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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

My 'childhood memory' Fun Monday is found below this. I thought I'd share our walk on Sunday morning before our traditional brunch/breakfast out. This past week, the coastline/shoreline in our city's Gulf Bays had disappeared completely. We've had high winds and coastal flooding which made the beaches vanish!! The water's edge came clear to the dunes on the shore and everyone was given warnings to stay away because of dangerous currents. There is a promise that all will be back to 'normal' before this weekend's over. Hopefully.

Anyway, instead of our usual beach walk, we took a jaunt around a local lake. They call it a lake, I guess maybe it is...but to me it's more a pond. But it's a pretty area, with a lot of twisty, winding-trunk mesquite trees at the water's edge. And a bit of waterfowl that you don't see along the beaches. Ducks and geese! And tons of turtles. Sometimes I see people fishing from the bird watch platform, but I don't think I'd want to eat any of the catch of the day out of the 'skanky' water. LOL

But, again, it's a pretty area...tranquil on a Sunday morning. Here are the photos I have to share [all photos have mouseover captions!]---


Molly is our hostess this week. She asks of us to recall a childhood memory...

When I was growing up, my brothers had bicycles. My sister wasn't interested in that kinda thing [she was already into boys by the time I was old enough to ride a bike!] So, I didn't even have a chance to get a 'hand me down' from her.

I begged my dad [he was the bread winner of our family -every time we wanted something we had to 'go to him' to speak our piece and ask.] to get me a bike. You know the plea! "But dad, everyone on the block has a bike but me!" When his response was "Ride one of your brothers' bikes". Mine was: "I can't ride a boy's bike!" [Just for the fact it would be embarrassing to me, not for the fact I couldn't --- I learned on a boy's bike; from my brothers' tutelage.]

I was even selected by class mates to compete in a Saturday 'bike-a-thon' that was sponsored by the city's police department. The prize was a new bike!! I remember her name and her looks still today. She was Kathy. From a rich family, but you'd never know it from her demeanor...she was a very sweet girl, and our friendship grew through the years as we lived close enough to go to the same school and lucky enough to get the same grade-school teachers each year! She was a 'toe head' like blond our hair was platinum. She wore black rimmed glasses and about my height but a shade taller than I was back then!

She offered HER brand new bicycle for my use in the competition. The competition was held in the school's parking lot and extended back into the playground. With an obstacle course. The best score won a bike of their choice [well, kinda...either girls or boys --the two bikes were on display!]

Now, you think I'm gonna tell you I won?!! Well, I didn't. I came in third [seems I always came in third when it came to contests! I still do. LOL] I had a terrible time controlling it because it was the 'new improved' bikes of the era...and had the brakes on the handlebars...I was used to the pump backward on the bike's pedals to stop or slow down. Okay...

Weeks passed by. Back in those days, when crime wasn't so terrifying and you felt safe to walk from home to school and back again, I left the school grounds and walked the distance of about 8 city blocks [now a days measurement...we lived in the foothills so it was just a road I walked along] to reach home. Our house had a huge covered porch! As I walked around the corner of the road to get to the house a bit farther down the lane...there on the porch was a brand new shiny blue girl's Schwinn bicycle! All mine!!!

My dad came through for me. He got me my bike! There was ONE stipulation with the bike tho...I still had to work for it! My parents never gave us anything on a whim. They both believed that you 'get nothing in life for free, it had to be earned!' All summer that summer, I had to get up early with the sun, and weed the garden. And it wasn't just a suburbia type garden!!! We're talking nearly an acre!!! I grew up learning all kinds of things about gardening and what to do to eliminate a lot of the hard labor in the 'job'!!! But boy howdy!!----------the neighborhood knew Anni had a spiffy new bike in no time!!! [Before the first day was over with my new 'gift' dad, when he came home, had to lower the seat some!]


Thank you, kind hearted Mary!!!


  1. Thank you Anni for sharing your bicycle memories for the Fun Monday crowd. As I read your post, I was remembering the fond memories of learning to ride my sister's blue Schwinn bicycle. Coming in third is not so bad. Silver and Bronze Olypmic medalist, Michelle Kwan, said after not winning the gold medal, "I won the Silver Olympic Medal. I did not lose the Gold."

  2. Great story Anni, I remember being in the opposite position. I had a perfect little girls bike with bells and tassles and even a little basket for my doll. And of course all I wanted was a boys bmx bike because my cousin had the latest one (she had brothers) and they were so much more fun to ride!

  3. Anonymous6/08/2008

    Anni,thanks for sharing the photos and memories.
    i hope that you are haveing a great day. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  4. WOW the first bike of your own, and how wonderful to have such a friend growing up.

    Thanks for sharing. I also enjoy the walk around the lake/pond.

  5. Anonymous6/09/2008

    Hey! My first bike was blue but now new. It came from the city dump and I beamed with joy as you did with yours. Thank you for your memories.

  6. What a nice souvenir ! I got a bike but don't remember when and why all I remember is it was red !

  7. I loved this story about your bike because just like you my bike was my prize!! I did not have to work for it like you did but I sort of wish that I had. You learned the value of a dollar and how things did not come FREE!! GREAT lesson for you. I simply LOVED my bike. Now I see my grands getting them right and left..I wonder how is that. I had the same one for years upon years. Hm!! Sandy

  8. Hi Dear Anni, enjoyed all your pics on your walk around the lake.
    nice story about how you got your new blue bike..In my family Mum used to say to us. girls dont ride bikes only boys.the boys had to earn there bikes by doing the daily paper rounds. the girls helped Mum with chores im 1 of 7 .it was hard those war years..

  9. Oh, how this story brought back memories of my first bike. Thanks.

    Sorry I've not been by lately. Once I arrived home from OK, grandkids descended upon us. Blogging seems a thing of the past for me.

  10. Wow, it sounds like you have a very special family. Loved your story.

  11. It's about the fishin' -- not the eatin' (at least I know that is the way it is with my hubby)

    I remember those long rows I had to weed in our garden - (and the jars and jars of canned stuff in the fruit house), and finally getting a bike, too. I think I may have paid for it with my strawberry pickin' money.

    Nice post Hootin!

  12. Anni,

    That is a beautiful story about your bike. I never had a new bike until I was an adult. Dad knew I wanted one, so he got my uncle, who picked up bike parts from the dump, to make me on. It was several bikes put together to make a new one and painted blood red. I loved it.

    I loved taking the walk with you. Yes, that is a gaggle of geese. I love the turtles and all of the wildlife. It is a beautiful area.

    Take care, Anni. I'm off upstairs. *sigh* I need another day off. LOL


  13. Anni, I love your bicycle story. Sounds like you had a great upbringing :0)
    I'm so glad that shiny new bike was there for you to enjoy. Love all the photos the bike, the ducks, turtles etc....

  14. Anni that's a lovely story and I'm sure that the fact that you earned that bike must have made you appreciate it all the more.

  15. Yes, bicycles were a big part of the youthfull past. They added to the pace of life.

  16. What a good friend to loan you her bike for the competition, Anni. In my book BOTH of you were winners and apparently your parents thought the same.

    Are you still in touch with your childhood friend?

  17. What a fantastic story! I did think you were going to say you won the bike - I liked the real ending better!

  18. Great story! Thanks for sharing. My first bike? A blue used boys bike I got for my fifth birthday. I loved it.

  19. Thanks for commenting on my Fun Monday. Seems like Google is making it hard to find me- or it could be my expertise-- not sure which. I love your new background. Is this to commemorate your son's coming home. I love red, white and blue and flags but then I was born on flag day. Have a great week. I love visiting your blog.

  20. Your bike memory was so sweet, and your dear friend was, too. Thanks for sharing such a sweet memory.

    I didn't get my first "new" bike until I was married several years. I used my brother's and sister's hand-me-downs, though I did get a ten speed of my own at a garage sale when I was in high school.

  21. Brill story, and how cool that your classmates gave you the chance to win one. I tmust have been amazing to come home and see that waiting for you on the porch. And your walk looks stunning.

  22. my first bike was a schwinn too (wasn't everyone's? lol) and i remember when i could take off the training wheels and ride for real!

    thanks for sharing this story. it brings back some happy childhood memories of my own!

  23. Great story--my bike had a banana seat; very cool, huh?

  24. wow! I bet that bike was so special to you, you had to work so hard for it, i bet it was worth it, thanks for sharing

  25. what a great memory Anni...we also had to "earn" life's little extras as kids...funny my kids have to "earn" their stuff also...hmmm...

  26. Great story Anni, your first bike is a high-light in most kids lives.

  27. My sisters were also much older than I am and I had to wait "forever" for a bike!

    PS: I LOVE your new layout!!!!!