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Head or Tails:

This week's prompt is
"TAILS - Tell about your job or one you've had"

I've only had three jobs outside the home during my single [from my freshman year] to married life before Bud retired. The first one was when I was single and I worked there after being married up until pregnancy, and I chose to be a 'stay at home mom'. The job I left for motherhood was as the head receptionist for a local Chamber of Commerce. [the photo is of me on my 1st day back from a 3 month leave - I spent 3 months getting some research done while attending meetings [and having fun with my sister who resided there working for Senator Gordon Allot] in Washington D.C. - courtesy of the CofC --the book I'm holding is the a booklet I helped design; a tourist 'give away' for the city & county I worked for --kinda a 'tour guide']

I didn't begin working outside the home again until our youngest, Erik, began school in the 1st grade.

I then took a job at the school district and worked there over the years. The reason I chose this line was so I could be home when school was out, and home during the same school holidays and vacations in summer. I thought, and still do think, it's important for a parent to be home with the kids when they're young and trouble could be just around the corner for them, or be there with them if the need arose to take them somewhere they needed to be. I could also be involved in the after school activities such as cheerleader practice or a ball game or volunteer to do something during a time if one of the kids was attending some affair or class project. I worked in the school districts high school in the front office!

Afterward, when they were old enough to be more on their own, I changed jobs upon being recommended for the position by my ex-employer. I began working for a huge corporate psychiatric office. Working under 16 psychiatrists and medical doctors. Also I did some work under bio-feedback technicians. I loved that job. I learned so much there. How the legal system works with social services and the psychiatric aspect of the laws, learned literally dozens of symptoms and signs of the mentally impaired and the physical abuse actions to look for in a human; the deep lying impact of agoraphobias, the health and diagnosis of behavioral psychosis --so many things that make a human being tick while others seem to 'tock'. I learned about co-dependencies, about hypnosis, social medicine...much much more!! It was the most rewarding experience in a job related field I could ask for. Very very enjoyable. Great doctors, great psychiatrists, all-around great people. I was in the head office, at the front desk...with multiple tasks. Even at times, calling emergency help in...or a few times I even volunteered to drive some to the other medical buildings off the site.

I remember a few patients would talk with me after their sessions and ask me how I accomplished being a happy person and so happily married to a wonderful man. Of course I could not give out anything in terms of advice, I wasn't degreed in the field...but I could honestly tell them it takes work and giving, expecting nothing in return. Most, being depressed, would just sigh and always look sad and forlorn...making me want to reach out and give them a hug. Which wasn't allowed either.

I remember one late afternoon, just before the office closed, I was usually the last one to of the psychiatrists was still there, waiting for a patient that had a late appointment. The patient was suicidal...he came in with a gun...and threatened to take his life - but was still desperate for was an adrenaline rush to be able to calmly work behind the scenes and help a fellow man! [I say adrenaline rush meaning I really didn't think of the danger I could have been in myself --the thought of helping was more important at the today that I'm older, I'd probably crawl under a desk or run!] I found out later, after we had left for Tucson to live, since I have long since kept in touch with some of the medical staff, Dr. C told me that he did succeed in committing suicide tho...but it's the OTHER 98% that were helped that was so worth while!

To this day I can still recall some of the disorders and codes I read in the patients' charts when I'd have to do a medical transcript. For instance:
    308.3 was Acute Distress Disorder
    347 was Narcolepsy
    The 295 section was Schizophrenia [Many variations! Always with a decimal for a certain case --i.e., 295.2]
    302.82 I believe was Voyeurism


I received this beautiful bouquet from Mary!! Isn't it gorgeous?!! Thank you...You're always there, and always brighten my day! I appreciate the wonderful sweet gesture my friend!!!


Which reminds me, I haven't done a "Ewe Rock" giftie in a long time. I am running short on time, but there are two particular ones this past month that have been blogging in such a positive way - which I think is far beyond the better style, comparing to negativity [but, that is a personal reason for me] two have had some super blogging lately. I hope you two will enjoy the little token I am sending your way!! And since this is a personal gift from me, it isn't passed around. Enjoy, and know you're both 'bloggin' buddies'!!!



  1. Wow! You are a brave and wonderful person :) I would have hid under the desk for sure or frozen in fear. Great HOT post :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    My entry is here

  2. god the last story in your post sounded scary. I dont think i would have gone back to work again!

    Its good that the job you got worked around school hours. thats the sign of a good mom that-thinking of her kids needs :)

    Thanks for stopping by again x

  3. Wow, great post my friend.

  4. Awwww! Thank you darlin'! I will even TAKE this one - cuz it's NOT a "pass around" -- and because you cited it as being for being "positive" which is very important to me and my blog! (which is why I can't believe you gave it to me 3 days after I posted my most negative post EVER!) LOL! But... No Take Backs!!! hehehe... Thank you again Anni!

    As for your jobs, you had some GOOD ones! Working in the schools while the kids were young was definitely the right move! I wouldn't trade my time there for ANYthing! But your job with the Psychs was certainly interesting too! Krysti is currently interning in Mom's Neurologist's office -- and she is working with the Behavior Psychologist -- doing a lot of biofeedback stuff. She's really enjoying it! Anything with the human mind is NEVER going to be dull!

  5. Anni,

    I loved hearing about the jobs you had and I'm sure you enjoyed all of them.

    That man who brought the gun into the medical office had real problems. My heart goes out to people that feel there is no longer any hope. It's very sad, but I know your work there was very rewarding.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the floral bouquet. Just a little something to brighten your day as you always brighten mine.

    Blessings to you, my friend.

  6. Your job with the psychiatric office sounds like it was very rewarding and I could tell you really enjoyed your work there. Working in an area where you are constantly learning makes for a great job.

  7. What a great picture! You were so young! I love it! I think you made a wise decision staying home with your kids and then getting a job that gave you the same days off and vacations as your kids!

    :0) Sharon

  8. That last job sounds incredibly interesting. I have a B.S. in Psychology and loved studying that stuff.

    I also agree that home is the place to be while kids are young. I look forward to working part time when I'm done having kids and they're all in school...but only if I get to be home when they leave for school and home when they get home.

  9. I also hope i can work again in here when my son already go to school. BUT I don't want work everyday, the most important is when my son later back to school, I'll be there at home for him.

    thanks for drop at my post

  10. Interesting work experience and it has obviously taught you understanding and compassion

  11. you're a brave woman.

    mine is here!
    hope you can drop by for a visit.

  12. Hi, Anni,

    Like you said about me, I've seen your comments on other blogs I read but I think this is the first time I've commented here on your blog.

    I was a stay at home Mom myself so I agree with your views there. Now I'm fortunate that I can take care of my Grandbaby a little most days and help out my daughter and son in law.

    I enjoyed my visit here and I'll be back. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I'm flattered. :o)

    Have a great week!



  13. I love your picture!
    The job market should have the flexibility to offer young mothers the chance of being home when school is out. The whole society would benefit from this!
    You were very brave (because you were so young??), I would have been very scared facing someone with a gun and talking suicide...very scary!
    Congrats on that award, beautiful flowers!!
    Have a wonderful day :)

  14. Hi Dear Anni. I enjoyed reading about your Jobs and you were a very brave Lady working in the psychiatric office. The sight of the Gun would have sent me packing.

    Answer:I have 12 Grandchildren My eldest grandson is 24,youngest 4.
    Serayha in one of lower pics sitting with Alyce turned 21 last july.. Cheers \_/\_/

  15. Anonymous5/27/2008

    I think all bloggers suffer just a little with 302.82, don't you!?! :)

    Great HoT! :)

  16. Yep.. we DID both post about school this week! Great minds think alike!

    Speaking of that... You worked in a psychiatrist's office and I've been a patient off and on for many years. (Smile.)

  17. Before I forget, in response to your question about my 'cruise tattoo' ... Air brushed is painted … (just like it sounds) … painless and short-lived. It lasted about 9 days and I’d love to do the real thing, but each time I check it out I’m told that I shouldn’t get it THERE because it’s the most painful spot because it’s right on the bone. Since you have one there, what advice would YOU offer? Is yours just above the ankle-bone like my 'airbrushed' one?

    And now ... about THIS post ... it's clear we came from the same generational 'stock and values' ... and that there were 'forces at work in YOUR life' as there were in mine ... presenting appropriate opportunities along the way. Coincidentally, my 'ex' was a Psychiatric Social Worker and my Masters Degree is in Counseling (I worked in a Child Guidance Clinic just long enough doing my field work to learn I didn't want to spend my life there, but with a lasting admiration for those who do that work). Staying home with kids yields dividends always.

    Hugs and blessings,

  18. they sound like fantastic jobs - you've definately got your priorities in order, looking after your kids interests. The psychology office job sounds really interesting too, i think maybe i'd like to do that one day. keep up the good work! x

  19. you say you only had 3 jobs in your life, but you are one of the fortunate one's to have had the right job, at the right time, with the most rewards... i'll be back to visit you again!

  20. When the time comes I'm hoping to get in our school district too so I can have the same days off they have.

    How scary having someone come in with a gun! Thankfully you guys were kept safe that day, but sad to hear he ended up taking his life another day.

    Thanks for stopping by mine and I hope you have a great rest of the week.

  21. The first thing I saw was that I have a similar picture of me behind my desk and with exactly the same hairdo, lol !
    Your last job must have been very interesting ! I love everything related to psychology.

  22. I found your job working in the medical office interesting.

    Thanks for visiting mine.

  23. I think I'm a little like you, I am looking forward to taking psychology classes because I like to try and figure people out, what makes them tick, what could be the cause for some of their phobias.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  24. Anni..thanks so much for this gift!! I am so happy that you see my blogs as positive which is the way i want them to be!!
    I worked once in a church as the receptionist. I had a woman on the phone wanting to commit suicide also. I kept her on the line talking to her as long as I could. I finally lost her connection. I got off the phone and lost it!! I never found out what happened. Thanks again. Sandy

  25. I wish I could get a job in the school district - I love the idea of being off when the kids are off. Great post! :)

  26. Anni, you constantly amaze me and that final tale just brings it more to the forefront. You are a wonderful mentor to all of us younger generation to stop acting old and start living life.
    Thanks for being here. Happy HorT, mine is posted if you want to pop by.

  27. WOW! Great HOT! You've had some great jobs and scary times...

    Stop by my HOT:

  28. I do my job (teaching) and stick with it mainly because I'm off when my kids are. It's one of the few perks.

    Your job in the psychiatrists' office sounds so interesting!

  29. Sounds like you found exactly the right job for you. I suppose none of us know how we'd react when faced with the circumstances you describe, but I have to admire your handling of the situation.

  30. Very cute picture of you working.

    Interesting jobs you have had and only three! You are so lucky!

    Hope you can stop by my historic house guide post. It might interest you.

  31. Stopped by for WW, but you blog has so much more! I do love your photo but I'm was pulled in by your HoT scary encounter! Only to read your comment 'comment' about your daughter. I wish her healing. I had an toxic relationship myself, as did one of my sisters. As you touched on in your post, codependence becomes it's own battle to be waged. Fortunately, I had a wonderful support system.

    Perhaps I'll pour myself a glass of wine now!

  32. Hi Anni. You are having a very interesting life, aren't you. Way to go.

    Thanks for visiting!!

  33. I really loved your heads or tails post! I found your blog via "My Life As Mama Jodi"! It must have been a very humbling experience to see so many people suffer from mental distress. I worked in an adult foster care home and dealt with a schizophrenia patient. He was really sweet and very challenging. The whole experience was rewarding!

    Anyway, you were so brave with the patient who came in with a gun!