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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Three words of the English language scares me....
Ones that normally shouldn't.
But they do.
It seems that a simple project of 30 minutes always turns into a day's work.
Confusion oftentimes sets in.

And it happened to me this week. Again. You know the saying of Yogi Bera..."Deja vu, all over again." A day this past week, was so reminiscent of our younger married days playing Santa Claus until the wee hours of the morning, trying so desperately to follow the instruction sheet step by step, not knowing just what is meant while looking at 'figure B'.

I have had, and used for years, a very small desktop art easel when I take a notion to paint. Around here, I don't have a room in the house like I've had in the past. A room [other than the bathrooms and kitchen] without carpet. In Arizona I had an 'Arizona Room' done in Saltillo tile [Mexican tile] Colorado I had a Utility room that was also tiled. Here, nothing but carpeted rooms. And me being a klutz I don't trust myself enough to be overly-cautious while painting from a tabletop or a desk. I just know I'd surely knock something off and while paying attention to what's falling....the water colors or the oil paints in my pallet would drop on the carpet. I just know it!!

So, to eliminate one mess up I'd sure to create, I went and bought me a 'life sized' stand alone, easel!! Now I get it home...and in the package, I find absolutely NO instructions. We here in our home don't call it idiot sheet for nothing you know!! There's an idiot in our midst....and when I opened it and found that out, I told Bud "I'm going to have to go back to the art store and look at the easel that is put together there to know what I'm doing!!!" He was no help. I didn't expect him to help me anyway. Putting it together, this was my project.

The three words that scare me? "Some assembly required"
And I say....."my furry patootie!!"-----

So I go to bed that night, and while drifting off to sleep an idea came to me. Like Suess's Grinch; "An awful idea. The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea......." I'd get online in the morning and do a Google search for an easel of the same brand! I found one...I enlarged the image and worked with this as a diagram. In about 30 minutes, I had the thing put together...

Now, here's the "Bud part" of this whole scenario. I wanted the easel to have a small table to hold my paint pallet and still be collapsible in case I ever wanted to take it in the car to the beach or something. One never knows what kinda thing will come to me. I'm just that way., I and Bud went to Lowes Building center after I got it all put together as it should be, and we bought a piece of 1/4 inch plywood and one small piece of 1x2 lumber to make a support. Also, two long carriage bolts and a couple of wing nuts! We were set. And he gets the stuff unloaded from the trunk and begins....first he measured, and then got his jig saw out.....

Eventually he has a 22x12 inch 'table' for my pallet and a solid piece for the backdrop to hold/clip my paper. I got my my pallet, and I'm ready to begin. Now it's figuring out what I want to paint first. I have two kitties in mind....and I have always wanted to draw/and paint bird life...stills. We'll see. But I'm anxious to start what I've always enjoyed doing over the years.


Of course Easter is over, but the jelly beans remain. Slowly getting worked down to the ones not-so-favorite flavors. And I know it's nothing but sugar, and I shouldn't eat 'em at all...but I do, and they're good! I found myself digging around...handling 'em all just to find the leftover cherry flavored ones. This is it...that's all that's left. Bud can have the rest. He likes the lemon flavored and the pineapple flavored. What is your favorite flavor? Or do you even eat any? If you don't, more power to you. I envy those with will power....


I received this sweet little memento from a good blogger friend from my old home state... Arizona. I've become very addicted to reading Charlotte's blog. She is always so vibrant and has many many good blog entries. I'm glad I found her. Her style is classy! And classic!!! A treasure. So, I am very honored to have her think of me when she gave away this wonderful gift of friendship! Thank you.

Thanks again I said you really made my day complete.


Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
Join here.

She says ... and I think ...

1. Stuffed :: animal
2. Gills :: breathe
3. Distance :: long
4. Panties :: cotton
5. Checkered :: tablecloth
6. Fill in :: the blank
7. Taunting :: stabbing
8. Diner :: 50's
9. Pizza :: pie
10. Best friend :: Man's [dog]


Did you and your family observe the Earth Hour between 8 P M and 9 P M your time zone. Around the globe? We did, we ate our dinner by candlelight. No big deal to us, as during the summer months and the hurricane season we have quite a few power outages. But, I am utterly disappointed in those that say "It makes no difference". I DOES. Just think of the kilowatt hours that were saved of our ever diminishing power supplies around the globe!!


  1. Nope, I didn't observe the Earth Hour ... I was working so I couldn't!

    One person's participation surely makes no difference... like voting... but if MANY people participate then yes, a noticeable difference can be made!

    As far as the Earth goes, unfortunately many nations like China simply don't care too much about the environment. America can clean itself up so amazingly if it really wanted to ... but the Earth would still suffer because of China and others. Yet, we should still try :)

  2. Congrats on getting your new easel set up. It looks like it will serve you quite well!

    I came by to see your mutterings after getting mine up and although we didn't match any this week, it is always a pleasure stopping by your place :)

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Anni,

    Love what you've done with your easel. Assembly isn't always easy and "some assembly required" drives me to distraction. Why don't they just sell this stuff assembled. Of course then the store has to pay someone hours to assemble it.

    Congratulations on the award. You deserve it, my friend. I gave the same one to every name on my blogroll. So now you have two copies. LOL

    Yes, we did observe Earth Hour. It brought back memories of my childhood. I also think it helps. I think we should all do it once a month. Our power supplies are limited, though folks don't seem to realize that. We need to conserve or we will be living in the dark all the time and what will we do then?

    Take care and have a safe and happy Sunday. Pamper yourself a little.


  4. PS. I love the red jelly beans and though I'm diabetic, I did 'steal' a couple out of the boys' Easter baskets. With permission, of course. ;-)

  5. Your new easel looks very nice ! I have one for inside and one for the garden but then of course when everything is up and you sit there and suffer from the "syndrom of the white sheet" or "Snow landscape" !

  6. Whoa, Anni, such a simple looking-easel. So much work, HA! :D

  7. Hey, our panties match! LOL I didn't mean it like THAT, but then maybe I did.

    I was away on holiday with my family and some friends this whole weekend, but yes, we switched all the lights off at 8PM last night. We all went outside and just started walking. It was great.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Anni. ;)

  8. I love your breathing and tablecloth answers - neither came to my mind in that context.

  9. Between me and my dh -- you have a few of the same answers on your UMs.

    Gee, after reading about your easel, I forgotten I have one! I will have to dig it out. Anyways, I have a table top one that I use the most. You should write to the company and ask for a set of instructions for the sake of having them!

  10. 1. Stuffed :: Me
    2. Gills :: Fish
    3. Distance :: Away
    4. Panties :: large
    5. Checkered :: flooring
    6. Fill in :: the wrinkles
    7. Taunting :: Mean
    8. Diner :: hamburgers
    9. Pizza :: Monicals
    10. Best friend :: Confidant

    I Love what you both did for your painting projects..very good!! Two smarties together!! I was going to tell you to look it up online but you beat me to it!!
    Have a great Sunday..Sandy

  11. I had to chuckle at your ‘3 words’ … for I share your trepidation about ‘some assembly required’ … and it’s definitely handy to have someone around to ‘assist’ and make ‘modifications’ when needed. I love cherry jellybeans too ;--)

    Congrats on the award. I’ll need to check out Charlotte’s blog when time permits. I enjoyed your ‘unconscious mutterings’ … only #7 seemed a bit odd to me. Yes … we observed Earth Hour here. It seemed like a grand way to raise awareness.
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. I've never heard of a 'red plate special' - something new there in Texas since I left? I remember 'blue' laws when I was a kid. Remember those?

  13. Congrats on your award. I like your easel.

  14. As my father would say: You're a pretty fart smeller...hehe! You did a great job with the easel and your hubby did a great job with the addition. I need him to help me with some bookcases for my classroom-is he for hire? LOL!

    I like you answers to #8-#10 on UM!
    Thanks for stopping by! I wanted to email you-but I am guessing your email is bogus (in your comment at my place).

    Have a great day!

  15. Good JOB on the easel! Every now and then a BLOOMIN' FANTASTIC idea comes along - and ya just gotta use it! Lookin' on-line for the easel was such an idea!

    I only like the black licorice jelly beans -- but you can't hardly find them anymore -- all the jelly beans these days are "fruity"... so no... I have no problem not eating them!

    Honestly? I forgot all about Earth Hour... but I don't even remember where I WAS last night between 8-9.... I'm trying... I wasn't home though! LOL!

  16. Came to see your mutterings and ended up spending a good bit of time on your blog. I enjoyed your mutterings and your blog. :)

  17. Some Assembly Required means I immediately dismiss it and wait until hubby is available!