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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

No doubt, I'm gonna have tons to say today. Be forewarned. It's just one of those days that once I started thinking of what's going on around me, I can't help myself but chat on........

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I sat down and read online for hours, everything I could find that I hadn't read. Although, normally, I keep politicking to myself since it's a subject quite strong to some. I've also found myself being very VERY interested in this election year because of all the GREAT ones running. All!! [I went to BOTH campaign rallies here in South Texas...Clinton's and Obama's so I could make a more educated choice as to which would be a better candidate --if McCain would have been here, I would have attended that one also!] Yet, this little piece stuck to my brain because I truly think in terms of not compromising an election party as it were, it's time to hang up the towel and say so long. But only for a while perhaps. There's always 2012!! [AND! This 'editorial' I have posted today was composed last week, BEFORE her flub on a speech on Friday about the assassination of Robert Kennedy!]
    The name: "Clinton Campaigns as Attention Wanders...."
    vendors outside Hillary Clinton's campaign appearances have added a new button to their wares that reads "Chelsea in 2016"

    She [Clinton] maintains she would lead Obama in the popular vote if both states were counted. Ummmmm, aren't they still trying to figure out Florida's votes even after they gave it to Bush? And look where we are now!! But still, by the DNC Florida and Michgan's votes were illegal. One reason Obama took his name off the ballot and didn't even 'run' in the other state!
    One stated: "How long can a body exist in a state approximating motionlessness without actually stopping?" Another was overheard: "I'm not hearing the excitement," one campaign aide said as the candidate's plane landed in Palm Beach. Yet one more said as they followed the Clinton campaign trail: "Did you hear that?" another aide prodded a reporter. "A little bit," the reporter replied.
The enthusiasm and striking followers just aren't as profound as in February of this year.

While reading what all I've read, a song comes to mind. First off, she'll only be 64 in 2012. Heck, if John McCain can run for office at 72 [in just a little over two months]...Hillary can give up now and start working on her momentum for 2012 if you ask me!! Women live longer. She could do it., back to the song. Beatles. "When I'm 64" with a little twist [chair refers to Senate] AND for the sake of humor only-------

When I get older losing my chair,
Many years from now.
Will you still be sending me a mail in vote
Presidential greetings, cheers to keep me afloat.
If I'd answered the white house phone at a quarter 'til three
Would you think I'm still wise,
Will you still want me, will there be my followers,
When I'm sixty-four.

You'll be older too,
And if you say the word,
I could stay with you.
I could be handy, vetoing a "Bill"
When your rights have gone.
You can have your two cars, sitting idle in the garage...
[Hopefully] Sunday mornings go for a ride,
Doing the math work, digging for clues,
Who could ask for more skill.
Will you still want me, will there be my followers,
When I'm sixty-four. stated in the article above...there's always Chelsea!! Billary and Hill could lend their support and math skills!

- - -

I LOVE the play on the words here..."Primary" and "Math"! It's a hoot.

[courtesy of Columbus Dispatch -Caller Times Editorial]
[can be enlarged for full view]

- - -

~a ditty written by me, Hootin' Anni

Politics can be woeful
Politics can be soulful

Politics can be bought
Politics can be for naught

Politics can be confusing
Politics can be amusing

Politics can be cheerful
Politics can be tearful

Politics can be wise
Politics can be do or dies

Politics can be clean
Politics can be mean

Politics can be keen
Politics can be seen

Politics can be lawful
Politics can be awful

Politics can be beauty
Politics can be snooty

Politics can be hateful
Politics can be fateful

Politics can be the last straw
Politics can be in awe

Politics can be a 'newt' [as in Gingrich]
Politics can be a HOOT

Politics can be a jewel
Politics can be cruel

Politics can be true
Politics can be poo

Politics can be writ
Politics can be grit

Politics can be lies
Politics can be spies

Politics can be the highs
Politics can be the lows
yet, politics are for the wise
while politics is something that 'blows'!!
[last line...literally? LOL *kidding, of course*]

For months now, I've been saying to myself, or thinking, that her [Senator Clinton] strategy is to continue with fund raising dinners, speeches, etc. to lessen her personal debt to the Democratic party and her personal loans which are in high deficit! I guess I'm not the only one to think in these terms.


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This week, I thought I'd show you the beginnings --to the blossoming stage of my Angel Trumpet. [Mine is yellow, but they come in a wide variety of different warm colored shades]

Angel Trumpets can grow up to 30+ feet in a more tropical climate zone. Mine is about 4 1/2 feet...but, keep in mind I cut mine down each spring to the ground level. It tends to get over-grown and shades some of the other growth near it from sun, so I cut it down and let it begin anew each season. It also [my plant] has several branches, but I too cut it down to one lone branch and the blossoms are huge that way! The bottom full blossom is held out for the showing photo, it really droops/hangs tho...the size of it is about 8-10 inches across!!! [I planted a smaller, bushier version of the angel trumpet...purple, white and double petals, but it kept going to seed and would spring up wild and untamed in the rock garden no less, so out it went!!]

I've seen a most beautiful shade of peach in our neighborhood as I go walking by, and covet that one too...bad Anni!!!


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She says ... and I think ...

  1. Referral :: to a specialist
  2. Indiana :: Jones, Indianapolis
  3. Foil :: spoil [as in defeat or stymie an action]
  4. Horizon :: sunrise, sunset
  5. Event :: rally
  6. Sailing :: vessel
  7. Footage :: newsreel
  8. Sunday :: snippet [on Sundays it's my blogging title]
  9. Breathtaking :: view
  10. Dude! :: Wazzzz'up?!!


  1. Those flowers are pretty, are they different from yellowbells? Happy GTS!

  2. Beautiful series on that Angel Trumpet Anni! It's GORGEOUS!

  3. Wazzzup dude? Nice mutterings! Beautiful flowers. Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. Sjoe that is a mouthful.
    We can't runaway from politics!

    Like your mutterings too.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Wow ! have you taken energy pills ?? lol !
    From all these USA elections I only understand that the European countries would prefer Hillary. but that's of course your choice !

  6. I found your ‘political musings’ of interest … my mind runs in similar places. Since I turned 63 in February on my last birthday, that Beatles song has taken on new meaning for me ;--)

    Thanks for sharing the series of photos. I didn’t know anything about Angel Trumpets before. Do you have any advice for me about getting rid of a gopher without killing my cat and other neighborhood critters? One seems to have ‘settled’ in my yard last week behind my hydrangea (and perhaps under my house?)

    Nice ‘mutterings’ … I had a similar response to ‘horizon’ though mine was ‘musical’ (as in Fiddler on the Roof). Mine are at Small Reflections with my Camera Critters … Molly meeting a ‘look-alike’ named (of all things) Molly!!! Too strange … but true!
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. You've started with campaigns and ended with rally lol! you got a hang-over of that campaign rallies in your town..

  8. sallyacious5/25/2008

    What a gorgeous flower! I'm sure I couldn't grow those here except for in a greenhouse, but someday I'll have a greenhouse and then I'm going to give it a try.

    Thanks for stopping by Sallyacious! Aren't the Unconscious Mutterings interesting? I love seeing how different (or the same) they are from person to person.

  9. Anni,

    Blogger is being a booger. I had a hard time getting the comments to open. This has been happening for the last week or so. Oh well, I am here now. ;-)

    I enjoyed your Sunday Snippet and your political poem. I'm waiting to see who gets in. I think you know where my favor lies, but my vote won't count because I'm in Canada. Either way, it is bound to be a historic election.

    Love your angel trumpet flower. You continue to give me so many reasons to come and visit you.

    Take care, my friend. I hope you and Bud are having an enjoyable and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.


  10. Cool poem and awesome photos. I love reading your blog.

    Wazzzzz'up Dude :)

  11. Your Angel Trumpet is divine, Anni!
    Enjoyed your Mutterings, also..we matched on a couple :)
    Hope you're having a nice Sunday out there. It's always a treat to come by and read your Sunday Snippets. Have a good rest of the day!

  12. Lovely datura, Anni! They DO grow here in the Pacific NW if you winter them over in your basement. Alas, my efforts have not been successful. Although my yard is lovely I am somewhat negligent when it comes to inside plants.

  13. Your political poem is so true.

  14. Superb mutterings. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! =)

  15. You are fired up my friend, and I love it. Those flowers are really lovely.

  16. I've always been fascinated with Angel Trumpet flowers. They are lovely.
    Happy GTS,

  17. Great mutterings, pretty pictures, funny lines. A hat-trick!

  18. Anonymous5/25/2008

    Love the flowers, and the poetry and the songs and the musings . . .

  19. thanks for visiting my blog! jones, same answer. and you are right, we are so similar on dude. but i automatically spell everything in perfect spelling so when you you call out dude, i'll probably answer back with a drawl "wazzzz'up" instead of proper pronunciation. :D so you can almost count it the same answer. haha. well, been wonderful reading your mutterings.

    on the site note, is that picture in your garden foxes? they are so cute, so cuddly i can hug them all day long!