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March 18: HEADS - Any part of (or place in) a house

My 'place' has to do with the place of my heart right now in my home. And dealing with the dining room table, and our patio. But, I'll stick with the dining room table and area therein, to share a story:

On Tuesday, in our two homes across the states, mine here in Texas and my sibling in Colorado...we celebrate our OWN day!!! Our own Sister's Day. It all started years ago, when I talked with my sister on the phone, and she was sounding really in a blue mood. Her hubby wasn't paying enough attention to her, and she was wondering just why she married the man, things like that...etc. etc. etc.

The next day I went out and bought two small bottles of champagne, a really nice Irish cardigan sweater, and a card that showed how much I cared. Also, with these purchases, I bought two identical green fluted champagne glasses. When I got home, I searched for a box, a heavy duty box and tightly packed her bottle of champagne, her glass with tons of cushion and wrapped the sweater in green tissue...using it as a second cushion for the protection of the glass bottle, and the fluted stemmed glass. In the card, I wrote that we are now going to celebrate sisterhood...for eternity. I instructed her to go out on her deck at 9PM her time...[which at the time I lived in Colorado also] and I'd go out on our patio and face west...toward HER...and salute our "sibling'ship"!!!! We've been doing it ever since! Coming on now about 20 years!! Or more...I can't recall just how long we've been doing this. It's come down to me adjusting MY time now that I'm in Texas with HER 9PM...yes, we synchronize our clocks so we're out at the same time....and it's always a small gift sent to each other. Reaching us before the 18th of March. Yep, on March 18 the two of us have our own little celebration of companionship, friendship, lineage, and love!!

I sent her a small gift...a silver bookmark with a couple of silver charms she can add. One charm is a golf bag. She and her hubby are golf fanatics. [they even traveled to Scotland for the golf something or other ---:::shrug::: I'm not sure exactly, it's something like the 'World Open'....LOL, I've played golf myself but nothing like these two weirdos golfers!! Anyway the other charm is her initial.."S". [which could also stand for 'sister'...but her first name does start with an "S"!!!]

For me? She sent this...I received this last week, and I've been so itchin' to get to March 18th to open it; I cheated and opened it before so I could write about it...shhhhhh, don't tell her!!!

The package arrives....

...and it's a hoot!! Estrogen rich cartoons! Oh boy, right up to speed for the two of us.

I open the pages to peruse the book, and it pops open to this....could it BE more me? No,'s just what my salads look like now that I'm on a low cholesterol diet!! You betcha, this gift is so fittin' ! Happy sister's day my dear big sis. Here's to you ::clinking my glass in your direction::

- - -

And, the place in the house? It's the dining room maple hutch!!! This is where I have my sister's day champagne glass stored, protected from year to year. [the green glass behind the red --on the left, top shelf]

~...end Heads or Tails
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This week, it's 10 places in your town you'd take visitors.

The Texas State Aquarium

The Corpus Christi Art Museum Complex

The Padre Island National Seashore [protected environment]

Ocean Treasures -Gift Shop on the Island! [filled with great souvenirs!]

The Heritage Park [colonial homes of the 1800's preserved]

USS Lexington -now dry docked & Museum of World War II

Mustang Island

Aransas Pass for the Sand Sculptures

Whatburger Field [baseball Astros farm team]
[The infamous Whataburger Burger Chain Restaurant was established in Corpus Christi Texas in 1950]

The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History
A Frenchman, La Salle, and his ship La Belle shipwrecked in Matagorda Bay in 1686. The Museum’s exhibit is part of the La Salle Odyssey.


  1. First off, I LOVE your Easter header! It's adorable!!!! You are just too cute! Now, for your heads and tails! I absolutely adored this story. That is so special! What a terrific idea for you to come up with and then to continue with for all these years. I just truly loved this!! You are so fun and creative and I love your posts! I won't tell your sister you opened hers before March 18th, LOL! Have fun tomorrow night!

  2. Anni,

    What a special relationship you and your sister have and you've found the perfect way to celebrate. Happy Sister's Day.

    The more I get to know you, the more I want to come to Corpus Christi. I would LOVE to see all those places, especially the Padre Island Seashore, the sand sculptures and the USS Lexington. Awesome!

    Take care, my friend and enjoy Sister's Day.

    Love and blessings,

  3. Happy HOT day Anni! :) Love the pics too!

  4. I LOVED reading about your sisters' day! That is so special! What a fantastic idea you had.

  5. That's pretty neat. I wonder if Sister's day will ever be a national holiday?

    You guys should petition the government that way everyone who has a sister will get the day off.

  6. Anonymous3/17/2008

    Just coming by to say Hi & Happy St. Patty's Day!
    *sprinkles Lucky Charms*

  7. I love the Easter Theme. It's so nice how you take time to change it whenever there is a special occasion.

    I love how you and your sister started celebrating your OWN day through the years. It's a wonderful time that you can cherish each and every year. Thanks for sharing.

    Mine is up as well.

  8. Hello dear one, I love the new look for Easter. Thanks for sharing how you and your sister celebrate sisterhood, I love it. I would have a great time if I visited you, all those places sound wonderful. Have a great day.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your treasured memories! I absolutely love LOVE L-O-V-E the tradition you an your sister have, Miss Anni!

    Happy HoT-Tuesday!

  10. Good morning Anni, I love the way you and your sister share your closeness.This sounds like something I would love to do with my sister...Thanks for sharing and giving us a view of your hometown..

  11. I've got tears in my eyes. What a nice way to celebrate sisterday.

    Love the look of your blog.

    You can find my entry ::here::

    Have a great day!

  12. Oh Anni... thank you so much for sharing your traditions. You brought some tears to my eyes (and that´s not the pregnancy hormones *wink*). I just love it (and your new Ester layout)!

  13. I'd love to visit all the places you have for your 10 on Tuesday! ;0)

  14. Hi Anni. :) What a lovely "siblingship" you have. That is a brilliant idea.. perhaps my older sister and I can also do that since we are now miles apart. Today is indeed a special day for you & your sister.... HAPPY SISTER DAY!
    Thanks for visiting my page. Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day & Advance Happy Easter eh... ^.^ Blessings to you. :)

  15. I wish you could show me all these places it looks so nice and interesting.
    It's nice to have such a close relationship with your sister, it doesn't happen very often !
    Like your easter outfit !

  16. Wow, I didn't know there was a Whataburger Field! Too funny!

    Sounds like there is lots to do in your area! Thanks for visiting today! Have a great Tuesday!

  17. Anni, I love sister stories and this is just wonderful! ::sniff::

    Me and my 3 SisterDears live 1500 miles apart. We have annual Sister Weekends, and frequent wine chats. Thanks to cell phones and free nights and weekends, we can talk lots! Last year we started our own sister blog for sharing daily events and photos.

    We're planning a week in Italy in about 5 years so we can sip wine and drink our way across Tuscany together. I can't imagine my life without my sisters.

  18. Your HorT entry about your sister was so touching, I wish I had that kind of relationship with my only sibling and sister. How very special.

    Love the new holiday look for the blog also, very Easter and spring.
    Keep those shamrock jeans handy though :)
    My HorT is up.

  19. Anni,

    Sent you an email.

  20. your header is wonderful! I enjoyed hearing about your sister day - I get together with my 3 oldest daughters for a once a year 'retreat' - we do crafts, eat, make goal, eat, have fun, eat, etc, etc. My youngest gets to come when she turns 13. It has been so much fun that we get together for 'craft days' from time to time - this Friday we are making cloth bags and something else. Should be fun.
    Thanks for your visit to my Friday show and tell!

  21. I love your yearly Sister Day idea! My sister and I are close too. In fact, she is in town this week with my nephew. Beautiful and fun post!! :)

  22. What a lovely tradition you and your sister have started.

    Love your Easter outfit!!! You are so talented.

  23. Love the new look here for Easter! I'd love to see for myself the sand castles at Aransas Pass :) Happy TT!

  24. I have been to about half of those (My brother lives in the Brownsville area) and they are quite lovely.

    As for not realizing my list was in CA, it happens to us all. I figured since it said "Hometown" it was easier to do where I am from than where I am going. :)

  25. What a special bond you have with your sister. It's stories like this one that make me really wish I had a sibling. You are truly blessed!

  26. Oh Anni, I just love your header for Easter. It is so pretty. I just wish I had have your knowledge about blogging and probably a lot of your other knowledge, lol.

    I enjoyed your post for today. Once we took a trip all through Texas, and I'll have to say Corpus Christi was our favorite place to visit. It is such a neat place, and we have seen some of the pictures you posted here.

    My Heads or Tails post is up, and I hope you will visit as I am showing my computer desk and my kitchen.

  27. Jen (kksmom)3/18/2008

    That is so awesome you & your sister are so close and do that every year!

  28. That is just such a cool and sweet ritual you have! That's really awesome. Not all siblings have that kind of closeness, and not all who do take the time to appreciate one another. Also, the gift thing? Yep, I'd love that part, too!

  29. What a wonderful post! How nice to be so close to your sister. Enjoy your toast! :)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  30. What a lovely way to toast to each other miles a part.

  31. Love your new blog look.

    What a nice thing to do with your sister annually. I wish I had a sister!

    Thanks for taking the Victorian House Tour. I am glad you enjoyed the treats.

  32. What a wonderful post! My Friend #1 & her sister also have a Sister's Day. I get a little jealous. I have 2 half-sisters (would that make 1 whole sister? hee hee), but we didn't grow up together & we're not close @ all. Happy Tuesday! :)

  33. Cool Easter theme!!!!

    I loved this story of celebrating sisterhood over the last twenty years! Can I be your sister, too??? :)

    The hutch is gorgeous! :)

  34. OH WOW!!! I love yout list! especially the aquarium, Padre Island National Seashore, and Mustang Island! it makes me want to go and visit! so beautiful!

  35. I got it in my head about 20 years ago that I wanted to go to Padre Island ... but I couldn't find a flight there. Ha!

    I played too ... come check out Toronto :)

  36. Hey … I love the new Easter header! You’re soooooo creative ;--)

    I also chuckled at your message here in comments.

    I love your ‘sister’s day’ story! My sister and I declared Thursday evenings ‘Sister Night’ about a decade or so ago …(after our brother died)… in lieu of ‘Sibling Night’ we celebrated monthly after the passing of our mom in 1989. Now that she’s on the road, we have our Thursday evening ‘cell phone’ connection to continue the tradition … but I do look forward to the day she and her husband decide they’ve seen enough of the USA and come home to stay. In the meantime, I’ll pass along your list for things to see in your area because they’ll be passing through there later this year. My friends 'raved' about Padre Island after visiting there a while back!
    Hugs and blessings,

    (Hmmm ... when shutting down Mozilla just now, I discovered this box open ... so I guess the comment I sent early this morning didn't get sent and has been sitting here all day or something. If it's a duplicate ... dump it. If not, know I wrote it EARLY today while visiting Ten on Tuesday posts).

  37. Anonymous3/18/2008

    I am checking out your 10 places to visit! Great places. I love Texas! My brother and his wife live in Austin. She is from McAllen. My brother lived in Dallas for 3 years while attending SMU. I can't wait to go back! I will remember these places when I do return!

  38. Anonymous3/18/2008

    p.s. I have something for you at my place!

  39. That is the most touching story I have heard in a long long time. You two have actually kept this going for such a long time. I envy your sisterhood.

  40. Hi! Great post and touching too! I love that maple hutch.

    I am missing my sister now!

  41. Thanks for sharing some personal stuffs and moments.

  42. What a neat way to celebrate with your sister. It's nice that you can do this without traveling and still enjoy it. A good post for this weeks HoT.

  43. Anni,

    I enjoyed all of your blog but especially the sister-celebration! That's really cool for you both!

    Also enjoyed all the pictures you put on-and the flower slide is especially pretty for spring!