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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I don't think there is a show n tell at Kelli's today being that it's a holiday for USA. Altho, I cleaned out a cupboard yesterday and while I had everything off the top shelf, I thought to myself "Why not take a picture of this stuff?" LOL

So, I share.

It's America's Independence Day today. And you can sure tell the gasoline prices still continue to skyrocket in cost. Why, just yesterday, the middle of the week mind you --Thursday, and midday even, the traffic on the main thoroughfare was bumper to bumper. I was silently asking myself "Doesn't ANYone stay home any more?" As I took an off ramp to get off and get me something to eat for lunch, I couldn't believe my eyes. Of course the light at the first intersection was red, but ohhhhhhh, the traffic! They were lined up behind the light from here to tarnation!!! It took me three light changes just to get to the intersection!! "Of course" I say ---"no one can afford to go on vacation anymore, so they've all taken the week off and they're staying at home"!! That explained it all.

And guess what? While I type this, it's raining!!! We need rain. It will probably put a damper on the celebrating and may even cancel the city's big fireworks display tonight, but we need the moisture. You won't hear me complaining!!! I can just HEAR our grass and plants outside sucking up the drops. And as some have perhaps noticed, I have had the Hurricane Watch button on my sidebar. I check this out daily -- and tho the first Atlantic Storm was Arthur, and piddled out before it became dangerous, we have another one, Bertha, out there just off the coast of Africa building up steam. According to the watch, it has a good potential of becoming a hurricane. Yet, the predicted path looks, right now, to head in the North and Northwest direction ---heading for the eastern seaboard of the USA. Let's just hope it also peters out!!

- - -

Just one photo today! But it's filled with the pleasures of warmth!

My Holiday Coffee Cup Collection. And oddly enough, I don't drink coffee!!! So, I've used them for hot chocolate, hot teas...and even once in a while a cup of juice.

Left to right --starting in the back row ---
My Musical Christmas cup [when tipped to your mouth, it plays music. Jingle Bells], hidden behind Dracula is my imported china Santa face cup, then the high cup is another Santa carrying his bag of goodies, next is Santa on the housetop, Santa in a wreath, Santa [with him perched on the cup's handle], a cup with a 'string' of Santas around the entire cup. [Next row left to right] - My Frankenstein cup, then Dracula [it's huge! This is my favorite for hot chocolate!], next is a lidded witch cup with her broom as a handle --for my witch's brew [tea], a Halloween scene is next with a ghostly handle, another imported china cup with Dracula's blood dripping down the rim, and then another witch mug. [Next row left to right] - my Easter cup...a bunny handle, my mother's day cup "Mother" [from Irene], 4th of July cup [the off white...with gold trim and fireworks in gold, red and blue], St. Patrick's Leprechaun, and one with different sized hearts for Valentine's Day. [Front row] Two for St. Patrick's Day --shamrocks and last is another Valentine's Day cup of hearts.


  1. Anni,

    I'm so glad it's raining there. Each time it rains here I've asked for a little rain for you. It took a while but it's finally raining for you. That's great. I know how badly your area needed rain, but I hope the hurricane peters out.

    I absolutely love your mug collection, especially the Santa's. You must have been collecting these for years.

    People here are staying home because of the gas prices as well. It is getting until no one can afford to go anywhere. I wonder if the oil companies realize that they are hurting the tourist industry. Well, of course they do and they don't give a fig.

    A beautiful post today. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll get your little gift out as soon as possible.


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. PS. Happy Indenpendence Day to you and Bud.

  4. Have a great 4th! Thanks for stoppin in. Your cups are cute!

  5. Interesting mug collection. Did you happen to catch the D-back game yesterday, or hear about it? They were down 5 - 0 starting the 9th inning. We gave up on them and went to the grocery store to buy a watermelon. We later learned they rallied in the 9th inning to make 6 runs and win the game. Wow! We were totally surprised, but thrilled.

  6. What fun things you have in your cupboard and on your blog! I'm glad you're getting rain, it seems there is much need almost every where right now. I am staying home, I was going to travel but the cost made me rethink so here I am and there's no place like home!

    Happy Independece Day to you Hootin Anni!

  7. I enjoyed seeing your cup collection. Glad you're getting some much-needed rain! We are staying home this weekend & having family over today and friends tomorrow.

    I had to laugh when you said in your comment on my blog to have a "peaceful" 4th of July. During the day it will be peaceful, but wait till tonight. In fact, for the past week we've had firecrackers going off, starting around 11:00 p.m. And they sound more like sticks of dynamite! Guess that's all part of July 4th.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Love your new header … and the cup collection. The little ladybug running across the bottom of the page is cute too (as is the one you’ve added by your ‘comments’ link. You’re oh so clever ;--)
    I wish we had rain today in So Cal because the 4th of July at the beach is just CRAZY every year. That said … I’ve survived it the last 29 years, so I suppose we’ll manage this year too. Molly’s ‘on edge’ with all the noise and fireworks and it’s not even 10am yet! Sheesh …
    Have I mentioned how much I love my new computer? LOL
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Happy 4th, and thanks for stopping by this morning! your new look is very cute! I relly love it! And your collection is somethin'! Blessings!

  10. Happy 4th Anni.
    I am goin to call you in about an hour anwser the phone.

  11. Wow! You did the mug thingy too. I'm glad you decided to do show & tell anyway. And rain: My Honey Bear just showed me the radar of a little while ago and it looked like a nice one coming our way but as we watched it just disappeared. So we may not get any but we sure could use it. As for the motorists, I've wondered the same thing myself. I've always tried to limit my outings and get as much done while out as I can but everytime I'm out, it seems everyone else is too. I'm going to fill up Monday and make another trip over to Alabma. I'm not sure how often I'll be going if the prices don't level out.
    Have a great weekend.
    Mama Bear

  12. Anni,

    I enjoyed seeing your holiday cups!

    You have a nice collection!

    Hope you're having a happy 4th!


  13. Hi there Anni: Happy Independence Day to you. We are visiting my daughter and family here in Toledo, Ohio, We are from Ontario Canada, and crossing over the bridge in the U.S. we were the only car coming over, and the line up was about 3 cars ahead of us. Now on theother side coming in Canada, it was bumper to bumper. Yes the gas prices are crazy even in Ontario.
    Love your mug collection, must have taken awhile to collect them all. Glad I stopped by your blog, have a fun day today...Mary

  14. Happy 4th of July to you and yours, dear Anni! Hope you've been having a fabulous day:-) I wish I could cross the border and go celebrate the day with you!!

    They were saying on the radio today that a lot of people have been buying swimming pools to enjoy during the summer because they can't afford to travel. As you say, it seems there's more traffic on the road these days, even with the gas prices being ridiculously high, but it's mainly because no one is gone away on holidays!!!

    Love your cup collection! I use to have cups for every season/occasion as well but a few months ago I got rid of them all except the one I use every day and some Christmas ones:-) xoxo

  15. I liked your post sweetie. Happy 4th of July. I love all the lovebugs.

  16. Happy "delayed" 4th of July ! Of course nobody knows about it here. I have been in Verona yesterday visiting the balconee of Giuletta and Romeo ! and a lot of other things of course. I showed one today it's so hard to upload ! it takes ages !

  17. Sorry Riccardo is my hubby's name, I created a blog to upload pictures, lol ! My quota is reached on my blogs ! It's me Gattina of course !!

  18. Your blog is a delight to read each week, your new look is lovely! I hope your week goes well. :)

  19. I am a coffee addict i drink three to four mugs of coffee in a day and love those coffee mugs except for the head mugs..very nice collection.