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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Mothers of Brothers has graciously given us a Fun Monday Challenge this week:
    So here is your Fun Monday Topic: Wordly Wise Words are our building blocks, our stepping stones, and, for many of us, our salvation. We string them together so quickly at times, we often lose sight of how precious they are. So tell us about your favorite word… or if you can’t pick just one, tell us about a few. Are there certain words that feel good the way they roll of your tongue? Do some words make you feel smart? Or silly? Or happy? Which words do you find yourself selecting to put in your posts? Since this response could be a short one, feel free to poll your family and friends and include some of their favorite words as well. If you think a definition is required, please share one. Please keep the words rated G for all audiences. Any language is acceptable, but please provide a translation. And stick to real words as opposed to ones made up along the way. We then challenge everyone to visit the posts on Monday and try to use other bloggers’ favorite words in your blog next week. We can’t wait to expand our vocabulary!

Ummmmm, wrong way, José! Yep! You guessed it....

First off, I never used to use this word; never! No, the word I've never used is not never. It's 'stupid'. And I picked it up from dear ol' Bud! To him, everything that isn't stupid, is. Now I hear myself speaking this word a lot. When I watch a ball game and the batter stands there in the batting box and lets a perfect strike come over the base by the opposing pitcher; without moving a muscle in his body - just watches the friggin' ball sail right over the top center of the home base..."what a 'stupid' move that was!" Or out driving, someone cuts in front of me I'm either thinking or yelling through the windshield "Stupid driver!" Or I turn the light switch on that's right next to the disposal switch on the wall....instead of the disposal [which I wanted to turn on]...."Now, that was stupid move Anni!" Reading the editorials in the newspaper..."Hmmmm, what stupid people in this country". Or politicians' mudslinging capabilities, "That's stupid! Why don't they get out on the campaign trail and tell us what they're going to do for us instead of these silly, stupid insinuations of the opponent!?!" Almost daily this past year..."People are stupid to think that this price of oil isn't a hoax...they want the billion dollar profits and the companies are NOT going to leave all that behind. Are we stupid or what?" Truthfully, I wish I could break the habit. And I'm trying. I'd much rather use synonyms of stupid:
    absurd, addled, anserine, asinine, blockish, bovine, brainless, brutish, clod, cloddish, crass, cretinous, dazed, dense, dimwitted, dizzy, doltish, dopey, dull, dumb, dumbbell, dunce, fatuous, foolish, footless, foppish, hebetate, idiot, idiotic, ignorant, imbecile, imbecilic, imperceptive, inane, insensate, irrational, irresponsible, lethargic, loutish, meaningless, moron, moronic, oafish, obtuse, oscitant, pointless, purblind, senseless, silly, simple, simpleton, slow, sluggish, stultifying, stupefied, torpid, unintelligent, unwise, vacuous, witless, worthless...
They all sound much more like an educated person, right? And I am continually mocking my husband before the word even forms on his lips!---I butt in and quote the ever over-used word...STUPID before he blurts it out. And doing this, it's not changing him one iota either; he continues to use it several times a day.

Now, my most favorite word to read and hear is SABOTAGE. I just love the 'ring of this word' and how it flows off the tongue. But in all actuality, there is no sabotage often enough for me to use it. Boy howdy, when I do get a chance, it's always there on the tip of my vocabulary, gray-matter dictionary. And I'll jump at the chance!! Oh, and conspiracy and theory. Two more I like to hear, read, and speak. In fact they go together well...someone else thinks so too...'cause there is a movie of the same title!! Both are quite pertinent of today's times. There always seems to be a theory AND conspiracies amidst our lives.

Yet, as Mrs. Gump always says: "Stupid is as stupid does".
I do like Frank Sinatra's "Something Stupid" tho...
"And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love you!"


  1. lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity
  2. dazed: in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock; "he had a dazed expression on his face"; "lay semiconscious, stunned (or stupefied) by the blow"; "was stupid from fatigue"
  3. a person who is not very bright; "The economy, stupid!"
  4. unintelligent: lacking intelligence; "a dull job with lazy and unintelligent co-workers"

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~...end Fun Monday
[scroll below hurricane update for comment link]


Texas, and the coastal state of Louisiana are now under Tropical Storm Warning once again. In less that two weeks. We have another one out there in the Gulf, nearing landfall! This time, so far, the storm's path isn't predicted to go farther West and hit my section of the's forecasted to make landfall near Houston/Galveston area. This time, it's where my son lives!!

    Tropical Storm Edouard


  1. I felt in love with the word "bovine" hahaha ! that really sounds great to me ! Stupid is a hard word to translate just because it has a lot of different meanings ! That's why these automatic translators make me always laugh !

  2. LOL! This post had me laughing. I say stupid all the time as well. Now my daughter will yell from the back seat, go stupid people! oops!

  3. It's me again. . . I have a little love for you over on my blog! :)

  4. Dear Anni ~~ I enjoyed your post about words.
    I have a couple of favorite words ~~ gentle,
    serenity and peaceful. Thanks for your comments
    on my blog ~ about the x ray I see the Specialist on Friday, so will post about it
    after that. Thanks so much for your concern.
    Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  5. Loved your post and seeing Jose, lol.
    Sabotage is nice-sounding word. I last used it during our sailing vacation. The captain (Mr Mar) was not amused about it :)
    Happy Monday!!

  6. It's been a while since I have been over. I just wanted you to know I have forgot about you just been very busy.
    I wish I could break my oldest from saying stupid!
    Maybe I'll look through those list of words and see if one wont just stick to him and that the word Stupid's place. LOL!
    Love how you fixed your bolg!!!!

  7. lol I like stupid. Especially when used in the phrase: simple stupid. :)

    Your family, espeically son, will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. jennifer8/04/2008

    I love the list of made-up words from a contest by the Washington Post. "Bozone" is the atmosphere surrounding a stupid person. When I watch English TV shows, they say "stupid" all the time, as in, "I'm sorry, I was being stupid." But of course they make it sound more elegant: stew-pid.
    Thanks for joining in our Fun Monday challenge!

  9. First, I hope that the severe weather does not cause problems for the Texans and Louisianans. Second, I love your post. The way that you highlighted the overused word and the extensive list of possible replacement words is enlightening.

  10. Ah yes, I should have included stupid as one of my favorite words since I use it almost daily.

  11. Hi Anni,

    Thanks for adding me to the Over 50's Blogroll :-) Just one little point, my blog title is Tails of Teeror etc, not Tales. This is deliberate as it refers to the shenanigans my 2 dogs used to get up to when I first started the blog several years ago, hence the spelling. Fortunately they have calmed down now and are a lot less trouble, but I decided to keep the title going so would appreciate it if could correct it in the blogroll :-) I work for a company with its HQ in Houston so hope its not too bad if it hits and your son is OK.

  12. Hello my dear friend, hope you have a great week. Praying for the storm to pass you by.

  13. CharmaineZoe ---I edited your blog title! Thanks for pointing that out to me. Sorry 'bout that. And I appreciate you coming by!
    Have a terrific week!


  14. Interesting ‘take’ on today’s Fun Monday prompt. I had difficulty focusing and was more than a little wordy myself before coming around to the obvious, Silly (not stupid) me ;--)

    I’m sorry to learn you’re under storm watch again and hope this one fades away long before landfall.
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. great post Anni...I do tend to use that word alot, and Idiot...I hope you and your son survive the next hurricane unscathed...

  16. I love that little lady bug under the comments! How cute! That was some post on the word stupid....
    I will remember your son in prayer. Oh and I did the Carolyn needs MEME the other night! Now that was fun! Love and ,Grams

  17. I use that word alot at work.

  18. Oh, I love the word "sabotage..." It DOES have a nice ring! Like "suffering succotash sabotage." It's late in the day - I'm getting goofy, methinks!

  19. Anni,

    A nice take on Fun Monday this week. I enjoyed all the synonyms for stupid.

    I will keep my eye on Edourd. I do hope it remains just a tropical storm and doesn't reach the mainland.

    Take care. Enjoyed my visit as always. Glad you enjoyed meeting Tarryn.


  20. So, does Bud ever get to use his favorite word, or have you totally taken it over, Anni? Sadly, you're right so many opportunities to witness, and therefore, point out the ongoing stupidity around us.

  21. I rather like all the alternatives to 'stupid' must remember to try and use some in future!

  22. Today I feel like I am working with a bunch of turkeys. I might just use many of your stupid words today!!

  23. Love your post! Stupid IS as Stupid Does! Goes right along with that age old saying, "Hey Y'all, Watch this!" LOL! Thanks for coming by my site!
    Have a Fun Monday!

  24. A very fun Monday, indeed! Great post. I love anyone who quotes from the movie F.G. One of my all time favs!

  25. Thanks for visiting. I found the Dear Abby letter interesting and a point well made. I suppose I do spend too much time with computers and television. Something to think about.