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Heads or Tails this week...."Fool"

The 1st of April, huh? It is my daughter's birthday! Yep, she was an April Fool's baby. But, no, I wasn't the fool...but my mother-in-law was!! LOL

Irene in her Baptizing dress - 1969 White lace with pink underlay

You see it's a long story. But I'll try and shorten it a bit to keep y'all from getting bored! Back then, we were quite inseparable as a family unit. In laws getting along with in laws. There was a dinner just about each weekend at one house or another. Then, in July of 1968 I was thinking I must be pregnant. I went to my OBGYN and it was confirmed in August. Well my mother in law was ecstatic. She literally 'bout peed her pants when Bud told her. And of course, a celebratory dinner was planned. She in turn got ahold of my mom and they decided to hold the small family get-together at my folks house since they lived in between our home and the in law's home. Well, dear MIL brought the champagne. And the dinner was great. Italian. [and yes, I drank a small glass of red wine, I remember] Anyway, we all ended up after dinner playing cards around the table...having a grand ol' time.

Well, I blurted out somewhere along the line that the Gynecologist said I was carrying a boy. I believed him, MIL believed it instantly, but my father? He just grinned his know it all grin and said nothing.

Months passed. We had a boy's name picked out. Michael Allen. Blue things were being purchased. And another dinner was planned. This time at the in law's home. And as usual, card playing afterwards. More talk of 'a boy'. Then, of all things, my dad popped up and said "Anni's going to have a girl, not a boy!"

A bet was made. $1000 dollars to go to the baby's trust fund and a dinner out on the town along with another bottle of champagne on boy vs. girl. MIL...she was so certain it was a boy. Due March 25th actually.

Well, I'm making this long, breaking my promise I made beforehand, aren't I?

Of course she was born to us....Irene was. [she's named after my mother] AND!!! The dinner the four had [Bud and I weren't in this at all...the betting that is] was at a posh restaurant in town and the champagne was put on ice for an after-dinner treat. All tied in pink ribbons!!

Weeks later I cornered my dad and asked him why he was so sure the baby was a girl. He replied:

"Simple"...."The morning sickness at the beginning." "And later, you were carrying her just like your mother did when she was carrying a girl".

I guess like mother, like daughter.

And besides my Mother in Law and the OBGYN - who's the fool? I think we ALL were fooled by our little bundle of Joy born on April Fool's Day 39 years ago. Except for Dad. I can still picture him at the hospital during visiting hours, again ---his know it all grin!!! And up to the day he died, Irene was his favorite!!!

[note the time posted - exactly 39 years ago today!!!!]


  1. How awesome!!! I loved reading that and when are we girls ever going to learn that Dad is always right!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter ...and what a sweet "HoT"

    warmed the cockles of my heart !

    Beautiful ♥

    My Little Drummer boys

  3. aww, what a cute story! lucky girl to be born with a back-story like that! happy april fools day! x

  4. Anonymous4/01/2008

    That's such a beautiful story, Anni!

    Wow! How observant was your dad?! Incredible! :)

    Happy Birthday to Irene and GREAT HoT! :)

  5. Good Morning Anni,
    "HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY"!!!! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to your daughter, Irene as well. I enjoyed the story about how everyone thought she was going to be a boy except your Dad. I have a SIL that was pregnant the same time I was pregnant with our youngest daughter. She was told she was going to have a little girl all along. She had all kinds of Pink clothes and other Pink items. Well, lo and behold, she had another boy. He hubby had to go out to Wal-Mart and buy some Blue things to bring him home in. The OBGYN doctors had told her it was a girl as well. I read your post about Baseball and loved the pictures you shared. Looks like you were having a good time with your beer there. LOL. Our oldest daughter is suppose to have a game tonight here in town, but I don't know if they will be able to play or not. We got some more rain last night and the field already had water on it before the rain last night. I think some of the Professional Baseball games got cancelled yesterday as well due to the rains. In the first picture of the Baseball pictures, I see a Whataburger sign behind the statue. I have eaten several Whataburgers and they are so good. I don't guess I've ever seen the movie, "The Open Road" before. I may have to check into renting it sometime if it is out on DVD. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  6. Well a big happy, happy birthday to Irene! What an amusing story. There is a lot to be said of the "old" way to tell if it's a boy or a girl. I bet the grandparents shared this story many times. $1000 back then was more than the hospital bill for having her...LOL. Have a grand day...CELEBRATE!

  7. Anonymous4/01/2008

    Aww, that was a cute little April Fools story. Happy birthday to your Daughter!

  8. Nice surprise ! and you ?? what did you think ? I wanted a girl and had a boy !!

  9. This was such a sweet post my friend, may your daughter Irene be blessed all the days of her dear life. I love you my friend.

  10. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. And I'm sure you didn't raise no fool!

  11. What a great story and how funny life is. Seems like your MIL was thrown a curve ball.

    Happy Birthday to Irene and what a wonderful name that is!

    Just a note: on the Sunday UMs and "distance and the s factor", dh explained it and I responded on that post explaining it, if you are interested.

    Hope you can stop by.

  12. hehehhehe

    Love the poem too.

  13. Happy Birthday to Ireene! And Happy April Fools day to you Anni! What a cute story.

    Come back to my blog again, I just published today's post, you just missed it!

    Hugs, Sharon

  14. Oh my gosh that is such an awesome story!!! Happy Birthday to Irene! and I love the Robert Frost poem on your sidebar!


  15. I really enjoyed your story. I don't think you could ever be boring - no matter how long your stories get.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  16. What a great post! I loved reading it, great story!
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Happy Birthday to your daughter. And thank you for sharing your story with us!

  18. What a wonderful story! I have goose bumps! Your Dad knew Best! I still have goose bumps! Happy Birthday Irene!

    Thanks for stopping by Anni!

  19. What a wonderful story. She fooled all of you except your Dad!

    Happy April Fool's Day. And Happy Birthday to Irene.

  20. Does your daughter like being an April Fool's baby? I think it'd be kinda cool. Happy birthday to her - and you - I know these days are a big deal to moms. :)

  21. Happy Birthday!

    Only 1 more year, and it's downhill from there...


  22. Happy Birthday Irene, and what a cutie. It's my Grandad and my lovely Auntie's birthday today, so Irene is among good company. and I got both comments, but thanks for letting me know about the error message. I'll let Ashley know, it's useful to know when there are blips. I'll be glad when my makeover is over. Have a lovely week. :D

  23. What a wonderful and heartwarming post! You always have the most interesting things to say. :)

    Happy 39 to Irene!!!!!

  24. Anni,

    I LOVE this story. Why is it that our Dads always knew the sex of the baby? My Dad told me I was having a girl. The day Michelle was born the only name we had was Joseph William, after his Dad who had died when he was eight years old. We scrambled for a name for Michelle.

    Happy Birthday to your Irene. I hope she has a wonderful day packed full of birthday joys and blessings.

    We have so much in common, my friend. The more I get to know you, the more I realize it.

    Well, off to the doctor's now. Talk to you soon.


  25. Hi Anni, Wishing Irene, a "happy birthday"..I love the time posted to match her birth..Have a great day ..

  26. Oh my … what a birthday to live with! This is a wonderful story. Your Dad sure knew his stuph didn’t he? So wish your daughter a Happy Birthday from me and enjoy the mem’ries ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  27. What a wonderful story. Happy birthday to your girl! Happy Tuesday to you. :)

  28. Congratulations to you, happy birthday to her, and thanks for sharing your Father Knows Best story! (And for visiting my HoT)

  29. Hello dearest Anni:-)

    I'm finally back to regular blogging and it feels so good!! I've enjoyed having company and visiting family but now I'm ready to get back to my regular routine! hehe

    Happy Birthday to your very precious daughter...I so loved reading the story of the "bet" and your dad knowing that the baby was going to be a girl:-)

    Thank you so much for your best wishes on my finding out I will be a grandma...I can't tell you enough how thrilled I am:-)

    Hope you've been keeping well!! Love ya! xoxo

  30. wonderful story..Happy Birthday Irene!

  31. What a very fantastic and special story! I really enjoyed reading this!

    Happy April Fools, and happy birthday to Irene!

  32. What a great story! Thanks for visiting my blog last week, I am just catching up on my return visits. I always enjoy coming to see what's new with you.

  33. I love that story! Thanks for sharing. :)

  34. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  35. Happy Birthday to Irene. What a great story to have. Sounds like you are a wonderful, close-knit family.

  36. I guess these mix ups happen. Recently my son and his wife went to have some kind of test and were told they were to have a baby girl but later that prediction was changed to a boy. I guess they should have checked in with her father!

  37. DDear Anni ~~ Great story about your little girl's birth. Hope she had a happy birthday. I have a nephew born 1st April, which is heaps better than Feb. 29th. I hope you have been well
    and had a lovely Easter. Take care,
    Love, Merle.

  38. Best, heartfelt wishes to mother and daughter from another Irene, across the ocean, born december 1969!
    God bless your father's soul. Such a sweet story!