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I thought this was too cute not to take a photo. Bud and I were out this past week trimming the gardenia bush because it gets soooooooo heavy with blossoms it tends to droop sadly around the flower bed stone foundation and you can't see anything that's 'cutesy' below and underneath. As we were trimming the bottom of the bush, these two gardenias were peeking between two of our elves. So I snapped a photo before this little branch got cut off. I also like how the morning sunlight filters through the top branches down upon our 'little men'. Before the trimming, the elves could NOT be seen much...that's how much and how quickly it gets overgrown around there. That area of the yard is very fragrant with the breezes making whiffs of the sweet, sweet gardenias.

...and the entire Gardenia bush, after the bottom over-growth was trimmed--


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She says ... and I think ...

1. Questioning :: asking
2. Immunity :: diplomatic
3. Online dating :: E-Harmony dot com [TV commercials]
4. Calcium :: deficient
5. Dressing :: gown
6. Bucket :: list
7. Stain :: wood
8. Advanced :: learning
9. Dramatic :: play
10. Self-medication :: mind over matter [obviously I couldn't think!]


Just think...Thursday's baseball game between "my" Rockies and San Diego Padres lasted 2 and 1/2 games!!! Twenty-two innings?!!!! And the Colorado team was the division champs last year? Oh lordy. I'm sure glad we didn't live there and we attended the game [dunno exactly if it was a 'home' game or not] ---I'd still be in bed recovering. With no travel day off, Friday they came to Houston and whipped Astros' butts. [while poor Padres hosted 'my' DBacks and ummmm, the Padres were shut out on Friday! - scoreboard courtesy of MLB dot com]

Also, regarding baseball, if you've been listening to the news this past week in sports, you'll know that the new Yankee Stadium being built was 'cursed' by one of the construction workers who was/is a Boston Red Sox fan---he 'planted' a Sox Jersey into the foundation of the stadium. Tips were given to the Yankee workers/owners and the jersey, supposedly cursed, was retrieved. The all American Yankees now have it up for auction on ebay...proceeds to this auction will go to charity!!

[photo courtesy of ebay]
Auction ends April 24, 9:30AM [Pacific Time Zone]
AS OF 5AM CDT - $65,100.00 BID


  1. I was in Denver the day of the opener...and made the mistake of going out to dinner that night. EVERYONE was decked out in their Rockies shirts, hats, etc. They were all giving me dirty looks because I was just in regular clothes. I don't do sports, and I'm an East Coast girl...if I did baseball I'd support the Phillies (even if they kind of suck).

    ** Dear Silver: Ya, I can only say I was in Denver with opening day tickets in my hand and all the Rockies garb! LOL [even followed them to Tucson for Spring Training too!]

  2. Loved the Gardenia between the elves this morning. Achoo!!! (excuse me)

    You and your ‘multi-tasking’ …(giggling)… I just can’t keep up with ya. I did 2 memes today (UM and CameraCritters), but I see you did 3 today. LOL

    You certainly had LOTS of baseball to enjoy didn’t you? Looks like #6 was our only ‘commonality’ on UM today … though #2 is similar and I thought briefly about ‘wood’ for #7 before typing something else (though at the moment I don’t recall what).

    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Hi Anni,

    I loved the Gardenias -and the little elves are cute and I guess they're happy to have a little more room down there! :)
    I had Gardenias in Miami but have not been able to get them to do well here! :( I miss them for there's nothing sweeter than the smell of those blooms!


  4. mm! I love gardenias!! What would it be like to have a bush in my yard??? - but I am zone 5 here in Utah. I've bought a few and tried to keep them alive in a pot,which hasn't worked. Sounds lovely, lovely, lovely!

  5. Hi Anni! Thanks for visiting my blog! Wow...your gardenia is just wonderful. I wish I could smell it. The photo of the elves is really pretty. I enjoyed my visit!

  6. Now are those garden nomes cousins of the famed Travelling Travelocity Nome? I can see a resemblence (sp).

    The gardenia bush is really wonderful! I don't have one of those.

    Great mutterings!
    No matches with me but one with my dh.
    Wood stain, very good and clever answer.

    Hope you can stop by mine and be equally entertained.

  7. Thanks for visiting me. It's always great to see a new visitor since it often leads to another blog that I enjoy. Better yet I found another blogger over 50.

    I can't grow Gardenia but Gnomes have been spotted in the area. Yours seem to have found a great spot. Even I thought they looked good in that setting.

  8. Your gardenia bush is beautiful ! and I love the picture with your elfs very cute ! We had wonderful weather today and it was a pleasure to walk around the big market in Brussels we almost felt like in holidays !

  9. Came for the mutterings, but enjoy the baseball stuff! No need to put my in quotes when talking about your Rockies, unless you want to, but baseball fans know the feeling! My Mets are gonna beat ya all 6 games this year!!! Well, maybe not all 6 but I hope so! See ya :)

  10. I love gnomes, there is a guy I work with that travels with a 2 foot high garden gnome and gets people all over the place to pose with it.

  11. That is one great Gnome home,I have a sneeky suspicion that they are going to start popping up around these parts some time soon..

  12. Anni,

    I love the gardenias and would love to have a bush in my garden and the border and elves really set it off. Love you photos. They look professional.

    Brandon and Jordan just couldn't believe that the jersey was going for $67,000. Wow! The Jimmy Fund is really going to benefit from that auction and that's as it should be.

    Enjoyed my visit, as always. Talk to you soon.


  13. PS. This is Jordan, Mary's grandson and I'm going to come to your house and get your elves because they would look great in my garden. LOL Nice to meet you. Jordan.

  14. Thank you. Unfortunately, my request was due to comments received.

  15. Thanks for your reply on Karen. I don't know....she usually tells us if she is just taking a break..hopefully that is what she is doing. Sometimes, we just like running away for a bit or at least I do! :) Thanks again and yes, I'll be sure to let you know if I should get an email.

  16. Oh, and I noticed you answered someone on their own comment....I would dearly love to know how to do that!?? There's so much I don't know how to do but I did FINALLY learn to nearly drove me nuts for so long and then, one day, it was like the light just came on...DUH.....

  17. Pretty gardenias, and cute little garden gnomes. Garden gnomes don't live in desert landscapes--maybe because it's too hot, but it could be there's no place to hide among the cactus and sage--so I don't see many of these. Happy GTS,

    Aiyana at Water When Dry.

  18. Love diplomatic::immunity and dressing::gown (I'm still in mine; wish I were retired so I could wear it more often!)
    Happy Sunday

  19. Anonymous4/20/2008

    Nice mutterings. Looks like diplomatic immunity was widespread this week. ^_^

  20. Hi Anni,I just love your gardenias! and the little men are adorable!! When we use to go to Dallas for the church meetings the place we were visiting had gardenias brushes and I never saw anything so pretty and the smell!! Oh My!!
    Love and Hugs, Grams

  21. Great mutterings! Thanks for dropping by!

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I OUT-talked YOU today!!! Hahahahahaha! Yep! I did! You'll have to come see!

    I think I would have LEFT that little branch between the elves UNTIL the flowers died. *nods* (just MY two cents - which ain't worth much - probly not even two cents!)

    Bucket: list ????????????

    GOOOOO SOX!!! *ahem*... You'll have to read MY post!

  23. Hi Anne, you know what? I like Advanced learning more than my advanced payment :)

    I am hungry for learning new things :)

  24. I wish we were in a climate that would grow gardenias! They are so lovely. Your gnomes look like they are hiding. The lighting with the way the shadows are being cast is very good too!

  25. thanks for shareing the great photos.

  26. The little elves are so cute, I love gardenias. I hope your team wins, wins, wins!!

  27. Is your gardenia bush old? I have one that gets huge and it is just a new one. In the fall I cut it way back and by the next fall it is all big and bushy again!! It is starting to bloom also. I LOVE gardenias. I have some hyachints (sp) that are starting to bloom too. Flowers..OH!! just my favorite thing. Hubby knows NOT to take me into a place where flowers abound!! I just might come home with something. We planted violets, snapdragons and some pinks yesterday.

  28. The gardenia bush looks so nice since it was trimmed, and I love the little elves.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  29. Mmmmm... I love the smell of gardenias! I have allergies to scents so I do not wear perfumes . However, I will always remember my 21st birthday when I was living in the Santa Barbarba, CA area and the father of my then-boyfriend bestowed upon me a gardenia, picked from the bush in the yard. I was touched with his gallantry and the scent is forever fixed in my mind.

  30. Anonymous4/20/2008

    What a gorgeous gardenia bush! Happy GTS and thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere.

  31. Just coming by to see the elves BEFORE the go off to
    Jordan's LOL, Deena

  32. Hi!

    I've just been at Mary's blog. When I saw what Jordan wrote about your gnomes, I just had to come over and see them. Now I understand his post!! Great gnomes under a gorgeous gardenia. I'm glad I got to see them. :-)