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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

edition #51

I made this new award/gift for thirteen of my favorite people I've met on the 'net & in blogland...
Deciding on just thirteen for today's theme was difficult. I sat and sat, thinking. I came up with those who have given, beyond the realms, their generosity, their friendship, their sharing, their enthusiastic style of blogging. I personally like the bloggers who have a great outlook on life, ones who don't continually complain over such trivial things in life like a backache, or a know the 'woe is me' kind of blogs --[sorry people, but in my take on life, there are so many others in the whole world that have much more reason to feel down and out, with no means of support, hunger, homelessness, job layoffs, etc. etc. etc.] Sure, I've had many a chance to say "Oh look at me....I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree". But, in all that has been dealt to me, I try to find the silver lining..."God gives me what I can with it, Anni, stop your whining"!!! So I choose others that are willing to strive in the trials and tribulations and see a rose, and stop to smell it, and enjoy living!!! They are the givers, not the takers!!!

The list begins here:

Betty @ Country Charm
Mary @ Mary's Writing Nook
Carolyn @ Talk to Grams
Carole @ Pea's Corner
Denise @ Shortybears Place
Jen @ Tibits of the Tippets
Merle @ Third Try
Jen @ Jen's Chronicles
Lisa @ Blowing in the Wind
Karen @ Karen's Korner
Sandee @ Comedy Plus
Charlotte @ At Home in Scottsdale

...and to let you listed above know.....

For the 13 bloggers listed above -
[just click on image to enlarge, then it'll open in a new window...]
[right click & save if you'd like!!]

AND!!!! FOR ALL YOU THURSDAY-THIRTEENERS? IF YOU'D LIKE THIS BUTTON AWARD [above] that I handed out to 13 of my 'favorites', FEEL FREE TO GRAB IT!! Tell everyone who visits that you know EWE ROCK!!!!!


  1. You make gorgeous awards and buttons. God bless, and happy Easter.

  2. Anni,
    I am so touched that you picked me! I truly appreciate it as I hold your blog in the highest regard! I absolutely love reading it everyday. It makes my day!! You are so kind!!! I will display the "Ewe Rock" proudly! I'll let you know when it's up. Thank you SO much again! It means more than you will ever know :) Now, I'm headed over to the other 12 blogs you mentioned. :)

  3. Gee, Anni,
    My very first award. I love it. It couldn't have been better. I love that you thought of me when you were looking for people to give it to. You made my day.

  4. Why Bless your sweet heart! I am so honored (blushing now) to be considered a "giver" and in such grand company! Big Hugs to you! I will get this posted with a link back very soon....I am soooo behind.

  5. Hi. It's me again. I got so excited about the award that I forgot to answer your question about the plant on my blog. I planted it many years ago and it keeps coming back every year. I have no idea what kind it is.
    I love your Easter stuff.

  6. Anonymous3/19/2008

    Awesome post! I so love your choice of blogs and what you say to the people feeling oh woe is me! I am sure we are all oh woe is me, but we move past to the better and brighter things in our lives! I really love your choice of words! You just can't imagine how much I appreciate this post! Happy TT to you! Ewe Rock!

  7. Thirteen excellent choices! Great idea!

  8. Awww what an awesome list idea :) Ewe Rawk Anni :) Happy TT

  9. Anonymous3/19/2008

    What a gorgeous award! Happy TT!

  10. I have met so many wonderful people whom I haven't even met! Blogosphere is wonderful.

  11. How kind of you . . what a lucky Thirteen! I will be sure to check them all out.

  12. Thirteen wonderful indivuduals to be honered. Have a gand Easter.

    Love and Hugs,

  13. I need to remember to be nice like you one of these days and mention all the nice people I've met, but I keep forgetting to be good!

    The Pink Flamingo

  14. Annie you are one sweet lady and soo talented

  15. Good for you! I am also sick of the woe is me - how can my amazing first world life be so horrible! (rolling eyes!)

    Congratulations on creating your own award!

  16. Anni, you are so talented!

  17. Nice way to do "13"! Corpus Christi made the Washington DC news today with some TV coverage of a tornado. I hope all is well with you and yours.

  18. Happy Easter, Anni! I love the way your site looks. So adorable! I haven't been visiting long, but you definitely rock too!

    Happy TT!

  19. You have beautiful buttons. Love your background. Those 13 on your lists should be proud.

  20. Good Morning Anni,
    I know, it's way too early for you to be up right now, but I'm here. LOL. "THANK YOU" so very much for this wonderful Award. I am so honored that you chose me to have it. I will proudly display it on my blog. You know, every morning, when I am done posting my post for the day, your blog is the first blog I visit. Yes, maam, it sure is. My schedule has been off this week with the girls being out of School for Spring Break. I stay up late and sleep late. LOL. I just finished putting up a post for today. By the way, I love the new look of your blog. You do great work in keeping your blog all decorated up. EWE ROCK AS WELL ANNI AND I'M SO PROUD TO HAVE MET YOU AND TO CALL YOU MY FRIEND. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  21. Very Cool Thirteen. Very thoughtful of you. I love your Easter look! So Cheerful.


  22. Hi Anni!! Another awesome award! Well done. I posted it on my blog, of course with links and full honors to you.

    Happy Thursday 13
    Happy Easter

  23. What a great idea for a TT! :)

  24. I just love your blog -
    what a happy addition to blogdom!
    Thank you!

  25. Dearest Anni,

    I've been such a horrible commenter lately, time just seems to be getting away from me. Please know that I have been around reading but just haven't had time to comment.

    Thank you so much for giving me this always brings tears to my eyes and a warmth in my heart to know that someone cares about me as much as I care about them! I'm in the company of some wonderful ladies and for that I feel so blessed!!

    I just love your Easter decor...that bunny on the left hand side seems to be watching me type. hehe Love it!

    I so enjoyed watching the video of all your flowers...I can't wait to be able to have flowers blooming around here but that will be a while yet. Still so much snow...sigh! For now I'll just enjoy your flowers:-)

    I must go get ready now...have to go pick up Steve!! Can't wait to see him again:-) xoxo

  26. What can I say, dear one - I'm soooo moved! Thank you for going way back with me and staying a friend for so many years - I truly appreciate you!

  27. Dear Anni ~~ Thank you so much for the Ewe Rock award. How talented you
    are to design it and many thanks for giving me the award. I have put it on my sidebar, but will mention it in a post later on. I have been busy and am going away for Easter. So when I get back,I will attend to it. Thank you so much my friend, Take care, Love, Merle.

  28. That is so cute! Happy TT and have a wonderful Easter :D

  29. Great link-list! I’ve visited most (but not all) of those bloggers and agree whole-heartedly with your comments about them. I’ll be checking out the others as time permits ;--)

    Thanks for sharing this nifty award with the rest of us T-13ers too! Ya made my day!!! Happy Easter to your and yours.
    Hugs and blessings,

  30. What a great button! I grabbed it and put it on my site. You are so creative! Happy TT

  31. How sweet Anni. The one week I don't play and I get an award. Thank you so much. You are just the nicest. I'll proudly do a post sometime today. Have a great TT and a big hug to you. :)

  32. You made some great choices there love, of course Ewe ROCK too.
    Excellent T13 this week, mine is posted.

  33. I love the Easter look here at your blog Annie! Very festive (but then, you always are, aren't you?). And I agree 100% with your feelings about positive outlooks on life.

    Happy Thursday!

  34. Anni, THANKS so much for your suggestions on Florida. I'm gonna have to look up and see about the Kid's museum. That sounds great! I'm pretty positive they'll LOVE the beaches as well!!! Thanks again! I appreciate your advice :)

  35. Anonymous3/20/2008

    Hi Anni. Just wanted to say thanks for added my blog to the blog roll and I'll watch to see when I show up so I can refresh the list on my site. Wow, your site is great. I was wondering who the peson was who maintained the blog roll, now I know. I'll stop back by often.

  36. How neat is this!! Thank you for including me in this wonderful award! I have tears in my eyes thinking what this award really means. I do try to keep my post upbeat all the time, but once in a while when things get a little to hard like after our trip to the dentist, I was really upset. But now I am doing better! Thank you again for giving me this lovely award!!! Love and Hugs Carolyn

  37. Bless your heart dear one, thanks so very much for this sweet award, I love, and appreciate it. Ewe rock my friend, love you.

  38. Gday Dear Anni.
    Thank you so much I feel honoured to recieve this award. and will post it after all my family have gone home after Easter..
    My sentaments also Anni. Stop whinning and take time to smell the roses.
    Let me say I also could have sat in a corner all alone and whinged woe is me,,but thats not me.. lets get on with life....

    Hope you have a very happy Easter with family and friends.
    your Aussie friend Jen

  39. that award is adorable...I have never visited any of those blogs I go a-visiting now!!