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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

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I'm going to get a little carried away with the posting for a few reasons. Not only my two show n tells, but how I came about getting them...a little side trip outside of town, and ebay.

I will start off with my new china nesting cup set. I just got it yesterday. You see, we've been having our carpeting cleaned all week. The ones we had come out to do it, will not move any furniture. Which is understandable to me for many purposes, mainly for insurance for the company. For that, I've asked them to come out several days this week to give us a chance to take out some furniture for each room. And early Bud and I moved stuff out of the rooms that wasn't too heavy, then they shampooed. When they were done, we left to keep from tracking around on the wet carpets. Yesterday was the last room...the dining room; and the smaller hallway. When they were done, we had ourselves ready to leave as soon as they left. We ended up taking a short trip outside the city, up north about 40 or so miles along the coast. To Rockport. It's a favorite of mine. It's very's a fishing village more or less. There is a maritime museum there. We stopped there and spent an hour or two. [got a few photos which I'll share at another time] Then, went to lunch. Afterwhich, we ended up back in the car and driving just a bit further up the highway to Fulton, Texas. There is an historical mansion there that has tours on some days of the week. [also some photos of this mansion will come at a later date]

When we got there, it was locked, but the tour would start in just about 15 minutes from our arrival. So, we ventured out and around the historic gardens and the carriage house, etc. When the tour was completed; about an hour...I stopped in to look at the 'toys' they had for us. Souvenirs. I spied this beautiful nesting cup set [above photo]. Hadda have it!!

- - -

Now my e bay winning bid!

No where in town can you find anything that is of any particular political party. We did get a 'hand sign' when we attended the Obama Rally in February. I had the privilege of shaking Senator Obama's hand. I was fortunate to have him sign my book of his. But the only time I saw any political T-shirts was back in February at the rally. And being that we attended the rally with thousands of people in one auditorium, I took no cash with me. I was kicking myself. Well, not really. The simple white t-shirts with his slogan was going for $25; some higher in price. That's not for me. Oh, I suppose if I had the cash on me, I probably would have got one. But I didn't. Then, after the I said, no where in town were they selling. The online store at his website has them...but again, they really weren't what I would have liked. I was determined to find something tho. So, I went out on e bay. A woman had one that was 'shiny'. No sparkly as in glitter, but shiny. I loved it. Not only did she have them in the size I needed [they're new with the tags on them], I got it for under $20!! AND!----the shirt is 3/4 length sleeves. Now, I really liked that. Different! I love different. I'm now a proud owner of a really cool Obama shirt!


  1. Oh my ! carpet cleaning how awful ! I knew that too for years ! but 10 years ago we had taken all the carpet out and put tiles and parquet in I was fat up of moving the furniture, lol ! I wonder why this woman sold the Obama T-shirt ? Maybe she switched to the Repubicans, lol ! it looks nice and new !

  2. Anni,

    I'm glad that your carpet cleaning is complete. That is a big job, but it is always nice to have it done. Everything looks sparkling clean. When the living room carpet gave up the ghost, I opted for laminate. So much easier to clean and I love the look of wood floors.

    Your china tea set is awesome. I love it and am glad you picked it up.

    Your Obama shirt is lovely with all that glitter. I'm sure you will wear it with pride.

    Dwight agrees that the world is not ready for me to be cloned. LOL That gave me a chuckle. I love your sense of humor.

    Take care and have a great weekend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. Carpet cleaning is such a chore -- we need to get that done, too. I am not looking forward to moving all that furniture around!!

    I love the tea sets -- so pretty!

  4. Carpet cleaning is always a big hassle. I really need to get mine done soon. I love your little tea for one set...such a pretty pattern! Have a great weekend!

  5. Just doing some blog hopping and wanted to say hi!

    Also? That shirt is the bomb.

  6. Love the cute tea pot set!!

    I'm not an Obama fan, but it's a nice T-shirt and that's why we have elections, right!!!! We all have our choices and thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Oh I so need new carpeting in my home in Seattle area. I can see what a nightmare it will be having to move furniture. Yikes...
    Love the tea cup and pot combo so pretty! Enjoy...

  8. Hate have carpets cleaned. We bought a nice steam cleaner to do it ourselves. Actually for my husband to do himself. I wouldn't want to tackle it. But - it is a big bother to do it yourself too. Wish they made carpets that didn't get dirty.
    Love your tea set. Am looking forward to seeing the pictures you took.

  9. I love the tea cup it is so beautiful and thanks for visiting my site, I always look forward to reading one of your comments on my blog it is so up lifting, I also need to have my carpets shampooed but we have been so busy, I will try to get around to it in the next couple of weeks, have a great weekend....

  10. Your tea set for one is so pretty. I would have HAD to have it too! Thanks for stopping to you soon!

  11. Hi Anni, I love your nesting tea cute and charming it is....thanks for your visit to my place today... have a great day..

  12. Thanks for stopping my place today. I always love your comments.

    And I think your newest teaset is adorable. I de believe I'd have my carpets cleaned more often if I could be sure I'd find such nice treasures too!

  13. Oh i love those tea pots that go on the tea cup... too cute. Glad to see you were able to get a shrit that you liked :)

  14. Anni,that is a nice tea ste. I hopw that you have a great weekend. Big time hugs and God's blessings headed your way! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  15. Anni, beautiful little tea cosy and cup... And that Obama tee shirt - Oh I'm so jealous! :)

  16. My carpet cleaning. We only have a very few carpets left. i like my wood floors the BEST!! i can clean them very easily!!
    I love your teapot buy!! Beautiful. Sandy

  17. The nesting tea set is so pretty.
    How wonderful that you had these outings as a result of the carpet being cleaned.
    I wanted to replace the carpet in our two spare bedrooms but it isn't worth moving the furniture so when we sale, we'll just have to include a carpet allowance.
    Mama Bear

  18. You are very lucky to have met Obama. I am for him, too.
    Great Show and Tell.

  19. Love the tea cup and pot!

  20. Ooooh I just love your new nesting cup set, it's gorgeous!! It was a great idea to go out on a little day trip while the carpets were drying. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures and reading more about that trip:-)

    Isn't eBay the greatest thing...there's nothing one can't find on there! lol Love the Obama tshirt you got from there. Will we see a picture of you posing with it on?? hehe

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Love ya! xoxo

  21. You know what's funny? well, not really. . . but I was sitting down to google a carpet cleaning company as the carpets here are AWFULLY dirty and decided to read your post first. Alright, not too funny, just ironic you were talking about carpet cleaning. Anywho, I love the cute tea set you got and the fun Obama shirt! I can't wait to see photo's of all the fun places you visited while out for a drive! :)

  22. Hi Anni,

    Thanks for visiting my site today. I love your tea set - very dainty. I also like your shirt, quite razzle-dazzle-ie! :) Have a great weekend.

  23. I love the little tea cup and pot and I sure do love that Obama shirt!! I'll have to get one of those for myself!

    Have a great weekend!


  24. I need to clean my carpets, yuck. I love your teapot set, very lovely.

  25. I love your tea pot, so pretty.

    Speaking of carpet cleaning, mine are in desperate need of it!

  26. I love the nesting tea cups. You have a very interesting blog! I'll have to spend some time looking around!

  27. Positively would have to grab that
    tea set if I would of been on your
    little trip. I am enjoying your
    patriotic topper!

  28. I gave those little nesting tea sets for helpers at my daughter's wedding - so cute. And now they have them at the new sweet shop in our town - I'm going to Show and Tell the shop sometime soon.

    I'm not an Obama fan at all, but if I were, I'd like that sparkly shirt!

  29. Oh wow - I LOVE the shirt!!!

    GO OBAMA!!

  30. So long sucka -- haha. Nice!

    Happy UM. And thanks for stopping by! ;)

  31. hoooodeeeee. I love those kinds of teacup thingies. I have one I got in Canada at the Border. It was made in England. But the cup has a slight crack in it--which came from drinking hot tea---it made me really kindof put out--the tea pot is fine---but I wanted to use them together. It is bone china--It should not have done that cracking. It is just a hairline area. Now I love Ebay too--it is great for finding hard to find items and clothes too. I wanted some long dresses and was able to find some nice ones and they fit!! YES!! Have a great weekend.

  32. I really like your teacup.