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Who is it that says: "Can we Talk?"...Is it Joan Rivers? Ya, I think so. So, let's talk a bit. About going to the grocery store. I've come to the conclusion that if you plan on going to shop there for just a few items, don't enter when you're hungry!

I went into H E Bs [a local Texas chain of grocery stores] just the other day and had just a short list of things to buy. Orange Juice, Cat Food, and a case of Bottled Water. That was it. I figured just in and out; no problems. Then, I'd be on my way back home in no time.

Well, the talk around our home is "Don't go shopping for groceries if you haven't eaten in a'll cost you!" And sure 'nough. It did! I ended up inside with the grocery cart and headed for the fresh fruit. Now, in today's times that particular branch of the store is expensive for what you're buying. Exception would be bananas. They're still a reasonable price. $0.48 a pound. You can buy, literally, a bunch of bananas for under a dollar. If you're lucky you can find a fresh fruit that is on sale. This week it was black plums. They were $0.99 a pound. I got some. Then, being just the two of us, I love watermelon, Bud doesn't. That purchase is always a bit more than it's worth too, only 'cause I buy a 1/2 watermelon so it won't go to waste. I couldn't possibly eat a whole watermelon by myself before it would get mushy and spoil. When a whole watermelon is $4.00+ and 1/2 is $3.00+...I guess it's the labor cost know, cutting one swipe of the knife and then wrapping in it cellophane...that constitutes the extra buck, right? Then, I go to the apples. Now my favorite year 'round apple [except for the month of September, then, it's Jonathon apples] is the Braeburn. They're red, they're tart, they're juicy! For the last month none of the stores around here have had this kind. So I've always opted for the 2nd best - golden delicious. I don't know why the Braeburn apples haven't been on the shelves recently....but I do know that the other day when I spotted them, the price about threw me off balance. Let's just say I bagged only TWO apples....and that was nearly $3.00!!

Okay, so off I go to the freezer section. For Orange Juice. I pay extra for the kind I like. And it must be with pulp added! Got some in the cart and headed for the bottled water!

I was doing good. Oh oh....but I headed in the wrong direction. I should've avoided the bakery aisle! But, ho boy the breads were just coming out of the ovens...and you know that fragrance'll get me! I picked up a loaf of fresh European Crusty Bread.

The water...the water Anni. Get to the water! I ended up there, picked up a case of water and began heading to the check out stand. I figure I'm going to get out of the store for less than $15. Way cool.

I pass the dairy and remembered I needed more Promise Cholesterol shots. They're more expensive that prescription drugs, but in my estimation, healthier than filling my system with something the body doesn't need -prescription drugs. I put into the cart, a package of four. Still heading toward the cashier.

Oh oh...the deli I spot. I'll get a sandwich and a salad so Bud and I can split both for lunch. I ended up getting a hoagie, a tossed salad, and then...the potato salad looked good to me too, so into the cart that all goes too! Some exclusive brand jelly beans too....I like 'em. Not fat. And if I get me some candy, I hafta get Bud some too. So a couple bags of bite sized Snickers™ for him...they were on sale, 2 for $5.

By the time I got to check out, I had a lot more than water, and orange juice! And it came to over $40!!! And I packed it all in the trunk, and I realized I forgot the cat food!

I dreaded turning around and going back in, but I did!!!


Trust me when I talk straight talk to for groceries AFTER you've eaten. It'll save you a lot.

Image used for this blog entry
found through a clipart search on Google.


And TALK about rain!!!
We got it ---

...and on top of all this heat and humidity, I'm not a happy camper! The air conditioner has been running continually most of the summer. Day and night. Yesterday, as always it's pouring out the cool air...but was it? For a while, early in the morning, it was still comfortable in the house...but along about 8:30am or so, I began to feel too warm. What is happening? I get up from the computer [of course, where else am I that early?] and place my hand in front of all the air vents...air, but not cold! I walk over to the thermostat...85°!! That can't be! The setting is 70°----oh, oh. Freon? What is it? I call the AC service and they tell me it's either 'today after 5PM -which would mean paying them overtime charges- or tomorrow around 3pm!' Needless to say I hung up with an appointment around 3 this afternoon....and then, went into the attic and got down all the floor fans...and turned on all the ceiling fans...miserable? You betcha! Not a happy camper, no sirree!!

- - -

TALK on the tube...the key speaker at the DNC....

PS...I just finished listening to Michelle Obama's Speech at DNC in Denver...I think we Democrats nominated the wrong Obama! [insert wink here] Her speech brought me to tears. Whoa!!! If nothing more, she spoke of family values, and to me - even if the country and world is in dire straits, family is always #1 and support is imperative - of country AND family. Where the heart of America stands. From those who struggle along life's path and conquer their dreams. And then their daughters...they were show stoppers too, when they grabbed the microphone and talked to their dad and visually showing us love for their father...that tells me a lot of the man, the family, the strengths upon which America and American dreams are built!!

[photo courtesy of CNN]


  1. Wow, I think you just talked my ear off! *wink*

    I have the opposite rule. I make it a point to go to the store hungry, or I'll talk myself out of things that are on my list! And for a while, when I would take my sister shopping with me, I'd make her enforce a rule for me: if I think about something for more than a few seconds, she must force me to put it into the cart. Impulse buys are encouraged. There have been too many times that I get home and regret not making a purchase ("Grr, I really wish I'd bought that xyz... that would be great to eat right now!")

    Happy HoT!

  2. Lots of good subjects to talk about! We are getting a lot of rain here too :( And yes the same thing happens to me if I shop on an empty stomach ;) Happy HOT day Anni!

  3. That happens to me at the store all the time! And watermelon at $4! You can't find one around here for less than 6-7.

  4. Well now you know how we have felt with SO MUCH rain!! Course it has already soaked into the ground here!! Another storm is on the way!! Great.
    Bananas here are 64 cents a lb!! I thought that was awful..remember 25 cents a lb???

  5. Anni is very talkative today. :)

    I think the odds of going into a store and coming out with only that one things are about a million to one. I'm a lot better at it than my husband. I'll send him for a gallon of milk and he'll come home with the milk and maybe a power tool.

    I watched the speech Michelle gave and I agree with you. I really didn't have a sense of who she was until then.

  6. lol im the opposite i always go shopping when i have eaten, then i find it hard to pick foods because i dont fancy them!

    i love the rain too its so relaxing.

  7. I do the same thing in the grocery! It always costs me more than I intend. I stay out of the mall because I am an impulse spender. LOL Have a great Tuesday.

  8. Dont beat yourself up , I think everyone shops like this too!! LOL!!!
    We can't help it , everything always looks so darn good when your hungry!!

  9. Anni,

    Before I go to the grocery store, I try to have a snack, or else I go right after breakfast. Yes, if you're hungry, you'll be tempted, that's for sure, but they set those stores up to tempt us anyway.

    It's too bad the rain brought more heat and humidity. I know you needed rain, but was hoping it would cool off some. It was really hot on Sunday when Pea and Steve were here but yesterday and today are cooler and no humidity. I think it's been a great summer here. We've had lots of rain and the grass has been green all summer, instead of the unsightly brown when it goes dormant in order to survive the drought conditions.

    I would have loved to have heard Michelle Obama's speech. She sounds like a great lady. Hopefully she will be a First Lady.


  10. The old advice about not shopping hungry is more useful now than ever! I have become a meal planner who also makes lists that I stick fairly close to and who eats before I go. Once in awhile, though... ;) Happens to the best of us.

  11. Hi Anni -

    I had to laugh at your grocery-shopping story. Been there and done that - and will probably do it again some day! I've also found, as a person trying to lose weight, that I can’t go grocery shopping when I'm in one of “those” moods... everything seems to scream at me from the shelves, "Buy me! Eat me!" LOL!

    Michelle Obama is grace personified. Here's to hope for our nation!

  12. I hope you have your air fixed by now! Yikes!! I would hate that!!
    I enjoyed your grocery shoping post! It is way to true!! Love and hugs Grams

  13. Dearest Anni,

    Mary and I both said how much we wished you were there with us when we met:-) It really did feel like we'd known each other forever, she's a wonderful lady!!

    Oh dear, I've learned the hard way not to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach! lol Every time I go for "just one or two things", I come out of there with one or two DOZEN things!

    So glad to hear you got some much needed rain. What a shame about your air conditioner though...mine went into the repair shop on July 1st because it was only blowing hot air and would you believe it, it's only today that I got it back! Well, not the one I had but a brand new one because the other one couldn't be fixed. Something about it having leaked inside. It's a good thing we didn't get the hot weather you had because I would have been miserable without an air conditioner all summer!!! Hopefully yours can be repaired quickly!

    I think Michelle Obama would make a wonderful First Lady:-) xoxo

  14. I have been there done that, way too many times. Never go to the grocery store hungry. We have been getting alot of rain here in Tennessee too.

  15. I never shop when I'm hungry. I did enjoy all your conversation here this morning … nice listening to you ‘talk’ … sorry about the rain and the Freon issues with overtime and all. I’ve got the Convention (with Michelle Obama’s speech) recorded on the DVR … but I watched the Opening Ceremonies of the US Open last night in NY instead … just because. I’ll probably catch up tonight … maybe ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. wow, expensive fruit! so glad my parents still do the shopping - when i move out, i'll have to live off bread and cheese...

    but i'm definately like you, in that i can never leave a shop with only what i went there for! it's a dreadful fault :P