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Both images of Irene and Clint below, can be enlarged.
Angela, over at The Lurchers is our host this week.

Fun Monday Assignment for 11th August
    Show me your favorite photograph and tell me why it's your favorite. It can be one you've taken yourself or one someone else has taken, a snapshot or a more professional image. Is there a story behind it? Do you love it for the memories it gives or just because it's pleasing to the eye?

    Show me and tell me!

I have several favorites, but two came to mind right away. One is a professional photograph. A portrait of my daughter, Irene. When she was just a mere babe. It's so special 'cause she looked so regal sitting there on the photographer's bench. And I was so proud of her, being all mine, y'know? It was her birthday. The outfit, green is one of my favorite colors and with her Irish red-colored hair, I figured this was a perfect outfit for our 'Colleen' -our Irish Lass- and I labored over it, sewing it myself for the special day. I do remember, way back then, you had to wait for 'proofs' of the photo shoot. Wait for weeks. Well, maybe a week at the most, but it seemed like that week was long, extra long. When all I wanted was to be able to choose the best of the best shots. And once I saw them, it took me OVER a week to make up my mind which one I wanted blown up for a portrait. This, of course, is the one I chose.....

- - -

Then, the other photo I thought of first off when I read the assignment is one I took. It was our grandson's first birthday. At the age of five months he had open heart surgery, and on his 1st birthday [which surgeon and physicians and pediatricians alike said he'd never see---], he had need of oxygen still - hence the oxygen tube, we were all aglow with the fact we could actually be with him, away from the hospital setting and he'd be at our side! Grandpa Bud [hubby] was holding him ever so gently, on his lap, like he'd break....and Grandpa's pride along with his tears that day 'cause our Clint survived to his first birthday just melted my heart......

Next week's hostess?

~...end Fun Monday
scroll below my weekend of receiving gifts in the mail 4 comment link The following is LONG, but it means a great deal to me
Don't wanna read it? Then-click HERE 4 COMMENT LINK


"You've Got Mail"
Those words have a certain ring to it, don't they?
When I got back home from the grocery store Saturday morning, Bud met me at the door to help unload the sacks from the car. As he walked past the car, I was hanging my car keys up on the handy dandy key holder at the back door on the kitchen wall, he said: "You got a package today just now. And your Jury Duty check arrived. Then, you got an envelope from Germany." Whoa!!! Taken aback here!! I rushed to get the groceries in and unpack them and get them put away. So I could have my full attention on the good stuff! [Times TWO...not one online friend, but two!! And then, a bit of joke with a county check arriving...]

This was the package. All the way from up North, in Canada! An online buddy [she's become more than that to me...we have connected through snail mail also!] Mary had a post on her blog and she had us guess her secret. She mentioned something that she did for herself. And anyone who commented in her comments would be in the drawing for a personalized gift. Ho!! I do love gifts. And Mary makes hers so personal for the recipient, it is amazing. She's the sweetest ever.

I open the package "Open - open!" and find this well wrapped something inside the bubble wrap. And the Canadian tape is so tough, trust me...I had to get scissors. I slowly trim away the tape, making sure I'm not cutting into anything, you know...just in case. I heard a 'tinkling' and the excitement grew...the inner child came through. It was like Christmas morn. But, did I mention the tape? I got part of it cut enough to get it started being unwrapped...

...and as I pulled the bubble wrap away from the object I could see red! A very familiar red...and a well known shape too I might add. She had emailed me to let me know the package was on it's way to me last week and when to expect it. She also told me it was something that she knows I like a lot. I can now see that she's right. But still the elation and getting it out of the wrap was priority number one. Did I mention excitement? By that time Bud was standing over me with just as much curiosity as I had, and said: "Mary knows you pretty well, doesn't she?" And he smiled...grabbing the camera ---

Finally, I removed Mary's gift from the wrapping and was just left speechless. What a prize. Both with the gift and with Mary's friendship. This just so made me happy. And it's beautiful. Atop the ceramic bell is perched a beautiful red cardinal. Cardinals I collect, and this special one is just awesome...and the beautiful sound emitted from the bell's clapper reminds me of a faint breeze and a chime from a distant bell tower. The bell itself has a gorgeous embossing...of leaves, holly leaves. It's beautiful.

And of course, I made a side trip to the master bedroom...this room is where I have all my cardinals. [Except for the holiday season. I bring them all out for decorating for Christmas] I placed the beautiful cardinal bell by my grandmother's antique clock. And there it will sit. Daily, as I spend time in the room, I will think of my friend Mary!! Thank you so much dear lady. It's a treasure. One that will remain forever in my heart and I hold much appreciation for your thoughtfulness and generosity!!

~ ~ ~ Thank You Mary! ~ ~ ~

- - -

But wait...don't leave yet! There's more excitement for me here! Anita. She is my ultimate hero! She gardens. And boy howdy...let me reiterate, she gardens. And how!! Her blog is filled with more beauty than you can imagine. Her photos of all the stunning and the wonderful work she does is like perusing a Home and Garden Show! Each and every time I go to visit with her, I'm just literally blown away with all the splendor. And all the stupendous showing of her crafts...not to mention the symmetry of flower and plant placement! It's a show case, I tell you - plain and simple. [She sews too, and believe me, her skills with the needle will floor you too!] --It's all pure radiance.

A few Fridays ago, on her Show N Tell blog, she had once again, some stupendous photographs of her gardening. This particular week, she had sweet peas. Some like I've never seen before. And pink poppies! Bud loves sweet peas. We used to have them vining along our fences in Colorado...but none so fine as Anita's. Well, she also was gracious enough to have a drawing for seeds from that strain of pea. And you guessed, Anita pulled out my name! And along with this, she sent other seeds to me as a bonus!!

I am just so thrilled beyond words Anita!! Inside the envelope were three packets of seeds. The sweet peas that were up for drawing names, and she added some of the pink poppy seeds. And then, to my ultimate surprise she also added a packet of blue Lupine seeds. [I have to add that that is one of my father's favorite flowers] Now, I am very anxious to start planting. I can't wait. I must prepare a space for my 'German' seedling garden...of which when they become beauties like Anita's, I will always think of how they came across the ocean, heading to Texas, just for me!!

Along with the seed packets, she sent along a sweet note of encouragement and good luck!! It states "Dear Anni - Good luck with the German seeds from my garden." Once again, I am a happy gardener!
~ ~ ~Thank You Anita! ~ ~ ~

- - -

One more, then I'll let you go. This is just a riot! Two days morning - Monday and then called back on Tuesday morning...and from the county, what do I receive? This ---

That's what I call a ripoff! Approximately 10 hours total of my time. Two and a half days of sitting on my duff, waiting, doing nothing worth while. Not to mention burning about three or four gallons of gas [worth about $13 or so] driving back and forth to the courthouse. Buying my own lunch one day for about $7 at the cafeteria there [which I think we should get a voucher as jurors - but what do I know?] This is ONE reason I don't want jury duty. Just one of the many. You'll have to embiggen the image to see what we received for our services. rofl Civic duty or's a waste of my time in my opinion. And if, god forbid, I needed my peers on the jury, I wouldn't want someone like me that would NOT want to be there.

So this all sums it up for my weekend gifts.
I appreciate very much so the top two.
But, the last one...why bother? Did I mention I don't like jury duty? If I want to be 'involved' in an enticing courtroom drama, and make nothing for my time and effort, I'd much rather turn on the news from my own living room chair, or even consider watching Judge Judy, or cable's Court TV.


  1. Your little colleen's green frock reminds me of a friend who sewed these sweet clothes for both her girls and boys--sundresses, smocks, Eton suits with short pants. Is the hair still red?

    And how inspiring little Clint's story is. No wonder you all were almost overcome by his struggles and bravery.

  2. Tootie8/11/2008

    Just happened across your website. It is sooo cute!
    I have gulf sand under my feet also, but at Sanibel Island, FL.


  3. Sjoe. Love the photographs. Its great to get nice mail isn't it.

  4. judysteapot8/11/2008

    two wonderful photos with such memories that never fade away..

  5. Anonymous8/11/2008

    Your favorite pictures are darling!!!! love them both.
    Oh, did you kiss the mailman?

  6. Hi Annie you have chosen two very sweet photos for this week's FM.

  7. Great photos and memories.

  8. LOL! I thought I would just do a quick couple of Fun Monday visits and this one took up all my time! I am so happy for you receiving such lovely gifts, the cheque cracked me up though.

    Loved you photos! Your own shot was just as lovely as the professional one!

  9. Those two pictures are so precious, thanks for sharing. Mary and Anita truly blessed you, may they both be blessed very sweetly.

  10. Those are really nice photos, I can see why you chose them. You made out like a bandit in the gift department!

  11. cute cute pictures. you've always been one of my favs, you always find something great to post. i'm back after a 3 month hiatus working my tail off to pay some bills (see, no tail left!) but i do have a big belly. come visit me!

  12. I can understand why these are your favorite pictures. Both Irene and your grandson pictures are precious.

  13. So cute! Love the green dress and your grandson is a true miracle!

  14. Dear Anni!

    Oh yes, I can understand why those two photographs mean so much to you! How is your grandson doing now?

    Lucky you to have two surprised in the mail on Sunday! What a wonderful gift your Canadian friend send you!

    And I feel very VERY honored about your words on my garden! Thank you so much!

    Warmest wishes from Germany, Anita

  15. Love the photos. and the stories!! My hubby is a red-head and we are both hoping that the little one I am halfway through carrying will be a redhead!

    Margaret, Soon-To-Be-Mama

  16. Great choices for your photos. You're lucky to have such great blog pals. I wish I'd known about the sweet peas, I love them, too.

    I'm not with you on jury duty. I get called annually, and don't enjoy it, but I think of it as a civic-duty.

  17. Come to New York they pay something like $40. a day if I remember correctly, Anni! And they don't make you sit around longer than a day unless you get picked for a jury... :)

  18. you about made me cry with your description of grandpa holding him.

    I remember the days before instant photo"fication".

    I never thought I'd be old enough to talk about "the old days"...but it certainly ha changed in all things (and some not so good)

  19. Very special pictures indeed!

  20. Love your choices for your favorite photos. The 2nd one along with the story of grandpa holding him so gently is precious Anni!

  21. Wow! I would say you hit the jackpot. Love that cardinal bell. Love your new blog look too. It's so bright and sunny. And - what nice photos of your daughter and grandson. Have a bright sunny day!

  22. Another comment. I intended to mention that Irene is the name of my all time best friend. We've been friends for 60 years and still communicate.

  23. Beautiful pictures!! Waht a story!!
    Love your new background by the way!!

  24. Loved seeing your cherished photos of your cherished loved ones, and hearing the stories that go with. And you redecorated your site since I was last here - the colors are awesome!

    big thumbs up from -
    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

  25. Such adorable photo's. I love the green. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Such sweet pictures, and great memories attached to them!
    Did you change your blog again, it looked different when I came here a while ago, it still had the ladybugs, and now , they're gone!
    How clever of you!

  27. Hi Anni!! Loved your wonderful that you collect Cardinals. I am a Robin and my DH is a Jay...LOL...we are both weird birds...

    LOVED the favorite photos...they are both so precious!!
    Have a great Day!

  28. I love your photos Anni..the dress is adorable as is your daughter. The picture of your grandson and the story brought tears to my eyes.

  29. Your photos for FM are great! And you lucky duck for receiving some fun mail!!

  30. both are beautiful photos. i'm sure you're proud to share them.

  31. Great story. Now I need a hankie.

  32. Really lovely pictures, the one with your daughter is really very cute. I don't know if it is this computer here at my friend's but I can hardly read, there is always this flower on the text. I love your new blog dress, but there must be something wrong.

  33. Anni,

    I wasn't on the computer until just a few minutes ago. The plumber was here from 9 am to 3 pm and he has to come back next Monday. What a mess. The ceiling is out of the living room and part of the bathroom. He found the toilet pipe was cracked and leaking in the upstairs apartment and had to replace the entire thing.

    I love the photos of Irene and Clint. Irene's hair was about the same color as mine when I was little. These are treasures, for sure.

    I'm so glad that you like the cardinal bell. It is a beauty for sure and especially chosen for you because I know how much you and Bud love cardinals. Enjoy it, dear friend.

    The seed packets from Germany are wonderful. Please remember to post photos when the sweet peas and lupines bloom.

    What? That's ludicrous. I can't believe they would do that. Juror's pay is not great here, but better than that. I'm not sure if you get paid if unless you actually serve on the jury though.

    I enjoyed my visit as always. I hope you have a terrific week.


  34. PS. I neglected to say that I absolutely LOVE your new look.

  35. ROFL! I've heard some counties don't pay ANYTHING for Jury duty -- so at least you got SOMEthing! (however, if you are a working person, SUPPOSEDLY your employer has to pay you for that time! I, of coure, would not KNOW seeing as how I have NEVER been called! grrr.)

    I love those pictures of Irene and Clint! Both are very precious!

    I hope you do as well with those seeds as your friend! I have NO luck with seeds... I can't even keep full grown plants alive - what would I DO with a seed????

  36. Surprises in the mail are the best!! Have a great week ahead Anni :)

  37. What gorgeous children! I have always loved green on a redhead...charming choice!

  38. Such Cuties - thanks for sharing you family.

  39. Those two photos are precious ones indeed. I can see why you’d choose them. Methinks Lisa of Lisa’s Chaos has volunteered to be next week’s hostess of Fun Monday. I’m still ‘noodling’ about the resizing of the comment box. That’s not something I need to do here on your site (or on mine) but drives me nuts on those blogs that have a popup window. I didn’t realize I could right click comments to get a different look and that would be better than what I’m dealing with now … but I would like to be able to fix this Mozilla glitch if possible and would appreciate any hints you might have for me.
    Hugs and blessings,

  40. Beautiful choice of pictures, Anni.

  41. I can see why both of those photos are special to your heart. They both make a mama just want to grab, squeeze and smother with kisses!

  42. When I got here I clicked out to make sure I had the right blog! It is beautiful! I do love it and that was a wonderful box from Mary! what fun things..... I will try to come up with a photo...... I have lots!

  43. Nice photos of your child and grandchild, Anni. And congratulations on the gifts you received. I just love the bell.

    The check you received for jury duty is a joke. You spent more than that in expenses just being there. They definitely need to better compensate those who take time out of their busy lives to serve.

    Hope your week is off to a good start.

  44. Beautiful photos Anni!

    And I'm loving your new look here too!