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I love the fact that Blogger has the new little ditty for setting the post times and it's automatically set up for us now,...a blog a day keeps the funny farm guys in their white coats away you know! You didn't know? Well, now you do. It's Mother's Day out there in the world of blogs ---and since it's our 40th Wedding Anniversary today AND Mother's Day, I 'm using the nifty 'pre scheduled' feature with Blogger and I'll share a photo or two of things found around our yard to enhance the landscape. These are the fruits of our labor in keeping up with the gardening and yard work, daily from now 'til October or beyond...

I took this photo in the early morning light. I just like the dramatic effect this has against the wood of the privacy fence. It's the first opening of the first Canna Lily grouping behind the lower flowering plants.

...and this is a yellow trumpet bush just off our front porch. If you stand at the corner of our porch and look southwest, it's really colorful as you can see this yellow and look beyond that to the back yard and see the striking contrast of the magenta bougainvillea!

~...end Green Thumb Sunday
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If I have a quiet moment before Bud gets up on Sunday morning, I'll try and come in and add the Mutterings over the weekend. If not, I want to wish y'all a happy Mother's Day.

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1. Track :: star
2. Snake :: bite
3. Assignment :: task
4. Blockbuster :: Video
5. Bombastic :: pompous
6. Adventure :: in Paradise [Kon Tiki -television]
7. First time :: virgin
8. Aged :: old
9. Grip :: handle bars
10. Shortcut:: path


5:45 AM Yes, it's true - I'm online 'til Bud wakes up. And I wanted to add this special, sweet gift that Mary gave to the two of us. Isn't it the sweetest thing? Thanks for thinking of us Mary ---and thanks for treating us with such a cute little gift card that you made!


  1. Good Morning Anni,
    "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" and "HAPPY 40th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY" as well. You have a double whammy to be celebrating today. I hope your day will be really special. Your flowers are just beautiful. You have some of the prettiest flowers and I do enjoy seeing pictures of them. I love the gift that Mary gave you. She gave me one for me and my DH's 13th Wedding Anniversary. She is such a wonderful person. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  2. Happy Mother's Day and Congratulations on 40 years of being the better half. Hope you get plenty of 'loot' in the form of flowers.

  3. I like the older blogger way of publishing...but I guess its also nice that you can do many posts at times that you have free time and set the date for publishing. We call the trumpet bush also yellow bells! And they are lovely really. Happy GTS!

  4. Anni,

    Happy Anniversary to you and Bud. I wish you both a wonderful day and many more happy years together. I'm glad you liked the little graphic card. You should be getting an envelope in the US mail also.

    Love your cana lily but the trumpet bush is awesome. Love that yellow color. If I planted everything that I see in blogland that I like, we wouldn't have room to walk on our property.

    Enjoyed your unconscious mutterings. You've made my day with my visit here. Happy Mother's Day to you. May your day be filled with love, laughter and abundant blessings.


  5. That canna lily is going to be amazing!

    Got tickled with your "first time" answer lol!

    Happy Mother's Day and I may as well shower you with more anniversary blessings as well :=)

  6. Great mutterings.
    I like the shortcut path.

    I had coral trumpet vines. I don't see to many yellow ones around here.

    Happy Anniversary and Mother's Day.

    I give to you the gift of laughter so stop on by and read my UMs done with my dh!

    That is great that Blogger is doing the auto postings. I use it all the time on my blog.

  7. Happy Anniversary, and Happy Mothers Day sweet friend, love you.

  8. I hope you’re enjoying your anniversary and am happy the Blogger scheduler seemed to have worked for you. Enjoyed your plant photos and it looks like you did have time to ‘mutter’ … seems the only one we have in common may be #5 though I may not have used that word after all, in which case all our responses differ ;--)

    Mine are at Small Reflections with a collage of ‘bird photos’ you’ll get a kick out of … if you find time to visit next week after ‘celebrations’ end.

    Happy Mother’s Day and 40th Anniversary!
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Anni,I hope yhat your Mother's Day is a great one.

  10. Happy Anniversary and Mother's Day! Does that mean you get double presents? ;0) I love seeing all your pretty blooms!

  11. Happy Mother's Day AND Happy 40th Anniversary, dear Anni!!! Such lovely celebrations to have on the same day:-) I do hope you got spoiled extra special today! hehe I just love that little button Mary made for you, she's so thoughtful and it's no wonder I love her so much:-)

    I just love your Canna Lily...that's something we can't grow here because we have too much of a short summer here. And your Yellow Trumpet Bush...oh wow, those are gorgeous. I bought some roses bushes today and a hydrangea today, will post about them tomorrow:-)

    I so enjoyed your anniversary posts as well...I wanna ask Bud who deserves the medal for staying married 40 or him??? hehe xoxo

  12. Happy Mother's Day and Happy Anniversary! Lovely photos of the flowers today!

  13. Happy Anniversay...and...Happy Mother's Day!!

  14. I started using the post sheduling feature on evenings when I want to go to bed early but want the post to show on the right day. I love it, and I get more sleep this way. Your photos are lovely. Happy anniversary, mother's day and GTS!

  15. Here's wishing a Happy Mothers Day also!
    Beautiful flowers! Awww! Wasn't that sweet of her to make that for you and bud!

  16. Nice flowers! thanks for your visits and cheery comments for show and tell Friday last week!