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Please note: Talk To Grams has been having problems with Blogger and she asked me to let everyone know that Nancy has had two units of blood - transfusions overnight at the hospital. She is at the hospital now...please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.


As always, I have three items in one blog entry on Sunday's. Today is no different. Green Thumb Sunday, Unconscious Mutterings, and my Sunday Snippet....
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These three photos show one of our two crepe myrtle trees in bloom. This one, the 'hot pink' is always the first to bloom, while the smaller bush in front of it is lavender...still yet to bloom, but getting buds....


Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
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She says ... and I think ...
  1. Purchase :: No purchase Necessary, Details Inside!

  2. Squeaky clean :: Hair

  3. Blended :: Smoothie

  4. Wednesday :: Hump Day

  5. Function :: Keys

  6. Look down :: Snub

  7. July? :: Christmas in- [July]

  8. Raspberry :: Black Tops ['nother name for Black Raspberries]

  9. Assertive :: Pushy

  10. Cracker :: Barrel


I have two things for my snippet today. One is to pay tribute to my late father. Today is father's day, I will be thinking of the good times, the laughter, the heart ache, the strict disciplinarian, the teacher, my mentor; the wonderful man that he was----

[captioning with mouseover]

And the second part of the snippet is, yesterday afternoon, after working in the yard a while [until it got blistering hot] --and the laundry was nearly done, Bud was busy watching one of my all time 'worst' cable stations [Sci Fi], I read some of the many books I've started so I could cool down from the outdoor heat. I soon got bored. I took a shower to rid myself of the sweat and mud from working outdoors planting three new plants in the back yard ---and I took myself to see Kung Fu Panda. Our son called me last week and told me it was an excellent movie. I asked: "Is it better than Shrek?" He answered: "Well, no, but nearly as good." Like I said I was bored staying home. So off I went by myself. And I'm glad I did! This was not as good as the Shrek movies. I thought it's so much BETTER! [...and believe me I LOVE Shrek!] The art work is breathtaking. The oriental theme and the pagodas and the light effects are astounding. [Usually when it's an animated film like this, I find myself watching and normally in awe of the art work. But this was just plain tops!] Okay, I love everything Oriental anyway...but wow, the two cats, the tigress and the snow leopard...mesmerizing. The Mantis...the monkey, the master ---just, what can I say. It's stupendous. Right down to the queue behind Master Shifu's head [I believe he's a red panda! --adorable. Voice over for the Master is Dustin Hoffman!] A great family film. Both for kids and for adults alike. Go see it. It's worth the price. If you can't find the extra cash...make sure you rent it when it's on DVD. I really don't think you'll be disappointed!!! It's now on my 'to buy list!'

[panda photo courtesy of IMDB site]


  1. Hmmm ... can I really be first or are you 'monitoring comments' today? Multi-tasking is kewl ;--)

    Love the photos of your crepe myrtle trees … so beautiful! Laughed aloud at your 1st muttering response and thought #2 most creative. Seems we agree (sort of) on #3. Mine are up at Small Reflections. Had to look twice at your dad’s photo because he reminds me of MY dad. Thanks for the film review. I may have to get myself to the theater … or wait for it on cable?
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Your dad was only two years older then mine. He was born in 1914 and died 1998. Not a big loss for me sad to say.
    You really made me curious now about Kung Fu Panda, I heard a lot of it always very positive but didn't know at all what it really was. Thanks for the link I watched the trailer and it looks really cute ! It's not yet in the cinemas in Belgium, we always have to wait until the movies are translated into french ! I prefer watching the original language but it doesn't come out earlier.

  3. Great memories of your father. I never know when it is going to be the LAST FATHER'S day for my dad. He will be 90 in August and is having problems with his memory. I so hate seeing that happen to him. We always think of our dads as big strong rough guys and then when the other happens ...well you know...


  4. Visiting Unconscious Mutterings: Love your answers~especially #1-#7-#10. I can't believe I didn't think of Cracker Barrel-we go there often!
    My mutterings are here.

    Have a great day!

  5. Great mutterings. #6 is very original :)

  6. Thanks for dropping by my site. I love your answer for purchase. And smoothie is good! You have wonderful mutterings there!

  7. Love your mutterings! Thanks for visiting mine! Happy Sunday!

  8. I like your UM answers for purchase and cracker.

  9. The crepe myrtle trees are beautiful! How long do they bloom?

    Christmas in July is always fun and the weather is usually nicer to travel in!

  10. They say crepe myrtle trees will grow in Arizona, but I've never seen one in a garden here, so I've never purchased one. There must be a reason no one grows them!
    A nice tribute to your dad on Father's Day. He looks very dapper in his white buckskin shoes.

  11. Beautiful pictures! I can almost smell that sweet aroma! Happy GTS!

  12. I like your number one :)

  13. I am home now and Kelly is staying with her for a while. I will go back in the morning! Thanks so much for posting about Nancy!! I appreciate this so Much!!! Love and hugs, Carolyn

  14. Anni, what is Hump Day, may I ask?

    Now you have convinced me to see Kung Fu Panda. My children have the toys of this movie from McDOnald's Happy Meals and of course, these would be better appreciated if they are able to watch the movie :)

    Have a great week!

  15. Anni,I will keep Mary in my Prayers.

    The flowers look Great.

    That is a great tribute to your Dad.
    If I could I'd post one of my favorite photo's of Mom and Dad on their wedding day.unfortunaly I did not buy a flat scanner,now I wish I had.

  16. I never heard of a crepe myrtle trees. It is sure pretty.

  17. Anni,

    I am also having trouble with blogger, especially in the comments area.

    Love your crepe myrtle. It is beautiful. Be sure to take a photo of the purple one when it blooms. I bet it is very pretty too.

    A great tribute to your Dad this Father's Day. I enjoy looking at old photos and those white bucks are cool. Remember when we wore them in the 60s. We thought they were the latest fashion.

    I always enjoy your very interesting posts. Hope you had a great weekend. The boys and I didn't go to see it but we did do something fun.


  18. Anonymous6/15/2008

    Nice mutterings, as always. ^_^
    Thanks for stopping by. *leaves a raspberry cheesecake*

  19. I love crepe myrtle trees. We had one in California. Your Dad was born one year before mine was. My parents were both born in 1913.
    Have a good week.

  20. Mmm, that Italian Ice sounds yummy! ;o)

    My lavender crepe myrtle isn't blooming yet either, but everyone else's hot pink ones are blooming already.

    Love the picture of your Daddy. Hope your hubby had a good Father's Day.

    I'd wondered if "Panda" was any good. Now I know. If I get a chance I'll sure go see it now.

    Hope ou have a good new week, Anni. :o)

    Love and hugs,


  21. Great mutterings from you!
    Thanks for dropping by!
    Have fun now~

    (Just a random function, ;)

  22. Really enjoying your blog! Thanks for the thumbs-up on "Panda", now I'll put it on my list of go-sees. That upcoming "Wally" looks like lots of laughs, too. Still haven't seen Indiana Jones, so my list of movies is growing!

    That "snippetts idea" looks fun...might try to join in.

    Have a magical Monday.