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I took a camera with me on one of my daily walks this past week, so I could photograph some wildflowers, and 'not so wildflowers'. I fell in love with the lone sunflower springing up from the dirt accumulation of the storm drain at the curb on one of the streets I walk daily [7th photo...4th down on the left, vertically]. This is what I found....

And as I was close to returning to my front door, near one of the parks, I snapped a couple of photos of one of my favorite trees. I love the growth; they grow twisted naturally without any 'training' from the gardener. And the bark is very coarse and alligator skin like....with gray tinges. VERY 'woodsy and wild'. I especially like the closeness of a willow-like leafing. "Weeping"!! And the leaves are very small and quite delicate looking...almost fern like!! Here are two different photos of the Mesquite Tree. There are virtually hundreds of different species in variety. The 'upright' vertical image, if you enlarge it, will show you a close-up of the leaf formation. We had a huge Mesquite tree in our backyard in Arizona, so I love to see them here in this city too. They're just so pretty!!

~...end Green Thumb Sunday
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Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
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She says ... and I think ...

01. State :: hood
02. Lively :: bunch
03. Valet :: parking
04. Traction :: tire tread
05. Official :: umpire
06. Red hot :: chili peppers
07. Powder :: puff
08. Replies :: answers
09. Flagrant :: reprehensible
10. Tweet:: -y bird [tweety bird]

addendum 6:55 a.m.: With #10 a song came to my mind first thing, but I couldn't remember the title. I had to wait for Bud to get up and ask him if he recalled the title...yes, Rockin' Robin---
    He rocks in the tree-top all a day long
    Hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singin' the song
    All the little birds on J-Bird St.
    Love to hear the robin goin' tweet tweet tweet

    Rockin' robin (tweet tweet tweet)
    Rockin' robin (tweet tweet tweet)
    Oh rockin' robin well you really gonna rock tonight

~...end Unconscious Mutterings
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....the one where Phoebe and Rachel "know"!!

Yesterday when I was cleaning the kitchen floor, our kitty, Tahoe, jumped on the counter, and she knows that she's not supposed to be there. I say to her: "I KNOW you're up there and you know you're not to be up there!" Which made me think of one of my favorite TV programs that ran for years...and one of my all time favorite episodes; the one where Joey is the only one that knows about Chandler and Monica 'doing it' -where the "messers become the messees!" This, for some laughs if you have a few minutes, is a condensed version from You Tube------


  1. Those are lovely photos! Love the the trees!!!

    We have the same entry for #6! Happy Mutterings!

    P.S. Who is hosting tom's Fun Monday?

  2. Mariposa: It's Kitten for Monday.

  3. Thanks! Got there already...LOL

  4. Love those photos, Anni. Tweety Bird :)

    Have a great week!

  5. Anonymous5/04/2008

    I love the photos - thanks for muttering at me and thanks sooooo much for reminding me of that Friends episode!! :o)


  6. Good Morning Anni,
    I so love all of the flowers you took pictures of. They are so beautiful. I do love the tree as well. I have always loved the look of a weeping tree. I enjoyed reading your Mutterings as always. I love watching Friends. Me and my DH used to watch it together when he used to work nights in a factory. We would watch it when he got home. I have had a tooth ache this past week and never got around to posting or visiting since last Sunday. I did put up a new post this morning. My tooth is starting to hurt a bit and I thought before I went and laid back down, I had better come see you. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  7. There's nothing prettier than wildflowers in Texas in the spring! They are so unexpected and guaranteed to bring a smile. Thanks, I enjoyed your post.

  8. You really get up early!! My I am still in sleeping Heaven at that time!! WOW!! You must go to bed really really early!! I love sleeping!!
    I have seen those trees before. They are really gorgeous. I love the live Oaks here in Savannah with the moss hanging off of them. Such gorgeous trees.
    Have a great Sunday. Sandy

  9. I love the flower and tree photos from your recent walk. I had a similar thought the last time I walked to the local market w/o Molly …(that I could have brought my camera and snap interesting flower photos along the way) … but I’ve not walked to the market since. This morning’s Green Thumb post might help me remember ;--)

    My ‘mutterings’ are up (along with Ms. Kitty featured in this week’s Camera Critters). Looks like we were on ‘similar wavelengths’ and have several answers in common this week. I enjoyed your ‘addendum’ …(sometimes do that myself) ... in fact yesterday I added ‘sunrise’ photos to my Saturday Stuph post, joining in Photo Hunt later than usual after downloading the day’s photos from my camera.

    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Just now had the chance to hop on the 'ole broom and fly over...Love Love Love the photos of the phlowers and trees. You always amaze me with your eclectic posts. I leave here spinning with delight.

  11. Great mutterings this week, and your photos are just awesome!

  12. Anonymous5/04/2008

    Great mutterings! We had a few in common. ^_^

  13. Dear Anni ~~I loved all your photos, but the tree ones best; I love trees.
    I am glad you liked the Choices and the positive attitude. Thank you so much for the lovely things you said about my blog and me. I do appreciate your words and feelings. I consider you one of my nice blogger friends and I am happy we found each other's blogs. Take great care, Love, Merle.

  14. Nice flowers, love the tree, thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. We had quite a few in common today, including Rockin' Robin! I wish I'd thought of powder::puff - that's so basic & evocative

  16. I love wildflowers and you snapped some good photos.
    Thanks for stopping by The Gardener Side for GTS.

  17. How lovely to have all those wild flowers out now - we will have to wait a few weeks before we can find so many in the UK!

  18. Hi Anni!

    Hmm... Red hot :: chili peppers
    We must be thinking of the same thing :)

  19. Good Morning!
    What a lively bunch of replies you have gotten!
    I like powder puff!

    Hope you can stop by my whimsical musings with a bit of unlikely entertainment. Also, yesterday (Saturday) my humor post from yesterday you might be interested in. For some reason, I thought of you while posting.

  20. I am glad you liked the humor post. I just wanted to tell you that you can leave your email blank on the comments and just post your URL.

    Also -- if your URL is too big for the UMs page (I think some do have character restrictions.) just take your long URL and go to TinyURL to make it smaller and fit. The url never dies if it comes from there. I noticed that some people's get cut off and then you can't visit!

  21. You have taken some beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Great mutterings. I like Tweety Bird.

  22. You have a nice variety of wildflowers in Texas--different than ours in Arizona, but just as pretty. How long do the wildflowers last there? Ours only appear if we've had winter rains and they are so short lived. The Mesquite you showed is gorgeous. Mine are not a lush, but they're young. Happy GTS,

  23. Your flowers are so lovely - it's still too early for the blossoms here!

    I'm a bit fascinated with "reprehensible" to flagrant. I wonder what that means?

  24. I hate to admit it but I watch Friends from time to time. I never watched it when it was in production but if you check your TV listings, you'll see it in repeats!

    And I second that TinyURL suggestion... a friend's blog wouldn't accept mine for some very strange reason so I used a TinyURL -- no problemo!

    See ya :)

  25. Hi Anni, I love the lone little Sunflower trying so hard to grow!!

    I remember when we had power puffs and lose power in a pretty little round cartons. Have a great Sunday! Love and Hugs Grams

  26. Anni,

    The photos of the wildflowers are terrific. Last year I planted some flowers and they reseeded themselves outside of the flower bed. They are growing in the crack between the flower bed and the sidewalk.

    That mesquite tree is awesome. Like you, I like the weeping-type leaves, hanging down toward the ground. Weeping willows are my favorite tree. Wish I had room for one here.

    Enjoyed your unconscious mutterings. I well remember the Rockin' Robin song.

    Take care, my friend and enjoy a quiet and peaceful Sunday. Things are very quiet here today.

    Blessings and hugs,

  27. Hey sweetie, it is so nice to come visit here. I can always count on you for a laugh, beautiful pictures, and some food for thought. Thank you.

  28. Anonymous5/04/2008

    We matched 3,6,8 & 10! Happy Sunday to you!

  29. Loved the "Friends" video, Anni! That used to be my favorite show.

    We matched on Rocking Robin :)

    I've never seen a mesquite pretty!

    Hope you're having a nice day!

  30. Great mutterings this week, and wonderful photos. We have some of the same answers... and some of the same favorite movies, too!

  31. I love the sunflower. The most unexpected places, eh?

  32. beautiful wildflowers Anni, very very nice.

  33. Beautiful flowers!!! I have heard of or sung "Rockin' Robin" in years! Thanks for the old memories!

  34. Dear Annie,

    I very much enjoyed going with your on your little daily walk and have a look at the wild flowers, thanks a lot for the tour!

    We had such a great week-end filled with a visit to a nice garden exhibition on Friday, lots of gardening "work" (well, actually don't call it "work") on Saturday and relaxing in the sun on Sunday. The weather was great!

    Have a wonderfull new week.


  35. Anonymous5/05/2008

    Lovely flower shots!