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Nuthin' Like a Bad Hair Day!! 365 days a year! For over two centuries!!

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Welcome to Road Kill Kafe! Where specialty dishes are served...tasty, cooked perfectly [if needed]...and for zest, a little hairy creature to greet you!! [Y'all remember TV's Alf!!?!]

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Quotes from the infamous Alien Life Form:
    Willie: Stay away from the window, we've got a very nosy neighbor - Mrs. Ochmonek.
    ALF: Ochmonek? Sounds like a typo.

    ALF: A minute and a half, Luckmiester, then I'll be down on you like a buzzard on a gut wagon.

    ALF: Putting humans in charge of the earth, is the cosmic equivalence of letting Eddie Murphy direct.

    [the cat Lucky has died and the Tanners are having a funeral for him]
    ALF: I'm reminded of a prayer he used to recite every night before going to bed, "And if I die before I wake, chicken-fry me like a steak."

    Brian: You'll have to chew with your mouth closed tonight, ALF.
    ALF: All right, but on my planet, that's considered very rude. People think you're hiding something.

    Willie: You can't vote, ALF , you're not a citizen.
    ALF: I'll apply for a green card.
    Willie: That's only if you want a job.
    ALF: Pass.
    ALF: I know, I'll marry Lynn. Become a citizen, vote, then drop her of like a hot potato.
    Willie: ALF...
    ALF: Sure it will be hard on her first. She'll cry, drink a little too much. Join with a bongo player named Waquine.
    Willie: ALF.
    ALF: You'd like Waquine, he doesn't like beets.
    Willie: Neither you or Waquine may marry my daughter and you may not vote.
    ALF: Fine. I have not voice in government, Waquine will get deported, and they'll make him eat beets.
    Willie: How many cups of coffee have you had?
    ALF: Forty. Why?

Quotes courtesy of IMDB [internet movie data base]

~end Photo Hunt
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When visiting with Diane, she invited anyone who wanted to participate in this meme to do so. I loved her answers. These are a wonderful way of getting to know the person behind the keyboard, don't you think? Here are mine---

"The Unnamed Meme!"

In your entire life, have you ever...

gone on a blind date? Ya, kinda sorta. I knew the kid in high school, but never talked to him nor dated him. I ended up leaving with him from a dance and we parked! Nothing came of it, the guy was on one ego trip that was bound to no-man's land! Ewwwwwwww!!!

skipped school? All the time! In my high school years. Now, let me expand on this. At Junior High level, I had all my credits needed to get a high school diploma! EXCEPT, with having electives in Jr. High of all the 4 yrs high school math [I was always and still do excel in Math]---The only thing I needed in my years in high school was the required 4 years of English and History credit. Which I took from 7:30 in the morning 'til 9 a.m. Then, in all technical educational terms for the school district, I was doing fine. Yes, I was a straight "A" [I was a whiz in Science, Math, English, PE, etc. etc.] student--except for Honors History! I barely passed that one...the teacher I had in high school skipped more classes than the students!!! Seriously. He'd show up to take 'roll call' and leave, never to be seen for the hour; I soon learned to leave just after he did. I actually learned to hate the man. So, it was boring for me. AND...he 'threatened' to fail me, but I had one up on him...I in turn told HIM that I'd report his class absence; with back-up of all the other students. I took some electives the first year, got a part time job that started for me at noon in my sophomore year when I was old enough --the age 16 was the breaking age for being able to work more than 4 hours a day at the time. My Jr. and Sr. years, it was really a 'goof off' time for me, other than still working part time and doing my English and History credit classes. A lot of times I didn't even bother to go to school all day, until May of my graduation year. There just weren't enough classes that kept my interest. I ended up LOVING English Literature, never missed that class.

watched someone die? I was at my mother's bedside when she passed! I sometimes find myself going back in time and reliving that day. SAD!

been to Canada? No. Would love to go tho.

been to Mexico? Yes, MANY times. Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Nogales, Rocky Point [where the Sea of Cortez begins and farther south, the Pacific ends], Agua Prieta, Tijuana, Matamoros, Juarez, ---all over the 'border' sections.

been to Florida? Yes, but I really didn't care for the area I was driving through. Very marshy, and stinky. If I could chose to go to 'touristy' destinations, I'd go back.

been on a plane? Oh yes!!! And I love to fly. Well, I used to. My brother even had his own plane. I have pictures of him with it too...I'll have to look it up and scan it. I flew with him to Vegas one winter, and we had to fly back through a storm! I even took the controls a couple of times while flying over the flatlands of Colorado. Flown over the Pacific in a jumbo jet...flown many times! Love it!!

been lost? For just a few minutes..."I'm thinking now about the 'X' marks the spot, "You are Here!" type thing. But when driving around Houston, even, I can get lost. Thank goodness for cell phones and our son. LOL

been on the opposite side of the country? Yes...from the east coast clear across the Pacific to Hawai'i! From Texas to the Canadian border.

gone to Washington, DC? Yes, several times.

swam in the ocean? Does wading count? Swimming, that's not important. LOL The Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico...wading, yes.

had your booze taken away by the cops? Are you kidding me?, at the time, was well hidden!! Before they got smarter.

lettered in a high school sport? No, but I was part of the Booster Club with letter jacket! [Not a sport participation letter tho!]

cried yourself to sleep? Yes...after deaths in the family, while Irene was going through a rough marriage, while our first grandson had open heart surgery, with pride at our son getting his Master's Degree...lots of times.

played cops and robbers? Not that I recall, playing DOCTOR was more fun.

played dolls? Yes, I recall a lot of times my neighbor friend, Pat, had Barbie all honesty it was boring, I'd much rather have been out in the street riding my bike or playing ball with the boys!! Climbing trees was more my style.

recently colored with crayons? No

sang Karaoke? Yes. I'm a beer drinkin' party animal. [NOT!] But, I have attempted it.

paid for a meal with coins only? Not that I can recall.

done something you told yourself you wouldn't? I'm bloggin' aren't I? I said a long time ago...'what's the point of a blog, anyway?' I am.

cheated on an exam? No.

made prank phone calls? No...well, ya probably. But I can't recall any right now. If I did, it would have been to a family member. I'm a tease, remember?

laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? All the happens frequently...what does that tell you? Hmmmmmm.

caught a snowflake on your tongue? Sure, but not in a long time. I live in an area that there is NO snow!!

danced in the rain? Yes....and I love to splash the puddles too! "I don't wanna grow up!"

written a letter to Santa Claus? Every year!!!!

been kissed under the mistletoe? Sure...probably, but don't recall who kissed me. Guess it wasn't a cool stud monkey dude!

watched the sunrise with someone you care about? Almost every weekend...on the beach!!

been arrested? No...but I've bailed out my brothers a few times!!!

blown bubbles? some now I can play with? Do ya, huh?

gone ice-skating., and no!!

been skinny dipping outdoors?, if you know me, I'm not a swimmer.

had a nickname? Yes...wanna know it? It's Goomba. My dad called me that, and my sister even today will call me that sometimes.

been to Africa? No...would I like to? Let's say back before all the security stuff and the dropped flights and the unrest in the country there, I'd say "Let's go!"...

eaten cookies for dinner? AFTER dinner, yes. For a!

been on TV? Yes, interviewed for a local news segment, CNN Obama Rally just this past Spring, and a TV movie extra.

stolen any traffic signs? No...but that is not saying I won't in the future. I'd still love to have the sign "slippery when wet" above our headboard. [Kidding!!!]

been in a car accident? NO....knock wood.

- - -

What is your....

mother's name? Our daughter's name...I named her after my mother ---IRENE

favorite drink? Water with a twist of lemon!

favorite alcohol? Tequila, straight up with a salt chaser and a lime slice! [I learned this in darned good!]

birthplace? Nebraska

favorite vacation spot? Home! Retired! Always on vacation now!

favorite salad dressing? Zesty Italian

favorite pie? Anything but custard! [all fruit pies!! ---no, wait. I don't like peach or strawberry. Gimme apple, cherry, blackberry, raspberry...and I'm a friend for life!]

favorite number? my age!

favorite movie? Still, after nearly 40 years, I never tire of watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Recently tho, it'd have to be National Treasure.

favorite holiday? Halloween really isn't a 'holiday'...but I do love the decorations of that day! So, I would say Christmas.

favorite food? Hmmmmm, right now? Anything that lowers cholesterol. A greasy slice of pepperoni pizza or a cheeseburger USED to be my favorites. Now, it's Asian salads!!

favorite day of the week? All of them...I love life.

favorite brand of body wash? I don't use body 'washes'....just plain soap and water.

favorite toothpaste? I use Rembrandt. Not that it's a me, toothpaste is toothpaste.

favorite smell? Avon's oldie but goodie room freshener and drawer/closet sachet....Rose Geranium. How I wish they'd come back with this vintage stuff. [and for a more odor than anything...I LOVE the smell of bread baking!]

- - -

Do you have any...

tattoos? One

body piercings? Ears...two in each lobe

Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? Mine is a two door sedan.

What do you do to relax? Crochet or read, sports on TV or movies on DVD/and I still have some VHS oldies that we watch too.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? I barely look towards the NEXT year, let alone ten!! But I guess if I have to think that far ahead, I see myself "More wrinkled and older".


  1. First of all, I simply love your new template!! you are wonderfully creative!
    And I love your choice for the theme, haven't seen that bad hair in ages and he is so charming and funny!
    I am off to lunch now so I'll have to come back to read your meme.
    Happy Saturday!!

  2. I love your blogs new look, it always looks really nice. I remember Alf, he use to crack me up. Thanks for the memories. I enjoyed your answers to the meme. Enjoy your weekend sweetie, love you.

  3. Anonymous6/07/2008

    Awww who could forget Alfie ;) Great Photo Hunt!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  4. LOL - great choice for this week's theme - I seem to vaguely remember Alf - I think the show ran for a while here in the UK. BTW, I love the way you always seem to have a new theme for your blog. I'm just too lazy and impatient to change mine very often. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Alf is funny. I think if I knew him, we would be friends. Even though his hair is a little bit messy.

  6. I remember watching ALF as a kid :) Didn't understand the jokes but I seem to remember that there were laughters during the show and when these are heard, I laugh too :)

    Love the new template Anni.

  7. I love the new look easy to read -- I am soooo embarrassed to say I lovved that Character Alf from the planet Melmac

  8. nice entry ... have a nice day .come to my blog too . thanks a lot...

  9. Great NEW look!! You are one talented woman you know. I used to love Alf too!! Been a long time since I thought about him. I did not do this weeks PHOTO HUNT but had other things to say having something to say..YEAP!! Sandy

  10. I wish I were retired so I could design new templates! Or go to Italy. Or both!

  11. i remember alf!! he was really funny... :) good take n love the new look. :D

  12. Loved ALF!!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    (PS- I slightly edited your comment)

  13. Great choice for the theme! I love ALF and have a wee doll of him too :) My Photo Hunt entry is here:

    My Life In The Urban Zoo

    Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for having stopped by :)

  14. Poor Alfie, I love him even with bad hair !
    But you Blog looks great and has no bad hair at all, lol !

  15. Anonymous6/07/2008

    I don't remember ALF ever being on TV in OZ. But he had bad hair and you did good with the meme :)

  16. Hi there - Hey, I knew who your picture was before scrolling down! I loved ALF! :)

    Thanks so much for coming & visiting & commenting on my PH today :)

  17. Love Alf! I used to really enjoy that show :)

    Hope you have a great weekend, Anni!

  18. It has been years since I last saw Alf. He's kinda cute you know. Nice posting :)

  19. LOL! ALF! Never would have thought of that! (but I don't have the stuffed animal to remind me!) :)

    That is SOME meme! I reckon I'll have to snatch it and do it at some point! Buuuuuuuuuut not today!

    Have a great weekend dear!!!

  20. Oh, I remember Alf! Loved that show! And he did have his own unique hair style.

  21. I remember watching Alf every week - it was one of my favorite shows! He did have some bad hair. Great take on the theme! Your new template looks terrific too!

  22. I just like the stuffed toy, its cute... Nice photo of him..

  23. I can´t remember that I have seen Alf on TV, but that´s a gorgeous picture of him.
    Happy Weekend!

  24. ALF! Alien Life Form! I'm showing my age now! Great take on bad hair.

  25. WHen I 1st looked @ the pic, that was my 1st guess, Alf. My Mom's husband used to love that show :)

  26. Alf, of course... love your new look ... enjoyed the meme... wish I had some of your math smarts :(

    Thanks for coming by..

  27. Hehehe! Love your post for PH. Yes, I know alf but I don't remember so much about him.

  28. I loved Alf! Have a great weekend!

  29. oh my gosh...i remember this..i use to watch this growing up...oh ya Alf always have a bad hair..hehe

    Pearl - have a good weekend and thanks for visiting.

  30. Wonderful! Alf is the king of bad hair!

  31. Yeah well!! I didn't believe for one little second you'd have ears like that! LOL!!
    Very well done!!

  32. WTG Gordon Shumway! hehe... nice take!

  33. Love the new look, ALF was perfect for bad hair, his was always a mess. That was definitely a long meme. Thanks for stopping by The Cafe.

  34. Anni,

    Enjoyed your post today, especially the meme and love the new look. I really should put something up for Canada Day. It is July 1st.

    I think you lived on the wild side when you were young, but then didn't we all. LOL

    Take care and have a great weekend. Dwight and I are doing household chores and taking a break from the back breaking work today.


  35. Anonymous6/07/2008

    This Alf always have bad hair, isn't it? thx for dropping by :)

  36. LOVED this! I remember ALF very well and laughed like crazy over his antics. At first I thought the photo was of a troll, but was very pleased to see good ol' ALF. Thanks for dropping by to see my hair-raising post. :D

  37. Alf was great for BAD HAIR for the Photo Hunt! Mom says she remembers that show! Does that mean she is old? (hehehehehehe)
    Your FL furiends,

  38. Kelly loved Alf so we always watched him. I love your fun meme! Your new look is great!! Love and hugs Grams

  39. That's seriously bad hair!

  40. oh, I remember Alf. Great quotes form him too. Now I wnat to see him again.

  41. Ah now I haven't seen ALF in years. I was shown here on Saturday afternoons I think

  42. I really like the new look! Very nice. The ALF flash-back was pretty funny. I'd never have figured out the first photo, although I was trying. :D

  43. I used to love Alf! :o)

    Good job on the meme! It's so interesting to me to see what each person comes up with for these. Their memories and their own personal spin that they put on it. Personalities really come out with these memes!

    Have a great weekend, Anni! :o)

    Love and hugs,


  44. I love your new header, too!

    I enjoyed reading all your unnamed meme, getting to know you better.

    I knew it was Alf before I saw his whole head of messy hair. I'm part of the generation that LOVED it when it was on prime time (pre-teen/early teens).

    Have a great week!

  45. Funny how so few are putting up their own bad hair days today. LOL. Alf, I don't know Alf but he does have bad hair.

  46. In the teaser photo, wondered about the ear. Then... Alf, but of course! :b

  47. That is a very long meme, but I read every bit of it. It's so long I won't attempt it myself, though.

    Loved ALF. The last show was a cliff hanger--still waiting for part two. I think someone should make it.

    You have a coundown to Independence Day but the picture is a red x. Could just be me.

  48. thanks for sharing. it makes vising you more interesting as u seem more 3 dimensional now. an interesting person u indeed are. after reading all that a few things still stick in my mind

    a. watch the sunset with some one u love
    b. u love life
    c. watched someone die.

    Such is life that we all have to live 24/7/12 every single year of our life. :)



  49. Alf is a great choice. I loved that show and never missed an episode when it was on TV.

    Happy Saturday,
    Biker Betty

  50. ALF! I was in love with that little guy back then :P

  51. I was alarmed at first hoping it wasn't your hair - but when I saw Alf, I breathed a sigh of relief LOL

  52. Cute choice for bad hair! :)

  53. Alf definitely has serious bad hair!

  54. At first, I thought the hair was a troll doll! lol...but to see ALF! halarious! I loved that show! and I enjoyed the quotes you added! I liked your meme too! I just like YOU hun! lol...I finally posted a Photo Hunt this week. come visit me hun!

  55. Clever post for ‘bad hair day’ … I had to rush off to my PSE 6 class yesterday and skipped Photo Hunt this week. Enjoyed learning a bit more about you from your memes, but I’m not likely to do either of them any time soon ;--)

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs and blessings,

  56. Anonymous6/08/2008

    great post Anni, I used to love Alf! Thanks for visiting mine :-)

  57. its alf! lol...easy colors and layout....nice!

  58. i haven't seen this guy in years! hahaha! :)

    thanks for visiting my photo hunt. have a great new week ahead!

  59. bingskee6/08/2008

    hi, anni. am not familiar with that series.

    about the meme, i enjoyed reading about you. it's funny to read about that egoistic high school boy. it's sad to see someone die. saw my mother and was with her in the hospital til she died. very painful memory. i am avoiding the memory so much that it aches.

  60. Hi, nice choice of pic for the bad hair day...

  61. I haven't seen ALF for ages! Very good choice for the theme... bad hair and bad nose *g*