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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

edition #73

I'll let you in on a little secret of mine. It's true....I actually spent an entire afternoon searching on Google for a particular candy where I had high hopes of finding so I could order it; a candy I continually bought way back in the '60s and '70s. A waste of time for sure, but it was interesting in the fact that once I got started on the quest, I actually found other weirdos fanatics in search of the very same.

At first I could not even remember the brand name. But, boy howdy, I could remember how tasty-tart they were. I remembered that they were imported [I was almost 100% positive they were from France], and that they came in a roll. Wrapped in white designed paper covering, foil and then the candies themselves were 'stacked' like lifesavers only wrapped individually ---and all one flavor. And the flavor [the one flavor I always bought was sour cherry] was to 'die for'!! So true to the real fruit taste....why, even now as I type, my mouth waters and my lips pucker! Mmmm, mmm, mmm! Yet, even tho I can still visualize the packaged product, the name eluded me.

I went into Google and typed many different things to see if it'd bring anything up with results that may lead me in the direction of an order form...

Nada, zilch, zero, nil....Nothing! But!!! As I stated before, I see dozens of others that long ago [early 2000's forums and message boards posts/threads] searched for them also!! The brand name was Regal Crown Sours, and the one list that was linked in one of the forums I visited - they were discontinued. Total Bummer-ation!!! One forum, from Diane states:
    Looking for Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy

    Looking for a candy that was popular in the late 1960's and 1970's called Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy, it was sold in a roll and each candy was individually wrapped in waxed paper. I believe it was imported from England. Was wondering if anyone knows if it is still sold or perhaps bought out by another company and marketed under a different name.Diane K May 22, 2001 02:19PM

      One answer on the post threads:

      I have been looking for these delicious cherry candy drops myself for 5 years.....!!!!! Please someone tell me where I can find them here in the USA or any where in the world. I will go there. These were my fav. candy and for some reason can't find them at my local store in Bahrain (Arabian Gulf). I am here in the United States ...and looked for them too and came across a number of people looking for I am not the only one. Please inform me as my search goes on...
      Thanks to everyone who loves and remembers the Great Regal Crown Cherry!!!!!! asmah abdulaziz Jun 02, 2005 03:49PM

More candy quest entries

One even stated something in regards to Cracker Barrel...but just underneath that statement thread another said that they can't find them there either any longer since the company was bought out in the early 1990's and no longer produces or imports them. Alas, my heart is broken. I was so sure I'd be successful online. Now, the closest thing I can think of is the hard candy "Jolly Rancher"...I know they have cherry flavored...perhaps I can search for them that have JUST the cherry instead of all flavors...the multi-flavored packages don't entice me. But, if perhaps the cherry only in a bag I'd find...I'd hoard them!! Ya, I'm that selfish...just like Garfield the cat in his Halloween TV Special----'Can-n-n-n-dy, candy, candy!"

Which leads me to my Thursday Thirteen
[all linked photos & should open in new window]...

Thirteen of my favorite candies:

1 -All time favorite: Turtles! [they're milk chocolate, pecans and creamy caramel]

2 -Hershey's Almond Bars [preferably the huge bars!]

3 -Big Hunk [a candy bar that is divinity type taffy with peanuts]

4 -Salted Nut Roll [marshmallow, caramel and peanuts]

5 -Pecan Toffee [preferably my own homemade as the photo link shows -- I'm never skimpy on the crushed pecans OR the chocolate!]

6 -Strawberry Twizzlers

7 -Chocolate Covered Raisins [it's got fruit! Healthy, right?]

8 -Junior Mints [no other mint candy will has to be Junior Mints or none!]

9 -Homemade fudge [my dad's recipe...with oodles of pecans!]

10 -Estes Park Salt Water Taffy [vanilla with black walnuts!]

11 -Brach's Cinnamon Disks

12 -Brach's Butterscotch Drops

13 -Cherry Jelly Beans [deli candy bins where you can find just ONE flavor of choice! from Jelly Belly]


  1. 6 -Strawberry Twizzlers (Generations of us love these)

    8 -Junior Mints [no other mint candy will has to be Junior Mints or none!] (absolute agreement)

    9 -Homemade fudge (I know gotta be my recipe)

    10 -Estes Park Salt Water Taffy (I have been there and had this twice)

    12 -Brach's Butterscotch Drops(always on hand:)\and one of my fav old time candies is Black jack:) Sweet TT

  2. Annie, strangely enough, I think I have majority of those candy in my house. I hope I don't end up eating them.

  3. Ok, now I am sitting here drooling all over my computer. Yummy in my tummy.

  4. Great list of candies. I love Garfield too - lol. Candy, candy, candy! Turtles are delicious, too delicious, it's hard to stop at just one! Thanks for stopping by mine. Happy TT! :)

  5. Gday Anni, Im not into candy but I no my grandies love those sour fruits we also got sour worms all colour jellies coated in a sour substance like sugar YUK.
    I just had to go get a piece of roasted almond chocolate I had stashed away,,,, lol

  6. Now I must go find a jelly bean.....Happy TT.

  7. I like your new design. you're always coming up with something neat. :)

    I liked Pop Rocks, tootsie rolls, ring pops, laffy taffy, and anything chocolate. :)

  8. Goodness Anni, we share a lot of the same tastes when it comes to candy. I especially love turtles, hersey bars with almonds, strawberry twizzlers and butterscotch. I'm also a big fan of plain ole caramels. Mmm, yum!

  9. Anonymous8/28/2008

    Oh my! This is MY list of favorite candy! All except the cinnamon. Especially turtles... YUM! Tasty list :)

  10. What a delectable list! I haven't thought about Big Hunk (in candy form, *ahem*) in awhile - YUM.

  11. Anonymous8/28/2008

    Snickers and Jelly Bellys!

  12. That is a heck of a post to read when one is on a diet!! LOL

  13. Okay, I blew my diet just reading your post. :) One of my favorites was Pay Days, before they changed the recipe. Yummm with coke you couldn't beat it. Salty, sweet. Now I lean more towards things chocolate. That's were the granddaughter gets it. (See yesterday's post.)

  14. A great Thursday Thirteen! I love candy too... especially chocolate! And I love strawberry Twizzlers!

  15. Believe it or not, I never liked candies, lol ! not even as a child, which made my father say (once more) that I am NOT a normal child !

  16. LOL! Well, I do REMEMBER the Regal Crown candies - now that you mention them. They were good! And I do agree that Turtles are my FAVORITE candy of all time! And turtle sundaes were my favorite ice cream sundae too! Now for the mints - I'm a Peppermint Patty girl. Junior mints never did it for me... but FROZEN peppermint patties! Mmmm Mmmm! I did like salted nut rolls too... but I don't remember them with marshmallow... I remember them with nougat.

  17. Anni,

    I don't think those candies were ever sold in Canada. However, we do have some of your favorites here. Brandon loves Junior Mints and they are almost impossible to find. They can be bought at the movie theater for $3.00 a package, so he doesn't get them.

    One of my favorites are Turtles, but I like the ones covered in dark chocolate. I usually buy some at Christmas and have one or two over the holidays. As I'm diabetic, I consider them a real treat. Another candy I enjoy that I haven't had for years is Werther's butterscotch candies. Grandma used to give us butterscotch candies when we were kids.

    Sorry you couldn't find your favorites. I will keep my eye open for good sour cherry candies here. If there are any available, Jordan will know as he loves sour candies. ;-)

    Take care, my friend and thanks so much for dropping by and entering my giveaway.

    Have a great day and keep those hurricanes away.


  18. YUM!! I love the candies you have listed, although I prefer dark chocolate to milk. But homemade fudge with lots of pecans? What's not to love?!

  19. Oh, I love candy. But chocolate. And it's a cross between turtles and chocolate covered jellies (I know ... huh?) as my all time favorite.

    Come on over and visit my T13

  20. Hello!! I think I remember that same candy!! Sorry that it is not made anymore. So here I am trying to lose weight and you are blogging about CANDY!! SURE!! Thanks tons miss!! Funny how some of that is never made any longer. Cracker Barrel as you know carries a lot of that OLD CANDY!! Sorry your search did not pay out for you but just think of the extra pounds that you saved

  21. Hello!! I think I remember that same candy!! Sorry that it is not made anymore. So here I am trying to lose weight and you are blogging about CANDY!! SURE!! Thanks tons miss!! Funny how some of that is never made any longer. Cracker Barrel as you know carries a lot of that OLD CANDY!! Sorry your search did not pay out for you but just think of the extra pounds that you saved

  22. Mmmmmmmm....CANDY!!!!! :-)'s off to the vending machine I go!!::

  23. I remember the Regal Cherry Candies! I loved that they were wrapped in the wax paper, too. Made them seem just that much more important. I loved Mary Janes. (Thanks for visiting my TT)

  24. Yummy. I love love love salt water taffy, anything cinnamon flavored (brach's, bears, imperials, hot tomales), and choc turtles. My most favorite is peanut buttter cups.

    Happy TT!

  25. Great TT. I love every single one on your list. I'm addicted to sweets. Anything chocolate is my favorite. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by mine.

  26. Twizzlers are still my favorite...we can;t take a road trip without them.

  27. I've been a quest like that before, but found what I was looking for. There are some great retro candy sites that you can order from on the web..and Cracker Barrel does have a good selection..but when you can't find that certain thing it drives you nuts!! LOL

    Happy Thursday!

  28. What a great list and a great story behind it. However, I don't like nuts or raisins in my candy! My Dad's favorite is Turtles. Good luck in your quest!

    Happy TT. Thanks for stopping by and commenting at my place!

  29. Our Mom's mouth was watering at the end of your T13! Her favorite is Big Hunks and Strawberry Twizzlers! Yummy she says! hehehehehe
    Your FL furiends,

  30. Fun T-13 topic but methinks you might have too much time on your hands. LOL My mom LOVED ‘turtles’ … I loved Big Hunks (and Butterfingers) as a kid … still like Brach’s Cinnamon Disks, Butterscotch Drops and homemade fudge … but hardly ever eat ANY candies these days.
    Hugs and blessings,

  31. OH how yummy. What a fun idea for a T 13.

  32. I love Raisins covered candy! In fact all the candy on your list sounds good to me!!! love, Grams

  33. I thought I was the only one who searched online for a candy I remember having as a child! hehe What a shame they no longer make the ones you were looking for....I don't recall ever hearing about those, maybe they just weren't sold here in Canada.

    Oh yummmm, you and I pretty much love the same kind of candy...Turtles are my very favourite chocolates!! Anything with chocolate, almonds, pecans, etc...and FUDGE! Now you went and did it, my mouth is drooling all over my keyboard! lol

    I do hope the latest hurricane doesn't affect you!!! Take care of YOU! xoxo

  34. Anonymous8/28/2008

    I LOVE THIS LIST! I need to run to the store....I didn't know there was anyone else out there who loved Big Hunks as much as I do!!!

    Happy TT!

  35. The only way to eat any of these is alone. I love turtles! Used to get them from dad on Valentine's Day when I was a kid.

  36. I like #10 in peppermint. Your list was quite enjoyable. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  37. Two of my favorites were blackjack gum and beems gum. Also chocolate covered cherries. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  38. Fun idea for a list! I love Gobstoppers. A lot. :)