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Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
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My 2nd edition:
    01. Paranormal :: ghostly
    02. Alarm :: fire
    03. Operative :: working
    04. Changing :: diapers
    05. Framed :: picture
    06. Beer :: foamy
    07. Referral :: doctor
    08. Unmasked :: clean
    09. Movie star :: Depp
    10. Handbook :: idiot sheet [hey, that's what we call it around our house, don't knock it. rofl It's like this: "Oh dear the hand mixer isn't working right, where's the idiot sheet?"]


Sunday Snippet is the post of my 'quiet' day; my 'good feeling day'. I usually like to find a news story that is actually something out of the ordinary, something that is NOT necessarily of the 'bad', but after it's feel good!! And today is no different. All I can think of right now after reading this news story, is: "Women? Unite!!!"

Sad situation, needless to say, but boy howdy....Gramma? You GO GIRL!!!!
[Yesterday, March 15]

    SANTA FE, N.M. - An 83-year-old great-grandmother thwarted a would-be purse snatcher with a gas nozzle and an iron grip. Bernie Garcia said a young man approached her at a gas station as she was buying fuel for her van and asked for money. When she told him she had spent all her spare change on gas, he tried to grab her purse. "But I had it wrapped around my wrist twice," Garcia said, and he was unable to pull it away. She fought back, spraying his shirt with some gasoline. Both of them kept hold of the purse, and he pulled her to the ground and dragged her a short distance until another man confronted him. The second man demanded, "Turn her loose, you something something," Garcia said. The would-be mugger jumped into a nearby vehicle and fled. But a witness got the license plate number, and minutes later, police stopped the car. It had been reported stolen from Espanola, said Santa Fe Deputy Police Chief Aric Wheeler.

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courtesy of Yahoo News


  1. We have the muttering for #5! And love your story...what a strong woman!

  2. Don'cha love girl power ;) great story and mutterings thanks for your visit ;)

  3. Hi Anni,
    Catching up again today! I enjoy reading your word association lists and I playing along too! Sometimes I draw a complete blank on some of the words!!

    I loved the Grandma story! Good for her fighting back.."go Granny, go Granny, go Granny, go.." LOL

    Have a good Sunday,

  4. We have a match and a near match on the mutterings.

    Mine are up ::here::

    Have a great week!

  5. We had three matches.
    My husband did one this week also and I posted it on my blog.

    Idiot sheet -- that is a new term for me. I will tell dh about it.
    Oh he just came by the puter room and I told him. He laughed and thought it was a pretty good term.
    Maybe we might use it ourselves. Thanks.

  6. "idiot sheet" lol! At least you keep yours. I can never find my idiot sheets. Probably because I'm an idiot ;~)

    Great story about the lady fighting off the jerk trying to steal her purse!

  7. great story!! You go Grandma!!!

  8. Let's hear it for 'idiot sheets' (yup I call them that too) and 83 year olds setting such a fine example for the rest of us!!!

    Thanks again for the 'tips' ... I can now leave a link in comments, though maybe not on your blog ;--)

    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Anni,

    Enjoyed you unconscious mutterings.
    I would have answered some the same way you did.

    The Sunday Snippet was terrific. Good for that senior. I don't blame her for spraying him with gasoline. She is an inspiration to us all.

    Enjoy your walk when you go for lunch. I do hope you took your camera along.

    Have a wonderful quiet Sunday. Sending you an email.

  10. Yes, some grandma's are not easy to handle ! I saw you mentioned "Depp" as movie star! (grin*)

    Today I wrote about Google Reader which is really a very practical tool and your blog doesn't appear in it.

  11. Ewww, pretty gross answer for Changing! That's probably why nannies were invented!

  12. Woo Hoo, Go Granny!!

  13. hey Anni!! Hope your weather there is a GREAT as ours today!! Beautiful day...
    01. Paranormal: Not normal
    02. Alarm: noisey
    03. Operative: Doing
    04. Changing: Clocks
    05. Framed: Glasses
    06. Beer: Nasty
    07. Referral: Rating
    08. Unmasked: Halloween
    09. Movie Star:Tom Selleck
    10. Handbook: Rules

  14. Good for that lady for not just letting that punk steal her stuff. Go Grandma go!

    Nice mutterings. =) Happy Sunday!

  15. Idiot sheet! Oh dear! That set me laughing like nobody's business when I read it. Love your answers to the mutterings. And apparently, Depp seems to be a popular answer to Movie star. Is it Johnny Depp and Pirates of Carribean or Edward Scissorshand?

  16. I'll have to agree with you on the Depp business.

    What makes me like him even more is that he manages to escape the trapings of the "movie star" business and be a brilliant, down-to-earth actor in his own right.

    Your "idiot sheet" answer, made me laugh outloud. Thanks :D

    HAPPY Easter!