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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

My show n tell tintypes are below this update on Tropical Storm Eduoard that hit Houston area ---

I just have to share prepared for the worst that could happen in my son's life!!!! So, Wednesday evening I got this email from our son in Houston. It was sent the day after the Tropical Storm, Eduoard. And the subject line on the email was Damage From the Storm. It was late and I was in the process of shutting the computer down for the night so I could watch the 10PM newscast and go to read afterward. I had talked with him Tuesday evening as he drove home from work in the heavy rain. He sounded okay and was calling it, jokingly, 'the worst storm ever'. Keep in mind the guy has lived through hurricanes in Japan while serving the U S in the Marine Corps. You know, the tough, strong...the few the proud? And during those hurricanes overseas, he survived them while sleeping in pup tents and out on maneuvers. Okay...he's strong. He's rarely scared of anything. Tough.

While I was reading, my mind wandered. I was thinking of the email that I didn't open because the computer was partly shutting down and being cleaned out with the computer file cleaner that I do nightly. And it was a document file with the photos embedded. I didn't, at the time, want to stop the cleaning out and then go to Programs and open Microsoft Works Word Processor. Thinking at that moment "I'll do it in the morning". As I lay there in bed, after reading, in the dark, I was thinking...oh lord, I bet his apartment got a lot of water damage, or a tree in the complex broke and fell on his section of the complex...going through the roof...and flooding. [He just bought all new furniture and a plasma TV, etc. etc. etc.] Everything was damaged by wind and then rain coming in!!! The word is catastrophizing! Conjuring up the worst situation ever in my head!!

Well, the next morning, Wednesday, my .exe file wasn't working properly or I clicked on the wrong thing or something. Somehow the .doc wouldn't open. I called him at his office and he wasn't there. Tried his cell phone and he didn't answer so I left a message. He does a lot of traveling around the south part of Texas for his job as investment, in turn, he never returned my call during the day.

I get home from the beach, and finally, I got Word to open. And I could now view the damage from Eduoard. I was expecting the worst. I have to admit I was anxious, not knowing what I would see....

It was one photo. The damage. The whole shebang of what the storm and the wind damage was like for him..........

ROFLMAO!!! I'm sorry to report that his prized possession - now extinct, was reported a total loss. Call the paramedics [withdrawals] the insurance company....file a claim!!!

[The turd...he really had me going!! I had visions of all kinds of loss. But I'm happy to say, I got a big kick out of his humor!!!!]

~...end of Eduoard Saga
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We oftentimes go to the art museum. Art being a favorite subject of mine. One time just a few days ago, they had a special exhibit where the artist took photos of local ranch hands [young and old] and transformed his work onto tintype enlargements. The old style photos. Done with modern equipment. It was fascinating. Beside each 'new' tintype, the ranch hand, in their own words, described what ranching was to them. I remember one younger girl said "It's like being in your own to take your favorite horse, go out onto the ranch land and be one with nature, no worries of anything...just be yourself". Sounds good to me.

So, this exhibit got me to thinking about what I have---

Inside this plastic bag, under a plastic covered photo album page is a family heirloom treasure for me. Now, granted, I only know who ONE is...the others are all 'alien' to me, I still treasure having them in my possession. You see when both parents died, my youngest older brother 'inherited' the family albums. Which is okay by me, since he'd be the one to carry the family name on through more generations [he had one boy...and that boy, my nephew has had three sons and still going *You wonder if they know what's causing all the births? LOL*] Anyway, at one time months after dad died, Bud and I were with my brother, just talking. And one thing lead to another - you know how it is; the family albums came out. During our gab session and reminiscing of the 'good ol' days' we came upon these. I remember mom showing them to me and telling me they're all kin. I was young and I looked at these tintypes and thought to myself....they look like bandits from the old west; the kind you see in movies and Gunsmoke!! Well, when my brother opened the page and I saw them, I pleaded with him to give me just the one that meant more to me than I thought for him. There were less than a dozen of them, but like I said, "They're kinfolk." He ended up giving them all to me.....

Oh, and if you're interested, the right column, 2nd one down is [now I hope I get the generation correct] my Great Great Grandmother, Ann. My great grandmother named her child after her grandmother, Ann [the tintype]. And my mother's sister was named Annie. When I was born, my mother named me Ann after MY grandmother - but added the "i". And then, you guessed it, I named my daughter after HER grandmother [my mom] Irene. Nifty, huh? Confusing when doing genealogy work? Yes!! Most definitely.

The others, I have no idea who they are [the one to the left of Ann looks like my uncle tho, Arlo - so I'm sure they're ALL related to me somehow]...but the bottom right reminds me of the REAL Butch Cassidy [the famous train robber in don't suppose?.....] *kidding


  1. What a lovely collection of family photos to have - I know I treasure mine too. I hope you manage to discover who some more of them are, but it is just fascinating to know they are related somehow, isn't it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, come back soon :)

  2. Whew! you had me going with your son! LOL! I love your old photo's, I will have to dig some of mine out soon to share. I could look at other people photo's for hours.

    Have a Fantastic Friday!
    Kathi :)

  3. Hey Anni! Thanks for stopping by my place earlier.

    Now you really had me going there with the storm damage. I was looking... scratching my head... thinking... 'huh?'.... LOLOLOL! Thanks hon!

    As you can imagine, I love the photos. I have a few I have picked up here and there from yard sales (don't tell Rhoda at Southern Hospitality ... but that my have been 15 years ago!) and thrift or antique stores for .50 to a $1. And I have them stuffed away. Now one day, I will be dead and gone and DD will find them and try to figure out "who they are..." And all they will be are part of nutty nikon mom's collection. LOL!

    You have a wonderful collection of 'kinfolk'. I love your photos.

  4. The Pepsi can bled to death. LOL!

  5. Anni,

    What a great post. I'm glad your son only saw this small amount of damage. I laughed when I saw it and I would probably have killed him for worrying me so. LOL I wonder where he got his sense of humor?

    The tin types are awesome. I've seen the one of your Grandmother somewhere else. Do you know if this is online anywhere. It looks very familiar. She was a beauty.

    What a marvelous S & T you have this week. You are so lucky to have these beautiful mementos in your possession.

    Blessings for a great weekend.

  6. Hello!! It has been so long since I visited because of being gone. We are still in Illinois now and on our way into Chicago today to "window shop"...
    I loved your son's picture...that was very good!! I can understand how you felt for a while there..wondering!!
    i have a lot of tin types like yours. The one does remind me of Butch Cassidy!! Have you checked to see for sure? Sandy

  7. Hmmm. Wonder how your son got to be such a rascally tease!! But it is amazing that he didn't at least lose those lovely chairs, flying through the air. I'm glad he and his possessions are okay.

    I have lots of old pictures that DC's mom had in her "stuff" when we piled it in our basement and they moved to senior housing. I have no clue who they all are, and I'm sure she doesn't know either, at least not any more. But it's fun to have them. I have posted quite a few ole pix in past Show and Tells, and it's such fun to conjecture about their lives. Did you see the one of my husband's ancestors in front of the log cabin - the picture that they used on the t.v. show Growing Pains? The post was on Nov. 2, if you missed it.

  8. It's great that these family photos have been preserved and that you have in your care.

  9. Ahhh! I see Eric has his mother's sense of humor! This is a GOOD thing!!! ROFL!

  10. Mary: Well, I have posted it before on my older blog, maybe that's where you remember it.


  11. What a neat Show and Tell. I love old photo's too. I don't have any of our family. But I love to shop at antique shops and I have a few old photo's too. I'll share them someday.
    Thanks for coming over today and seeing my special table.
    Have a Blessed Day. Don't forget to stop in tomorrow and see my guest writer. And come back Sunday I am preparing a special post.

  12. You had me worried! That totally sounds like something my son would do.

    Love your tin-types!



  13. You're welcome - I thought you'd enjoy that - it was my first S&T. I have posted quite a few ancestor's pictures since then, but not sure which dates. Guess I should go back and re-label some of those so I could actually tell what's what!

    Have a great 08-08-08!

  14. Those are great pictures. I don't have any that old! Glad your son and his home is ok. We had a doosey of a storm last night! Power was out for hours!

  15. I should know better by now NOT to get sucked into these stories (as I did this morning while reading your cleverly worded suspenseful post). I’m relieved to know all’s well … and enjoyed the remainder of your post as well. You often find the most interesting things for ‘show and tell’ ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Love the great tintypes, Anni! What a great story about the storm damage at your sons home...very funny! Kathy

  17. Glad Eduard calmed down and didn't do the damage they were predicting.
    Interesting old photos. It always amuses me how solemn people were in the old days - no one ever cracked a smile, not even a grin. Maybe they were more serious in those days.

  18. Hi Anni, yes, Edouard turned out to be a DUD! But we didn't know that until it fizzled so soon.
    I do have a pre-storm sunrise picture on the LITTLE PHOTO PLACE [] for Skywatch today.
    Hope you're doing fine, :-) ,

  19. Anni, your son is hilarious! That photo is priceless! LOL!

  20. Hi again. I have thought about selling some of my dolls but don't really know how to go about it. I thought about e-bay but haven't checked into that. When I made them I thought I would probably have grandchildren who would like to have them, but alas, no grandchildren yet and not much hope of there ever being. So, for the time being, I guess I'll just keep enjoying them myself. You do get rather emotionally attached. When I was making them, my daughter remarked that I was making my own grandchildren. She was teasing at the time, but looks like it turned out that way. She would love to have children, but he right guy never came along. She was serious about some but it didn't work out so she is still single.

  21. Charlotte? ----I can understand the attachment, and I giggled at them being your 'own grandchildren'. Thing is, I'd love to have one. But if you're seriously keeping them in hopes of maybe someday...that, I can sure comprehend.

    I'd try'd be surprised at how things like this sell and bidding 'em up and up. You could make a small fortune


  22. LOL that was funny.

    Love the photographs, they are just stunning, thank you for sharing :)

  23. Anonymous8/08/2008

    LOL @ your son's picture! I love old family photos, too, even if I don't know who the people are.

  24. Hi!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a sweet comment!! LOVE the story about the storm "damage" too funny!! Sounds like your DS has a GREAT sense of humor!!! I love the old wonderful that you have them!
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  25. I almost forgot to answer your question...I lived in Colorado Springs for 6 years!

  26. These are true treasures indeed!!!
    My mom has tintypes which I will inherit...I have always been fascinated with old photos!

    You had me going with your glad he's OK!

  27. Dianne8/08/2008

    I love seeing those old tin types! You know how popular they are in altered art now. : )
    Very funny about the spilled soda. What a tease.
    We have a few Caroline/Carol, Donalds, Davids and Kenneths in our family.

  28. ROFL you poor thing, your son has the same kind of humour my sons have! lol They've done this to me too, making me think the worse and then it ends up being a broken case of beer or something like that! hehe Too funny!

    As for the tintype photos you have, how wonderful that you ended up getting them. I think they're so fascinating!! As I do with all old photos, I love poring over them and examining their clothes, I've always been fascinated with clothes from back then. How women did farming and do housework with those thick long dresses I'll never know! xoxo

  29. That's pretty darn funny if you ask me. . . And the fact that you couldn't get your word document to open makes it even funnier as you had all the suspense and worry. SO FUNNY!

  30. Your son really pulled a good one on you, Anni. I'm glad he is okay.

    Those pictures are really, really old, but they still look like they are in pretty good condition. I'm glad you have them

    Hope you have a good weekend.

  31. Your son sounds like a real fun guy, cracked me up. Call 911, I need a pepsi!! Those pictures are awesome my friend.

  32. To part one I can only say "MOTHERS" lol !!!
    These family photos are interesting yes I am convinced that you ancestors were cowboys, swinging their lassos and shooting around. When I was a child I loved Cowboy movies they seemed so romantic to me ! Calamity Jane, Billy the kid etc etc ! Today you can see where I am actually.

  33. Hey Ann, all those Anns in your family!
    I love the picture your son sent you with his damage. That is to funny!
    Love, Ann

  34. Wow, I was expecting to see some big damage from your son's photo. So glad to hear there really wasn't any.

    Your old photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.

  35. I love old photos. They are a treasure to be sure. Thanks for sharing them.

  36. Love your dark kitty. I *think* I know where your son got his sense of humor! ;-)

  37. I LOVE old pictures like that! My Grandmother has an album with those old photogrpahes in them. Some of them have deteroated. I wish that someone would of documented them. :( Oh well. It's still fun to look at them.

  38. I love old photos and you have a beautiful collection!

  39. Your old photos are wonderful.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  40. your son sure does have a sense of humor !!! and I love your tin types they are so neat I love looking at them while googling pics too !!! Take care !!! Mica