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I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Month to month :: pension
2. Adjusted :: gross income
3. Prank :: call
4. Mop :: board [today it's called base board]
5. Clarity :: diamond grade
6. Parenting :: magazine
7. Glenn :: congressman & astronaut -John Glenn
[my first thought tho, was Glen Echo Resort in Colorado - one 'n']
8. Fingerprint :: smudged refrigerator
[an obsession of mine, always cleaning. LOL]
9. Pineapple :: upside down cake
10. Attorney :: general

~end Unconscious Mutterings
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The top photo is the wisteria I planted in the ground this Spring. I bought it from the nursery it was in a 6" container and about 2 feet high...look how it's grown over the summer. [My other wisteria that I planted when we first moved here, ummmmm...Bud mowed over it! Never came back up.]

The second photo is one of two potted ferns sitting on our patio.

~end Green Thumb Sunday
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Once again, drugs vs. the patient!!! My Sunday Snippet is always something I read that makes me feel good. This time it made me feel good because what I read makes me convinced I made the right choice back in May of this year.

I knew it! I knew it! Another reason for me personally to go with my gut instincts!! I have a history of heart arrhythmias known as SVT, and my PCP wanted me to go on cholesterol drugs known as statin drugs, and I refused much to her dismay. Well, I did more than one stint of walking per day, and I took out all the red meats from my diet and became more or less a vegetarian. I do, once in a while consume chicken, to get the fat my body needs. She gave me the three months to get my cholesterol down on my own without medications...I DID. [ on my blog 5/28/08] Again, much to her surprise that I could do it without drugs. I KNOW too many drugs in a system just leads to complications, more going wrong with your body and breaking down of all your vital organs. It's a fact. There is no getting around it. Yet, the physicians tend to over medicate....and I am not going to be one of them to sit idly and accept their choices when it's my body, mind and soul they're taking away.

Now I read just the other day that cholesterol lowering drugs WILL do more harm than good with individuals that have a history of or on arrhythmia drugs to keep the heart rate steady and intact. Yessiree Bob!!! I am not going to just take the doctors' word anymore....I'm gonna refuse and take in more studies and do my own research. No more of this crap....I am fed up with all's a downright shame... I personally want to go to a doctor for a good checkup and get ADVICE - NOT get 'you should be taking this drug...only to counteract another drug'!!!!
    ~ ~Patients taking some common medications for high cholesterol and irregular heart beats can suffer severe muscle damage because of a problem in the way the drugs interact, the government warned on Friday. Muscle injury is a risk with any of the cholesterol drugs known as statins, including Lipitor, particularly for the elderly. Although the risk of such injuries is low overall, they can be serious because they can lead to kidney failure and even death.


  1. i love your number one.

    thanks for the visit.

  2. who's Glenn congressman - OK I'll go to Google ... easy;) Isn't blogging great fun? ;)

  3. oh mop board . . . i remember that!

  4. Was here! Visiting you! I want to add you in my links. May I?

  5. Your wisteria is certainly growing , will be beautiful when it flowers

  6. I added you already. [about the hearts, I just uploaded it. Thank You!] I like the Bug with your name, wonderin' how to make one. :) P.S kindly make a chat box. LOL! So I can drop a message every time I visit you. :)

  7. We matched on clarity - and I loved your mention of pineapple upside down cake (I love the stuff!)
    Happy Sunday, Anni

  8. It’s always fun to read your ‘mutterings’ … I actually THOUGHT of ‘gross income’ for ‘adjusted’ and ‘general’ for attorney but my fingers had a mind of their own again and typed something else for each … went with John Glenn for #7 … and should have thought of ‘upside down cake’ for pineapple because it’s my sister’s favorite, but didn’t. I enjoyed your ‘green thumb’ sharing and CONGRATULATIONS for getting yourself healthy w/o the drugs!!! Have a wonderful Sunday ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Great mutterings Anni. John Glenn is a awesome answer.

  10. Oh! it's hard when there's 3 kids who loves to open the fridge every minute and the little one keep on asking you "why do you need to clean that? it will get dirty again anyways."

    lol! but isn't it good when you see your fridge (at least the door) clean?

  11. Mmmm pineapple upside down cake, yum !

    Have a good week.

  12. Hi Anni, Just stopped in to see what you were up to. I like you mutterings answers.
    I hope that you are haveing a great day! Hugs and God's blessing and love to you and your family my friend! Mike G. said that!(It's an A.A. thing of mine)

  13. Anonymous8/10/2008

    Attorney general - nice. Great mutterings, as always. Thanks for dropping by my place.
    I hope you have a great week.

  14. I especially liked 2, 3, 8 and 9 in mutterings! Love your plants!

  15. Hi Anni, I totally agree with you on medication. It always amuses us when we see a commercial on TV when they tell you what all the possible side effects can be. Some medicines are necessary, but I think doctors prescribe way too many. I like your green stuff. I love wisteria. I don't think it would do well here.

  16. Thanks for the great information about medicine, love you.

  17. Anni,

    I enjoyed your unconscious mutterings, as I always do. Your answers are always so logical and much the same as I would answer.

    Your wisteria is coming along nicely. I love wisteria. Is yours fragrant. Mom has a wisteria tree and it is very fragrant. She enjoys it and it always has lots of blooms that hang down in clusters. It`s beautiful!

    I read the same article on the cholesterol drugs and am going to talk to my doctor about Lipitor. Dwight and I were both on it but he has since been taken off it. I am taking one daily, so that`s another pill I need to talk to him about. Celebrex is also controversial as is Advandia. Celebrex is taken for my arthritis and Avandia is for diabetes. So he and I need to have a long talk about alternative meds.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I`m sure there are others who are taking cholesterol drugs who haven`t heard about the side effect.

    Hope you had a great weekend. My new computer is up and running now after the thunderstorm did my old one in. So now I can email and blog again.


  18. Oh, you are one brave lady! My doctor would have fainted! I am proud of you mama is taking about 25 medicines. Every time I take her to the doctor, I say how about we try taking her off everything and just see what happens? She ends up with a new one! I'm going to start working on my cholesterol immediately! My good cholesterol is real good, so I don't worry too much. My husband's good cholesterol is real low, so I do worry about his!

  19. Anni,

    I lost your email addy when my computer crashed. Can you please send me an email so I can add you to my address book?


  20. hehehe Prank call should have been an obvious one. Thanks for stopping by.