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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Some dreams live on in time forever
Those dreams, you want with all your heart

And I'll do whatever it takes
Follow through with the promise I made
Put it all on the line
What I hoped for at last would be mine

If I could reach, higher
Just for one moment touch the sky
From that one moment in my life............
~Gloria Estefan "Reach"

Our hostess for Fun Monday this week, Southern Doll, asks us:
    What have you done in your life that was worth doing? I want to know the moments in your life that you hope will be the ones to pass through your mind when your time comes.

I commented that my life has been kept very simple. At my own accord. Not that I'm lazy, or not that I've had no interest in accomplishing great feats that would make me world famous. I have always admired the hard worker, the stable person who doesn't skip jobs every five or six years. I have grown up in a generation where you are a very loyal and accomplished person if you remain at your job for 20-30 years [the same company/organization] and retire. And at times I've been accused of having high hopes; that I'd be lucky to have just a good husband...then other times people around me told me I had a good head on my shoulders that anything is possible.

Then, as I grew up I had dreams for my future:

1] Graduate
2] Marry
3] Have two children
4] Work outside the home ONLY if it's a job that I can have where when my kids are out of school for vacations, I'd too be home with them [I grew up with a stay at home mom and I learned early the value of having a parent home instead of being a 'latch key kid' to fend for myself. Who's to know just what kind of trouble I'd be in if it weren't for my mother being home when I got home. Also, the two of parents...a very stable and loving couple for over fifty years.]
5] Retire Young
6] Live by the Ocean
7] Perhaps have grandchildren
8] See my two kids accomplish high goals that they made for themselves.
9] Grow old with hubby.

That's about it.

Here I'm working through the school as head receptionist -Just before graduation and my graduation gift from the city --a trip to Washington D.C.[where I ended up staying from June through September - came back home to the same job & met my future hubby]

Well, I did graduate[1], and registering for college under my belt 'til I met and married[2] a super man. [not Superman, but super man]. And to count my lucky stars, but, dear man wanted five kids...I put the hipper dipper to that crock idea real quick! I stated while we were dating, two kids, and two kids only. Well, we were very fortunate to have one of each; two kids[3].

~Me & both of kids
A girl first and then a boy to carry on the family name [looks like the family name stops with his generation tho...I doubt he will marry. But, things tend to happen over night, who knows]. Anyway, after our youngest, the boy was more kids. I didn't want the rest of my younger years bound to nurturing small ones all my days. We stopped having kids. Then, I concentrated on raising them to be upstanding citizens while working[4] at the same school district where our children enrolled. Our daughter is now on her way to becoming a minister [she also will further her education if those 'plans of mice and men' become real...and be a minister of counseling for abused spouses --and she has vehemently stated she wants to work with both men and women who've been abused in any situation.] Our son's goals were to go to the Marine Corps upon graduating from high school...he graduated in June and was in boot camp that September. [That, sad to say, tore me apart...during the gulf war and I didn't want to lose him in combat. But I also didn't want him to see my terror and concern for that in itself was a very big accomplishment for me. To stand proud at his graduation and be strong for his sake.] His goal, at this time in his life was to finish his four years serving his country then go beyond that point and get a doctorate in 'economics'....I have that in quotes 'cause after the Marine Corps he changed it to doctorate in history. He's now a College Professor in Houston, and making investments for himself AND his clients.

~Me as Bride to be -in Wedding Dress -Veil
Our marriage... It's been blissful for nearly 40 years. Forty years in less than one month. That is another great accomplishment. I have my parents instilling in me some qualities and foresight into marriage that has given me strength to give what I can to making a good marriage work. Of course there is a 50% credit that goes to Bud too. He's been very good to me.

And retire early? Yes, we've been fortunate enough to have a nice nest egg and a mortgageless home before we both turned 50.[5] And Bud bought out his retirement from the Government job he'd worked steadily for for over 20 years. [You had to be 55 before one can retire and draw retirement with a government job]...He was younger than 55 when we decided to call it quits to schedules and 8-5 hours. Retire early, we did.

Then, the having a house on the ocean. You don't know how many days in my 50 years in Colorado that I sat by the living room window with 4 or more feet of snow and temps down to the below freezing mark, wishing for a home on the beach. Of course we wanted our kids to have a whole 'one school district' lifestyle. We opted to wait 'til they left the nest.

But we didn't make it to the 'beach' vicinity 'til we spent a few years of retirement near the Tucson golf courses. LOL --that too got tiresome. The white hot skies of summer in the desert was not for us. Oh sure, it was great the first few years...but when they say "it's a dry heat"...they're not talking during the months of the monsoon season!!! Trust's not dry then!!! Temps nearing the 100 degree mark by 10 a.m. and the humidity of 90-100 per cent --for about two or three months.

~Just minutes from home
Finally, I said, "It's time to get our house by the ocean". We put the house on the market...I flew down here to do some market research, found a home, signed a contract, flew back home to hubby and started packing...all in a month's time. Of course, our home is NOT ON the beach because of the gulf water power surges in the summer if and when a hurricane would hit our city. ---I was 'smart enough' not to be THAT close to the shoreline. We are residing within a 15 minute drive to Padre Island [N.] now.[6] And I'm content.

Very content; as a grandmother[7], retired before I turned 50, two wonderful kids, a great hubby to grow old with ---and a dream location to reside.

I know I'm definitely not going to leave any earth shattering legacy when I leave, except hopefully to be remembered with love of my family as a good wife, a good mother and perhaps a woman who was wise enough to not set her goals too high to not accomplish her dream[s].


  1. I like the Gloria Estafan quote from the song "Reach"

    Thanks for adding me to the blogger over 50 list.

  2. Wow, you have had an amazing life! My Dad worked for one company his whole working life, and my parents have instilled in me many of the same vaules your parents instilled in you. My marriage is important and my kids, too.

    What you leave on this earth will be two well adjusted children who live their lives well. And friends who most obviously have witnessed your dedication to your family.

    I don't think changing the world has to be inventing something new or feeding a million children (noble causes, to be sure), but to live your life in such an exemplary way that you have changed the lives (for the better) of those around you. And it sounds like that's what you've done.

    Thank you for sharing. I loved reading this.

  3. Oh, Anni, I love this post. You have had a wonderful life, and are having a wonderful life. You and I share the same philosophy in life, keep it simple, and enjoy each moment. You inspire me.

  4. Oh, Anni, don't you see, you have already left a great legacy. You've lived your dreams and not all people can say they've done that. I can't say as I blame you for telling Bud you were not having five kids. That's how many my first husband wanted. LOL I said no way.

    I must say thank you to you for making a little boy's world much brighter this weekend. Jordan was ecstatic that you left him a message in my comments.

    Take care, my friend. I must finish my post for tomorrow and YES!!! I am getting emails now.

    Blessings for a great week.

  5. Anni, I love the clear-eyed vision you have of what you want out of life and how you went about achieving your goals. Sounds like you had some excellent role models in your own parents.

  6. Your life sounds WONDERFUL! And you wound up on the beach. Your post could end with "And they lived happily ever after!"

    Be blessed Mrs. Anni.


  7. Anni that is such a lovely post!

  8. You certainly had a good life so far and it probably will continue. The most important thing is when you are looking back you feel happy and don't regret anything.

  9. Now that's what I call livin' life. I love the water, too. It wouldn't have to be an ocean, but I would love to live on a lake eventually. And ditto on the long and white Colorado winters. I'm ready to move south.

  10. I love this post. If only everyone could be as happy with the way their lives turned out... And you're right about a house ON the beach - NEAR the beach is much better!

  11. Hi Anni, I followed your link from Mike's Random Things Blog. Your life sounds a lot like mine. When I graduated from High School girls didn't have many choices of what to do with their lives after that. The young women of today have it different. Now if they can dream it they can be it. How wonderful is that.

    The economy dictates to many though that if you are married both need to work to be able to keep their heads above water. I am so very glad that I was able to stay home and raise my children myself. I wouldn't change that for anything. My children are the people they are today because they had a Stay At Home Mom.

    Have a great day. If you don't mind I would like to add you to my list lf Favorite Blogs.

  12. That was a fantastic Fun Monday from you. I always believe that you don't need a life of mind boggling achievements to have lived a fulfilling live.

    You've done well! I'm particularly impressed with those 40 years!!! We're only up to 8 at the moment...I can't wait to see what the next 32 years will hold.

  13. You have lived an awesome life my friend. Your legacy will be one of amazing love.

  14. Such a good post! I was able to stay at home with my three children by working for my husband's business on computer at home. I managed to home-school them through the seventh grade. They finished out in public school and did well. I am so glad that you have met your goals and you have left a legacy to your children and anyone who knows you.

  15. Wow, good for you for making your life's list and accomplishing them all. You rock.

    (And 40 years?!?! Amazing!)

  16. Lovely Anni! You had some terrific goals that were fulfilled. Wow 40 years soon. That is great in this day and age. Hey my brother found his mate and got married at 43 (his bride was 42)and now a year and a half later they have a little girl. Things can happen later in life...

  17. WOW! This was a beautiful post. I really enjoyed reading it. Big High 5 to you for accomplishing your dreams!!

  18. Anni -- you have INDEED accomplished ALL your goals -- and you've done it all with "Anni Style" and "Anni Flair"!!!

    I think your goals and dreams were the perfect ones. I know when I was a teenager, I dreamed of being an advertising executive in New York City with a Penthouse apartment and an all white with chrome and glass livingroom! For REAL! That was how I pictured myself! Can you IMAGINE me ending up like that??? Good thing God knows better... huh? LOL!

  19. Wow, yours is certsinly a life well lived Anni, I loved this. It's great that you reached for your goals and achieved them, and even more that you are able to enjoy them. Fab.

  20. I absolutely loved your post~ it rates as one of my favourites so far today. I think you have accomplished much and you are happy and content that is a brilliant legacy :)

  21. wow. i can't see us retiring that early. that would be awesome. but i bet it wont happen. any kids we have wont be through college by then. sheesh.

  22. It does sound as though you have accomplished your main goals in life. It sounds wonderful.

  23. Love the song lyric you opened with today. Your list could have been mine … though my life took more ‘unexpected’ turns than yours … bringing me to 'unlooked for' but much appreciated joys (following sorrows) … leaving me feeling ‘blessed’ and gratefully living at the beach like you (though I wish I was ‘mortgageless’ more than you know). LOL

    I’m playing today too (in my own way). Have a Marvelous Monday!

    Hugs and blessings,

  24. You have lived such a full and wonderful life! Your dreams have come true. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    I want to cordially invite you to participate in my Country Cookbook Giveaway. Please drop by when you have a moment.


  25. Well Brovo Anni - Nothing could be more awarding than a happy life.
    But we all now it take work on everyones part for 40 years of marriage. Looks as if you have done a exellent job at raising two kids.

  26. Great post - you have definitely achieved all the goals that you set out for yourself. Very impressive.

  27. Dearest Anni,

    Smack me but I decided to shut my computer off all weekend and enjoy the outside instead! lol That's my excuse for missing a few of your posts and I'm stickin' to it!!! hehe

    Anni, you have accomplished more in your life than so many others have and I'm just so happy for you that you're so content with your life. I wish things were the same for me but with my situation at home, I haven't quite accomplished that. lol

    That's unbelievable what that jersey is going! I love it that the proceeds will go towards charity!!

    Anni, have you heard anything from Karen lately? It's been over a week now since she's posted...hopefully it's just her cable that's down. xoxo

  28. Lovely post, Anni. Loved reading about your life and your accomplishments. You have a lot to be proud of. I am happy I met you through blogging!!

  29. Awesome reading ! I only had time to visit two blogs so far...flew by to read yours since you stopped by my place and left me a personal invitation.
    Am taking care of one of those little wonders we call grandkids, so not much time to blog.
    "Go Rockies" Teeheehee

  30. beautiful post, anni!

    how blessed you are!

  31. what an amazing story and a great read. Thank you
    I so enjoyed.
    Quite a life

  32. [I'm posting this very special comment that was left for me today. I wanted to save it for 'safe keeping' on my blog] Mutti and I've been friends online for many many years. She is 80+ years young and lives in Denmark! And I think, no....I KNOW she speaks and writes English quite well for speaking Danish!!!! I love her to pieces!!!!!

    Sweet Mutti wrote:

    I was very touched by what you wrote, and I admit, that I said out loud .yes that's Anni. Your attitude on life, your strength, your happyness and lucky feelings about Bud and you Children and all the rest- and the pictures of you,- the one where stand with your two Children, beautiful, (I do, and has always admired you thick hair, and the color!!!) but the picture of you as a yong bride, takes the prize.
    You look so "girlish" beautiful and sweet. It's easy to see what Bud fell for-
    Thank you for sharing,
    BTW= is Bud too shy to be shown on the net?? "wink"
    I have seen a little picture of him at your beach one time , I see him for my inner eye, as Sean Connery-like, Am I right?
    Anyway, thank you for the story.
    Smiles and Hugs

  33. Enjoyed looking back on your life, Anni. Seems you have been and still are well blessed.

  34. Congrats on your life Anni. When you think about it those were some hefty goals. A life well lived! You have caught your dream and hung on. I think you deserve a tiara! Hugs!

  35. You set a goal -- and that is admirable. The fact that you reched your goal -- that is TANFASTIC.

    I'm envious. (But in a wonderful way)

  36. Oh what a wonderful story , I enjoyed it so much . Mary / Mariah

  37. I LOVE it! It looks like you not only planned it out but have followed your dreams along the way. :)

  38. Hi Anni, Thanks for dropping by my blog. I really enjoy reading the real life story of yours. Simple but meaningful life :)

  39. Wow! What a wonderful list. Your one of those people that made my mouth drop when I read your post.