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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

...and the saga continues. I hafta return at 8:30 a.m.[Tuesday] for jury duty. Alas!!

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This week's prompt for Heads or Tails is - Doctor

Doctors, huh? Everyone that knows me knows I don't like [but find them a necessity at times] the medical doctors! And I don't expect anyone to agree...this is just for my own personal views and my experiences. I don't like the idea that we humans are nothing but guenia pigs of their science. When drugs are issued to a patient on the basis of all the hypochondriacs who think they NEED drugs!! It's all a matter of trial and error, and too often [even if that error is one in a thousand] it's fatal error.
    from Yah** News:
    The increase in deaths was highest among baby boomers [because of prescription drug use], people in their 40s and 50s.

    "We're sort of drug happy," said boomer Dr. J. Lyle Bootman, the University of Arizona's pharmacy dean, who was not involved in the research. "We have this general attitude that drugs can fix everything."

I've learned over the years to question their integrity and education. Seriously. I experienced one nearly fatal Rx [and THAT constituted my decision to have the ablation --FIX the problem, and in turn not depend on any prescription drugs to keep the SVT under control...] in the last year that I am now finding myself literally refusing medication where, if I know I can work on the problem myself [if possible], I work on my own time to fix what ails me. Or what the ailment is, of course, if it's workable and doable withOUT medication, I will opt to not take them. I've spent too many long hours in ER and having tests run where they find the same thing over and over, and they all agree that I'm healthy for my age and my lifestyle. At one time, long ago, before I educated myself with the 'doctor's world' and pharmacy - I've been considered high risk at times, but I think of it this way: I'm at high risk getting behind the steering wheel, driving in traffic; even chewing there is a high risk of choking -becoming fatal! So, I need to question it all for my own piece of mind. I don't EVER want to live a life of being medicated to live a more 'painless' life. That, to me is NOT a life. Okay, one day, I'm at high risk --then the next time I have a doctor's visit, I'm as healthy as all get out...I don't get it!! Then, 'these medications will help you live longer'...then, in three months without even taking the so called 'cure-alls' [a choosing of my own accord with some strong words exchanged with my primary care physician] I'm now too healthy to even be seen by a doctor-'we'll keep tabs on your blood work' 'other than that, you're good to go'. And people who talk about all the medications they're constantly on "I can't talk right now, my meds are throwing me for a loop"..."These things [pills] are strong as all get out, my head is spinning, but they're sure working" ...hearing this talk, well, it just makes me cringe...there is MIND over matter ---even psychiatrists agree that the mind makes you think too much about physical pain-- Granted, there are physical things that need to be attended to by the care of these so called doctors of medicine, and I trust there are good ones out there, but learn to question their choices and advice before leaping into a cupboard full of Rx - [ask why? ask side effects, ask is this necessary, ask is there an alternative to drugs. BeFORE you end up in ER with a near-fatal allergic reaction like I did]... Oh well, it's all personal preferences and thoughts.......

Enough of that. On with my Head or Tails. It's a little boasting on my part. hehehe Now this doctor will be on the top of my list. He has been since 1972! Altho, right now, he's taking a year off from his mark in life, he will be and is determined to have the title "Doctor" behind his name. This year, while he's on 'sabbatical' from highering his education to that very title, he is going to be in Argentina for the month soon. This is long over-due vacation-he hasn't been on a vacation other than a long weekend here and there since 1994. Since high school, then entering the United States Marine Corps and being discharged Corporal, he moved out to Houston Texas and has gone to college part time at night while working long hard hours during the day to pay for his education. Last year, he graduated with his masters degree in Economics, history and education. He's now a professor of social science and English as a 2nd language and remains working as a real estate/insurance investor advisor. In the near future he will begin working on his PhD in Economics and History. Then, more than likely in 2010 I will be able to say our son...the doctor!!

Our son, receiving his Master's Degree from University of Saint Thomas [the only Catholic, private, university in the area] in Houston.


  1. i am FIRST!! That is something unusual!! You sound like you like doctors about the way my hubby does. He says that they call it "the doctor's practice" and he says that is exactly what they are doing PRACTICING!!! He is something else when it comes to the doctor stuff. Me, well I just go when i absolutely have too. Hope all is back to normal from the hurricane. Sandy

  2. I so agree with what you had to say about doctors and their prescriptions!! Having had a few really bad reaction to prescriptions I had been given, I'm now very leery of what I do take and like you, if I can get through the problem with no pills, etc, then that's what I do. The whole problem is that doctors tend to treat everyone with the same drug...but not everyone reacts the same to it and that's where the problems start!!

    You have every right to be proud of your son, I wish him all the very best of luck with his future achievements! xoxo

  3. You must be VERY proud of your son Anni! What awesome achievements in academics :) Happy HOT day!!

  4. I'm the same way. I *hate* going to the doctors. >:( Thanks for sharing this Tuesday!

  5. Yea... Drs. don't know everything! They only THINK they do! Ahem... EXCEPT of course for ... Eric! He'll know EVERYTHING! LOL!

  6. Anni,

    I seldom go to the doctor unless it is absolutely necessary. I am diabetic so have to go at least every 3 months for my diabetic meds. I've tried natural remedies, but my sugar levels are too high and they don't seem to work for me. I hate taking the meds and often forget at least one dose during a day.

    You're right. I've seen what drug reactions can do. My aunt has had several of them and each time near fatal. With her cancer being so bad, they wanted to do a test that required dye to be injected. She knew she was allergic to the dye, so they gave her meds to stop the reaction. It did work, but she was very leary.

    Doctors don't like to be questioned, but question them I do. At this time I'm on Celebrex for my excruitiating arthritis pain in my legs. However, I don't like the list of side effects and am going to be asking if there is an alternative.

    Sorry you have to go back for jury duty again tomorrow. Hoping they release you.


  7. Gday Dear Anni. I used to hate going to Doctors,every time I used to go The first thing ask do you need any pain killers Bad back.before asking whats the prob today . Now its a different story I have to have reg check ups blood tests Etc..

  8. Anonymous7/28/2008

    I hurt my foot about 8 months ago and went to see the doctor. He sent me for x rays and then said he wanted to give me a cortisone injection. I objected and so we tried something else. It hasn't improved after several visits, expensive tests and now I am visiting a podiatrist who was really please I didn't accept the injection. He thinks he can help me with out the use of cool. (The fact he is drop dead gorgeous to look at helps alot too.)

    I couldn't decide on one entry for HoT so I submitted two. Dr Hackenbush and
    My Favourite Doctor


  9. You are a wise woman.

  10. Congrats to the doctor-to-be on graduation from St. Thomas. That is no small feat!

  11. Regarding medical doctors: You're right to be wary. But more importantly, be informed. I never go to see my doctor if I haven't thoroughly researched my "complaints" to come up with some possible diagnoses to discuss. And I don't just accept a band-aid "cure". I want to know what's wrong and if there's any hope of it getting better before I start taking pain relievers and what not. Because if you don't know what you're treating, and you just start administering medication, you're not going to fix anything. I'll just be in a drug-induced haze indefinitely (or until I get better on my own, but then why do I need the doctor?).

    Regarding your son: Wooo! I myself am struggling with defining what level of education I have achieved. Does a JD make me a "doctor"?


  12. just dropping by to say hi!

  13. Congrats to your son! HOW AWESOME. . . and I'm with you on the whole pills, Rx's etc. I hate taking them and I HATE HATE how doctors just throw this or that drug as a way (in my opinion) of saying, 'I know it all, I'm a doctor, take this and it will be okay" Pa-shaw! I agree, there are things that can be necessary, but question question and question the doctor again. I truly believe in mind of matter and that people psych themselves to thinking they need the hundreds of medications they are on. I often wonder if they got off and back to their self before these drugs, if they'd need them at all. Again, I don't want to undermine those who need things for specific reasons or to keep them alive, etc. I'm just saying. . . I agree with you.

  14. Wow! Very informative.
    I think I should have posted about my nephew's condition. He did not want to go to school and told his Mom that he was having knee pains.The doctor gave him some steroids.It turned out that the child was just lying about it. He did not want to go to school and made up some diseases.

  15. wow that is great news about your son. you must be very proud. the picture is really nice

  16. Dear Anni ~~ I agree with much of what you said about doctors and only go three monthly for the
    check on diabetes. Your son has done really well
    and you must be a very proud Mom. Thanks for your comments. I posted photos a little while ago. And I am pretty good at forgetfulness myself. Take care. my friend, Love Merle.

  17. What an interesting article about ‘drugs’ reinforcing my own views on the subject. I could rant on and on, but choose not to. I’d rather congratulate you on raising such the wonderful DOCTOR your son has become! What an appropriate ‘celebration’ for this week’s HoTs theme!!! I’m delighted you enjoyed MY ‘take’ on today’s theme too ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. I'm learning more and more about you, Annie, as time goes on. I didn't know your son is studying to be a doctor. Congratulations to him and to you and the rest of the family. You must be very proud of him.

    It is hard to find a doctor you can trust. I have one now that I like, but she is not a "detail" person, which can cause problems for the patient. For example, sometimes she gets my prescriptions wrong, and I'm the one who has to call and get it straightened out.

    Let us know if you end up serving on a jury. Hope it won't be a murder case. I would hate to have to serve on one of those.

  19. What an awesome story for HorT about your son. I think it would be pretty awesome to call any of my kids Doctor!

  20. I'm with you! I take NO drugs and I'm 63! I do take prednisone every 2 oer 3 years as needed for lupus, but now it is remission and has been for a long time! My mother was addicted to pills! She had a pill for everything! I made up my mind that I would never be like that!!!

    My son finished his 4 years of per-med and also carried a second major of accounting. He was accepted in the Early Acceptance Program at MUSC here in SC in Charleston, and then dedided he wanted to remain with accounting. So he went the 5th year to get his Master's, and now he and my daughter are both CPA's. I am glad your son is continuing with his medical career! That is wonderful!!!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  21. I agree - stay away from medication unless it's proven absolutely necessary.

    You must be so proud of your son the almost doctor!