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[a QUILL Pen!]
--1]"Is it short?" NO, it's long. 2]"Is it Narrow?" YES.3]"Is it Colored?" YES, could be./and/ NO, not necessarily.4] "Is it Animal?" YES!5] "Is it bigger than a bread box?" NO [but mighty!] -The pen is mightier than the sword6] "If "I" go down a well, would I get shafted!" YES ::shrug:: -Ink Well, Feather shaft.7]"Is it a homonym for tough?" YES -Thesaurus for feather :tuff:8] "Does it fly?" NO ::clue::9]"Is it old in terms of medieval?" YES, could be. -Quill pens often used10]"Was it around during the U S A constitution?" YES -composing11]"Are certain kinds used?" YES -according to wikipedia, one side of the bird's wings were used for left handed and the other side was used for right handed.12]"Do you find them in classrooms?" NO, probably not.13] Associated with, perhaps, Qumran? YES -Dead Sea Scrolls...quill pen for composing.


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Now, for the Show N Tell for the week - - -

BARGAINS!!! Great finds! [I tried to condense the photo taking so it wouldn't make the blog entry so busy....]

Okay, today's Show N Tell is nothing but a simple display of some of the great buys I found this past week. A weekly trek takes both me and Bud to the "Half Price Bookstore" in town. And while I was waiting in line to purchase a book, I glanced down and there was a huge box below the counter with a sign on it that said: "All Remaining Christmas Merchandise -'FREE'!!" Well, I was so into that box, digging around, even finding some things that wouldn't be worth the effort to grab. I did, tho, manage to come up with a few freebies that were 'my cup of tea'. I asked the clerk if I could take more than one item, she said to take the whole box if you want to. LOL...that was tempting. [just kidding] No, not really. I'm greedy, but not THAT greedy.

And as much as I love Santa stuff, I can't believe that I missed these during the holiday season a few months back. So, I got 'em. Two Santa books!!! And then, two very nice looking boxes of Holiday cards.

Free! --can't beat that now, can you?

- - -

Then I walked from there past Barnes and Nobel and Home Depot and Academy Sports complex to a small Wal Mart. There I found all Easter items 90% off! I got a kitchen towel and two egg shaped pot holders and a $10.00 singing duck for less than $3.00, total!

After my bargain hunter's dream, I had the trunk loaded and set to stop off at the local grocery store chain, H E B super center [like a Wal Mart super center]. And, naturally, I parked closest to the Texas Outdoor section of the store, so I could take a stroll through the garden shop. LOL There, just by the entrance doors to the interior part of the store, were tons of tropical hibiscus plants. Mostly red. As I was looking over them all, I asked the clerk who was walking by if they were ALL red...she said, no there are some pink ones and oranges too. Well, I'm really not fond of orange, so I took a good long look and found a couple of pink ones, loaded them into my cart. As I was just about ready to go indoors, to the left of me were 100s more!! And on this side of me the hibiscus were of variegated, dark glossy leaves. I've never seen these kinds, even in Hawai'i. Must be a hybrid. I asked them if they were the same price and they said yes. Ha!! SOLD!!! I grabbed a couple more containers and went inside. Now, why was I there? Oh ya....egg roll skins. LOL And the awesome price for the day for those plants? $1.98 a piece!!! Hibiscus plants that go for $8.98 at Wal Mart and $10.98 at the plant nurseries in town...I got for less than $2.00 a plant. 'ho boy...Bud is gonna croak I thought...But he was okay with me bringing home more plants which meant more digging for him.

- - -

And the very next day, early, right after sunrise I did my daily routine, walking for 30 minutes. By the time I got back close to our home, one of the distant neighbors was setting up for a garage sale. I said 'hi'...and wished her luck. She invited me to look over what she had if I wanted to. She said she didn't have her change box set up yet and that she couldn't sell me anything until it was all done. In one of her boxes of knick knacks I found this plate. Entitled "Shy One"...She had it marked $1.00 Of course I went back at 8am and bought it from her. [they sell for $30.00 or more retail!!] She set it back for my return. It just made me go 'Awwwwwwww'.

[the front of the plate...the little Indian Girl, is in photo above with the duck and kitchen set; Santa books]

2 Books on Santa
Easter Kitchen Towel
2 Easter Egg Pot Holders
4 6" potted Hibiscus Plants
Bradford Collector's Plate
2 Pkgs of Christmas Cards
8" Singing Duck

Total retail at regular prices [including the Bradford Collectors Plate]: approx. $90.00 to $120.00
Bargain prices total [including the 'free stuff']: $10.00

~...end Show N Tell
[scroll below my book review to comment]


I just finished the book: Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father, and I must say that that was one of the most profound autobiographies I've ever read. It is an outstanding read. He not only is an eloquent speaker, but can the man ever write. It was just like I was sitting in the very room as he spoke. It covers his turmoil of a life accepting himself as half white, and half black. What he went through in school. Being raised by white grandparents and his white mother. Learning and coming to terms of his father and his father's dreams. Visiting Kenya [where his father lived and died] when he was an adult; meeting for the first time his native African family.....legends and folklore upon his arrival. Seeing through the eyes of his father's family and the community in which his father lived and married another Native African, and Barack's 'half' sisters and brothers...grandmother, aunts and friends of the family. It was poignantly told!! He, throughout the book, wasn't afraid of telling his mixed emotions. Then, the epilogue ---convincing me 100% now that the man has high ideals for a country he so loves - U.S.A.!!

Here's an excerpt from the last of the book--
¹"...I am not immune to distress. And like most Americans, I find it hard to shake the feeling these days that our democracy has gone seriously awry.---------the ease with which we are distracted by the petty and the trivial, our chronic avoidances of tough decisions, our seeming inability to build a working consensus to tackle any big problem........."
page 454 of soft cover "Dreams from My Father"
Senator Barack Obama

© 1995 Revised Edition 2004¹

- - -

I am now beginning another biographical writing. This time tho, it's a novel. The novel of Mary Todd Lincoln. "The Emancipator's Wife" But right now, it's going to take a heap of reading more books to get Obama's book out of my mind. I sure hope this next book will be even half as good...then, I can say it'll be an enjoyable book. [I also have 'Audacity of Hope'....but will save that for later]


  1. Terrific job shopping, Anni! I will have to try and find a copy of the Todd-Lincoln biography at the library. The very first grown up book I ever read was Love Is Eternal by Irving Stone, an historical novel about the Lincolns. She has intrigued me ever since.

  2. Hi Anni:-)

    Don't you just love those unexpected bargains? I just love everything you found!! I was gone to the local thrift shop today and found a vintage cake decorating set for .50...will show it on my post tomorrow. I was thrilled to find it because it's just like the one my mom used when she decorated wedding cakes back in the 60's and 70's:-) I wish I could go bargain shopping with you...what fun we would have!! hehe xox

  3. I was waaaay OFF! Good one!

  4. Great bargains sweetie.

  5. Anni,

    I love the Native American plate and all of your Easter finds and free? The retailers here would throw this stuff in the garbage before they gave it away free. I can't believe that. I'm comin' to Texas. LOL

    I must check at the library and see if they have Obama's book. It sounds great. I also am interested in the book about Mary Todd Lincoln. One of my favorite people of history was Abraham Lincoln. I'm not sure why but was interested in his life from the first time I heard of him.

    Thanks for sharing all of your terrific finds. Makes me yearn to come down to go bargain hunting with you.


  6. Good Evening/Morning Anni,
    Well, I was sort of close to the answer. I was thinking a feather of some kind, but not the Quill Pen. I haven't seen one of those kinds of pens in a very long time. I so love all of the bargains you got this past week. I tell ya, I must live in the wrong state or something. LOL. Around here no one from a store would give anything away for free. They would either try to sell it till they couldn't or throw it away. The flowers you got are just beautiful and you will have to show them in your garden after you have them planted. I want to get some flowers and plant in front of our house, but I need to ask our Landlord first. The plate you got at the yard sale is just precious. I'll be glad when yard sale season starts up around here so I can go and see what kind of bargains I can find. It's been raining just about every weekend for the last couple of weekends, so I know people aren't setting up in the rain. You did good my friend on all of your bargain finds and got them all at such a great bargain. And one sure can't beat anything for free. My DH made it home around 3:45p.m. yesterday afternoon. He does have to go to Memphis today and pick up their other load that goes to Salt Lake City. It's raining again and the thunder woke me up a bit ago. We are under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 5:00a.m. this morning plus a Flash Flood Watch until this evening sometime. I don't think the girls will be playing softball tonight here in town. I don't know if they will even get to finish their Pre-Season Tournaments tomorrow either. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  7. Great shopping, Anni! I seldom find bargains...

    I wouldn't have guessed your TT, that was very clever!

  8. Anni,
    Don't cha just love a bargain...I do...You did well....

    Thanks for dropping in to visit with me....Happy Weekend....Betty

  9. Did you know that my middle name is "Clearance/Sale"? Bet you did not know that..(My mother does not know that either)!! Smiling!! I would have been so happy especially to get those plants!! I love those. I have them here and they grow well for me. Can I have some please?? PLEAsE!! My day off today!! I am so excited when I have a whole day off...(smiling again.)

  10. I am always very proud when I can do good bargains and become 2 cm taller then, lol ! I always find my luck on the Midi Market in Brussels, they have all your heart wants and the prices are unbelievable ! I also loved your resumé about Obama's biography. People from Kenya are very nice ! I am sure it was difficult for him in his childhood.

  11. You found some lovely bargains. After reading your post, I want to go shopping! :)

  12. Well... I have to admit that a Quill Pen was NOT my guess! I think the whole ANIMAL thing threw me off! Or maybe it was not getting to ask my OWN questions!!! LOL! I was thinking it terms or a lizard or gecko. Although I admit I couldn't make the connection with the scrolls... :)

    You are quite a NIFTY bargain shopper Anni!

  13. You've done a nice job of bargain hunting. Good for you Anni.


  14. Sounds like a super bargain day! Loved the items you got, and the prices. Thanks for sharing.

  15. How neat, I love your bargains. You got me in the mood to go garage saling and now that the weathers getting better they should be starting up. Linda

  16. Great bargains! Love your blog...
    Kathy@ Mimis'a Garden

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog. WOW....I can't believe the deals that you found. What a week. I love the egg potholders - so cute. And hibiscus that are varigated are so expensive. What a wonderful deal that you got on those. You can remember your success as you enjoy their blooms.

  18. Hey Anni...I love biographies and autobiographies...any non fiction! Now you have my curiosity up...I'll have to get the Obama book.
    Your show and tell was nice...what deals! I got tickled reading about what you thought Bud's reaction might be when you brought home those plants...heehee, I've been there - done that!

  19. Great bargain shopping. I especially liked the indian plate. Those prices were out of this world. We all love a good bargain and it looks like you got some wonderful deals. I'm jealous.

  20. You did good on such great bargains!!! Yay:)

    I am not playing Show and Tell this week, but I am still visiting:)

    Have a great weekend.


  21. You go girl!! Sounds like you had a blast finding these wonderful items. Now don't forget them when the time comes for you to need them. :) I love the plants!!!

    Thanks for setting me straight on my Show and Tell for this week. Light bulb moment!!! I just realized what had happened to set the page onto a previous post. Anyway, thanks and I will now go and try and get it right.
    Thanks for your nice comments.

  22. Those are some great bargains and I'd have had the Hibiscus too, and the plate, and the teatowel, and . . . well, pretty much the lot I guess! I didn't guess your quill pen - brilliantly done!

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

  23. Your ‘quill pen’ T-13 was creatively clever indeed! Congrats on your ‘bargains’ … and thanks for reminding me why I’ve decided to stay out of stores period ;--)

    I could use a few ‘bedding plants’ however to fill in some bare spaces in my yard, so maybe I’ll need to visit a store after all sometime soon.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Obama’s book! I read it some time ago and was most impressed as well.

    FYI – I separated by ‘tennis updates’ into TWO haiku posts today … men’s update is at Small Reflections and women’s update at Sacred Ruminations. Yesterday had tremendously exciting matches … and today’s promise to be great as well.

    Hugs and blessings,

  24. I'd say this was your day to be blessed out of your socks with bargains!!!!! Thanks for sharing them all with us.

  25. Loved all the Easter stuff for under 3 bucks! And the plants - that was a steal!!!


  26. Hi Anni! Boy, you scored this week. Great bargains for sure. I don't think you can ever have too many plants. :o) I love what you got!

  27. Wow! You sure did get some bargains!

  28. Hi Anni, Just saying Hi! So happy to be back online!!! I have missed you!!! Love and Hugs Carolyn

  29. My goodness. You have been a busy lady. Fantastic bargains.
    Have a great weekend.

  30. Wow! what a great shopper you were!

  31. Now *there* are some great bargains!

    Way to go!!

  32. Anni,

    I love hibiscus! You got some great deals! I wish that I had that available time to roam around stores. Toddlers don't lend themselves to that kind of shopping easily, but my day will come. Thanks for stopping by my site.

  33. You are quite the bargain hunter!

  34. I love bargains, but not a good shopper at all! Quite a haul you made.

  35. You did pretty well with your bargin shopping. I wish it was warm enough here for garage sales. Oh well, soon.


  36. You sure were in the right place at the right time! Great bargains!
    It sounds like you have a great time shopping!

  37. Hi Anni, Can I come shopping with you1 Wow!! great bargains, Love the plate,did you say "FREEBIES" .

  38. Lots of nice bargains! I just love finding neat stuff at a bargain! Thanks for showing us all your loot!


  39. Wow! You found some wonderful bargains, Anni!
    Have a great weekend!

  40. It was fun reading about all the great deals you found for Show and Tell! I think I like the egg pot holders best! LOL!

    My pictures are working now, if you'd like to see 'em! :-)

    Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  41. Wow! You got such great deals! I laughed because I do the same thing...I get so excited I figure out what the "retail" price would be and what I paid and I get so excited!!! Good times!

    :0) Sharon

  42. What wonderful bargains!

    For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen, the home of Vintage Thingies Thursdays.