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HEADS - Manner

Ever read "Dear Abby"? Well, when I read the week's prompt for the first Tuesday in August, I first thought in that perspective. But in this case, "Miss Manners". In a way it's quite like Abby's column, but typically it evolves around mannerisms. For instance:
    Dear Miss Manners:
    I am in desperate need of your sage advice concerning friends/acquaintances who continually chide my husband and me because our lives do not revolve around sitting at a computer all day.
    We are educated, retired and attend many social functions with retired friends, where conversation invariably leads to stories of how much time they spend on the computer at home every day. Also about blogs, iPods, cable/dish television and radio, etc. We are avid readers, enjoy nature and bird-watching, walking, interacting with our grandchildren and neighbors, attending the theater and philharmonic and, most importantly, we converse. We often frequent our local library, watch PBS and listen to NPR.
    We do have an old computer that I occasionally use for e-mail only (but am not online), and do not subscribe to cable/dish nor own iPods.
    We would never dream of telling them NOT to spend so much of their precious time in life sitting in front of a computer. Yet we are on the receiving end of their endless, and often arrogant, remarks about how we are "out of the loop."

    What makes you think it an insult to be told that you are out of that particular loop?

    Miss Manners advises you to stop being defensive and turn -- well, no, not offensive, as you would be if you touted your pastimes the way your friends and acquaintances tout theirs. But you enjoy conversation, so why don't you initiate some? A standard opening to do so is "Read any good books lately?"

from the Washington Post

- - -

As a kid, do you remember the list of manners you had to learn as you grew up? For instance:
    Don't put your elbows on the table when dining!
    Don't talk with your mouth full of food
    Hold the door open for your elders
    Wait to begin eating until all are served
    Excuse yourself before leaving the table
    When calling on the phone ALWAYS give your name first upon connection
    Say please and thank you

Do you remember those? And more? What did you learn as you grew up to adulthood? Manners seem to have flown out the window with today's society...but it's STILL out there, just look around----

~...end Tuesday's Heads or Tails

[scroll below my new dinnerware for comment link]

- - -

And speaking of table manners!--------
Our son was here for an overnight stay this past weekend. And on Sunday morning, early, we headed for Wal Mart to pick up some things for his apartment. He wanted my 'opinion' on some stuff. LOL

Well, when he was done traversing the aisles, he loads a box of new dinner ware for eight and plans on giving it to me. He said "I'm tired of your Southwestern Kokopelli dishes. You don't live in the desert anymore." Okay...ya, I guess you're right.

So....out with the old. with the new.

[We all love black in our decor, so it's not surprising that he'd pick out the black set.] It's okay. It's the thought that counts. And he felt good that he was buying something for his ol' mom!! I appreciate it. And the old southwest set did have a lot of pieces missing - it wasn't a complete set any longer what with broken ones being tossed of course. He did good! And the black set goes much better with my gold flatware any ol' day!!


I received this from a very special lady! Jen. Jen at Tidbits of the T..... - and I must say that was a wonderful surprise awaiting me. Thank you so much. Jen's blog is private so let me tell you a bit about her here. She is a devoted, loving mother of two of the sweetest children ever! I adore visiting with them. I adore the whole family. Jen is one super human being. Being a concerned mother and a wise protector of her family she chooses to keep her blog private. And I must say I cannot blame her one bit. These days, with all that goes on in the world of internet she has made a wise choice. And I admire Jen for her foresight and protecting her family the way she does. Very admirable indeed. One of the best to come around in blogland! Thank you for thinking of me Jen! Much appreciated. Your gift made my day sparkle!!!


  1. your dinnerware are so nice. your son is so sweet. my husband love those kinds of dinnerware but i opted to buy the white ones because they reminded me of my childhood. we used white plates when i was young and my parents are alive. with this reason, my husband gave in.

    i agree with you about manners having flown out of the window nowadays.

    good hot! enjoyed reading it.

    mine is posted here. hope you can drop by.

    thanks. happy tuesday!

  2. I remember being told those as a kid!

  3. Congrats on the award sweetie. I like your new dishes, very nice.

  4. How cute of your son ! We are lucky, not all sons are like ours ! Good manners is something I learned the same as you. But I have to say that people I know and even amongst my son's friends or their children, they have all good manners. But I have to say, nobody gets up anymore in a bus or elsewhere to give his seat to an old person !

  5. people could use a few of those manner tips now, especially eating with mouth full!

    like the answer with your name on connection- thats funny!

    My hots is here:

  6. There was a camp ditty about manners:

    Anni, Anni, strong and able, this is not a horse's table. Get your elbows off the table and 'round the table you must go!


  7. At work the other day, I mentioned one of my husbands dinner table manners and they were astounded. After finishing his evening meal, he always thanks me for it...even if it isn't that nice. And if he likes it, he always says "Thank you, that was lovely" Now my son does the same thing...even when we had broccoli for dinner tonight (but then, he loves broccoli)

  8. Hi

    great post as always! Love the ladybird dressed cat??? below. Very cute. You always have such interesting layouts.

    Congrats on your friendship award - i love the design of the logo.

  9. Anni,

    I have taught all of those good old fashioned manners to the boys and so has Michelle. We are not as strict about not putting elbows on the table, but the boys don't seem to do that. Manners are still important today and so many don't have any.

    I love your black dishes. They look very nice and I'm sure you're going to enjoy them.

    Congratulations on the award. You are very deserving.

    Take care and have a great day. I'm off to the dentist.


  10. I loved Dear Abby! I think manners are so important, and I don't understand why people don't use them as much anymore. It irritates me.

    That was very nice of your son to buy you new dishes. They are quite nice! :-)

  11. Nice post. So few kids seem to get taught basic table manners these days - or any manners. It's such a shame. BTW, love the blog design. Happy HoT!

  12. To start off, I love this red comment area - very pretty and unique also the little lady bugs. About the "Manners" thing. Time has certainly changed what's in and what's not in that category. One manner I never liked was the elbows on the table thing. I do that all the time. All in all, I wish everyone had better manners than it appears they have today - almost everyone.
    I love the black dishes. Although I live in the southwest, I've never been too fond of that style.
    Have a great day.

  13. I’ve been thinking of you as I listen to the weather … hoping for the best. I should have known your mind would run similarly to my own as regards this week’s HoTs theme … and I love the creative way you’ve responded with a letter to Miss Manners and a response. Simply delightful!!! Perhaps this is a ‘career’ in the making for you??? Your new dinnerware looks lovely. I hope you enjoy it. Congrats on the lovely award and the introduction to your friend Jen who blogs privately.
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. LOVE the new dishes, Anni. They're very pretty and elegant! :-) And I'm with you on the manners thing. Talking loud on cell phones really gets to me. What happened to privacy and quiet conversations?

    You know, the more I explore your blog, the more I find we have in common... Obama, manners, Achmed the Dead Terrorist! I’m a fan of 'em all!

    Be safe in the coming days. You'll be in my thoughts.

  15. Anonymous8/05/2008

    Thanks for the visit. It is good manners to return the favor. :)

  16. Gosh, I remember reading Dear Abby faithfully in the daily newspaper:-) Oh yes, I certainly do remember all those manners that my parents worked so hard on teaching us. I lost count of how many times I heard mom tell me "don't play with your food"...believe it or not, I hated peas and use to roll them around, making it look like I was eating them and when no one was looking I'd hide them under my plate. hehe What I didn't think of, though, was mom seeing all the squished peas when she removed my plate! lol

    I just love your black dinnerware set...beautiful with your gold cutlery! So wonderful of your son to think of you this way. I cringe to think what my sons would get me where it comes to dishes! lol

    Congratulations on the much deserved award, dear Anni!! xoxo

  17. Hi Anni -

    It's me again. I just tried to add your blog to my list of favorites via Blooger's new Blog List feature. I got the following message:

    "Could not detect a feed for this URL. Blog posts and update time will not be shown."

    I thought you might want to check this out, since I've only run into this with two blogs I've tried to add. The other Blooger person found a spot in her settings that didn't allow feeds.

    I’m not a computer wiz, so I have no idea if that issue applies to you or not. Just passing along what the old computer tells me!

  18. I remember the manners my mother taught us kids...all too well!!! She drilled us all the time!!! Now I am glad she did as I did the same thing with my own children. LOL

    Your new dinnerware is beautiful! My daughter would love those as her dining room furniture is black lacquer...just gorgeous!

    Hope you have a great week! I am trying to get caught up a little and started at the bottom of my blogroll this time....working my way to the top yet....

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  19. Some adults I know never got the "Don't talk with your mouth full of food" ...can't stand that...
    Lovely gesture of your son, love your new set of dishes!!

  20. Hi Anni

    It's been a while since I visited and I loved your post on manners...well timed. We have been talking about just that subject lately and the lack thereof in today's world.

    I agree with you about your friend...she is very wise to protect her family as she is doing. A lot of parents could follow suit...

  21. I didn't mind the old dishes, but the black ones are very nice!

    And I think no one has manners anymore. Makes me want to forget my own and smack 'em on the head! :)

  22. Gday Anni, Love your new dishes,
    OHH Did you say table Manners, always used in my house and very strickt wait till all is seated before starting your meal..I was In macca's with the grandchildren. there was a family nearby, Ohh dear no manners at all the noise and mess they were making was unbelievable,to get away from them my grands wanted and did move tablesso the could finish there meal without having to see them while we were eating...
    Take care dear Anni....