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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Hula Girl has challenged us with going through our closets in search of something of sentimental value...something we just can't part with on any terms. This is rather difficult since I love to shop and I clean my closets out twice a year and get rid of things I don't wear. Let me see....[insert rubbing my chin with my fingers and a perplexed look on my face-searching] ----

Oh wait...I thought of something. Actually, a 'couple of somethings'. It's my baseball [and one pro football team] fetish! I have baseball caps from 'my teams' where I have lived and attended ball games. And some team logo t-shirts I have worn to the games! Not much to really get all over-whelmed at the value, but I'm a team-backer, and love baseball. So, they remain in my closet until they rot from over-wear or old age whichever comes first. I have given some away to my grandsons who both love baseball too, but I have kept some of my favorites. And the second would be my holiday 'wearables'. I have some for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas [no photos tho, 'cause they're way in back of the closet right now 'til the holidays get closer]. I never get rid of them either.

So, here we go ---ready?

I happen to be wearing this from my closet--it'll never be tossed! It's a
Texas Longhorn™
[University of Texas]
tank top!

[all photos have mouseover captions]

I have more Broncos™ and Rockies™ shirts since I lived there most of my life, and a few more ball caps such as the 'Cancer' pink ones and one that is green for St. Patrick's day Rockies, and a stuffed "Dinger" - the Colorado mascot and a stuffed vintage Denver Bronco™ teddy bear [with the old logo --instead of the horse it's a BIG "D"]. Also, I don't have any of the new color for the team the Arizona D'Backs --sonoran red and desert tan...I like the purple and teal team colors from the 'old days' better.

- - -

Last week, with Fun Monday's theme - walls [this should open in a new window] , I showed the wooden cross [4th photo down] that Bud had carved for me after I begged him to carve one when he was finished making the 1st one for our son, Erik. I liked it so much...well, I wanted one too. I had mentioned that the whole cross idea had come from Guns n Roses Album cover [since Erik loved Guns n Roses --so did I, and still do - especially November Rain, Sweet Child of Mine, Patience, and Civil War!] A few who know my email had asked me from what album, here is the image Bud used to create the crosses.

Guns N Roses
"Don't Cry"


I've been meaning to add this to my blog entries for some time now and finally, I remembered to show it with great pride! I want to thank Jeanette at Jen's Chronicles for thinking of me as she handed them to all of us! You, my dear Jen, are a treasure. And the fact that you gave it to me is truly an honor! Thank you very much!


  1. Congrats on the sweet award! I loved seeing the team t-shirts and hats from your closet! I have old shirts, etc that I can NOT part with either no matter how worn they are!

  2. You kept quite a few things but no wedding dress either. I kept and keep nothing. When I am fat up with something I give it away.
    It was interesting to know from what Bud took his inspiration for this lovely cross !

  3. You are such a cool lady, I love you my friend.

  4. Thanks for the album cover picture. I rather like November Rain. In fact, I am humming the tune right now. I always enjoy my visits to your you offer more summer recipes.

    The shirts and caps do make a nice collection.

  5. The work of cleaning out the closet twice a year is to followed at some time in the future. Sports team stuff is fun.

  6. I have some Longhorn wear too! My 4 year old will even do the Longhorn's sign. Thank you Aunt who lives in Austin.......

  7. I wish I were disciplined enough to clean out my closet regularly. As you can tell by my post I don't turn loose of much. Thanks for playing along on Fun Monday. Oh, and November Rain is on my iPod.

  8. Go Sooners ! Beat those Longhorns !

    Boomer Sooner
    Boomer Sooner...repeat many times
    I was Sooner born
    And Sooner bred
    And when I die
    I'm Sooner dead.
    Rah Oklahoma
    Rah Oklahoma
    Rah Okla-hooooom-a

    Isn't that such an intellingent sounding fight song?
    I thought you would enjoy it!

    Are the Rockies still dead last? Even so, I love wearing my purple jersey and cap.

  9. Anni,

    I can't believe I missed your Sunday post. I took a day of rest yesterday and actually spent a couple of hours on the phone talking to my aunt, then a half hour to my brother, then my sister - they all called me and then the day was pretty much over.

    Loved your Sunday post. I have been trying to get the rain to go due south to Texas, but so far I've had no luck. It just isn't listening to me. LOL

    All of your beautiful keepsakes are things that are treasures to you. I'm glad you are keeping them.

    Take care, my friend. Have a wonderful week.
    Blessings and hugs,

  10. Hook 'em horns!!! :-)

    Great stuff! You're obviously quite a fan!

  11. Don't let my daughter see that stuffed diamondback - she'll want one!

    Great collection.

  12. A UT shirt! You are so my friend!

  13. Great post with a little bit of everything!

  14. I love all the sport memorabelia. I always think items we keep for any amount of time are kept for the memories and feelings they inspire in us. And the summer recipes are yummy.

  15. Anonymous6/23/2008

    I'm not a big sports fan but you have quite a collection.

  16. Wonderful idea today! I considered something similar briefly … then realized I couldn’t remember any movies (or lines from them) and abandoned the topic for something else. It’s up at Small Reflections … along with today’s Fun Monday post. I’ll be YOU have a Fun Monday post too … so I’ll check before moving on.
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. You are a true fan! I don't think I have any sporting team shirts anymore...

  18. You're not a sports fan are ya? ;) Great collection of shirts!

  19. will not let me leave a comment, I had said that I cannot wait to see your halloween costume, love the baseball caps and shirts

  20. Nothing wrong with an all American fetish Anni! I'm still thinking about that sonoran red and desert tan combo for the D-backs. Sounds like a very painterly combo--but still doesn't appeal to Anni Artist?

  21. Sorry I didn't get here to comment sooner! I can't believe your a Broncos fan - that kills me! (I am a Browns fan and had to live through John Elway - oooh those were long, bad years!)

    Had fun looking at all your stuff, though!

  22. I have lots of old t-shirts too. But mostly they have too many holes in them for me to show them to the world wide web. Yours look great!

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