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Kitten is our hostess this week for Fun Monday. And she asks of us to:
    "Who is Your Hero" Not from TV, but your real life hero. It can one or it can be many. Just someone you have or do look up to. You can do this any way you would like and if you want or can, share pictures!

- - -

She was one of three girls in her family of siblings. 12 children in all! She was the 4th oldest of her immediate family. And of course, being from such a large family, you'd no doubt guess that her family was of a farming community. I remember the house she grew up in as I was privileged to be there most weekends until I was five, when we moved to Colorado because of my dad's job. The house was huge...Three stories. I can still vividly see 'my room' where I slept when I stayed there for weekends. How I loved that room. It was almost 'turret-like'...odd shaped walls...not just your ordinary squared off rooms...the walls were angled and had bay windows both facing south and west. From the south window I could get up from the feather-tick mattress and see the huge barn and the tractor ruts out into the fields of corn! To the west, looking out the window I could see the iron of the sky-high windmill!! And below this the spring and just beyond the windmill, the chicken coop in the distance along with a huge field of hay and grazing cattle. How I loved this place, and how I wish I could turn back time. When my grandparents passed, the 16 section piece of farm was sold, and the huge house was moved to 'town'. So much for going back in time, huh?

Back to my hero. She was born in 1911. As I said, she was the oldest of the girls and when her youngest sister was just a toddler, my mom, then near teenage years, was watching her in the house while my grandparents [her mom and dad] were out in the fields, working. Somehow, as the story goes, my aunt was burned in a fire. My mom told me she remembers her yelling to her younger brothers to get the 'folks'...she burned badly, and didn't survive the fire. My mother always blamed herself for her young sister's death.

She graduated from high school [back in those days that was an accomplished life!]. She met my dad at a high school baseball game. [Hmmmmmmm, wonder why I love baseball so much?] They both lived a wonderful marriage for over 55 years. Birthing five children of their own [three naturally, and home deliveries -while my youngest older brother and myself were born in hospitals], living and surviving through the Great Depression. I remember one particular story about them owning a car but the headlights went dead in the car [back then, there weren't batteries as we know today] ---and in order to get back home, my mom propped herself on the hood of the car, in the dark, in order for my dad to drive the country roads...seeing only by my mother holding a flashlight in front of the car's hood!!. They loved traveling the USA --camping mostly where here again, it wasn't much of a 'vacation for her' as she did cooking and cleaning and laundry while they took 3 state wide trips to see the country! With absolutely no complaining. To me, today, that's not a vacation-I'd want room service!! They kept on striving to make a good life. It wasn't easy. She was mother of five, grandmother of 8 and great grandmother of 8 at the time of her death.

Over the years we'd become quite the confidants in my life; me and my mother! She told me stories of her youth, and her young teen-aged life; stories she never shared with any others. Two of her favorite songs that she'd sing at the top of her lungs was "You Don't Know Me" along with Ray Charles, and "Secret Love" by Doris Day. She once told me of a 'secret love' of hers. One of which my father, to his dying days, was jealous I'm assuming that it wasn't too 'secret' with him. More so with her kids. It was a classmate of hers. And a twist of fate brought my father and us to Colorado because of his skilled reputation in his line of work for the government, that lo and behold we learned my mother's secret love also resided just north of Denver, near where we relocated. Wow...I remember so well.

My mom, in her later years, suffered and survived four strokes!! She loved my Bud. Those two were inseparable!! He was a favorite for her of all the 'in-laws'. The two adored each other and had quite a wonderful, and meaningful 'son-mother' relationship. I think secretly she knew he was the best of the lot of her kids' spouses. LOL When she had her 5th stroke, she recognized no one but Bud! It was a very tearful time, she couldn't speak, but her eyes glowed at the end...she lit up the room when Bud entered with her acknowledgment of him, and as the two of us...Bud and myself sat at her bedside, she breathed her last.

And to this day, I find myself singing or humming a certain song, and I think of my own 'personal luminary', my mom!!!
    Once I had a secret love
    That lived within the heart of me
    All too soon my secret love
    Became impatient to be free

    So I told a friendly star
    The way that dreamers often do
    Just how wonderful you are
    And why I am so in love with you

    Now I shout it from the highest hills
    Even told the golden daffodils

    At last my heart's an open door
    And my secret love's no secret anymore....

- - -

She is, and always will remain my hero.

♥ ♥ ♥Mom♥ ♥ ♥
[b. 1911 d. 1990]

The images are watermarked, and titled -you can read the caption by holding cursor over image.

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Added 7:30 AM---today is Gotcha Day!
Winston was adopted 3 years ago today...


  1. My post is dedicated to my Mom too! No doubt, Moms are super heroes!!!

    Happy Fun Monday!

  2. I loved reading about your mom. I don't think we always appreciate the hard life our moms and grandmother had back then. My mum often tells me stories about her childhood which was pretty difficult at times.

    I love how you have watermarked your pictures!

  3. What a very nice tribute. I love the pictures of her as well. Somehow, her story reminds me of my aunt's life story (my father's sister was 20 years older than my father).

  4. I came to visit for the time photo hunt but just have to say you've written such a beautiful, moving tribute to your mom! :)

  5. Mom's are truly amazing, aren't they. You're a wonderful person to honor your mom so much. Simply beautiful!

  6. What a wonderful tribute to your mother!! love the story about her holding a flashlight in front of the car's hood!

    Beautiful post, Hootin' Anni!!!

  7. That was wonderful and so well written. She was a beautiful woman and her secret love made her less mom like and more woman like. I think kids forget that their moms had lives!

    Be blessed Anni. It sounds like you were "raised right".


  8. Beautiful post about your mom. Brought a tear to my eyes. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I'm here! I'm here! I'm here! I swear, deciding to have a yard sale is doing me in! lol Today I'm concentrating solely on catching up with all my buddies:-)

    Oh Anni, I just loved this story about your's no wonder you consider her your hero! It's amazing what one person can go through in a lifetime, isn't it. Looking at her pictures, I can see your resemblance to her a lot!! I would have loved sitting beside her and listening to her recounting stories of the past and how exciting about the "secret love"! hehe

    Love all your pictures from your previous post as well...I still have only one sole daffodil in bloom, nothing else has bloomed yet. I just hope it warms up soon here, it's been staying quite chilly the last week or so.

    Take care of YOU!! xoxo

  10. Good Morning Anni,
    I so loved this tribute about your Mother. She sounded like the perfect mother and best friend you had. "THANK YOU" for sharing such a wonderful tribute to your Mother. Me and my Mother used to be close, but she has done and said some things in the last few years that has really hurt me. I can't get over it and I'm not sure if I ever will. Now don't get me wrong, I love my Mother, but the closeness we once had isn't there anymore. The pictures you shared are just wonderful as well. I always enjoy looking at old pictures like that. My MIL has several like that and I always enjoy looking at them when I visit her and she has them out. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  11. Beautiful Anni! I never knew that she & Bud were so close! How NICE for you!!! :)

  12. What a lovely tribute to your Mom. I really enjoyed reading this. The pictures are beautiful!!

  13. What a wonderful tribute to your mother ! Unfortunately that hasn't been my case. But I had my grandma. BTW my little cat Rosie has her first birthday today ! It's on my cat blog if you have time. She is the first cat I got via Internet and could follow up since her first week !

  14. OOhh Anni what a beautiful tribute to you Mum and gran. I truly loved reading about them..
    A well write tribute.

    Thank you for your lovely words on my good news.
    I tossed up whether to blog or not about it, then bursting at the seems with happiness decided to share my news.
    Take care my friend warm hugs across the sea Jen

  15. A touching story. Thanks for sharing. I guess mom is the hero in everyone's heart.

  16. What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful lady.

    The story with the flashlight on the hood of the car is priceless!

    Thanks for sharing a little bit of your precious mom with us.

  17. Moms make the best heroes, I wish that kids today thought that of their moms, we'd have a lot less problems.

    And happy cativersary to Winston.

    My hero is my dad. He was literally raised in a shack, and never heard "I love you" from his mom, yet he's the most kind, loving, well-adjusted person I know. He taught me to play basketball (though refuses to teach me golf, because that's the only no-girl time he has). He never let me win in anything, so my super-competitiveness comes from him.

  18. Anonymous5/05/2008


    Such a fine remembrance of your mom!

    I've been thinking a lot about my mom , too.


  19. I dropped by much earlier but didn’t stay to read. Seeing the link to Kitten, I decided to go there and read this week’s invitation … then I wrote and published at Small Reflections. Now I’m back to read about YOUR hero. Thanks for being ‘mine’ this morning. I’d looked for this week’s Fun Monday challenge several times yesterday w/o success.

    What a lovely tribute to your mom’s memory today! Isn’t it wonderful to have such warm memories of your relationship with her and to ‘revisit’ them in this manner? I wrote about my mom at Sacred Ruminations back in January … on the 7th (I just checked in my ‘reader). Our relationship had ups and downs, but was ‘close’ in the last couple of decades of her life. I went with my brother as today’s topic.

    Happy ‘gotcha day’ to Winston!
    Hugs and blessings,

  20. OOHh I love your post your story your oics and your new background!! Sounds like a beautiful Mom!!!

  21. Anni,

    What a beautiful tribute to your mother. She is a great inspiration to me and I feel like I knew her. Your descriptions of her made her come to life.

    There will never be anyone who touches our hearts like our mothers. Grandma was my idol, but I think that is because I spent most of my time with her. She was frail and I spent many hours of my childhood helping her, yet my mother holds a special place in my heart.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful woman with us and giving us a glimpse into your heart.

    Love and blessings,

  22. A beautiful story! You are such a good story-teller! I never knew anyone in the countryside, unfortunately - but we also went camping - and loved it. The smell of pines,skunks! and campfires - ah yes, I remember it well!

  23. I am very sure that your mother would just love reading this great tribute to her!! You did a great job with this Anni!!
    I love your white kitty!! He is the cutest.


  24. Hi Anni, You are so special to honor your mom with great pictures and words..She would be very proud of mother.. like daughter..Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing your story with us.

  25. What a very beautiful post about your mom. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman!!

    Our Happy Happenings

  26. Moms are heroes to so many of us - I hope I get to be a hero to my son too!

  27. She sounds like an amazing lady, thanks for sharing her with us.


  28. Such a precious tribute to your dear mom. My momma is also my hero.

  29. this is a beautiful tribute, anni.

    thank you for sharing it.

  30. Anonymous5/05/2008

    Your mom sounds like someone that I would like to have in my life. I can see how she would be your hero.

  31. Wow, gorgeous pictures a and wonderful stories. What a sad thing to lose her sister like that. It must have stayed with her forever.

  32. What a lovely tribute to your mother! I just love reading stories like this one! Thank you for sharing!

  33. That is such a beautiful post. Bought a tear to my eye at the end x

  34. Too bad that your mother is no longer with you--except in spirit--to read this wonderful tribute. I'm glad that you had all those opportunities to have heart to heart talks and share some life secrets. And such good taste to recognize the BEST son-in-law of the whole bunch!

  35. What a wonderful story about your mother. It was very touching. Thank you for sharing it. She sounds like she was an amazing women.

  36. So, you also had a Mom worthy of being called a hero. Such a wonderful person she seemed to be!

    My mom also passed away from strokes. Why does it have to be such things... *sigh*

    They fill us with admiration and pride. And hopefully, we have inherited very many of their good sides from them :-)

  37. Anni, your post brought tears to my eyes...what a beautiful tribute to your mom, a wonderful woman and a true hero.

  38. Tribute to Mom, but I wonder if we ever really know all her secrets.
    You post ability is amazing.

    Thanks for such a terrific story

  39. You honored your mother so well today, Anni.

    Thank you.

  40. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. You say things so perfectly! I really enjoyed this. I did a tribute (sort of) to my mom for HoT's.

    Oh another note, I need to get on the ball and take you up on the offer to help me with my blog. I love how you've put the name across all the pictures (photoshop, I know. . . wish I had it) and can't right click. Oh and I love how you scroll over the picture and it tells you about it. SO VERY COOL! You're amazing!!

  41. mary hellen5/06/2008

    O' what memories you brought back with that song. My Mother use to rock and sing that and "I Told Every Little Fish" from some musicalto me every night.

  42. well that put me over my allotment for tears today. darn.. sniff sniff.

  43. Oh Anni what a wonderful tribute to your mom! She sounds like a magnificent lady!