Anni,

    I enjoyed your unconscious mutterings, as usual and the last one is my favorite. LOL

    On a more serious note, I dread hurricane season when so many are in harm's way. I pray these storms don't come near your area. As for the folks in Louisianna, they sure don't need to go through another hurricane at this point in time. They haven't recuperated from Katrina.

    All are in my prayers for safety from these storms.

    Sending you an email.

    Hugs and blessings,

  10. You know I wondered that too where will they go?? So awful that most still have not had the help from katrina and now another one!!!

  11. Enjoyed your ‘mutterings’ as always … especially ‘cherries jubilee’ … used to eat Dannon’s ‘fruit at the bottom’ yogurt but don’t any more. I thought of you as I listened to the weather news this morning … and am praying for all who will be affected by the two storms rapidly approaching the USA.
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. Anonymous8/31/2008

    Great mutterings, as always. I hear ya on the pizza d00d. ^_^ That always makes the girls happy.
    Thanks for stopping by my place.

  13. Hahaha, I like the line about the pizza guy, we had pizza for dinner. great Mutterings!

  14. Hello Anni: I am so hoping that you are well away from this coming hurricane. We just discovered that Hannah is directed straight at Savannah!! GREAT!! We are thinking about getting our motor home prepared tomorrow with gas and making a list of what to get into it. I guess we need to be prepared..right. Sandy

  15. I am praying for your safety my friend, love you.

  16. Anni,

    I have been thinking about you and wondering if the storm is heading your way. I hope rain is all you get but with no flooding. Stay safe.