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My passion at night before I go to sleep is to make sure I have time to read.  Anyway, if you notice on my 'favorites lists' on my sidebar I have the mention of my favorite author. Gregory Maguire. He is best known for writing children's literature, but the past couple of decades he's written several New York Times bestsellers. For adult reading. When things settled down, and kids were grown and left home, I decided to retire with hubby and get into reading more! That's when I found Gregory Maguire. I have all his adult 'fairy tales come true' novels! And I've been hooked on them since his first publication, Wicked; he brought to life the dear Wicked Witch of the West from the classic Wizard of Oz. He gave her character beyond my wildest imagination. After reading it, I found myself wondering: "What would Red Riding Hood be like if she were novelized for adults, and come to life too?" Or Cinderella? Or any childhood fables...what would they be like? He opened a whole new world for me. And I was with bated breath hoping he'd write more. He did, and lo and behold the next one and the next one and the next one. I was there, when they brought out the first editions of each and every one of his books. It's like taking you to a whole new level of the characters you learned as a child to love to hate and make them compassionate and created them in a way you feel good about them. And rumor has it his latest, reported to be titled "Lion of All Men" about the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz. It's listed as being published and on the bookshelves in October of this year...I'll be there getting my first edition for my collection of his works. Certainly if you read his first, Wicked, I propose your imagination will have a spell cast upon it. He's obviously cast a spell on many, many adults alike. And Wicked is now a long running Broadway Musical. Oh how I dream of seeing that if it ever goes [way]'off Broadway'...clear to this hick town!

So, my show n tell is my first edition collection of Gregory Maguire's adult 'fairy tales'!

Top left to right...Wicked [Wicked Witch of the West comes to life] - Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister [Cinderella & her Step Sisters!] - Mirror Mirror [Snow White "aka -Bianca" and those little men of hers come to life in a big way. IN this book Maguire also brings into the fiction, some historical figures of note.] Bottom row, left to right...Lost and Son of a Witch. Lost is filled with suspense. A girl goes to England only to realize that her relative could possibly be part of the legend "Ebenezer Scrooge" or could he be the ghost of Jack the Ripper? You'll have to read it! And then, his last novel [way too long for a new one to come out!] is Son of a Witch -about Liir, the son of Elphaba [the Wicked Witch] or is he? When Wicked ends as Dorothy melts the witch, there is a boy left alone, Liir. Is he her son?

Then, two Christmases ago, Bud bought me this book. It goes into great detail of the making of the Broadway Musical, Wicked. You know I've seen this cover on many billboards, for years. And I loved it because it was associated with a great 'innovative' novel of our time. In fact when the selling of the hard cover books left the shelves in the stores, this same image was the soft cover [paperback] for that edition on the shelves. But, after having this book and reading through it, I just noticed recently that there were actually TWO women in the artwork. Duh!! One of black and the other white..whispering to the black witch image. Symbolic of the novel, I'm sure! But I just now saw it. Hey...I'm totally blond! Excuse me.

This image is just inside the cover of the Musical book..."Are people born WICKED?"

A photo of Elphaba, the Witch as a new born!!

More of the infant Wicked Witch, Elphaba

On stage, Elphaba to the right and Glinda the Good Witch on the left.

Elphaba's magical broom! "I'll get you my pretty!! And your dog too!"

And lasty, sorry if I've bored y'all...but Mary and I have been chatting through emails about what our interests are in reading. We both love historical novels. And I wanted to list some of mine I have either read or want to read...

Left to right [below] Raven's Bride [about Sam Houston and his young bride. VERY good!! - Mozart's Sister [Mary read this and recommended it, so did my sister -she read it and loved it.] Then, The Story of My Life by Helen Keller. Bud found me this on the bargain shelf at Barnes and Noble, she is a favorite historical figure that I love to read about. An autobiographical sketch. And in the middle, an older copy of a novel about Mrs. Robert E. Lee of Civil War era, called The Lady of Arlington, and last to the far right is a newly published book within the last year...Dumas of Count of Monte Cristo fame - The Last Cavalier. I started reading this and then it got waylaid for another book. It's reportedly something of Dumas's work that has been long lost and now found. I intend to read this someday soon.

Note to all who visit and leave comments for me:  There is a gift for you at the bottom [super commentor award] of the post just below this.  [click here -it'll open in a new page]  Take it with you when you leave!  It's to show how much I love your comments!  And this is my thanks to you all!


  1. I've been under a rock apparently. I've never heard of Steven Maguire but his books sound interesting.

    Thank you so much for the award button! I do appreciate it, and I appreciate all my commentors as well.

    Have a great Friday and weekend, Anni! ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  2. love reading, love falling asleep to it too!

  3. Wow, those sound like great books sweetie.

  4. The pictures are beautiful. I am reading The Holy Spirit by Billy Graham.

  5. What interesting books Anni, I had no idea they had adult fairy tales :). I too hope to find more time to read, fall and winter are always the best times for me :). Great post today! Thank you for the award!

    Have a wonderful Friday!
    Kathi :)

  6. I love having you visit on Fridays (and sometimes other days as well), and love your comments. I must give my husband credit for taking the picture of his own hand and the neighbor girl's. The butterfly is a swallowtail - it must have been old, because it was not in a hurry to fly away. I can't believe he caught it like that either.

    I have not heard of this author - what an interesting concept!

    Thanks also for the commenter award. My techno-savvy daughter who puts these things on for me is out of computer-commission right now, but I will definitely be acknowledging it! Thanks again.

  7. PS - the bluberry banana smoothie sounds wonderful - I will be trying it soon!

  8. Wanita7/18/2008

    Anni, the books sound interesting. I enjoy reading, too, and never seem to have enough time to read as much as I'd like.

    Thanks for the award, for the smoothie recipe, and for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend.

  9. I love to read too. My current interest is romantic suspence. I don't read much anymore because I tend to get too absorbed so, I haven't read anything current. Your collection sounds really interesting.
    Thanks for the comment award. I need to do something like that myself. I love visitors who leave comments too. I have to admit. I have been a lurker over here. I usually check in on you on Fri. and then just skip right on over to someone else.
    You do have a very cute blog and btw I love this new little look.
    Have a Blessed weekend.

  10. I love Christian mystries, Like Frank Peretti.. I have read all his books..... (when I can) I love coming to your blog and will try to get here more often! Thanks for the kind words on mine and YES it is a HUGE surprise... Maybe by next Saturday! In fact I am turning it inot a party and will have a couple of things to give away! soooooooo come back often and WATCH !!!

    We are headed to Oklahoma City to see a RED HAWKS ballgame for a little R & R.......
    Have blessed weekend......

  11. I love your web page again and the lady bugs. Your poem that R Frost wrote is so good too. It speaks of depth and pictures and thinking and that is what i am doing too--is reading because all my kids are gone. Really interesting books out there. have a very great weekend!!! thanks for vising my blog.

  12. Good Morning Anni: Hope that your day is going smoothly. We are getting rain here which is something that we so badly need. YES have a wonderful weekend..Sandy

  13. Anne I love the poem by Frost it was wonderful. I loved all the books too. My daughter loves the lady bugs too, they are so cute.

  14. I'm reading "Three Cups of Tea," at this very minute...difficult to type this comment and read my book simultaneously.

  15. I don't know Gregory Maguire but his books sound wonderful, Anni! thanks for visiting me! :)

  16. It's neat to know about those books. I had heard of the play "Wicked" but didn't know it was originally a book. I'll have to check them out!

    I am reading the Count of Monte Cristo now.

    You might be interested in the book meme I created here.

    Thanks for the commenter award!

  17. Anni,

    I am certainly going to have to look up some of Maguire's books. I like a good read and they sound great.

    I would love to read The Lady of Arlington. It sounds much like Mozart's Sister and Washington's Lady. Both of those books were fantastic and Just Jane is turning into a better read than I first thought.

    Thanks for all the great recommendations. I am going to keep my eye open for these.

    Have a terrific day and enjoy your weekend.

  18. I am not so interested in witches (being one myself, lol ! but the other books I like too. Civil war is very interesting and Helen Keller too !

  19. I'll try and tell you my idea,thank you for your introducing and for your nice visit on my blog.
    c u

  20. Oh, thanks for sharing. They sound really good.

    Brandee :-)

  21. I love reading, too! My favorite kind of books are cosy murder mysterys! Thanks for the award! How neat is this! Love and hugs Grams

  22. Hi hi -
    I read books every evening before I go to bed.
    It's more than a habit. It's a must.

  23. You certainly do a lot of reading. You must like books almost as much as my Hubby does. I love the little ladybugs running around.

  24. Hey Ladybug, your book looks fab, I
    don't read much during the summer,
    except blogs. I do love history,
    and tracking down family history.
    Have a great Friday and see you next

  25. I am now going to put Wicked on hold at the library. It is coming to Utah(where I live) in think in September--we're hoping to go. Thanks for sharing such fabulous books--I love to read, too. Have a great weekend. Julie

  26. Very interesting, I haven't heard of some of those authors.


  27. I need to read more books. And less blogs. Or maybe not. ??! :)

  28. Its interesting entry this week's theme. Happy weekend.

  29. What a wonderful collection of books, Anni! I'm pretty sure Phillip has "Wicked." I will have to take a look for it! Have a great weekend!

  30. I will have to check those out. I have never heard of these. Thanks for sharing :)

  31. I LOVE Gregory Maguire!!! I've read all his books with "Wicked" being my all time favorite! I even got to see the play on Broadway last May! Very different from the book though, but excellent! I love that I found someone else who finds his writing so captivating! I can't wait for his next!!!

  32. PS: I have The Grimmerie also, it's a piece of art!!!

  33. I just recently purchased a copy of Wicked but haven’t yet started to read it, but after reading your post … it may be my NEXT book … and the next time I’m visiting my favorite ‘used book pusher’ I’ll be checking for more of Maguire’s books.
    Hugs and blessings,

  34. When I saw the first pic at this post I went: OOOOOO Wicked! It's my all time favourite musical and I love the Grimmerie. I bought Maguire's book 'Wicked' last week when I was in London and I can't wait to start reading it... have to finish the 'pile next to the bed' first :)
    I've linked my name to my Wicked review blogpost!