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This week's theme/prompt is:

HEADS *OR* TAILS - Peace *OR* Piece

I'm going with PEACE this week! I think I've probably posted this before, not sure...

In November of 2003 I published a written poem of mine, "Capture the Sun". It won 3rd place in the competition. It's all about the peace of mind and the vision of my life as it were ---

© 2001 --- 2008

The soft winds of time make me realize what life has held.
I remember the days when my childhood was free...
To be up in my treehouse with filtering sun kissing my cheeks---
This was a place of fantasy in which I longingly dwelled.
Then I go back in memory of days so long ago,
where the butterflies flitted before my eyes
and stopped to drink a flower's nectar.
Yes, nature at its finest...
creatures innocent and untroubled as I.
Memories of days long ago.

I capture it now with the retention of how things were.
Back then the world was at peace and joy was for the asking.
A childhood of precious memories
and happiness was all-surrounding....
The world was green and blue without terrorists' masking.
Have you ever, now that you're grown, sit down and ponder
Of the days in your past and dream----wonder?
Wonder why you can't return to that once ignorance and bliss
Memories of days long ago?

Stretch your neck and gulp the liquid blue sky.
Hold out your arms and enfold the billowy clouds.
Become intoxicated with the warmth of the sun.
Take a chance of your childhood, innocent
Memories of days long ago.

The teenage years were quite a bit different.
I marched into life in a whirl.
Friends came and went...
Life was fun and games but still,
situations grew more tough and decisions were upon my shoulders.
Yet, learn I did; by my mistakes and behold
I turned each day into a classroom, turned o'er boulders
that were events of a lifestyle. But, where did I go---
No longer innocent but still untroubled.
Afterall, I yet remained only a girl.

Days, years passed without much ado.
Adulthood struck me as a challenge,
not merely growing but learning.
The world was becoming mean and hateful.
What happened, I say
to all the wonders around me?

- - - -

I birth my own offspring and teach and guide.
The world keeps turning.
Days become nights.
Nights become weeks, and
weeks become years. I venture each day
with a heart-filled sadness that one time soon
The world will be harmless and all'll find gladness.
You can't run, you can't buy time....
You can't crawl under the rug and hide!

Stretch your neck and gulp the liquid blue sky.
Hold out your arms and enfold the billowy clouds.
Become intoxicated with the warmth of the sun.
Breathe in the fragrance of a rose!
Capture in your heart the color of a spring flower.
Take a chance of
Memories of days long ago.

Stretch your neck and gulp the liquid blue sky.
Chase the rainbow with colors in rows!
Become intoxicated with the warmth of the sun.
Walk along the shores of your life---
Pick up that shell, feel the beauty within!
Hold, in your heart, the color of prose.
Watch your children grow while you nurture.
Reach for the stars, and capture that wind!
Life is precious, and withheld in memory---
Most of all, recall YOUR house in the tree!!
Take a chance of
Memories of days long ago.
.....of memories from long ago.

*copyrighted material
Hootin' Anni
all rights reserved


PEACE [part II]

If you look at my sidebar at any time while visiting you know who has captured my interest on the campaign trail for the next presidency of USA. Last week, in Oregon while holding a primary rally, the city of Portland hosted an all time record breaking attendance. I read in the paper from our local printing that there were even another estimated 15,000 who couldn't fit in the park! In attendance on the tarmac were 75,000 people!! Also rumored that there were boats along the Willamette River with listeners and along the city's bridges near the park!!

Look at this crowd! Even if he doesn't become our next president, even if Clinton or McCain is nominated/elected, this astounds me...mainly because we all, Democrats AND Republicans alike have a renewed interest in the election! For that, I say ---finally, it's about time!! We Americans have become, in my estimation, very lackadaisical in our country's best interests. We seem to be happy that we have our two cars and our home mortgages and our 'plastic' money when the government deems it necessary to take all they can get from us. As long as we, as an individual, are okay and our lives are not disrupted, we are satisfied...At least that was the sole perception I had a few months, my views have changed, we ARE aware and we want change!!! And at a fevered pitch!!! I applaud the American voters.

This post isn't about WHO I'm's about my pride once again; a virtuous feeling that excels, when I see and read something like this......

[photo courtesy of Caller Times - Corpus Christi Texas]

Something like this brings a profound peace of mind for me!!


  1. Great post Anni! And that photo...WOW!!!

    Happy HOT day, and have a wonderful week :)

    Peace out!

  2. I like your new look! I loved your poem! It made me think about when I was a kid and laid down in the grass and looked up at the clouds and thought about what they looked like! Like a house or horse or whatever! and just dreamed about growing up.
    Thanks for sharing with us! Love and hugs, Grams

  3. Such a beautiful poem sweetie. I like your new look.

  4. That was an amazing piece of writing Anni. Very moving and inspiring.

    Obama sure draws some huge crowds, doesn't he? I would have loved to have seen him a few days ago when he was in Michigan.

  5. 'Stretch your neck and gulp the liquid blue sky.
    Hold out your arms and enfold the billowy clouds.
    Become intoxicated with the warmth of the sun.'

    I love this stanza..beautiful take on peace Anni...Love Abz

  6. Like the new header, and lovely poem.

  7. I love the phrase "stretch out your neck." That's a tough one for me! Yet I need to do that in order to live more fully. What a wonderful piece.

  8. I'm really impressed, not only are you handy, but also a poet... Some got it all :-)


  9. What a great expressive poem.
    The picture is really wonderful, an ocean of people.

    Mine will be up autopost on Tuesday midnight. I have a piece of art to share.

  10. That is a beautiful poem. No wonder you won.

  11. hot kazoos you've changed your background again!
    Awesome as usual!
    What a photo!

  12. Your poem was fabulous. I like your new blog look, too.

  13. nice poetry...and also lots of people in the last pic :D

    Will you visit mine Thanks

  14. I love your poem and your new look!
    US citizens getting involved in the upcoming election certainly brings peace of mind!
    Happy Tuesday :)

  15. Lovely poem and sentiments. Not surprised you won a prize for it. Very appropriate take on the theme.

  16. beatiful poem piece (get it lol!)

    Yes i noticed your new look too- very cool.

    Happy HT :)

  17. A great post and neat poem. I too think this country needs change. We'll wait and see what happens.

  18. Beautiful poem and photo! I love the new look of your blog.

  19. Hi Anni, Love your new look. and I think your Poem deserves 1st place.

    Take care Hugs

  20. Anni,

    Your poem is beautiful and took me back in time to my childhood - a trip down Memory Lane.

    Wow! That photo sure makes a statement about how the people of the US are getting back to thinking seriously about the election. We need someone like that here. Many people just don't bother to vote, then complain about who is elected.

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed my visit.

    Have fun today.

  21. Lovely poem. It shows that no matter where we live and grew up we have very similar memories and experiences.

    A appreciate your strong political views.

  22. I love your poetry! You so beautifully captured so many of my moments in this one.

  23. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. Great piece of writing.

  24. Beautiful poem. I was drawn to the same lines as others who commented.

    It is one of the blessings of the Bush administration - the ONLY blessing - that it has woken people up to the idea that voting matters and that who we elect has a significant impact on our lives. Well said. I just hope people vote sane this time and I hope the elections are monitored carefully for fraud.

    Great post! New look is very pretty.

  25. my google reader is dysfunctional.
    anyhoo, i love the "stretch you neck" part (oops, do i owe you royalty? LOL). I even closed my eyes. a flashback of our childhood innocence. the childhood peace.
    this piece is great! kudos for bagging the 3rd prize.

    c",) Morning Sniffles

  26. Thanks for sharing that was a lovely piece. I like your new template too. I would like to try that sort of thing but am a bit nervous to create my own template in case I screw up my blog. Is there somewhere that steps one through it.

  27. What absolutely fabulous prose, thank you for sharing it again.

    I don't blame you for being proud about the interest in voting again. I haven't seen this much interest is nearly 30 years. It is amazing.

    Happy Tuesday.

  28. Anonymous5/20/2008

    Gosh, Anni, not only does your poem speak volumes to me....and my life, but your sentiment about Obama and the feeling of pride (and dare I say HOPE) that such rallies engender! I felt the same way at my first Obama rally last year! I suddenly had hope again....yes, somewhat in Obama, but mostly in the American voters! It feels like we're all more than ready for change and that feels good! :)

  29. Hello dear Anni,

    I'm back from my trip:-) Ooooh I love your new look, it's gorgeous. Anni, reading your poem brought tears to my eyes...I can't tell you how often I wish I could go back to my childhood when the world around me seemed so innocent. You are a true poet my dear!!!

    Oh wow, seeing the picture of the crowd Obama had coming to hear him speak in Portland is amazing...I haven't been following much of the campaigning going on in the States but I do hear bits and pieces of it in our news and it truly does sound like Obama will be victorious:-) I've never cared for Hilary Clinton!!

    I'm still giggling at your previous post...I collect fat cells too, how about that?? hehe You're such a wonder you're "hootin' anni"! lol Love ya. xoxo

  30. Anni,Great the new look and enjoyed the Miller High life comercial.

  31. Cute photo. Those photos of the park are so great. It was a long way to comment but I love your blog. It's fabulous.

  32. What an amazing poem! The images touch me through and through! Thank you so much for sharing. I agree with you about the amazing interest in the electoral process current. It’s a wonderful thing,
    Hugs and blessings,