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It's time for my Tuesday meme....Heads or Tails. This week Barb [aka Skittles] has the option is:
HEADS - Anything starting with the letter O
as in:


Now, honestly, my family loves the 'hot and spicy'. The hotter and spicier the food is, the better it tastes/tasted. We even had a ritual when a new member joined the family. Seriously. And it involved jalapeno peppers. Grown in my father's acre garden yearly. You see, if you keep the seeds in the pepper when freezing or canning, the hotter they remain. We'd use jalapenos a LOT in cooking, snacking, eating. I have two sisters-in-law of the Spanish American descent, and one really knows how to cook! She has taught me how to make everything under the sun, including my own homemade tortillas...right up to fresh, homemade sopapillas! In fact she is the one that got us started with our 'love affair' with Mexican peppers and all their uses in some of the best meals this side of Timbuktu!!

Oh, the ritual was....picture this. My Dad at the dining room table, catching up on all the news we could use with family things, etc. In walks the 'new' person. We all gather around the table and just spend hours chatting, eventually bringing out the beers and the cards and playing while snacking. Soon, it's ritual time! Dad brings out the jalapeno peppers. He takes the whole pepper, seed and all, by the stem, and bites down. Consuming the whole thing. [There have been times his eyes would water and he'd break out in a sweat the pepper was so spicy!]. He'd then take a big swig of his icy beer that was sitting so conveniently at his side.

Then, as we all knew what would come next, except for the new guy, the test began....

"Here, try these Bud." "They're crisp, tender, juicy and delicious"...."Trust me.", as he hands Bud the jalapeno.

Bud or the new guy, would take my Dad's word for it, and bite in. We all sat in anticipation, waiting for the sweat to ooze and the tongue to swell with the heat, and then it hits!!!

Gulping and reaching for the beer..."WoW, that puppy's hot!"

And we all laughed.


There, you know now I grew up with spicy foods! And Bud and I are totally disappointed in the so called Mexican Food Restaurants AND the salsa and picante sauces that are found on the grocery shelves around here in south Texas. Why, they don't know what hot is. It's all mislabeled here. They have printed on the labels --"HOT" and has the red 'warning' lid/cap on the bottles. So the consumer knows it's hot and spicy. We laugh. The stuff doesn't even give us a buzz! Mild. Way too mild.

Until just the other day...

We're at H E B [a local grocery chain in Texas that began here in Corpus] store. I was just going up and down the aisles looking for 'munchies'. Nachos sounded fantastic. I pick up the 'low in fat' corn chips and some non fat refried beans. I was then thinking of making my own salsa. But, I spied this at the canned tomato section ----

It's store brand, but the label says "Extra Hot". I read the back side, actually just the ingredients to make sure there was no MSG in the processing. I didn't read the KIND of peppers used. But the extra hot got me. I thought, it'd be good for dipping and topping our nachos. I got it home, opened the can, drained the juice in a coffee cup. As I was making the salsa I sipped some of the juice....that's where the "O" comes in this week....

OMG!!! It burned, it burned all the way down. I could feel my innards heat up as the juice went down the esophagus. FIRE!!! Next two words spoken by me was "hory sh!t" [yes, hory, my tongue was stinging so badly the 'L' turned into an 'R'] Then, I turned the can around, clearing the tears away...reading more---

This is where I choked. As always, there is a 'need' to refrigerate the unused leftovers. BUT!! It also says at the bottom of the label to store in PLASTIC CONTAINER...I'M way José!!! it'd EAT right through the plastic!! Why, it even singed the hair out my nose!! Reason - Habanero peppers!!! [the hottest of all peppers]

But, oh was it all ever so good, after the first shock wave. VERY good. For caution's sake, I consumed some ice cream for dessert. And by next morning I was begging for the ice cream to hurry and pass through my system, believe me!!!


  1. You are truly one hot and spicy chick!!

  2. Anonymous7/07/2008

    Great story!!! It was too funny about your father and tricking new people into trying the really hot peppers (or chillies as we call them in Australia)

    My O is for Old and is up at my place:


  3. I can't take hot all!!..If it would of been me eating it I'd probably be dead!!!
    Love your new header and the cute cute lady bug!!

  4. You'd get along well with my husband. The hotter, the better. But he has the hardest time finding hot pepper foods up here in the far north. One year he planted his own peppers, but it didn't work out well. They need a long growing season.

  5. OMG! lol! that's one hot post!

    here's my HOT!
    hope to see you there.

  6. hehe - when I was five my grandpa and I had a pepper eating contest (Serranos) with seeds and all - they're slightly hotter than jalapeños. I won ;-)

    I've heard that you can make peppers hotter by growing them next to a hotter pepper. - Grow Habaneros next to jalapeños - hold hot jalapeño on a steeeeek ;-)

  7. That's hilarious!!!

  8. I'm from Texas, but you will never catch me eating habanero peppers! Ever! Now, my husband is a different story. The hotter the better. My O is organzing. Boring, I know. But,that's me. I like the look of your blog. And I see you have Achmed down here. Let me check it out.

  9. OMG....long and nice story ^_^

    Visit me in here Thanks

  10. Do you know, at first when I read your comment at Skittles, I thought you were going to talk about the "Big O". It was just the way you put it and I read it.

    Nice new graphics but you keep confusing me when you change things! LOL

    Hope you can stop by mine.

  11. *giggle* I love your family's initiation ritual! And I've uttered a "hory" or two in my time... that shock of whoa-that-really-was-hot-for-a-change is just overwhelming, isn't it? Great story!

    Happy HoT!

  12. Oh yes, the mighty habanero peppers. They will make hair grow on your chest!!! Funny story.

  13. Hory Fire Hose Batman, water me down!
    that's a great story.
    Loved it.

  14. LOL OMG!!! Not quite the post I was expecting...but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  15. Okay, that's just cruel... but funny.

    And you can have all that hot stuff. My heritage is more of the northern, cooler variety and that includes food!

    Mine is up at:


  16. Anni,

    Those habanero peppers would burn the lining out of my stomach. When I was young, I liked hot, spicy foods but now there's no way.

    Enjoyed the traditional ritual with the peppers. I can just see the new guy biting down on those.

    Have a wonderful day.

  17. What a perfect and creative take on the theme - I *LOVED* this post! I'm definitely more of a milder kind of girl when it comes to spice, but I'm glad you found something to knock your socks off since you like that kind of spicy kick. :)

  18. OHHHH, I love your new template!! (I was gone for two weeks so that's why I noticed it today for the first time!)
    OMG! that sounds hot!! I am a mild chicken, lol

  19. What a funny story about your Dad and your 'hory shit' moment. I think habaneros would kill me. I don't do the super hot stuff!

  20. I just cannot eat hot things!! Even if it has just a small jolt it is not the thing for me. i hurt afterwards so that is not a good thing. I think that some people like you were just brought up that way!! NOT me!! I guess I am just not the HOT TYPE!! smile
    I love your new look!!

  21. Definitely a HOOT!!! I'm a spice-a-holic myself ... if it doesn't singe my nose hairs, on the way in, bring tears to my eyes while there, and burn on the way out, it wasn't nearly hot enough!

  22. Sorry to be visiting a day late, but yesterday got away from me totally and I visited NO ONE so I’ll be catching up on HoTs (and other things) for a while. Dunno when I’ll get around to posting at Small Reflections myself, but I did post yesterday at Sacred Ruminations.

    I knew I liked you! I love Jalapeno peppers and spicy food too!!! Fortunately it’s fairly easy to find in Southern California ;--)

    Yea for Habeneros peppers!!! I enjoyed your ‘story’ (and the ice cream cure). It reminds me of my very first experience with HOT sauce at a local Mexican place as a tiny tot. Some might say it destroyed my taste buds, but methinks it simply set the tone for the rest of my culinary life. LOL

    This is a nifty change in comments. Looks like you've been playing (and weaving magic) again. I have so very much to learn ...
    Hugs and blessings,