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This week's theme/prompt is:

Ahhhhhhh mother.
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- - -

Well since I did a whole write-up about my OWN mother with the Fun Monday prompt for "hero", I had to come up with something of a different perspective for the word mother ---I'll use each letter to represent something associated with ME -'cause I'm a mother of two myself and grandmother of two. Here's my rendition of the "heads" toss for this week....


I love Movies! And this is a new print hubby purchased a few days ago for me -of one of my favorite love stories...Casablanca [Rick & Lisa played by Bogart & Bergman]


I like Ornamental objects! The left photo is my Miska™ Crystal cross that's on my bedstand, an the right photo is my newest crystal windchime I found at a store on the island!


I collect some Toys!!! Of course some are 'movie' themed while others aren't. The top left is "Tom Mater" from the animated movie, CARS [small frontal insert too]. I fell in love with that character! The top right is a gigantic stuffed tiger that is lounging at my bedside. On the bottom left is a soft sculpted stuffed tiger [I have several] propped up by my bookshelf in the bedroom. The bottom right photo is a monkey puppet. There's a story behind this. It's old! I bought it when Irene and Erik were VERY small, and I'd use it...while the kids would ask him questions and I'd answer in a 'monkey voice'...they giggled beyond belief at this...we had hours of fun with it, and they both always comment upon seeing it hanging from my rattan room divider! It's a family thing, and he's a great piece of family history.


Hawaii is a favorite of mine! If we could afford it, we'd be livin' there right now. We spent two weeks on the island of Oahu, with our son as the tour guide. He took a two week leave from the Marine Corps when he was stationed in Okinawa and we met him there in Honolulu! It was an awesome, unforgettable trip! I still bring up the fact that the first night I wanted to see the sun set over Waikiki Beach, the two guys [Bud and Erik] told me it was the same ol' sun I see over in the continental America, but boy howdy did they every shut up when we got there from the hotel that first night and the 'whole city of tourists' were there also! I turned around and got the one photo of Diamondhead at dusk, and the other photo is taken off Pali Highway --a tourist stop is on the divide...and what a view of the bays and Pacific Ocean!! [This is also where I fell in love with the flower -state flower- the Hibiscus!]


A favorite sandwich of mine is EGG SALAD! I could actually gorge myself on this stuff. Thing is, now, I must limit my cholesterol intake, and I've learned a delicious way to fix this favorite....

    6 large eggs [or in my case I cook Egg Beaters and chill to well cooled]
    1-2 tablespoons no-fat mayonnaise
    Salt and pepper
    A tiny squeeze of lemon juice
    2 stalks celery, washed and chopped finely
    1/2 bunch chives, chopped
    2 small handsful of lettuce
    8 slices of whole grain bread, toasted

[recipe can be halved for two sandwiches]


I have seriously learned to take time to Relax! And I've learned from the best of 'em!! Here are my mentors on relaxation skills! Left is Tahoe, on the desk to the left of the computer...on the right is Winston, stretched over the keyboard's keypad! [Both are at the same time, AND I'm in the middle typing away with one finger, not to disturb our royal family! They both always come up on the desk with me in the's a ritual.]


  1. That was a nice clever heads and tails one.

    Uw i love egg salad too! Now im officially hungry!

  2. My son absolutely LOVES the Cars movie. He has the same Mater toy.

  3. Ah, your always soooo creative!!!! I loved this one. Every bit. And I wanna go to Hawaii.... *giggles*

    Long time no see - my fault. Trying to catch up a bit now, but I'm outdoors more than before, so it won't be posts every day any more either.

    Fantastic new blog layout of yours!!! *whistles*

  4. Hi Annie, I like that crystal windchime, I am feeling like I have to have one now. I like your take on Mother with the objects.

    I like egg salad with green olives.

    I hope you get to stop by mine.
    I went classical, I think you might like it. It is on automatic posting at the magical midnight hour for Tuesday!

  5. what a creative post for mother theme :D

    My mother story in here thanks

  6. What a great take on the theme! I love the new look of your blog.

  7. Creative and clever great post. I will have to try that egg salad recipe that sounds like it would go down well.

  8. Very creative, but that's something to expect from your site :)

    I am craving egg salad now!

  9. I loved this take on the Mother theme! VERY CREATIVE, like you always are! You never disappoint!

  10. I enjoyed reading your take on the Mother theme...good work!

  11. I think that I could stand to live in Hawaii myself. :)

  12. Ahhhh Anni.. my inspiration for making the break from blogging addiction!!! :)

    I loved this post.. it had so much neat stuff! I think my favorite is the story of the monkey puppet, followed closely by the sunset. :)

  13. It is great learning little tibits of different people.

  14. I especially enjoyed the monkey story. I'm sure your kids fondly remember those times as well.

  15. When I read this week’s prompt this morning I wondered what you’d do … and I’m intrigued because I was tempted to do something similar today because writing about my mom is difficult for me. I decided to ‘stay with the topic’ however to see what showed up … and I’m glad I did w/o using a ‘structure’ to drive the process. It’s at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Anni,

    I love the twist you put on the word "Mother." I love your list.

    I enjoyed the CARS movie and the boys collect the Hotwh*el CARS. They have almost 30 each and they collected a lot of them when we visited Disney. MGM Studios had hoards of them and many the boys didn't have.

    Love your stuffed toys, especially that little monkey. Oh, the memories that are associated with him. Did you know I have stuffed toys too. LOL I will show mine one day for S&T. They are special ones I've picked up.

    I too could gorge myself on egg salad sandwiches. My favorite, but like you I have to be careful these days.

    I have never been to Hawaii but would love to go one day. However, I don't think I'd want to live there unless it was in a remote corner of one of the islands.

    Take care, my friend and have a wonderful day. I had my entire day planned, but things can change in an instant.


  17. Very clever... Sweet kitties and that egg salad sandwich looks yummy. I'd love to see Hawaii too.

  18. I love your take on the theme! I really enjoyed the story of the monkey, but, I must admit, the kitty critters are my favorite part of the post (you know me - critter-crazy hehe).

    Your blog looks absolutely awesome, by the way.

  19. I love those cats of yours. i have Annie right here now and I am trying to type over her. She is laying in front of my laptop wanting full attention. Funny how cats are.


  20. What a creative take on the theme! I love it :)

    Happy HOT day to you Anni, and have a great rest of the week :)

  21. Good evening Anni, I love how you did this theme on Mother.. I posted about my Mom today.. My husband and I love egg salad sandwiches and eat them almost once a week.You cats are so cool and they show their love for you in the best way.. being underfoot.. Love it. Hugs, Baba

  22. Awesome my friend.

  23. Love your take!! I especially love the last one. We definitely need to learn to relax, but I see the cats are having no problems. :)

  24. Great post, Anni... and I too love Tom Mater!! Haha.

  25. Whoof!! My Mom has stuffed animals on her bed, and on shelves in her bedroom. She sleeps woof 'em too. (Don't tell her I told you.) Mom had some frog slippers too, but I got rid of 'em. Chewed 'em all up... and it was fun.