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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I say to this. I'm not a jerk. Okay, so you believed that didn't you? Come on now...I see those sly looks. You were willing to take me on. But truly, the only thing I can think of is being a 'pest'- to my sleeping kitties.....

For Fun Monday this week our hostess asks:
    Have you ever "accidentally" ruined a favorite shirt of your spouse just because you didn't care for it? Come on - it's confession time! List the small things you do that make you a jerk and elaborate just a bit on each one.

When they're all asnooze on the floor beside me, I tend to 'pick on them' sometimes. [insert evil grin here] But only when I'm in the mood! Afterall, they jump up on the bed at 3 a.m. ---this sounds like Hillary I know, but it's true!---while I'm in deep slumber and one of them, either Winston or Tahoe, kneads my stomach while purring and, seeming like hours, making a circular nest, and then plop themselves down atop me...making me hot and unable to roll over. Why? I ask. See, I'm not a jerk like I stated above. I will lay there and suffer and not try to get them off. I Let them sleep. They know me all too well. I'm a pushover.

BUT, hold your horses, folks!! Let me tell you, revenge is sweet. After dinner, and the TV is on, they're near me...I'll start by petting them to where they're purring and very contented. THEN ---the massage gets rougher and rougher to the point where they're P O'd! *If you enlarge the photo of Tahoe, look at her golden eye...she's ticked off and readying for attack!* Oh furry companion begins to run away, but then...guess what? No matter which one it is, they both'll make a big turn-around and come back, in attack mode. Yep, I've been bitten and scratched with their hind legs. But this is more fun for all involved - besides, it makes me feel superior - or visa versa, I don't know what kitty is thinking. Finally, finally --they will either submit, or leave entirely, and all I see is a furry butt with their tail twitchin'. But, honestly, they don't learn. They come back the very next day while I'm watching my movie or sports and the social behavior begins anew.


Oh wait. Maybe I AM a JERK come to think of it! You see, Bud is a definite case for a psychiatrist! He 'suffers' from OCD. You know - OCD is marked by an insurmountable preoccupation with fixed ideas and gestures. His is carried to the extreme of having things in order. All day --and into the night. He can't go to sleep if something of his is in a state of disarray. Trust me.

Even down to the point where his socks, once taken off, [the dirty ones are FOLDED together] and put in the laundry shoot as ONE. It has to be that way for him; his way or no way! Seriously. He can't NOT just toss them in as he takes them off his stinkin' feet. [He actually does this with all his soiled clothes...FOLDS them neatly before putting them into the laundry] And then the nightly ritual begins. He chooses his clean socks from the drawer, and puts heel to heel...straightens them, as if ironing the wrinkles, neatly folds them, then lays them in perfect 90 degree angle from his shoes. ON TOP of his shoes.

Okay, I'm always laughing at him because of his compulsive disorder. Always. Sometimes aloud, other times laughing to myself. I know from working with psychiatrists that this is curable and it is a 'sickness'....but to me, why bother? It isn't life threatening, and I look at it as something that SOCIETY has put a label on just to medicate the one who is afflicted. Honestly, I think in terms of having a chance to pick on him! So, this is what I've done in the past to throw him for a loop.

You see, I wait 'til he falls asleep; then the fun begins. I actually move his shoes...why not? He'll find 'em no matter. And then....once he's snoring breathing evenly, I get up, Yes, I not only move his shoes where they're strewn and in a disorderly state, I then take the neatly folded, laying just right, socks and.......

TIE them in knots! Okay, so, ya, I guess I am a jerk. At least I'm sure that that is what Bud is thinking. To put it in a kinder, gentler term.

Next week our hostess will be Mariposa.

~...end Fun Monday
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I wanted to send along some sincere words of thanks here for everyone that stopped by over the weekend with their wishes sent to Bud and me for our special anniversary! It meant a great deal to me, truly! Your thoughtfulness and friendship made our day so much brighter!

It happened that it was also mother's day. I told Bud, no flowers. And of course both our kids have heard me say over and over, "don't waste hard earned money on bouquets for me", so no, no flowers for me. I'd much rather see them spend their money for themselves. I don't need anything but a simple "Hi Mom" over the phone.

Which I received. Both kids remembered. My sister also called to wish us a super 40th anniversary. So, not ignoring dear man of mine, but I spent a few hours on the phone.

It rained early in the morning. We went out for our usual Sunday Brunch. Came home and read the newspaper. Bud put our bottle of champagne in the 'fridge to chill for evening, after going out for dinner. We didn't do much of anything special during the day. Most of the morning was dark and gloomy. But the sun came out by mid afternoon and the temps stayed half way comfortable. Later we showered and dressed for our dinner. We decided to throw all our eating habits of health foods out the window yesterday ---So we ended up and Montana Mike's. And as much as we've been doing to stay away from red meats these days, we both decided a thick juicy steak was just what we deserved! Bud ordered the T-bone and Baby Back Ribs combination....colossal servings! *gulp* And I ordered The Surf and Turf -rib eye steak and butterflied FRIED shrimp! Both of us had the baked sweet potato with cinnamon and butter topping. Of course along with the house salad.

The sweet waitress overheard us 'toasting' each other after our glasses of wine were served as she walked by us serving others in the table behind us. At the end of the meal, she surprised us with their dessert specialties of the house. Which we could not even begin to think of consuming....we were stuffed to the gills!!

She had them box it up for us to take home.

By the time we arrived home, the two of us were quite uncomfortable. Yes, we ate that much. And consumed a bit too much alcohol. After we both changed clothes to our lounging around the house stuff....ELASTIC waist bands and such. LOL ---we stretched out together and watched a little TV and let our bodies digest the rich foods. Did I say we were over-stuffed and miserable.

Anyway, a few hours later, we dimmed the lights, lit some candles, put on our favorite music and opened our champagne. Bud surprised me with this----

A Ruby & Diamond heart!!!

What a guy. Incredible...or incredibly stupid for still lovin' this jerk!

I'm so lucky!!!

He's my man....

- - -

Now today, it's our grandson's 19th Birthday!
Are we ancient ones or what?
...and it's back to 'healthy foods' for us...we're too old for that rich food.


Photo courtesy of NYTimes & Obama Family

Also, I found this compelling story of the USA's Democratic Presidential Campaigner...Barack Obama's Mother's Story that was on his blog for Mother's Day.


  1. Folding dirty washing!?

    Belated happy anniversary!

  2. Oooo - you ARE a jerk!! Poor kitties (I can relate) and poor Bud (a man who folds laundry at ALL is aces in my book).

  3. First of all: Happy Anniversary. Beautiful necklace. Wow!

    You aren't a are a practical jokester with an evil twisted mind...and I love ya!

    For a giggle, head back over to my place to read the update. Someone is stealing Fun Monday posts.

  4. Happy Anniversary! (Beautiful necklace!)

    Reading your post just made me smile...tying those socks into a knot is something I would do! Our husbands appear to be polar opposites...a nice combination of the two would be just right!

  5. Gorgeous necklace. I'm laughing at the sock bit. My hubby has to have all his CDs in exact alphabetical order my musical type. I like to walk behind him a put a classical in the rock group. Irritates him every time. I cackle with glee!

  6. Gorgeous necklace!! how beautiful! something you can wear even if you have eaten too much (it won't ever feel too tight, isn't that wonderful? :D )
    Glad you had such a great anniversary day /Mother's Day!!
    now I am off to read that story .

  7. Anni,

    It sounds like you and Bud had a wonderful anniversary. You have certainly passed a milestone.

    About the cats...I think it is probably a game with them. They probably enjoy every minute of it.

    I enjoyed seeing the way Bud lays his clean socks on top of his shoes. He's definitely prepared to get up and get going in the morning.

    Enjoyed my visit, as always. I'm glad you had a great anniversary and a wonderful Mother's Day. Who could ask for more?


  8. LMBO!!! Oh I would SO do the same thing to Bud's socks!!! Yes I would! That just tickled me silly!!! And you are sO right! I think society has had to "put a name" on every bloomin' "habit" known to man! And then FIND a medication for it! Good grief!

  9. Loved your entertaining approach to this week’s prompt! Obviously needed the laughter because ‘funny’ wasn’t in ME this morning as I created mine. I know about ‘over-indulging’ … been there myself at times. Lovely necklace!!!
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. What a beautiful necklace~ Congratulations to both of you.

    I'm laughing at your antics with the socks and shoes~ that's a bit like me hiding the things embee leaves lying around~ I couldn't say that in my post because he reads it. I gave him a nice pen on his birthday last year and I put it on one of the dressers and it's been there for months and he hasn't even admitted he's lost it~and actually it's visible if he used his eyes~ I laugh to myself every time I dust!

  11. I think that is absolutely hilarious - tieing his socks in a knot!!!!

  12. If you were a real jerk you would send OCD Bud to my house for a visit. No order and all disarray!

    Be blessed.


  13. HA! You need a hobby! How wicked to tease cats and hubby. Apparently they all still love you???
    P.S. my tardy FM post is up now. Yep--I'm a jerk for not doing my homework on time. . .

  14. Belated Happy Anniversary to you and Bud. And that necklace is stunning. The cat stuff made me giggle, I can just imagine their annoyance, hee hee.

    And poor bud with his moving clothes. Does he get mad or even?

    Have a lovely week. :D

  15. you are too funny Anni...poor he beside himself when he discovers your mess??

  16. Hey Anni...this is good...your grandson and my oldest granddaughter are the same age...Brie has her birthday this week on the 17th and will be 19!!
    Yeap we are definitely GETTING OLD!! smile!! Only as old as you feel...they (whoever they is) always say!!

    Blessings and so happy for your big day.

  17. It seems like you had a very wonderful Anniversary, and Mothers Day my friend. Thanks for sharing it with us. I am happy you and your husband enjoyed your day. I love you my friend.

  18. Happy Belated Anniversary! Gorgeous necklace!

    Your jerkiness cracked me up. I think your hubby is a lot like a former boss of mine. He hated for anything to be left out of place. He went into orbit if I had a post-it on my desk or a pen that I didn't replace in my pencil cup immediately after I used it. If his wife didn't put her shoes in the closet where they belonged before she went to bed he would hide them from her. She once found her shoes in the oven.

  19. Ok the Kittys are just fun, they must love it or they wouldn't keep comming back for more. But poor Bud. But what Kind of JERK am I that I find this funny also.

  20. Happy anniversary and that is a beautiful necklace!!!

    Call me a *j too because I find it funny...

    Happy Fun Monday!

  21. I don't know if I would call messing with an ordered mind being a jerk....sense of humor for sure!
    Happy Fun Monday!

  22. Knots in sox and tormenting kittens... what a jerk!!!

  23. Happy Happy Anniversary again! I'm glad you had an enjoyable day together. My hubby and I decided to abandon eating healthy as well and ate and ate and ate at PF Changs. My stomach is not happy with me this morning, UGH! You have such a sweet husband! I love the necklace he got you. It's beautiful :)

  24. So funny! My cat does the same thing - waits until I'm in a hazy sleep, then purrs and kneads and plops down. I try so hard not to disturb her when I roll over! And if I did that to my hubby? Oh...there would be hell to pay! Glad yours is understanding!

  25. Oh my goodness- you are too funny! I'd think he'd have a hard time going to sleep knowing you were going to mess up his socks and shoes. HILARIOUS!!

    Our Happy Happenings

  26. Aren't you mean! Yeah, you can be a jerk, I'm sure poor Bud htinks so. And the kitties!

  27. (laughing too hard to comment... socks in knots?????!!!)