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[Sunday Snippet, Green Thumb Sunday, and Unconscious Mutterings]

My Sunday Snippet is a bit off-key than what I usually write about. It's not necessarily a 'fun, good' post today. But, instead, it's something I want to share. And I thought today is as good a day as any......

For a long time now I've reiterated to my family that sunscreen is false hope against the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma. The reason I say 'false hope' is that the average human thinks they are protected from the harmful sunrays when they give use to the 'magical' protection. SPF--whatever number you choose.

But, sorry...this is not the case as studies now show. According to what I read recently. Sunscreen...not the protection we thought.

In fact cases of melanoma are on the rise?!! I think it's because people assume by using sunscreen they can stay out in the hot sun and under the harmful UV rays longer. In other words, giving them false hope. Yes, I DO think it's to blame, partly...I'm not saying it IS in fact the ONLY reason melanoma is on the rise; by using's just that those who use it...staying out too long thinking they're protected!!! No matter if you HAVE lotion on...and reapplied's still not sensible to stay out in direct sun for hours. And I've seen people who are under the full sun all day long reapplying lotion, etc. The sunscreen is NOT protecting them from the harmful's just keeping them from being the article [link above]. Do research.

I've also had in the back of my mind that the chemicals in the lotions are being baked into our skin and absorbed in our blood stream; in turn causing more harm than good. It's like basting a turkey in the oven. What happens to the turkey when we baste it and roast it under the hot oven 'rays'? Yep, it gets brown, crusty, and dried out. Just like our skin after being in the sun too long. Think about it. Use common sense.

Farmers and/or construction workers from long ago [and still today] were/are out sunrise to sunset, and rarely did/does skin cancer show up with them. Why? 'Cause they kept/keep themselves covered with natural covering! Like overalls, hats and such. No chemicals. And a good use of common sense.

~...end Sunday Snippet
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This week, I'm doing Green Thumb Sunday a bit different. I want to share a blog that will leave you breathless with gardening-----

I was chosen out of many....

Anita had a giveaway, and she drew my name out of the many, many entrants. I will soon be a recipient of her new species of sweet pea seeds. And I can't wait for them to arrive. Of course, if you've never been to her blog you're missing some of the most beautiful photographs of her stupendous flower garden. Anita is an artist with her gardening...her blog entries will blow you away with such awe. She's inspirational!! And trust me, her blog photos and garden are like you're stepping into a "Home and Garden" showcase!

Thank you, Anita.
[sweet pea photo courtesy of Anita's Giveaway Blog entry -copyrighted- it's NOT my photo!!]

~...end Green Thumb Sunday
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Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
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I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Flicker :: candlelight
2. Styling :: gel
3. Episode :: one
4. Sexier :: huh? Who?
5. Studious :: scholarly
6. Mushroom :: cloud
7. 8 minutes :: to go
8. Bald :: hairless
9. Immunity :: diplomatic
10. Sectioned :: branched off [cordoned -as in police tape]

~...end Mutterings
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  1. Liked your mutterings! Hope you have a great week! Smmothie sounds delish, I'll try it without yoghurt and use soy milk ;~)

  2. Great response to immunity. Have a great day!

  3. Are you going to see Achmed the Dead Terrorist? I LOVE him - makes me cry laughing ;O)

  4. Good point on the over reliance on chemicals. How much of the public awareness is based on marketing? I have never used sunblock, bug repellent or Viagra. I expect to live at least another day outside.

    I noticed your link to 'Blogger over 50'. Think I might stop by and see what the rest of the geezers are doing.

  5. Anni,

    Now you are a gal with common sense. My brother contacted skin cancer on his left arm. His occupation? A truck driver. He kept his sleeves rolled up to the elbow and this was the result.

    As for me, I had cancer on my nose. When working on the farm all those years as a child, I wore long sleeves and long pants. The rest of my body was protected, but not my face. We didn't have sunscreen in those days.

    You've hit the nail on the head and common sense is the key to protecting our bodies. Thanks for the informative post.


  6. Gday dear Anni
    Liked your Mutterings ..I must admit I smother my grandies in sunscreen on the parts that are uncovered like legs, face ,and arms,and they all have to wear Rash shirts (Sun protection tops) here in summer and specially while swimming... in the pool..and thats all day.. we can get high temps for weeks on end up to 45c...
    Thanks for inquiring about my health,, Im on the mend again...seng lots of hugs your way Cheers\_/\_/

  7. Great mutterings today!!!! :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  8. Le laquet Yes! Yes, we are going to go see Achmed! And I can't wait. I love him!!! He's my favorite of Jeff's entourage!


  9. I hate to lay in the sun like a roasted chicken ! I always look for shade and the ideal is under a tree. There is so many skin cancer around now and I have seen my aunt having it, it's just horrible, worse than a burnt person !

  10. Happy GTS, HA. I understand your thoughts about sunscreen. As to your seeds, enjoy. We have trouble growing sweet peas here. Too hot too fast.~~Dee

  11. We only match on one this week. Great mutterings. Have an awesome week!

  12. everything is different !
    good mutterings !
    have a nice week !

  13. Oooh Diplomatic immunity! That's delicious! I hadn't thought about the sunscreen thing - but you're probably right. Odd too because 1/2 of the health world is saying you need sunlight while the other 1/2 is saying stay out of it. It makes sense to stay out of the heat of the day - that's for sure.

    Happy Sunday!

  14. Great mutterings Anni. And great recipe for Blueberry Banana Smoothies!

  15. Definitely enjoy the multi-tasking! Your Sunday snippet is thought-provoking … and I’ve had similar thoughts from time to time … especially after losing a good friend to melanoma a few years back. Link-love is always a good thing. As for your ‘mutterings’ … looks like you and I were on the same wave-length for ‘Flicker’ … and I admit ‘cloud’ was my first response to mushroom, but I went with my second … just because. Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Anonymous7/20/2008

    excellent post

  17. I found your blog via Jewelgirl @ Sandwiched Mom!
    Another thing about the sunscreen...People my age (40+) received most of our harmful sun exposure before we were 10 years old, back in the days when we didn't wear sunscreen, used Bain de Soleil & baby oil as high school kids, and ran around the back yard sprinkler in our diapers!

  18. Elizabeth That is so true! I hafta admit that this fixation with sunscreen and applications, and re-applications all day long while they're out in the sun much too long is baking that/those chemicals into their bloodstream and posing a danger to over exposure with false beliefs they're protected!

  19. Jen But think about it...the sunscreen isn't being baked into your also have them wearing protective clothing on top of that. I think that is what counts...NATURAL protection.

  20. We have two matches eh, only I use integer instead one lol!

  21. Anni, you're so right in your thinking. Remember how we spent all day on the towels laying in the sun with no artificial gunk on our bodies. Remember boy talk and giggles. Call me!

  22. Anonymous7/20/2008

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  23. Anonymous7/20/2008

    Great mutterings, thanks for dropping by again!

    The 1-up mushroom is from the Super Mario games, there's more info about them at

  24. congratulations on the sweet pea seeds!

    Diplomatic immunity, some people tend to abuse that term. Hmm...

    Have a good week, Anni :)

  25. Well, you certainly WERE waaaaaaaaaay earlier to me than I to you today! I'm LUCKY to be here NOW! Hot diggity I've been busy today!

    My doctor PROMISED my mother I was going to get skin cancer way back when I was 9 years old! So far, so good! I keep prayin' he was wrong, and so far God keeps blessin' me!

    Now... I'm off to check out your friends gardens! Tootles!

  26. Well done mutterings! and you have the best recipes. Yum!

  27. Diplomatic immunity. That's a cool reply. We both had mushroom cloud.

    Anni, I'm a newish visitor to your site, but is this a new template or have you had it long? It's very cute and I like how you have the 3 columns set up, too.

  28. Anonymous7/20/2008

    Great mutterings. Thanks for stopping by my place again this week. ^_^

  29. I am in total agreement with you about sunscreen my friend.

  30. 1I have also heard that the use of so much of the sun screen products is why the rise in liver cancer. Makes sense. Thanks for the info and have a great week.... I am having a bit of asthma this morning so I am up way too early!